14 reasons why you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has recently reported that Windows 10 is now running on over 75 million computers around the world, which signals a great jump start for the new operating system that will be part of our life for years to come.

Previously, I have share with you a number of good reasons to why you should upgrade to Windows 10, which included new technologies under the hood, the return the Start menu, Cortana, Action Center, Settings app, and many new features and changes. However, with the good there is always the bad. Today we're going to go through fourteen reasons you should consider to halt the upgrade until a later feature packed update gets released.

Let's look at some of the reasons why you should stay on your current version of the operating system.

Top 14 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10

1. Upgrade problems

While the software giant has managed to fix many of the issues that cause the upgrade process to fail, many users have been reporting failures to upgrade to Windows 10 due to different number of reasons. Some people are finding compatibility issues with hardware and software, and there are situations where the operating system can't complete the upgrade process. One of the most common issues has been the problem activating Windows 10.

2. It's not a finished product

Microsoft is changing the way it builds Windows, with the release of Windows 10, the company will no longer release major upgrades. Instead, Microsoft is now offering "Windows as a Service." Technically, Windows will never be considered complete, which means that the operating system will continue to be a work in progress. As a result, we are likely to see more bugs and other issues in the regular basis. Additionally, because we're in the early days, you will see some missing features and inconsistency.

In my personal experience, I've seen some issues including bugs in the Start menu where parts of the menu will just randomly disappear. Some Live Tiles also won't change accent color automatically, and the Start menu will suddenly lose its color scheme.

The file picker doesn't render its background color correctly and picking one or more files won't highlight what you're selecting.

Sometimes hovering over an app in the taskbar will display an empty preview, even though the app is running.

Windows apps will suddenly crash or freeze more often than in Windows 8.1.

If you perform a clean install your email accounts won't migrate automatically to the new Mail app, you'll have to set all your emails manually.

However, the good thing about the new update model is that the company will be releasing new patches, fixes, and features as soon as they are ready.

3. The user interface still a work in progress

While the new operating system offers an updated user interface, it fails short to be a complete design. For example, there is a big inconsistency around the context menus. Right-clicking on the desktop, using Start menu, taskbar, Mail app, and Microsoft Edge, just to name a few scenarios, you will be presented with a different context menu style.

Image source Twittter

Note: Microsoft has heard your feedback loud and clear and is working to improve the context menu in Windows 10 in future updates.

Also, Windows apps also show user interface fragmentation, as they offer different flyout menu styles. On the Maps app, the menu will appear the left side of the screen, Microsoft Edge on the right, and other apps such as Weather, Movie & TV, News, and others feature a settings page that takes the entire real estate of the app.

Not only the settings are inconsistent among apps, but you will also find different rail styles while clicking the hamburger menu. Some apps will overlay the menu on top of the app and others will simply push the app content to the right.

Although these are small issues that shouldn't slow down your productivity, together with other inconsistencies, can affect the user experience.

4. The automatic update dilemma

In the new operating system, Microsoft is also introducing a new way to update. Moving forward out-of-the-box users are required to install every update the company pushes out. On the good side of things, automatic updates are a good thing because it ensures that all users (technical and non-technical) are always running the most up to date version of Windows 10 with the latest security patches.

However, on the bad side of things, pushing an update even after being fully tested can cause a serious headache to the end user. For example, there could be issues with graphic drivers, or a new patch wasn't fully tested on certain configurations. These and other scenarios can happen anytime, and if you're not a technical user, chances are it will be very frustrating trying to go back to the last known good configuration.

5. Two places to configure your settings

Windows 10 includes the Settings app, which is the new unified place to change and configure many aspects of the operating system. It's also an upgrade to the PC settings in Windows 8, and a feature that will eventually replace the Control Panel.

While the Settings app brings an easy way to manage your settings in Windows 10, the feature is not complete. You're still required to jump to Control Panel to configure certain options of the operating system.

For example, you can change your desktop background through the Settings app, but you'll need to use the Control Panel when you need to change your Theme settings.

You can change your mouse settings via the Settings app, but you need to jump to Control Panel to change the mouse pointer.

You can configure your Wi-Fi connection in the Settings app, but you still need go to Control Panel to manage your network adapter settings.

As you can see in its current stage, Windows 10 doesn't have a consistent experience to configure different options.

6. No more Windows Media Center or DVD playback

Microsoft is trying to build an operating system that is ready for the future. This also involves retiring features it believes are not necessary. This is the case of Windows Media Center and DVD playback features as the company continues to push its Xbox One as the Windows entertainment hub for the biggest screen in the house.

As such, if you upgrade to Windows 10, you'll soon find out that Windows Media Center and the ability to play DVDs are no longer available.

However, the removal of Windows Media Center shouldn't come to a surprise. The company has not updated the feature in years, but there still many fans out there that feel the pain of seeing WMC go away.

The removal of DVD playback was a decision Microsoft made because we're consuming more online content than ever before. Also, adding the codecs to play DVDs adds extra cost to licensing. The company now offers Windows DVD Player in the Store, but you probably don't want to spend $14.99 on something that you can get for free when using other applications such as VLC.

7. Problems with built-in Windows apps

In the new operating system, Microsoft seems to be adding everything as an app. Now, we have the Calculator, Alarms & Clock, Calendar, Camera, Cortana, Mail, Maps, and other apps. However, if you don't like these apps, you can't uninstall them.

Another example is if you're running Windows 10, but you are a PlayStation 4 user. The Xbox app for Windows 10 is pretty much useless and it's another app you can't uninstall.

Also, some of the apps feel half way cooked with missing features. You will see this with the OneNote app, which doesn't offer any options to configure spell checking. You can see what words are wrong, but it won't suggest any alternatives.

The Mail app is headed in the right direction, but it lacks many features found in the Mail app for Windows 8.1. For example, with the new Mail app, I'm unable to view at a glance how many new emails I have to go through on all my accounts. Also, previous accounts you have setup on the Windows 8.1 Mail won't configure automatically in the new app. Many newsletter emails also won't render HTML correctly, there aren't notifications when sending or syncing emails, and you can't change the default conversation view of emails.

Additionally, other apps such as People are very basic with limited functionality or the user interface just feels incomplete.

8. Cortana is limited to some regions

Cortana is one of the biggest features you can find in Windows 10, it's a very useful tool, you can quickly search online or files locally and on OneDrive. Additional, functionality includes the ability to track flights, packages, and keep you inform on anything you like.

You can use voice commands to control the assistant and even compose and send an email to any of your contact hands-free.

There is no doubt that it's a true digital personal assistant that will only get better with time. However, Cortana is only available in China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. As such, for users outside of the supported regions, this could be considered another reason not to upgrade.

Note: Because Cortana is personal to you and to a region its being released, it takes time for Microsoft to make the assistant available on different countries, but be sure that the company is proactively working to bring Cortana to more regions.

9. Shutdown and reboot take a long time

Perhaps is not a big deal for many users, but it's to me. One of many things I liked from Windows 8.1 was the ability to reboot or shutdown in just a few seconds. I have a fairly new Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM machine, and I don't know what's going on with Windows 10, but now it can take minutes to reboot or shutdown.

Obviously, it's a problem that Microsoft have to address.

10. Devices with limited storage are still limited

Microsoft is building Windows 10 to be an operating system that runs everywhere; your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and even IoT devices. This is a great accomplishment that also allows developers to build apps once and target millions of devices without much effort. However, at this point, there is one important missing feature, which is the ability for devices with limited space to use an external storage to install new apps to free up space.

The software giant already added an entry on the Settings app to allow users to use an external storage to install new apps, but the feature isn't yet ready. As such, if you're planning to upgrade a device with limited storage, you should consider this current limitation.

11. OneDrive selective sync problem

In Windows 8, the software maker began integrating OneDrive in the operating system, which also included the concept of placeholders. It's a feature that allowed users to browse OneDrive files locally on the computer, but without downloading the file entirely. The placeholder included some metadata information and a thumbnail, then if you needed to open the file, you simply double-click the file to download and open with the default application.

One of the biggest advantages was the ability to have hundreds of gigabytes of files at your fingertips without using much of your local storage. However, this brought the issue where many people didn't know which files were available offline. As a result, Microsoft introduced selective sync, which allows users to select which files are available in Windows 10. However, the new sync functionality isn't very effective for users with many gigabytes of documents in OneDrive and limited local storage.

While selective sync solves the problem of which files are available to the end users, many other users see this as a problem. Microsoft should have added the two options, or come up with a different approach.

12. Microsoft Edge isn't ready to replace your default web browser (yet)

Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser for Windows 10, it the software that finally replaces Internet Explorer, and takes on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, the browser still in the very early days.

You'll see that the user interface feels incomplete, the current version doesn't include support for touch gestures. Extensions is another feature the company has promised, but it will come on a later update. Also, many users have reported that the browser crashes quite often. If you're not running Windows 10 on fairly new hardware, you'll notice that the browser is very slow and even slower on sites with many ads.

13. Continuum is not enough

Continuum is a new feature in Windows 10 that allows users on 2-in-1 devices to move from a keyboard and mouse to a touch experience, while trying to keep the same level of productivity.

While it's a great useful feature, it falls short on customization, many users will even argue that the Tablet mode and touch gestures in Windows 10 are inferior to the Start screen in Windows 8.

Also, the full screen Start menu is now on a vertical orientation and wastes valuable space on the sides. You can't access the desktop unless you have a shortcut tile on Start to access File Explorer.

If you're using virtual desktops, and you switch to Tablet mode, all your apps will then arrange on a single group instead of different desktops. And the menu and apps buttons on the Start screen can be a little confusing for some users.

14. Privacy concerns

Since the operating system launched on July 29th, there has been a lot controversy of what information Microsoft collects to improve its services and functionality in Windows 10. If you agree to install Window 10 on your computer, you will be giving Microsoft consent to collect, by default, information about you, devices, application, search queries, application usage, and even when you use voice input such as speech-to-text.

So, if you don't feel comfortable with the information the company collects, probably Windows 10 isn't for you. However, keep in mind that Microsoft is very clear on what it collects and Windows 10 provides some ways to control your privacy.


As I previously wrote, there are a lot of good reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, but there are also other reasons, such as the ones we looked at today. You may want to consider and hold off the installation of the operating system until the next significant update or even Redstone, which is a major update that should arrive in two parts in 2016.

Overall, Windows 10 works very well and seems stable to run on your primary device. However, it feels that Microsoft may have rushed the operating system to get it out to the masses as quick as possible.

In my opinion, the operating system can be considered a good upgrade for technical users because there are great new features and tech savvy users can quickly think outside of the box to resolve pretty much any problem. For regular users, it feels that Windows 10 needs to mature a little bit more.

