You still have time to win a new Windows Phone in our Hidden Gems contest!

A few weeks ago we started our Hidden Gems series in conjunction with Microsoft. The goal of the series is to highlight apps and games of high quality but that slip under the radar. Sure it is easy to write about big official apps, but it is these burgeoning services and games that are the heart of mobile today.

Currently, we are on a brief hiatus as we catchup on device release news, reviews and our usual content. However, two things: one, you can still enter our contests to win a new phone or tablet, and two, the series returns in the coming weeks!

Device giveaways!

We're partnering up with Microsoft to give away some great prizes, as each Hidden Gems article is its own contest. To enter, you merely have to leave a comment about the app or game being discussed. More importantly, we like to see substantive comments posted and not just "first!" or "gud", which aren't very helpful. The comments need not be full reviews, or even positive, you are free to criticize and offer ways in which it could be better too! (We do not grade the comment per se, just making sure it is more than a few words.)

Hidden Gems

Anyone in the world can enter, and if we randomly choose your comment, you can pick either a new Windows Phone (Lumia 930, anyone?) or tablet (Dell Venue Pro 8 sound good?), and we will send it out to you.

We are putting a deadline on the contest for next Wednesday, July 16 for this current series. So if you did not leave a comment yet, head back into our Hidden Gems and get to it!

Hidden Gems you may have missed

Our Hidden Gems can always be found on our dedicated page for it at www.wpcentral.com/hidden-gems. There you can find an overview of the of the program and previous apps mentioned.

Some of the great titles that we have covered, which have since received high praise in reviews from users include:

  • Levitagram – Use this app to create amazing photos where objects appear to be floating! Simple to use, free (for now) and not yet on Android, Levitagram is a ton of fun to blow the minds of your friends.
  • How to Cook Everything – Based off of the top selling book 'How to Cook Everything', this Windows Phone app is your one-stop recipe machine
  • Trainr – It is summer time for many, so it is time to get back into shape! Let Trainr get you started by teaching you the basic exercises you should be doing, including images on how to do them, goals you should aim for and a way to log your efforts.
  • PicsArt – PicsArt arrived for Windows Phone late last year, but did you know the app recently jumped to Windows 8? Perfect for your Surface, the PicsArt photo editor and social network is a great way to improve your images in addition to seeing what others are doing for inspiration. If you like apps that are Modern, look no further!

Moreover, there is even more Hidden Gems (and contests) so make sure you read up and enter!

There is more to come!

We have a handful of other apps coming in the next few weeks, ones that require a little more preparation from us (Hint: things with hardware). Once we kick that mini-segment off, that too has its own contests with the same criteria to enter, so there are even more chances to win!

We are also planning on making this a regular series (sans prizes) on a monthly basis, where we find apps and games that meet our standards, and we want to bring to your attention. So Hidden Gems lives on, just not on a daily basis.

Remember, each Hidden Gems article is its own giveaway, so make sure to read each one and comment to increase your chances! (Note: This article does not count towards the contest!)

Stay tuned for more!


Reader comments

You still have time to win a new Windows Phone in our Hidden Gems contest!


If i comment multiple times, but with different content each time, does that count? Or will it trigger the spam filter?

I think they'll accept and count only one comment per user (even if the contents are different) while you're free to comment as many times you want...

Yeah, but it's gonna be randomly picked by an app/algorithm (I think). So unless my comments are marked as spam, more comments means more chances to win. 

Idk, i guess i'll leave it to just one comment per article. 

I hope my comment is the "Hidden Gem" that's found among the rest. I of course will then download some of these previously "hidden", now found, gems onto my newly "minted" (see what I did there) device once this "hidden" comment is FOUND! ummm...I think that makes sense. If not, does it really have to? :-D

So does a comment on this article count ?? 

Anyway, used to long for the Hidden Gems app of the day before, bring it back ASAP...so many new apps to discover.

Gotta catch em all !! 

Cooooool.... Amazing hidden gems have really helped ppl unearth some unique and amazing WP and W8.1 apps ...
I have myself found hidden gems contest very unique thing and the apps it unearths are really admirable:) and now anxiously waiting for the first phase results :) fingers crossed :D

Also it would be nice if you could take WPC readers suggestions for the apps that can be considered as hidden gems in the coming series... Otherwise WPC team is already doing fantastic job :) Good job MS and WPC team

I am really enjoying this series; I think most of us on here download a ton of apps and I am always looking for something new to try.  This series is making me look outside of my normal interests.  Keep up the good work! (and pick me!)

I coudl really use a 930 to replace my 820 that I broke.  I got a 625 as a replacement but is it way to slow after using the 820.

I already have a Dell Venue Pro.  It is a good little device.  I use it with a mouse to play Baldur's gate and other old RPGs when I travel.

I used almost all the previous hidden gems apps. Some of them like PicsArt, How to cook everything, Trainr... are my favourites. Would love to see more hidden gems articles, be it contest or not :P

I think its great you guys are doing this. We don't always need the next big thing on IOS. We have an awesome app ecosystem that's growing and yes, those IOS and android ports are great, we shouldn't diminish those that make exclusive windows phone apps, which in a lot of cases can be even better. Go team WP central!

I love windows phone and their apps, but I can hate it as well. Because it has just about everything outside of the apps, but needs a little bit more, just a little that's all. Microsoft and the developers need to get on the ball. I think that we can definitely use more background colors and for the background to carry over to the next screen where the apps list resides. Also just like on IOS the background should carry over to the multitasking area as well, I don't understand Microsoft sometimes. It's like they all have brains but don't use them well. Get it together Microsoft!

This series is really good! I'm waiting for more hidden gems to find...

I'd like to upgrade my Lumia 920 to Lumia 930.

The only hidden gems are the smal Developers self, hidden in there bedrooms behind there PC or laptop. Putting their ideas in to code not only for themselves but for al users of this platform....so I say shine a light on them and not only there work.

When will the wpcentral app allow quoting from article text or comments?

That note brought about a slight chuckle.

And...looks like my comments for remove. Awesome, what is the point? I have tried to provide store links for good games, something wpcentral didn't cover before. Pathetic.

That's not what comments are for as we are not asking for recommendations. Use our TIP line for apps, not comments, otherwise you look like a spammer to the system. Think about it. You post multiple times in a row with outside links to apps/games, what does the look like you're doing?

What about it looks cool?

To me, the only thing "cool" about it would be it's implementation in another photoshop-esque application. The way the app selects an item is a function very much similar to the "magnetic lasso"


Paint.NET has been unable to produce such a tool.

GIMP's implementation is half-assed.

Photoshop is too expensive for amatures.


For some, pirating of software is not an option.

So again, what's so cool about it?



TIP has been used in the past. I though you are actually looking for hidden gems, not comments about comments about comments on the prices. This is what is sounds like.

No, no it does not. Nowhere do we ask or imply that we are asking you for Hidden Gems. Literally no where does it say that. Look at the rest of the comments here, is anyone else pushing Store links? Nope, just you.

Well, this is double edge sword. Nowhere you are saying that you are not looking for it either. Anyway, at least we are agree on the rest. No more links from me, nor comments.

How to cook everything is literally deep with information on cooking or prepping food all the way down to "how to use a chef's knife". Amazing.

Levitagram is so easy to use even a caveman with no arms can do it and the results are surprisingly good.

The other two apps are not of my intersts.

Yep! I also purchased that app (How to cook...) two days after it was highlighted in WPC. I read a lot of recipes, tried some as well. I learned that most recipes were "western" or that it didn't meet indian style well but they were still all amazing. My mom prepares one from this app in weekends :P

Now constructive. Out of all posted "Hidden Gems" only Toca is used by my daughter, cause she used them before on our kindle. The rest no big use to me.

I never win these things (well, I won one of Microsoft's Surface contests last October and Microsoft still hasn't shipped the prizes...) so I just commented on apps I actually cared about and could actually give useful input about...that is...if the developers actually manage to find the comments among the hundreds of other comments. 