Have you encountered any issues in Windows 10? Will you recommend Windows 10 to your parents or grandparents in its current stage? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral.com. His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

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  • Let's face it: we're just happy that the Start menu is back. We won't be using any of the "apps" coming preinstalled on Windows (as most of us didn't use them on Windows 8). I maintain Windows 7 was the most complete verson of Windows, without any of the issues mentioned here. Talked a lot about Windows 8 being a disaster, and 10 is only slightly better as it doesn't force you into a touch-first interface on a friggin' laptop. BUT: take Mail for example. Ever noticed the list of emails can't be mass-selected using Shift on keyboard?! How do you "Select All" mails in that view? You can't! Can you believe a destop mail program that doesn't allow you to select all messages?! As a developer, everything we did on UI - every comparison between Mac and Windows we used to make - was about tiny, tiny details. "Which one is better? Having the OK button on the left of Cancel or on the right? Isn't Outlook's old UI bad in a version of Office that moved to Ribbon UI?" And now?! We are talking about "apps" that would NEVER leave our company in the state of current Microsoft apps. Back then. having this mess as a final product depolyed to users was UNIMAGINABLE. And yet, Microsoft is quite comfortable with ditching an actual, comprehensible desgin language and giving us this...whatever the hell it is. Honestly, we are just happy Microsoft is done trying to shove a mobile phone UI into the face of desktop productivity users. That's it. And we figure "we can now ignore the mobile apps and try not to think of them. Yeah I'll just use this ugly calculator 'app', not that big a deal."
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  • Wiser words couldn't have been said, AgentTheGreat.
  • Well, us tablet and phone users are now not too happy that they reverted back to Windows Mobile and the "looks like my PC" design philosophy. Replacing so much of well designed mobile design with design better suited for a laptop is bad also.
  • "We"? Speak for yourself, I'm using apps, even in W8, and I couldn't care less if it's a start screen or a start menu since I just type what I need anyway. As for the Mail app, I see it as just a really basic builtin client (which is better than having none at all) and use Outlook for any "serious" mailing.
  • Yeah I'm a 2pc owner and this makes me go back.
  • Tool late for me now.  I have already grown to like W10.  I have one Dell pC and one S3.  After using W10 for a month, I haven't seen any show stoppers on both machines.  Edge does have some work to do, but it is good enough to ditch IE.  I don't see the 14 reasons described justify to go back (to where?).  Issue like #14 Privacy Concern can be remedied by changing the default settings for Privacy.  I would like to see WC do a article like "How To Protect Yourself by Modifying the Default Settings" instead using that issue to drive people away.
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  • You are definitely correct. This is not a Beta product. It has a lot of the features scoped out and what the finished product will look like, but all the features are not complete. This would qualify as Alpha only. Being able to buy it is irrelavent, I have 3 Kickstarter games I have paid for and are in Alpha, or pre-alpha state. I also have some early access games on steam. Windows 10 is only Alpha at best an just the installer shows how much of a joke their QA has been. Only 1 machine has properly upgraded without taking extrodinary measures.
  • The only 'free' beta testers got that others did not was a free upgrade from home to pro... Outside of that it is a free upgrade to everyone regardless of if you tested or not. And after the first year it will continue to be free to everyone that made the upgrade, beta or not.
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  • To be fair though, ter are quite a lot of issues
  • These issues will be enough to stop some from moving to W10 but I did upgrade day one of official release and it works without major issues on my SP3. I did advise 3 W7 PC gamer users to maybe not upgrade to W10 but they went ahead and did anyway. I thought they would have problems, but no, and they love W10. Yes, these issues in the article need resolving and consistency is essential across the board. But I'm happy with W10, would not return to W8.1, which I loved, and look forward to an improved and awesome W10 experience.
  • I have a gamer friend that upgraded and loves it too, but if he reads this article will damn Win10 forever since something similar happened with Win8... someone else opinion swayed him away forever from Win8.
  • I know what you mean. One of the three mentioned above did see the register rubbish article that went viral and he said he would never upgrade to W10. I told to read the T&C's form Google, Apple, Amazon and his Bank, then see what you think. After a week he calmed down and upgraded. But, yes, it's amazing how easily people can be swayed because they saw something on YouTube or read an article, which they just believe and never question.
  • Here's another one... Calculator app slow to launch.
  • Windows 8?  No way. I AM STICKING WITH WINDOWS 7
  • Better and forever windows 7. 
  • Really, I had no issue and Windows 10 is running great.
  • Well, you'd at least experience the OneDrive placeholder issue. It's a big deal with my SP3, even though I have 256GB. Then, Cortana required me to set her up each time for the last couple weeks. Headaches...
  • I would like to see a poll of the 14 above. I would assume #11 is at the top somehwhere. I had that issue with Cortana before rtm, but don't recall it happening since. I did do a couple of fresh installs too though.
  • Yes the new OneDrive sucks so bad
  • Sucks because of the users. Onedrive had that awesome feature under w8.1 where u could tell wich folder or file you want online or offline. But because users set many files online only and forget to make them offline they did not understand why that files doesn't open in their application. So they complained to Microsoft. Second, MS Office does download the file if it online only and then opens the file, but other application are not. So in the end because of people we miss a great feature. Hail to Apple for bringing large simple buttons with simple basic functions to the world... Iupiiiiiii
  • I didn't like the placeholders (ok, I only have about 3 GB of stuff on OneDrive), but in windows 8 it takes a while to open a photo (because it's downloading it), and I didn't even have the patience to wait for videos. In windows 10 it now happens instantly
  • So what you see is, that in win8.1 you just made the error not to make the folder offline (like you should have done). Now you are forced to use it and you like that offline feature because it is quicker. I have 1TB of data on OneDrive. If I wanted all of that offline, I had never put it on OneDrive. Even if I wanted it all offline, I cannot because the surface pro lags space for it. Windows Phones are sold with the mention you have even more space available for your data on OneDrive, so there it is actively selling the online data. But when using Windows 10 that unique selling point is tranfered to zero. You can upload it to OneDrive, but also still need it on offline storage on your device. What is the point in using OneDrive when I have to sync all data offline on my harddisk to use it. OneDrive is now nothing more than a backup place.
  • I totally agree.  I'm really struggling right now as Win10 really crushed my entire photography and video workflow.  Since I have Office 365. I hate 10terabytes of OneDrive story....and I'm currently up to 1tb of useage.  My Surface Pro 3 and other desktop all-in-one simply can't hold that much data.  Suddenly OneDrive went from miracle to useless service.
  • 60% of the time I use windows 10, I have random BSOD all the time
  • Really? I have not seen one yet. I hope I didn't  just jinx myself. /woosh. Right after I posted I realized I think I missed the joke. :)
  • That's usually issues with graphic card drivers or your antivirus. Not an OS issue.
  • That's not completely true...the AV software may be flagging a system file as a false positive which can cause a BSOD. Anyway - you're likely running into an old driver - as systematicchaos said, check for drivers and update the BIOS  
  • thats because of outdated chipset drivers. Use any third party software like 'Driver Reviver' to update your drivers. Check for any BIOS update as well
  • I've had no issues with it as well. The thing about the browser is true though, still using chrome.
  • I am currently using window 7 basic with 4Gb ram ,i3 
    should i have to upgrade to window 10?????
    i have vio gate too.... which works on window media player.
  • Ironic that today's new build begins to address the right click menus you bemoan in point 3 ;)
  • Yeah reading this I feel the latest info isn't taken into account. There was also screen shots talking about menus and their looks, but that was from a pre general availability builds.
  • you are entirely correct; however, those context menus are identically inconsistent in 10240, which is what most people are using.
  • It does very little to address it. Menus are as inconsistent as ever (not that I care too much about this minute detail anyways). They're doing very little to address front-end concerns, probably because they're doing a lot of back end work.
  • Wow!  This is a completely pointless article.  Privacy concerns, really?  You are going to continue to spread that FUD?  Could we please stick to articles that are useful?  There are enough anti-Microsoft fear-mongers out there, we don't need Windows Central to join the ranks.  
  • There is always some idiot claiming "unfinished product". I've heard it with every Windows release. News Flash: Software is never a finished product, ever! One persons unfinished is another persons perfect.
  • "Wow! This is a completely pointless article."
    You guys moan when we did a 20 reasons why to upgrade because we were to 'fanboy' and didn't show counter arguments.. Now we are showing counter arguments and whoops, it's bad too. You folks need to find a balance.
    "Could we please stick to articles that are useful? There are enough anti-Microsoft fear-mongers out there, we don't need Windows Central to join the ranks."
    Yes, we've all rolled back here to Windows XP. We're anti-Windows now. I think you can tone the hyperbole down a bit just because we are (gasp) showing some negatives. Lest we be accused of looooooooving Microsoft too much from this same audience,
  • Do we honestly need to convince people not to install Windows?  Looking at Windows Phone marketshare, does this article really help with that or are you just adding more fuel to the troll fires? Maybe if you would choose a less inflamitory title you wouldn't get the reactions you get.  If it said "14 reasons you might want to wait to install Windows 10" I wouldn't have had a problem with it (except for the privacy comment).  Even ZDNet did an article debunking that: http://www.zdnet.com/article/no-microsoft-is-not-spying-on-you-with-wind...  
  • Think there was a big debate on Twitter which clearly proved that Microsoft has started data mining. And a guy did read the T&C till the end and confirmed the above. Plus, having problems with WC, switch over, there are many more sites.
  • What makes Microsoft different then apple or google they all do it but if Microsoft does it it's a big deal get over it if you own a iPhone android or wp your going to get data mined period
  • If you want to see something REALLY scary, and have the Facebook app on your phone, take a look at what permissions it demands.  It's incredible. I'm happy with WIndows 7, but realize I will have to upgrade to WIndows 10 since I'm a freelance tech.  My wife's systems are already upgraded, but I'll need to upgrade my own so I can really dig into it.  First, though - barebones backup!
  • I'll just leave this here. You folks are all over the place and no, I am not interesting in making you all happy, sorry.
  • I upvoted this comment and then for balance I downvoted it. Your welcome.
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  • My point is that I can go to 100 different websites to get a negative Microsoft viewpoint or a highly critical viewpoint.  I come here because it is called Windows Central.  So I expect articles about something that interests me. If I am interested in model railroading and go to a website about model railroading I don't expect to see articles telling me why I shouldn't be model railroading.  See what I am getting at? Not really sure what the image post means.  I could see your point of both quotes from me but they weren't.  Gee, two people on the internet have differing opinions.... go figure.
  • But there are many different train sets and gauges. Maybe you like O Gauge but someone else likes N Gauge. Same with Windows. If one doesn't like Windows 10, that doesn't mean he or she hates all versions of Windows. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's amazing how much effort you put into putting down WC and Daniel
  • I don't get it why everyone seems to have a problem with this article. I'm a Microsoft fanboy and I'm using Windows 10, yet I recommended all of my family and friends (who are not tech savvy) not to upgrade to Windows 10 yet. They are just used to the premium experience that Windows 8.1 offers and at this stage Windows 10 is inferior. I told everyone to wait until the end of October for a big update. Makes complete sense. We are not criticizing Windows 10, we just don't want users who don't understand tech very well to get frustrated over small issues and then complain that Windows 10 sucks. Unlike us folks they won't get it. They will think that Windows 10 is a fully finished product and will be like that for ever. So we must inform that there's more to come. Be patient :)
  • Excellent, same reason. I could not bear my children shouting at me for upgrading / downgrading their laptop / tablets
  • Hmmm... I think the problem is the provoking title. Something like "14 things to think about when upgrading to Win10" would probably not cause so much hate. Probably don´t need to tell you guys this but a polarizing title/article will get you polarizing comments. Maybe you guys shouldn´t read too much into the comments. Its the fans and the haters that usually comment. In between you have the average guy that reads the article without never commenting. Maybe you should write articles for that guy...?
  • No offense but to tell everyone that your windows 10 is shuting down or restarting too slow, when for example i take care for around 67 computer and laptops with windows 10 and never had that problem. I have other issues related to vga intel drivers, printers, software like Autocad wich we'll be adressed by Microsoft or developers. Some of your  statement are false, you just lost credibility, this article is just to atract readers, good or bad, the new journalism.
  • Yes I totally agree, the title will make a huge difference. Daniel, you should change the title to something like "14 Reasons you should wait to upgrade to Windows 10". That way it still shows your support for Windows. Right now everyone got the wrong vibe that you are just completely against Windows 10. Change the title.
  • Lol.
  • This is a good article if you remove invalid points. Such as point 3 and Privacy Concerns
  • I don't think privacy concerns is a 100% off the table thing, though. It is important to talk about it, debate about it and ask questions.
  • The German privacy commissioner in Bavaria has called Microsoft's Privacy Statement "essentially transparent", while giving Microsoft an undisclosed amount of time to answer some specific, not yet disclosed questions (though it seems some may be related to telemetry). This could become interesting.
  • Daniel,
    Correct, we should talk about the privacy thing. What is really needed is a wizard, which steps users through the main options and explains them also. They could use your previous excellent article as the checklist. By the way, any update on what MS can share with third parties, or whether my data files are private?
    PS. thanks for this article also. My dad asked me if he should upgrade his VAIO. On balance I recommended he should wait until October (at least). I'll come back to this article.
  • Please do an article on the privacy concerns I'd like to know exactly what I can turn off without effecting cortana.
  • I do think it's good journalism to offer a counter-perspective to the fan view. Security might be a stretch and a little bit on the edge of conspiracy theory-esque. Also, to the critics of this article, practically zero WC readers are without Windows 10 and way less would consider going back. It would be like an article about how it's not the right time to buy a Lumia 950! :-) Wait until the firmware kinks are worked out. Lol
  • Easy Daniel, these comments are to be expected. Goes with the territory. I'm sure these are entirely different commenters calling you fanboys and those that only want nice things said about Windows and Microsoft.
  • I appreciate the honest article pointing out what many of us have been saying. I love Windows 10 on my desktops / laptops but felt it took a step back from 8.1 tablet mode. That combined with lack of placeholders are all valid reasons some may want to considor not upgrading. I rolled my surface pro 2 back to 8.1 as I feel it offers a better tablet experience. All my other computers are on Windows 10 and I love it just not on the tablet (and I really want smart files back). Great article!      
  • Actually, the only reason not to upgrade is because of all the click-bait articles wc created will cause one to think of the OS as childish...how to...click on edge style BS
  • Daniel, the article is an editorial, and IMO a badly written one. it copies unsubstantiated rumours and presents them in a way which could been misunderstood as facts by some. The writer did a poor job of getting the apparent intention of the article across. That you address the 'issues' surrounding Windows 10 is one thing, that you, as a site which lives off of Microsoft and it's products and services, basically write down the new OS is something else. You yourself have taken a position on many comments which would fly directly against the tone of this article and have actually posted articles exactly saying the oposite to this one yourself. That you want to defend one of your writers is fine and all, but you can't have it both ways This is just a badly written piece and at best should be clearly labelled as an editorial as that is what it is really.
  • 12 of these are great suggestions. The othe two could be replaced by a dark theme switch that works with news, mail etc... But the article should be top 15 wish list and a pole. And btw it's a ms site the heck with people crying fanboy.
  • A lot of ham radio ops are very much that way. Hence the tin foil hat operators actually wearing aluminum foil hats. Anyways yeah, a lot of them cling to the oldest iteration of Windows that they can use, so many are too stubborn to move off of XP and articles like this cause them to recede and unplug their new computers from the internet.
  • :). :)
  • Newsflash, Daniel, your audience isn't a single person. It's not one dude that's flip flopping opinions, but a spectrum of people with differing thoughts. Please stop bitching in the comments when your readers don't react the way you want
  • Well said. There are times when the snark is edgy and amusing. This is not one of those times.
  • I was one of the people who moaned about these points not being brought up on this site and I am glad to see the article. There's absolutely no reason for people to contest this article. You guys are being objective. That is paramount.
  • Rant rant and rant
  • How about presenting an article that is balanced and fair to the subject to begin with and not two articles that are Pro and Con, which only create the controversy you complain about. Common, man. "Windows isn't finished" is a bs point. Was XP finished when it rolled out? Remember Service Pack 1 & 2?
  • I like the objectivity you brought to wc with this article and don't think it's bad. Those reasons might actually be deal breakers for people still on 8.1, so this might actually make Microsoft get off their arse and do something about them. OneDrive sucks so much, Edge is just not there yet, and there are loads of half baked apps. Hope 10.1 is released soon.
  • well app permissions at least on wm10 need to be simplified
  • Like it or not, there are legitimate privacy concerns about Windows 10, even if you may think some of them are overblown and were just clickbait to monger fear (and I certainly think many were), not all of them are just senseless panic. Microsoft certainly isn't doing itself a favor by ignoring these issues and it's right from Windows Central to at least point them out so you can inform yourself and form your own opinion.
  • Correct. There is 100% room for legitimate debate about various aspects. Sure, some sites over did it. We haven't. Simply bringing it up though is not hearsay except for the comment section at Windows Central, evidently.
  • It is when it is a non issues no matter what OS you use nowadays your getting you data mined you all are acting like it's something new that Microsoft is the only one doing it is you android or iPhone sister sites running articles like 14 reasons to not buy a android phone or 14 resons to stay away from apple no. Why don't any other site tell the people about all the info google and apple collect about you. It's because it's normal nowadays I don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of it.
  • There is hardly a way around the fact that Windows 10 does in fact collect more data than Windows 7 or 8.1 to a lesser degree. Though you may not believe it, there are actually people who do not use iOS or Android for exactly those reasons and who see Windows now doing the same - to their utter dislike, of course. The reason people are doing a big deal out of it is partly simple FUD and clickbait, partly simply the fact that Windows 10 is new so obviously it's going to be discussed.
  • But no one is saying that other companies aren't doing it, it's just now its clear that Microsoft also is (and, to be honest, probably were long before windows 10).
  • I do feel like the title could of used some rewording. Also I can't argue about grammar due to my mishaps. I feel as a more respectable news source a little editing could of been done. These are positive criticisms to help future articles and writers, I do appreciate everything you guys bring to the table.
  • I found the points in the article interesting and valid, more importantly based mostly on fact rather than opinion. The grammar was not so great though which I found a bit jarring! All in all, when my friends and family ask me if they should upgrade I now have a few more points to discuss with them, while I would love the whole world to upgrade today, I tend to agree that for the average user the current release is maybe not quite ready. It's much better for an average user to upgrade next year and have a very positive experience than it is for them to upgrade now and maybe face frustrations and have a negative experience. First impressions are important and a good first impression will help Windows as a platform a lot more than getting 100 million people on Windows 10 4-6 months earlier and having a bad impression. Saying all of that however, my brother (an iFan) bought a small tablet a few months ago with 8.1, he upgraded to 10 last week and he is enjoying Cortana a lot, since then he switched from Gmail to Outlook, bought an Office 365 subscription, Xbox (groove) music pass and he is also interested in getting the Lumia 950XL when it comes out. Obviously Microsoft's vision is all about the long term game, the steps they have taken are beginning to pay off and things will only get better from here, but once again, it will take time, the trick is to find the right time for a particular user to upgrade based on what they want, what they expect and how technical they are, for my brother the right time was now. For my mother, the right time will be later this year or early next year. For us insiders, and most of the community here the right time will always be yesterday.
  • I agree, specifically about upgrading family members. My mother in law is a prime example of someone not ready for some of the changes (80 yrs. Old). Change to her PC frightens her.
  • The key to upgrading the older generation is to get their interest first before upgrading rather than trying to force it, the old "it's so much better" argument just won't work. They have to see you using it even for something as simple as showing them some family photos, asking Cortana a question, most older people will only use their PC or Tablet to look at photos check emails and browse the web, so you need to show those features and show them slowly over time (and also make sure you actually navigate slowly so they can see the steps you take clearly), after a few months of this they notice that it's easier and faster than what they do currently and will truly be happy to upgrade without the fear of change. Overall it's a very slow process but it works every time.
  • @mbrdecv, totally agree with your comment, one of the few here that is enlightening :)
  • Thanks very much!
  • I would add that 3 PC gamer friends, who do not know each other, decided to upgrade from W7 to W10 against my advice and had no issues. They all love W10 and it's the options that have gone a long way to achieve their joy of W10.
  • No, the author just got paid by Apple and hence he wrote this article......
  • Seriously???
  • Totally agree with Icthiodrak. Anti-windows central or what? The more people that install the is the better s the issues will be resolved faster. Wtf?
  • Some of the worries are overblown. http://www.computerworld.com/article/2975004/microsoft-windows/4-overblo...    