I need one for my son but can't afford it. His birthday was last week an I gave him a used old phone of mine. He has been Wanting a phone for a long time but my wife an I are having $ problems an had to do a cheap route but he did not Complain he smiled and said thank you. It does hurt my heart he is a good boy an we are having to move in with my dad till we can get back on track he is losing his room and is worried about me an mom he offered his birthday $ to help out try an remember that some people are not as Fortunate as others good day and God Bless

Don't help the people that are saying things like "help me" lol they clearly need help and not just with finding out where to comment! If they can't be bothered to read the article or even guess that there are links in the links section....they don't deserve a chance at my Lumia 930 in orange color :)

Done I need it badly NY Kenya 620 sucks the storage fillsautomaticaly is very irritating I don't have much much much of memory left I would love a 32 GB 32 GB device

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I downloaded and tried the Levitagram. It's a great piece of app and even free now. I strongly recommend it to everyone who like to play with pictures. A tripod is good to have for better results.

Its a good app. Slightly complex initially, but its easy getting used to. Its a good way to save storage by linking the demo video online instead of a heavy demo with the app.its useful for low memory devices.

Just a chance for a nice device is really appreciated and all I had to do was check into some apps I might have overlooked if not for the great work by all those at WPC, thanks.

I very like Microsoft and also you guys at WpCentral. I've plenty of microsoft devices and OSs! But I want more: there is always room for new gadgets! :-)

Windows Phone Central is probably the only place I come for my Windows Phone News, having a Nokia Lumia 1020 myself, and I think the site is more than useful always ahead of the game in the articles it produces, which counts if apps are free for a certain amount of time or for times like these, when they bring us hidden gems, I have to say I am not a big fan of the apps they have showcased so far, only a few of them, like Baby Connect, quite impressed with that one, but I love the fact that they made it into a contest, because they didn't have to do that, and Microsoft, what can I say about them, Microsoft (Nokia) have been so good to to me since I started buying Lumia. Its unfortunate that I haven't received the 8.1 update as yet from my carrier, but that's O2's fault not Microsoft. Anyways cant Thank Windows Phone Central enough for all the amazing articles, and amazing apps they showcase. Keep up the good work, its a pleasure using your site, apps and just carrying on increasing my windows phone knowledge with your resources! :p

do one of you guys want as bad as i do, instead of transparent tiles, just regular icons, like the whatsapp original icon for example? just wondering!! 

I only entered the contest a couple of times, so this is great! WPC gives second chances, more contests and good articles. I guess that's why it's one of my top 5 most used apps.

Every single dev should be appreciated for the work the are doing. Each app that gets published on the windows store is either good or needs improvement. Glad to have this contest

Russian-speaking is difficult to participate in such contests on foreign sites, but mean, I do my part of work))) I hope, i get lucky on my birthday... sorry for my english

How to cook everything truly mocks the student inside me with cravings that fluctuate between a sirloin and ramen! Still a pretty good app.

Lets see who seems to be lucky there should be a hidden gem app I guess
I have done my work now its up to u whom to give prize

Yay another chance to get technology updates since my wife thinks savings is too important for a terribly underpaid system administrator like myself

This is a great idea. I'm always looking for lesser known apps because the top rated and most downloaded are usually just the best looking, not the most functional or even the most usable sometimes. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with!

Some apps you may want to look at covering:

Architech Sketchpad - CAD app for WP8

RPN9 - RPN calculator, comparable to an old HP, but looks nicer and works well

Blek - Fun and innovative game


Some of these may be less "hidden" than you're looking for, but I either recently found it or have never seen it featured anywhere.

I m a newbie in developing windows phones apps.I dont even know what this contest is ? I need a live phone to deploy my apps and to test them.Emulator is not working in my computer.And I love to develop apps for Windows store as I m huge fan of both Microsoft and Nokia.I just came to see a tilte saying Chance to win a Lumia Phone so, I started commenting here.I dont have a windows phone and I couldn't afford buying a good Windows Phone.If I have any bit of luck I wish I could get this Lumia Phone and it would help me alot in developing more apps to Windows Phone Store.

'Pin.it' is a good alternate for 'Pininterst Beta' App....u can upload and create board.