  • @Icthlodrak; Thank you!
  • Nitpicking at the best. I applaud WPcentral to write this article. For a moment,, I thought I am on The Verge
  • That is so true! Typical verge.
  • I was thinking BGR based on the title, but BGR would never give Microsoft this much attention on their site. I think it's fine that this article exists, but if it were supposed to be a counter to the other one as suggested above by Daniel Rubino, it would make more sense to have them back to back. Thankfully the site suggest similar articles so the opposite viewpoint is easy enough to find. I could be wrong, but I feel like I read the pro upgrade article weeks ago. I won't bother checking as per internet culture it's better to blindly throw out half truths and accuse than it is to research and utilize facts ;)
  • "I could be wrong, but I feel like I read the pro upgrade article weeks ago."
    9 days. It does take time to collect information, write this up and still have a life.
  • Everything in life has pros and cons and we need articles that address both sides regardless of whether readers see an item as pro or con. In regards to dvd playback from previous articles i've read I was under the impression that if you were upgrading from a version of windows that has windows media centre than you would get the microsoft dvd playback software for free in windows 10. The dvd playback section in this article doesn't say that. It says you either pay for microsofts version or get vlc. I think that would just confuse readers who thought otherwise.
  • Yeah, we need some articles to point out issues and other things Microsoft needs to address. Here in Windows Central I think its perfectly fine, than let's say Apple and Google sites bashing Microsoft which many just spread the FUD. All the issues pointed out here anyways are legitimate ones and indeed a concern. If we deny then we are no better than blind fanboys at all. This kind of article we sometimes needs, bit publicized which is a way louder voice than the feedback system. At least we point it out here and let Microsoft know (which I think some of them do visit and read this site).
  • A single article pointing to both sides would have been more clear to these people I think. Bit sometimes the work to do things like that is too much..and people don't get that.
  • Thats a good idea. Though I think why it needs seperate article is that we don't want to have article as long as a short story, especially that these days attention span seems shorter on some people. So having seperate is more organized and better for readability. We can still have an article pointing pros and cons but it will be much less detailed.
  • I will agree with the Edge issue, but will disagree with all of the rest. I have not had any of the other issues you had named. It runs great for me and boots very quickly on a Core i5 system.  
  • No problem with "6. No more Windows Media Center or DVD playback"? If that's the case then you most likely never used WMC or very rarely.  And you may not use a DVD often.  I do on a regular basis.  And for that reason I will not update my newer computers, not to mention I LOVE 8.1!  I updated my older Windows 7 laptop to W10, but now I have to find a codex or program for my DVD.  Windows DVD Player and VLC simply don't work for me. 
    And since I prefer the Start Screen in 8.1 the W10 version seems pretty harsh and simply not as smooth as 8.1.  I'm not a fan of the Start Menu.  In 8.1 all I have to do is hit the down arrow and I can find all the programs in one cohesive space.  W10 is not horrible by any means.  I use it when I'm on my laptop, but I won't upgrade my all-in-one Sony VAIO or my SP3, 8.1 just works perfectly for me. 
    I'm glad to see the numbers for W10 installation are going well.  Microsoft needs some good news for a change.  Glad to see you don't have too many issues that's good.  Other than losing my DVD player, and still using IE nothing else has been too noticeable. 
  • Most people weren't using WMC. That's why MS dropped it.
  • But the people that do use it daily. It's my TV. So ya i'm pissed.
  • Wow guys, there are SO MANY other choices on a PC for this function.  Why are you all stuck in a rut, and won't look past this to get something that works just as good, if not better?
  • Sorry, but today there are 0 options for a replacement to WMC for watching (and recording) TV. Sure, there are alternative over-the-air options, but WMC was unique in that it supports premium channels as well. Not to mention that even today WMC features are well beyond the competitors.
  • Use VLC plays everything and is not intrusive
  • The shutdown issue has been around since Windows 7 at least. It's (ironically) the "fast startup" feature that causes it, because it basically forces your machine to hibernate instead of shutting down. Right-click Start -> Power Options -> Choose what the power buttons do. Then uncheck "Turn on fast startup" under the "Shutdown settings" section. Enjoy faster startup times and better overall system stability. You should really Bing for these things before you gripe about them in an article like this.
  • Actually the fast startup feature existed since Windows 8, nothing new really. Though I think this issue may depend on you hardware but the way I observe it, maybe its that Windows 10 is a bit unoptimized as of now. My PC is bit slower to shutdown than it was on Windows 8.1, and even on logging on. But yeah, there might be an underlying issue why some people have slower startup/shutdown times while others got faster ones. I tested with my other PC and its indeed bit better, that could be because the other machine got less files and bit newer.
  • 3.2.1 MS fanboys defending MS shortcomings in Windows 10.
  • 3.2.1 in anti-Microsoft "never happy with anything" fanboys.
  • Linux leftovers fanboys replying in 3,2,1......
  • 3.2.1 apple fan boys laughing
  • 3.2.1. Banana fan boys eating
  • You rely too much on one provider.  Look around a bit.  You can find other programs to help fill missing voids.  Yeah, there's a app for that.....
  • Like Jose said funny lol f#ck linux
  • Okay, great! :D
  • Agreed. Tried to share a photo which pulled up the Mail app. However it wouldn't recognize a Contac by typing their name. Frustrating experience. I also hate how Edge didn't give the Save as option for a file download and dumps everything in the Downloads folder. They took so many power user functions away...
  • Windows 10 is super fast on everything I installed it on minus the Acer Iconia tablet. It barely runs Windows 8.1 correctly. I don't know what's worst, Acer's drivers or Sony's.
  • I don't have any problem other than onedrive
  • This. Even on my 2004 desktop the only issue I've had is that the ancient GFX card doesn't support anything beyond DirectX 9 so some store apps don't work... But that's not W10s fault by any means! In fact it runs much better than it did on 7, or the XP it originally came with! :)
  • Woe anti windows on windows central. Im starting to wonder if I should find my news else where.
  • This is not anti-Windows, Windows Central is attempting to strike a balance between praise and criticism and while you could see they struggled a bit to get the 14 reasons together for this article, I find some of the concerns legitimate. If you value a stable OS with as few issues as possible, waiting a little bit longer is certainly not going to do you any harm. The upgrade is free for another 11 months, after all.
  • Strike all you want. There are other sources for me to find negative news.
  • Honestly you're making this way more negative than it's supposed to be. Maybe the title sounds a bit unfortunate (though it makes sense in conjunction with the "14 reasons why you should upgrade article") but the article itself isn't bashing or anything, just pointing out constructive criticism.
  • It doesn't boot fast enough...
    I wonder if this guy even knows how to install drivers and enable fast boot. Or even intel rapid storage. Windows 10 boots fast for me. Other then the dual boot prompt that hangs my system. I read a crappy copy past from articles before. Bits and lives here and there. Ui elements ?? Give me a break. windows has parts that are still the same from vista or even earlier! what makes windows windows is windows. To bash xbox game app as a reason not to use windows.. It brings game dvr to all your windowed games. Pc gamer's will use this. so you love ps4 find a sony os or computer!!!
  • Enabling "fast boot" as mentioned earlier isnt the best way to boot fast. It actually causes a slower boot...
  • To say dont use windows because of the xbox app then get sony to make an os or computer that supports ps4 players. They did it's the ps4.
  • Xbox app is about bridging the gap for pc players and xbox players.
  • Great that you don't have a problem but some of us do. Also pretty sure he installed latest drivers or maybe he even got better computer than us, who knows? I believe that writers here in WC is savvy enough to have multiple PC and owning high-end ones. They use Windows PC for a living after all, so its natural for them to have good tools for the job. UI elements maybe not a groundbreaking issue but still an issue that can be fixed. I don't think we just have to accept simply because its Windows. If that case then why even bother releasing Windows 10 if we're fine what we have? Though about the Xbox app is indeed a bit absurd though. Xbox app isn't really much an issue, but its here bacause we can't uninstall it, which I don't find it as an issue at all.
  • hm I want to uninstall comand prompt.  omg I CANT  I SHOULDN'T USE WINDOWS EVER!  How many apps can you unininstall on iphone that are part of the core os.  As the xbox app is built into the os with game streaming no wonder it can't be uninstalled.   Problems happen. This is why I have used windows 10 since march/april on my main machine full time. to find bugs and report problems erlier.To say not to use something I have tried to help make better is offensive to me.  This is why I got angry tonight.   Instead of saying dont use it people use it!!  and use the Feedback app and let microsoft know you have issues so they get fixed. remember http://answers.microsoft.com/ will help you if you have a pc problem!!!
  • I think it is the title that is making people lose their minds...because they didn't read the first paragraph and jump straight to the comments. Perhaps "14 reasons why you might want to hold off from upgrading to Windows 10" would've softened the blow, but I think most understand that WPC did this to provide a counterpoint since they get called fanboys on the 99% of articles that are pro-MS.
  • If you think journalism is all about praising then that's not a news, that's a propaganda. Its not that bad to point out issues. Its better to have something like this sometimes that being a blind fan boy.
  • I dont come here for reasons not to use windows. . .
  • But you're still using Windows, just a different version.
  • Older and less secure. No built in antivirus in 7. 8 an app model that will have less new apps over time as win 10 apps take over market share.
  • Well indeed the title is misleading and really an odd choice. Still we need counter-arguments about the issues currently existing. We want to make Windows 10? Then let's fix those needs fixing.
    In the end, we all benefit from this. Except for non-Windows users.
  • I don't come here to read blind fanboys comments, but here I am!
  • You need to be writing this on other web sites. There is an excuse going around now whenever a journalist says anything negative about Apple, they are saying it because they are trying to manipluate the stock price with FUD,  and then as soon as the price drops all those journalists rush out to buy Apple stock so they can get rich. I have yet to hear any of the writers over at Engadget retiring at 24 because they were able to manipulate the stock, but it is a common thing for Apple people to say now. I even heard it being given as an excuse on a national radio show not too long ago.
  • I come here for the propaganda. And the comments
  • This is a tech blog, not journalism. If I want negative news about MS, I can find countless sites on the internet.
  • This is not anti-windows article. I did not understand it that way. Only some people have to be wary- generally speaking new system is not suitable for everybody. In case of problem they may begin to criticise new Windows and it can discourage potential users.
  • Two big concerns for me, Inconsistency and redundancy. Its true that a lot of inconsistency, from color, pattern, app design. Redundancy? few, one of this is you can see two different kind of default programs under windows system.
  • My original Surface Pro cold starts in 11ish seconds.
  • I think many reasons are valid not to upgrade. Especially the OneDrive one. They need to fix that of course. And Windows 10 on tablets isnt great right now either. And edge needs work. I agree with all that =). I am curious on a few ones though. One, I think something is wrong with your rebooting/shutdown because I have an i7 with 8 gigs of RAM and I can reboot/shutdown in like 10-15 seconds. I can reboot and be logged in and all my apps going in about a minute. But maybe it has something to do with our configurations and whatnow. Also, the privacy concerns is also a little but of FUD. When you install Windows 10 if you use "Express Settings" then its on but if you customize it you can opt out of all of that. You can also turn all of that off and use a local account making Windows 10 just like Windows 8 or Windows 7. It does send back some data because you agree to get updates all the time for Windows 10. But we dont know if that data can be used to identify specific computers at all. In reality, even when "Express Settings" are on Microsoft still doesnt collect as much identifiable data on the user as Facebook, Google, or even Apple does. Other than those two points though, I agree! Thank you for sharing. I think in a month or two half or more of those reasons should be addressed =). Good write up though, thanks!
  • There was a blog post a while back about the OneDrive issue where they essentially said it will never go back to how it is in W8.1. Stupid, short-sighted decision.
  • Regarding privacy, it's not just FUD, it's quite a bit of misinformation. Daniel's comments have been very good on this. I agree that it's good to know your options and be paying attention and make good choices... but it's also important to recognize that if you want features and services to work, you have to trust that info to a computer network that will process that data in a meaningful way for you. That's how all these services work, and that's okay. Be SMART about it and not just paranoid or oblivious.
  • Windows 10 boots up faster for me then 7 or 8.
  • At first it ill be fast for me also but then it faces a lot of problem... Such as my display driver uninstalling automatically and keeping slow process instead of windows 8.1.   So I revert back to Windows 8.1 just three days before and now it seems to be more faster and seemelessly running without any lagging or disrupting...... So wait for two or three years to buy a windows 10 pro operating system to fix your problems and don't upgrade right now.. It causes your machine very slow and much more problems than other operating systems... Please understand the concern....     
  • The issues with reboots must be isolated with you. On 4 very different systems, the speed is the same as on 8.1.
  • No, it's not isolated.  At least once a week I have to wait 10 minutes for my stupid computer to boot.  I'm reasonably sure it has something to do with the innumerable updates Microsoft has to push at you every day.  What's worse, this only happend one time, but I actually had to wait TWO FLIPPIN' HOURS once after an update/reboot!  That is absolutely INTOLERABLE!!!  Linux is looking like a better option every day.    Ultimately, I had to disable Windows Update because this is just unacceptable with how I use my computer.  I do reactivate it twice a month just to get the latest fixes, but at least I can deal with it on my schedule, and not on Microsoft's. Seriously, it's like Microsoft thinks you spend thousands of dollars just to run their stupid operating system.  Narcissistic Hubris...thy name is Microsoft.
  • Well I still happy with Windows 7 :D
  • Well I didnt find a REAL reason for upgrade my Windows besides games and I dont play that much :D
  • Windows 7 is turning into Windows XP. It's outdated :)
  • At least 7 looks nice
  • Well I hope Redstone might convince you.
  • You mad bro?
  • Please, you can use your words.
  • LOL...you must be a parent.  I hear our friends who have kids use that exact phrase.  A lot.
  • Most of the points mentioned in the article I would certainly agree on. Especially when comparing the "new" OneDrive to Windows 8.1 it feels like a version built somewhen in the 18th century.
  • Why is Edge so ridiculously slow? Well, for me it is..
  • Turn off ads.
  • That makes no difference whatsoever.
  • Same for me, It takes abt 30-50 secounds to display a page some time
  • It happened to me a lot when i had a 2GB RAM .As i upgraded it to 8 GB , Edge accelerated tremendously and opened pages quick. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can live with windows 10 with all the 14 reasons you listed. :)
  • Me Too :) Cortana's Sounds Is Funny And Great ! This Windows 10 Is Perfect In Shape And Sounds And The Performance Too !
  • Some of these are moderately an issue, many are nit-pick problems. Really, how often are you changing the accent color that tiles not immediately changing their color is an issue that will keep you from upgrading? But this article lost all credibility when you complained that if you have a PlayStation 4, then the Xbox app on Windows is useless.
  • "But this article lost all credibility when you complained that if you have a PlayStation 4, then the Xbox app on Windows is useless."
    Well, the app is certainly not a selling point to upgrade, is it? Nope.
  • Well, someone could have a PlayStation 4 AND and Xbox, right? ;) Like, someone that reviews games for a living. Oh, yeah, I need that job. Haha!
  • Could you rephrase that? The triple negative left me confused as to what you mean :) Some of the items in this article are understandable if they are important to you. I am not upgrading my WMC because it is not available on Win10. Some are nit-pick, why would you stay on Win7 because Cortana is not available in your region, when on Win7 you don't have Cortana there, either? I have my own reasons why I rolled back some of my computers - I have had a few of them that would consistently freeze when opening up a couple YouTube videos at a time; it would start making a clicking noise and the entire computer would freeze. But claiming that the Xbox app doesn't stream PS4 is searching for reasons not to upgrade, not listing a problem that you should avoid upgrading because it will set you back from your current use in Win7. The PS4 streams to only the PS Vita, and the X1 will not stream to the Vita. Does that mean that the PS devices are not worth getting because they don't integrate with X1? PS is a closed system just like Xbox, and putting the fault on Microsoft and claiming you may not want to upgrade because of it when that would work for Sony to do, not Microsoft, is digging for reasons to upgrade. Edit: BTW, Sony made a big deal during the PS4 announcement about streaming to the PS Vita. The Vita is more or less a dead product, with sites reporting that they are no longer going to manufacture it and no new games are scheduled. If Sony can't even support their own products (look at the scrapped back-compat, Linux support, etc.) then why should Microsoft?
  • Correct, for a PS owner the XBOX app is not a good reason to upgrade. However, that does not necessarily mean that the XBOX app is a reason to not upgrade.
  • Actually my laptop used to take a minute or two to boot up now its almost as the same with Windows 8.
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  • No problems whatsoever with installing or using Windows 10. Love it.
  • Really I love Windows 10, I download windows gadgets, and Only after upgrading from windows 7 I see some problems in driver, but no problem download slim drivers and it will update all your drivers, and I don't lost windows media center because I didn't clean install :D
  • 15. Tablet. Nuff said.
  • Maybe you haven't said nuff. You're implying Windows 10 is subpar on a tablet. What was the previous OS on the tablet that was better?
  • A tablet now running W10, ooo, I wonder what it could have been running before, VMS perhaps? Or could it be QDOS? Or is there an outside chance it was W8? You're right, there's just no way to know...
  • I don't know what you're saying either. I wish these comments would lose the snark and have a discussion.   I was honestly curious why he'd say "tablet" was a reason not to upgrade to Windows 10. I've wondered if I like 8.1 or 10 better with a tablet so it's a geniune question about others' experiences.
  • I tried it. I should point out that I'm using a cheap tablet (mediacom smartpad iw810 pro 3g).
    Besides an issue with the power management that made it useless (it randomly upped the CPU frequency making it hot even when on stand by) it was a mixed experience. While it did seem a bit faster and the new desktop context menus are easier to tap with a less precise digitizer, I had a few issues. First of all, the 'start screen' scrolls vertically, which is awful, and until 'install on SD' isn't available, having it on a smaller tablet isn't that much of an improvement.
    Also, the charm bar is missing, making using the settings of a Win8.x app a very weird experience. Also the OneDrive thing is terrible, I liked seeing my files and downloading what I needed on the fly. A 16 GB tablet hardly has enough space to sync the whole thing. Ah, and you can't tell OneDrive to use the SD card as a sync location. So they actually made either OneDrive on small tablets or small tablets themselves completely useless.
    I reverted to my dear 8.1 and I'm happier than ever. On the tablet at least. Desktop and laptop are rocking Windows 10!
  • Thank you, random internet person, for an honest answer! I've been using it on a Surface so most times I use it as a laptop but I think it is the tablet mode scrolling that made me question whether 8.1 was better, but I think that's more a matter of getting used to a change for me than the technical issues it sounds a smaller tablet might have.
  • Okay. Thanks for the rundown. I've been wanting to read a well laid out negative perspective on Tablet. I've been using a 2-in-1 mostly as a laptop both pre and post Windows 10 upgrade and just recently switched to forcing myself to use tablet mode full time after hearing a lot of people pan it, deciding I needed to see for myself. I don't see the vertical scrolling as a real problem at all. I guess I am pretty agnostic on whether horizontal or vertical is "better", but I can live pretty happily with either one. I have to admit that I'm pretty much a neanderthal when it comes to the cloud. I have only done the teensiest bit of dabbling with cloud, and on Dropbox at that. The only exposure I've had to OneDrive at all is that the mobile version of Word automatically saved a document there once. So, I can't really weigh in there meaningfully except to make two points: this change, it seems, has "broken OneDrive" for many people. But it sounds like it was intended as a fix for others, and has probably accomplished that end. The obvious solution is to make both methods optional so everybody has what they want. People have been complaining about a lack of gestures. While I haven't noticed any lack of functionality that means anything to me - thus far, I will say this: the fact that all the gestures from 8 are still active when you're trying to use it as a desktop, paired with the small trackpad on 2-in-1s, and the fact that those gestures translate to trackpad use made the Windows 8 desktop experience nothing short of infuriating and a nightmare for me. Both 8 and 10 should be viewed from three perspectives, 1) as a tablet, 2) as a desktop, and 3) as the sum total of the two. Even if I were to grant that in Tablet, 10 is a step backwards (and I'm still not quite sure I'm even willing to do that), it is leaps and bounds ahead of 8 in Desktop (including no longer being a nightmare on my 2-in-1), and looking at the sum total, I still can't see this as anything but net gain - ergo, well worth the trade. And perhaps most significant of all is that I'm a thousand times happier with the relationship between desktop and tablet in 10 than I was in 8. In Windows 8, desktop mode was too tablet, tablet mode was too desktop, and there was virtually NO difference between the two. Heck, for all intents and purposes, Windows 8 was basically one monolithic "mode" that was a very confused mix of the two interfaces. Now in 10, the desktop is very desktop, and the tablet is very tablet, and there's a big line in the sand between them. That is a huge difference. So there's no desktop in Tablet Mode - GOOD! I don't want there to be one! And now that we have this hard line in the sand, I don't see why MS couldn't add back more gestures while in Tablet Mode, that would then be disabled when in Desktop Mode. That way those who are pining for missing gestures from 8 can have them (or some of them) without re-wrecking the desktop interface experience for me. So I still am not convinced that 10 tablet is bad (or even not as good). But even if it does represent a significant step backwards in tablet technology, even if that is so, then while it's certainly not a cause of celebration in and of itself (and hopefully is something WaaS fixes as we go), the rest of the operating system is soooooooooooo....[pause for breath]......oooooooooooooooo much better, that it's a sacrifice I'm all too willing to make. Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Nextbook 10.1 tablet running Windows 8.1 before, latest preview of Windows 10.  In every way imaginable, it ran better and had better features when it was on Windows 8.1.  No debate at all.  Windows 10 sucks bad enough.  It sucks worse for touch. 
  • I give you another one. Packaged Apps can't play digital audio formats anymore, they convert them to stereo. So no Netflix in Dolby Digital anymore.
    Never mind they fixed it with one of the cumulative patches.
  • I have no real issue with Windows 10. I agree that Edge itself still has a lot of improvements to be made, but I still use it as my default browser. Continuum also doesn't seem to work on my 2-in-1 when flipping between tablet and laptop. I have to activate tablet mode manually. It has only ever done it automatically once. However, I would say my shutdown and reboot times are no different to what I had in Windows 8.1. It's still pretty quick. Startup, however, is even quicker than 8.1. As for the issue with DVD playback; you can just download a Win32 application (e.g. Cyberlink), or just Windows Media Player (if you have it).
  •   WMP won't work without a CODEC. We didn't watch DVDs in WMC, we used it to get the DVD CODEC that let us play DVDs in other applications like WMP. Microsofts expensive DVD player app doesn't give us a codec. It's just an overpriced self contained badly designed player app. There's no way to use WMP to play your DVDs and given the current state of Windows 10 that's rnough to stay on Windows 7 or 8.  Cyber link Powerdirector is filled with bloat and upswell ads these days. It's disgusting, and it's expensive. WinDVD is probably the same, but Corel does sell only the codec for Vista. Maybe that will work on Windows 10 - or did Microsoft break WMP to force people off of it? OS X compares better and better to Windows with each passing version. Windows 10 was more of a Microsoft power grab than them doing anything worthwhile for the consumer. 
  • Does anyone tried Math input text program on windows accessories??? All I can say is, am I still on windows 7??? I guess someone forget to update that program.
  • Math Input panel still works just fine! :)
  • Oh my gosh, you're right, that looks freaking awful. I suspect not one of the programmers at Microsoft actually touched it during development. :P
  • Even they skip updating it on windows 8.
  • they update snip, so i guess that could be next
  • Who even uses that though...
  • Schools.
  • Bull Crap!
  • Just due to my gaming I switched back to 7 Dark.
  • I think the most valid point about "polish" was the inconsistent context menus.  I can't say how many people are having problems, but I can speak for myself.  I've had very few problems across the 6 devices on which the OS has been installed.  This includes a variety of form factors and hardware generations:  Alienware X51, Alienware 18, Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, a Lenovo W540, and hand-built PC running a combination of particularly dated and somewhat new hardware.  All of these are used daily, and three of them as daily drivers by each person in my household.  Our biggest issues actually pertain to Windows 10 Mobile and that is still in technical preview and so I don't have grounds to complain.  I quite love the OS and I definitely think it is an improvement over what they started with 8.1.  I just included my personal experience because I don't want people to feel discouraged from upgrading. Sure, there are risks - but I just feel they are being exaggerated.
  • Windows 10 starts really quickly for me. I'm not sure how you're getting minutes of start time. That's what I was getting on my old bloated Windows 7 install. Seems more like a problem with your computer, unless others have long start times as well.
  • I have Windows 10 testing on a full desktop PC, a non-touch laptop and a Nextbook 10.1 tablet.  It takes 4 minutes to boot to a useful state on the PC.  It takes 2 minutes to boot to a useful state on the laptop.  It takes just under a minute to boot to a useful state on the tablet.  This was true whether I did the upgrade path from Windows 8.1 or did the clean-slate.  The SLOWEST any of those devices booted with Windows 8.1 was 30 seconds.  And don't get me started on Windows 10 mobile on the test Lumia 635.  That is even worse.  My Lumia 1020 w/8.1 on it beats the daylights out of the 635.  In EVERY WAY. 
  • In the end though its probably good they wrote this. It may delay me from updating my bro a bit. He loves his 3 second boot in Windows 8.1. But I'll leave that up to him.
  • Thanks. Now, I will go back to Windows 98. :D
  • i gotta say its broken my heart. my desktop pc got it installed up from Windows 7, no problem for 3 or 4days then apps stopped working, modt notably the store app. i did all sorts to fix it but nothing would make the store app open. so finally i did a reset, all went fine on it and it booted up as normal but that as far as i get...i'm stuck at the lock screen because now my keyboard and mouse don't seem to be getting seen by the pc. i assume the drivers are not installed but i'm getting no help from Microsoft on fixing it...
  • If you have a nice keyboard and mouse than what typically comes with a new PC, then I could see this happening even though it shouldn't be an issue. I'm just going to ask the obvious question. Have you tried plugging them into different USB ports or tried a different keyboards and mouse? Restarting in safe mode might give you access so you can install any drivers they need.
  • ...a problem that I've NEVER seen in over 200 computers running Windows 8.1 where I work.
  • Nice write up. It will evolve and get better. No need to pretend it's perfect (yet).
  • And no need to pretend it's worth using, either.
  • I don't have any of the issues listed here. The start up & shut down times are faster with Windows 10 for me, & I'm using a Surface 3 (not pro). I did do a clean install after upgrading. Any initial issues I had after the upgrade were resolved by the clean install.
  • Very Good Article. Totally agree, that's why I have my surface pro on Win10 and my Dell on Win 8.
  • This is so true...  I'm very happy with windows 10... But the design and functionality flaws are there and they're evident... Is just ugly to see how design suddenly uses thick lines on lock screen and log in screen, and then change to very light lines in some apps, also hamburger behavior and context menu design. In the functional part, is a pain in the ass that notifications don't work in mail app, and that my outlook contacts that are linked to a skype account are not showed my people app
  • Most of the layout problems can be fixed with a reinstall. Do NOT use the upgrade, upgrade first and then reinstall! You won't regret it!
  • works well on my tablet though. although edge needs a bit of work, especially with multiple tabs opening  
  • Very few people are going to opt for this. Why? I'm glad you asked, all the reviews have been excellent, the hype machine has been in overdrive with ads appearing everywhere for a while and while the OS isn't complete and a few people are experiencing issues the vast majority are loving it and sharing that experience all over the internet. While I apprecate the effort to point out a few warts, 75 million people could care less in less than 4 weeks, so I doubt this article is going to slow down anything!
  • I don't think this article is intended to slow anyone down by any means. However, we should all look at pros and cons before taking a major step, and it's good to have the comparison for those select few who will do the research and judge whether or not they want to make the plunge. For myself, I decided to upgrade my own machine right away, but wait before I upgraded my wife's or in-law's computers. The last thing I need is them complaining, "You did this to me!" I'll wait until it's all sorted out first. While I don't mind the annoyances, and they may or may not mind them, I'd rather err on the side of caution with those whom I am in charge of keeping happy. ;)
  • I have to agree with upgrade problems my family pc (not mine) cannot search on start menu. I did an update but if I do a refresh I will lose alot of apps I couldn't tell you where they exist. Now my work machine was a dual boot on windows insider and i tried to remove win 8 and move boot flag and no gui. Clean upgrade (flat nothing installed) from 8 to 10 on this laptop and switched to a sad and couldn't be happier. My wife actually lost performance on her laptop switched to ssd helped as well in that arena. I think issues are driver or registry related from upgrades for most. So to get around that just made a server with all applications i use and deliver it through Citrix.
  • sadly I have to pass on the w10 party because of driver issues on my 2 y/o Lenovo laptop, the video driver from Lenovo works but not for games. A more recent driver will disable the brightness controls, leaving the screen very dim.
  • Maybe you need to install video driver outside Lenovo, it may not be optimized but at least it will works well with Windows 10. I have similar issue before but Lenovo themselves doesn't provide better driver (or doesn't provide at all) for Windows 10, so well I'll just have to install video drivers from Nvidia.
    Also you can try reinstall same driver that came with your laptop and just don't update it, unfortunately its gonna be trial and error.
  • the only problem i have is windows 10 doesnt detected my laptop built in camera(not that im using it)
    altough this doesnt always happen only when during skype calls both skype and windows camera cant detected it
  • The only thing I agree with is the OneDrive point. Everything else is not so much a big deal and most not even happening here. I very much like Windows 10 so far. Oh and "not a finished product"? Surprise, it isn't and is not meant to be finished, ever. Remember Windows as a service?
  • That's right, Microsoft is offering Windows as a Service that point actually details how Microsoft will continue servicing Windows 10 as a service and it will never considered a complete product. Thanks,
  • I don't know what complete might mean in an OS context, but I think most would settle for not broken. Reasonable?
  • Well Windows as a Service should not be an excuse releasing half-baked products. You don't serve half-cooked food and promise to serve another one next time. "Never considered a complete product" is more like a marketing thing, software in general doesn't have an end, only deadline. It should not be an excuse to release beta-ish products just because we promise do deliver a fix later. Windows as a Service for me should simply mean Windows delivery system and update is continuous and on constant evolution, but updates should be complete and polished. There always be a bugs and tiny things unfinished, but not to the point that its obvious. Its natural for software to get few bugs but not natural for product to be half-baked.
  • Reason 15 No more fixed switching for laptops with dual graphics with Windows 10. We have dynamic switching instead, which hardly worked for me until I installed Leshcat's drivers. Ontop of which the Intel and AMD released drivers cause a ridiculously long delay at start up - almost a minute and using a SSD this is not acceptable. Using Leshcat's drivers solved this problem and the issue with dynamic switching. However I have to manually add the game or application to Catalyst and a profile for the game or application to force it to use the discrete graphics. Furthermore the app or game will report it is using the integrated graphics so you need to install GPU-Z to monitor if it is actually using the integrated graphics or discrete graphics. Previously all I had to was manually switch to discrete when I needed it to and switch back. It is a pain in the backside trying to force things to use discrete graphics with W10, thanks to Leshcat and his team I haven't downgraded to 7. Also installing the manager / drivers that support fixed mode switching won't work, once you switch to manual the igp (error code 43) stops working and upon restarting the discrete graphics will also show error code 43 - the only solution is to a force a update via device manager, reinstall or worst case scenario uninstall and remove every single trace of the driver and its associated applications.
  • Also DX9 games will NOT use VRAM greater than 4gb - granted this isn't an issue for 99.9% of people but it is an issue :)
  • I really liked using win8/8.1 since I have a Toshiba touch laptop. My laptop got updated to win 10 last August 1. I'm still trying to adapt to win 10 (mail, OneDrive, no desktop icon in tablet mode, longer boot up/shut down, etc.) it's like something died in using touch screen laptops. However, snap is really easy to use, edge is good. Tuesday this week, after a certain update, my laptop wouldn't power on and I brought it to Toshiba service center where I have to wait for 3-4 weeks for them to fix my laptop. Anyway, I hope win 10 will be better over time.
  • At least half of those issues all come down to one issue-- hardware drivers, and you clearly have some driver problems that you should be looking to your OEM to provide. For example, my SP3 reboots in 9 seconds. A few of those are fair things... like OneDrive or Media Center, if you truly rely on those, although I think MOST people don't... and certainly ALL of them have alternatives, like Edge-- use IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or whatever. That's always been the beauty of Windows-- choice to use the apps and services you want. Of course, you have the choice to use Windows 7 or 8.1 too, and that's fine, of course. While I respect anyone's choices, I want them to also acknowledge which things are likely caused by a common root, like the driver issues. Also, since I expect my tech site writers to be a bit more tech savvy, I would also like to know what efforts you took, in your situation, to seek out solutions to those problems. Which actually brings up another point... this site has been really great at publishing HOW TO guides for simple things and complex things over the years, but very rarely do I see articles about "HOW TO solve problem X." Maybe that's a good series to start... ;)
  • "but very rarely do I see articles about "HOW TO solve problem X." Maybe that's a good series to start... ;)"
    Certainly something we are looking to expand into. Takes time to get the right writers and topics going.
  • I'm lead to believe that only 2% of the MS customer base use MCE.  2%.    Yes.
  • 2% of the customer base used WMC.  A lot more than that played DVDs in WMP using the DVD CODEC that WMC installs on the PC. A CODEC that isn't supplied with their "last afternoon in my mother's basement" "cooked up in an hour" Universal DVD Player (which is horrible, sluggish, and a usability anamoly wiht the way it functions in some areas).  I got it for free, so it's not like I am complaining about the ridiculous price they're selling it for (when you can Get CODECs that work in any Win32 Media Player for half the price).  It's just a bad replacement for what was lost with Windows Media Center. Microsoft should have just deleted the Media Center application, but left the DVD CODEC on our machines.  We literally paid for that CODEC, and then they just deleted it off of our machines?  It was a shady thing to do, especially since you're f*ckd if you have to reinstall your OS.  You could have just reactivated Media Center, but you cannot do that with the "free" DVD Player they give you.  It's purely a money grab to make up for the lost revenue from [not] selling Windows 10 Licenses.
  • well, going to go down the list.... 1: upgrade problems? on 1 out of 10 systems I have done so far, and it was a system that went from 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10..... so it was in dire need of a reformat for a LONG while. 2: Not a finished product? name an OS that NEVER got feature updates or fixes after the fact? Even MS-Dos made it beyond ver 6! 3: User interface? ok, re-read answer #2. the core OS seems mostly fine, add on apps need some work, but it's not a good reason to NOT update. 4: Automatic updates. ok, there could be some needed work to fix this a bit, like NOT include drivers (i think that camn already be set already) and suggested updates. All the important stuff should be mandatory. so sick of someone asking me to update their PC, only to have to wait for well over 100 updates! 5: 2 places for settings? ok, this can be confusing, but there are some options in the classic control panel that aren't available in the settings app yet... also, re-read #2! 6: No more media center or dvd player? ok, this is a biggie for me, as I was a media center user. while most people never used media center, I have since XP with streaming all over my home. it worked great and was convinient. bad call Microsoft, bad call. 7: built in app.... ok, i get the part if you want to uninstall and you can't. the PS4 comment, unneeded and irrelavent. that would be like me using a sony tablet and want to connect to my xbox.... wait I can do that? the PS4 issue is a sony issue, not MS. as far as the apps feeling unfinished? re-read #2 8: Cortana. we have known this forever. Cortana availability by region will eventually change. Not an inherent problem with the OS and not an excuse to not upgrade. 9: shutdown and reboot taking long times? I have windos 10 installed on 6 personally owned machines. the ONLY machine that takes a while is an HP running a core2duo on a 5200rpm laptop hard drive, but it took a while with windows 8 as well. all my other machines are up in under a minute, my Surface pro 2 in less than 30 seconds. Sounds like you may want to reformat :) 10: Limited Storage? i got nothing for this, you are dead on.... these crappy low end tablets with 16GB of storage should steer clear for right now. 11: OneDrive selective sync? I don't use it. I preferred the placeholder method from windows 8 and they should have kept that in place. 12: edge not ready? well, i am forcing myself to use edge on my surface pro, but all ofthe systems still have other browsers installed.while edge is great for touch devices (finally, great pinch to zoom on a PC) it could use just a bit more work. 13: Continuum... yeah, my biggest issue with it is that sometimes it'll go straight to tablet mode when a keyboard is plugged into my surface, or go to desktop mode when it's not plugged in. it needs better keyboard at startup detection. also, accessing the desktop in tablet mode should be as simple as windows 8, not harder. 14: Privacy concerns? i will just say this, if you already have a smartphone and using services provided by the OS manufacturer, they you have been giving tons of info away for a long while now. guess what? you can disable most, but not all, of those "scary, privacy killing" features on most devices and here too.   so some decent point, but most are a matter of your opinion....
  • Number 6 is funny. There wasn't DVD playback with Windows Vista, 7 or Windows 10. That was purchased and supplied by the OEM making the machine. Additionally WMC is used by around 2% of Windows users (Stats from the Early Windows 8.0 days)
  • One suggestion that I will gonna ask, is to remove old rarely used programs. With this it makes windows 10 having redundant programs. Some that really old and very rarely used is still sitting inside. For me its too confusing, combining old and new apps.
  • Dang Mauro, I dig it when you write man but after reading all that, I'm expecting you to say, "clear your desks and take out a sheet of paper. This is going to be 30 percent of your grade." lol.
  • LOL
  • Not to mention you cannot use pirated software anymore.
  • of course you can
  • It's just for Windows Store apps/games. Stop spreading things when you yourself don't know shit
  • yeah number 1 is somewhat relevant as much as it was with w8-8.1 with some older amd CPUs. my dads PC a sb-e based chipset has intel driver problems that crippled 2 installs of w10 so he's now back to w7.(which had its own share of problems sata dvd drive and downloadable f6 drivers didnt work)
    Personal I dont have a problem with the w7 ui for desktop/power users its a must.
    wu in its current condition sucks as the business branch isn't ready for pro sku & you cant use wsus 3 anymore.
    wmc is a worth the cost if it was updated more.
    Built-in apps can be uninstalled using powershell since w8 search it.
    shutdown/reboot wasnt amazing in w8/.1 either I solved that with w7 being default but I remember reading about legacy boot.
    storage was another thing holding my dads PC back ssds are just to small.
    yeah edge will take awhile for big brands to adapt their sites for it.(im looking at you Nintendo)
    continuum gimmicky.
    ive seen more problems on privacy in wm then w10 permissions need simplification.
  • Piracy is during, or at least a very dangerous activity nowadays, you'll get your info stolen / crippled.
  • Built In Apps can be uninstalled on Windows 8 by simply right clicking and Uninstalling them.     In Windows 10 they aren't uninstallable at all.  You can uninstall them with PowerShell but they randomly get reinstalled by the Windows Store, and functionality in other areas of the OS can break due to how Microosft embedded them into the OS like mobile phone bloatware. If those apps were decent, it probably wouldn't be an issue.  If Microsoft was anything but sluggish in getting these apps up to snuff (they were pretty bad in Windows 8 as well, so I have no faith in them - NONE), then I'd probably be less inclined to want to remove them. But the apps are broken or buggy in several areas.  Some apps like People mind as well not even exist.  The Mail app constantly stops synching due to your account "settings being out-of-date" and OneNote Universal App had no business being pre-loaded in the OS this way considering OneNote 2013 is a free download nad people on desktop/laptop machines are apt to use that one without having a compeltely redundant Universal App taking up 2-300MB Space on their small SSD drive. That's not discounting the extra background services that are running for those apps (i.e. EAS Connection for Outlook.com), which is also redundant if you have Outlook 2013 and does nothing but decrease battery life further. Power Management in Windows 10 is buggy, especially for Tablets.  The Tablet UI is filled with retardation.  Like when I tried out Asphalt 8 and had to go to Desktop Mode to set the Taskbar to Auto-Hide, becuase the full screen game had the bottom of the UI blocked off by the Taskbar.  Screen Rotation control in Action Center randomly becomes greyed out and you have to reboot to get it back.  Tablets randomly lose all their battery life while sleeping overnight because the CPU gets ramped up while it's idle (this also happens on my laptop, the fan will start running continuously, or I'll wakt it from sleep and the entire thing is hot - other days it's not, it's completely random when you'll get 3 hours of battery life out of your laptop, or 7 hours out of it.
  • Incidentally, I have a coworker who I'm trying to convince to try Windows 10, because he's a die-hard Windows 7 guy. He simply says "I don't like the way it looks." Now, personally, I find that to be about as shallow a reason as you can make for not trying something... it's stubborn for sure. But, while I disagree with him on it, it's still his choice. All I can do is show him more and more things about what they're doing right and keep chipping away at the arguments with solutions as they're available. But by no means should we be jerks about it. There's no reason to rush out in month 1 of 12 to adopt something that may not be best for our usage habits... YET. 75 million have upgraded to Windows 10. Many millions more will do so in the next 12 months or buy new devices. All good things in due time.
  • Not shallow, you look at the monitor to use a PC, how it looks is everything.
  • Why do you feel the need to convince your coworker to upgrade? Is he incapable of making adult decisions on his own? Or are you just so emotionally insecure that you need the validation of him agreeing with you?
  • Windows 10 is great! These issues mentioned are minor and will be fixed within weeks. This article is unsound
  • Well, I don't agree with the article. But free press and all that. My wife is doing her PhD and needs her computer working flawlessly, and Win 10 does just that. Keep up the good work, lads.
  • 15. Can't change the goofy Windows hero image on the login screen
  • Can't change it through a simple settings screen....But you can change it. There's been a way since at least Windows 7 :)
  • There is a tool to change it indeed, but one time it cause my system run into issues. But yeah, they shoud've provided the customization option since they introduce the new Login screen, they really overlooked the option. Actually the only option it needed is to have toggle to choose between solid theme color and image background. The image should just follow the desktop image based from the user which is the logical way to do it.
  • All, or most, of the items are valid issues that should be addressed. But really, should people be warned not to install it because they might not be able to pick an exact color, or have to jump to Control Panel? Maybe 2 or 3 of these might be reasons to not upgrade, but the others are inconveniences, nothing more.
  • The first thing I did was disable all the new features like Cortana, they all suck.  It's like everything new Microsoft do, they try to simplify Windows... like no, this isn't a phone, it's a Desktop PC or Laptop, I want more complex!  The worst thing is how Microsoft try to make the UI look all nice and clean, instead of having all the options on one page, you now have to go through several layers on UI making it harder.    Windows 7 is still the best, it was the perfect OS, shame DX12 isn't coming to it.
  • You want more "complex" to look smart ? That makes no sense. I mean,,scratch that, I do understand, I used to be like that, nowadays I just want the work done, simplicity. Computers are means to an end.
  • The responsiveness of XAML menus is not good. For example, clicking the volume icon on cold boot, takes longer to load than on Windows 7 cold boot. It feels sluggish.
  • Software isn't meant to be complex to use, its meant to do the job efficiently and easier. So in that case you leave majority of users not able to use the OS simply because of the principle to be complex? That's why the GUI is invented and next will be NUI (Natural User Interface). Maybe you mean to have better options and features? Then that's legitimate concern but not making the OS generally complex. You even said you don't want several layers on UI, that's complexity.
  • When I had 8 on my tablet every time I open Downloads folder it would freeze for 10+ seconds, folder would turn into Not Responding. I had no idea why it happens. Few days ago I upgraded it to 10, what a surprise was when it happened (and still happens) again
  • Is the downloads folder in a Micro SD card?
  • No its not. And is been doing that since I got the tablet from store. It happens even if the folder if empty
  • Stay strong, Rubino.  Excellent post.
  • I agree with the article nearly-entirely. I'm still using and running 10, but I still consider reverting to 8.1 almost daily.
  • I think your reasons are BS, especially when you clean install the damn windows. most people have never upgraded windows, but it wasn't ever a real rediable way to get windows going, still I upgraded a laptop and it's fine. no problems. and I clean installed this pc and everything works fine. it's not finished product? then what is windows 7? it misses alot of features windows 8 and 10 had, so I guess that was a beta product as well since it's missing important features that I like having on Windows 10. And your privacy concerns are just stupid, stop spreading FUD, anyway Windows 7 have the same telemetry that windows 10 has, so where would you go? other OS that get feedback and telemetry the same way? Especially when everything can be turned off, it sounds like a dumb reason.   What is this WC? it's just stupid post. I am sorry, but it really is. and it's spreading missinformation.... only because this person is having issues it doesn't mean everyone will have the same issues. or will encounter the same issues. some things are not even important to me like mail app. but seriously if this person wanted to post this as news, why not make a Forum post with more crap like this?   1. Like I said, upgrading is not a good thing, especially if someone is been using windows 7 and 8 for months of years intsalling crap and all. also most people expect to upgrade and don't even manually install drivers or hide drivers.
    so my rate about this point on the post:
    bullshit point   2. like I said windows 7 and 8 doesn't have Cortana, doesn't have improvements on Windows 10, so I guess they were unfinished products as well?
    bullshit point   3. The UI on windows 8 and windows 7 was also stupid and messed up. what's wrong of having different UIs elements for differnt apps and programs? who cares about it. if it bothers you just get a gameboy and you only have 3 buttons and don't have to see UI elements like right clicking. Windows 7 aero looked horrible and it was stupid. that's why I used basic theme. because aero glass was gross. so what? nobody should have ever upgraded because Windows 7 was horrible looking OS? and people had to get Vista and loved it becuase it was amazing looking OS?
    they will eventually make it more consistent. but I don't know how this can be a reason not to upgrade.
    it's bullshit point   4. Most people install automatic updates, and if people don't like it, they can hide them for the drivers (which can cause problems I know because I had to do it). most people who have no automatic updates it's because an idiot did that, or some malicious program did it. there are ways to stop it, and don't let windows download updates or install them automatically.
    so it's bullshit point   5. two places to configure? really? most people need settings. the settings on control panel are more advanced. wow what a reason to not upgrade, especially for someone who doesn't even touch the control panel or settings /s
    Settings controls most of the things people need, so what is the problem? there is no "two places to configure" they will either take you to one or the other. control panel will be eventually removed, but again, another bullshitcrap point from the WC writer.   6. wow this most of the dumbest and shittest reason. really? most people CAN download vlc or potplayer or any player to play their non existent dvds. most people have dvd players, so why do they need to play on their computer? I have no idea.
    Media Center was crap, will be always crap and nothing will change that. "but I like the dvr, now I can't" well there are other solutions. because it's just dumb to use Media center and cry about it not being available on Windows 10.
    let's accept it, the writer probably didn't even use it but want to mention it like an idiot. just like other people didn't even know it existed and most people don't care about Media Center disappearing.
    so again, more bullshit crap reasons.   7. built in apps are ok. I don't use them much but they work fine. again clean install if you can't lunch them and you want to.
    xbox app is meant to be used with XBOX, what is that bullshit about "if you are a playstation user" tell SONY to make a damn playstation app.
    it's worthless? then just go to fucking powershell and remove it "Get-AppxPackage  *xbox* | Remove-AppxPackage" or some shit. end. it isnt using resources, it isn't consuming hundred of GBs, so again bullshit bullshit and more bullshit.   8. It's not a surprise it's limited, Windows 7 and windows 8 didn't even fucking have it. so you will downgrade to what? windows 8 and 7 that don't have it either and won't?
    wow smart point...
    again stop the bullshit, voice assistants are not like making a search engine or anything, you need feedback, you need all the words on voice, you need the assistant to understand you. or what? Siri wasn't available in some regions and still it isn't. what would be the point of having Cortana in latinamerica if there is no way the damn thing can understand? there is cortana in Spain, but it would be useless because spanish from spain is different from latinamerica.
    so again, another bullshit crap point.   9. shutdown and restart and power on takes few seconds.... oh wow... I will die because of it. you are getting hours of shutting down? then CLEAN INSTALL, your fucking upgrade and windows 7 and 8 was just not good enough to be upgraded maybe you watched porn and installed some crap and itmessed up with registry and such. upgrades will never be 100% succed just look 75 millioons with 90000 different computers. that's amazing to know most people have upgraded fine.   10. most people won't even install apps from store. and who cares anyway? this option wasn't on WIndows 7 because it didn't have windows store, and it wasn't on windows 8 either.
    so again more BULLSHIT.   11. Onedrive is fine. you want to sync only one file? yes, that's the ONLY problem. because it brings improvements over windows 8 crappy onedrive experience where you couldn't even share from windows, you had to go to website anyway.
    and Windows 7 uses the same app than windwos 10, so what? put the file on one folder and sync only that folder, problem solved. why do people want to have stupid useless thumbnails that consumed alot of storage for not being able to even see the photos. 1gb file and you had to download it anyway when opening, so it was pretty much stupid. unless you were on detailed view, thre was no reason you could tell what was synched and what wasn't.
    so again, bullshit that bothers you and you post it like the greatest news.   12. Microsoft Edge works fine. it replaced even firefox on my side which I used a portable version.
    you don't think it's great? well fix this fucking site from crashing Edge and stop complaining. because other sites work fine and never crash.   13. Tablet mode is fine. better in most cases than Windows 8. so again prefereces and bullshit from you.   14. thge bullshiests crap ever, yes, your bullshit about privacy concerns it's just stupid. stop spreading more FUD, there is no more privacy concerns on WIndows 10 than other windows. or how do you think Microsoft told us how Windows 7 users didn't use start menu and thats' why they focused on Start screen on windows 8?
    it collects what you want to collect, it's not even that much. don't use Microsoft account and turn everything off. and you are fine.
    Microsoft only made the EULA and ToS and MSA and all those stupid documents clear for the users to read. but everything was the same years ago with 7, vista xp and 8 and other OSs. again more BULLSHIT SHIT SHIT.   Conclusion.
    YOU shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10, you shouldn't even use Windows, or a computer, or a phone if your point 14 is what you think.
    YOU SHOULDNT upgrade to windows 10 if it's so hard for you that you can't even take the time to clean install. I had to install 50gb on software and it only took me some hours. nothing to die for. YOU shouldn't upgrade Mauro, since it seems technology and WIndows 10 is too hard for you and you think other windows versions like 8 and 7 and probably vista and xp were better and more consistent.   again BS article by Windows Central. sometimes you should really stop this crap, it's not about loving WIndows 10 blindly but please this kind of article it's what you see on a forum, not as a news. only because this writer had a bad experience upgrading or his views are too narrow for Windows 10. "privacy concern"... privacy concern a monkeys ass.  
  • You are hilarious.... I have tears running down my face, no joke. You have some valid points, but an excellent article nonetheless. Still drying my tears... One question: Is that you, Andrew Dice Clay? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Superb article, although couldn't agree on couple of your points, however I notice the difference b/w my win8.1 SP3 and win 10 touch laptop. Even my i3sp3 beats i7(everything assumed same) at basic tasks. Touch experience is bad, edge of not for me have to continuously switch to IE or Firefox to recheck that particular site, at times start menu completely becomes invisible only tiles are visible and more. Windows would never be complete, I get it, but I would like a big free experience.
  • I agree with 11 only.
  • Yea, how long before Windows 11 is released? That'll solve it.
  • Microsoft can't possibly please everyone, and some people are going to be unhappy with everything they do. I've had a great experience with Windows 10, on custom built PCs, laptops, and tablets, and I will not wait or go back.
  • Yes, and some people will love a lot of what they do whilst remaining dismayed by the tripe. Had you not considered that most people are considerably more nuanced than the models you present?
  • It's got it's pros and cons. I like having both sides.
    Also, I'm really enjoying these "numbered" type articles. They're really nice to read.
  • I need but one reason to pass on Win10: no Windows Media Center.
  • FINALLY a list I can get behind!
  • Too late went all in...i like it, still needs a little work but i like where it is headed.
  • I love de windows 10 . Simple start menu. Everything simple
  • Some of these reasons were really weak, slow news day?
  • Well, there's Edge. It's not news, but it is really weak and slow. That do yer?
  • I had series issues with the update on my laptop and desktop. It was so bad that apps would not open or just crash in the middle of doing something. I had to set both machines back to 8.1 just so that I could get work done and get life back to normal. I definitely won't be upgrading again anytime soon. Unfortunately I would not recommend it to family or friends until it has been around for another 6-8 months. Microsoft definitely rushed into this upgrade to quickly. Unfortunately I had a really bad experience. I tried the help desk but even they admitted that there were serious issues with the final product and they were unable to assist me. They recommended I set my machines back to 8.1. I am now right back where I started. At least Windows is working now.
  • Windows central site got hacked or something? Where did that post come from?
  • The Verge.
  • My 2 Onda Tablet (2gb ram, Intel Bay Trail Z3735F Quad Core) turns on and off in no more than 1 minute. I have no problems with the live tiles of the start menu.
  • A question: what about Windows Mobile 10, it's safe to update the main device, the operation of the OS is acceptable?
  • Upgraded lost my Dvd burner went back to Windows 7 . It now works fine
  • Besides Cortana not being available for my country, I am not having any problem with Windows 10. For example, rebooting or shutdown don't take longer than 5 to 7 seconds to finish the operations.
  • I'm pretty sure the placeholders weren't removed because users were confused by them....The feature was removed because they decided work on a unified sync engine as it was fragmented across different versions of OneDrive and different Operating Systems. To move to a unified engine they chose an existing one to start with, and it wasn't the Windows 8.1 version. It is supposedly being re-added as a feature in the future. The OneDrive team posted a blog months ago explaining this....
  • Ways to get around all of this: 1. Windows 10 will forever be a work in progress so get over it. There are going to be new features almost every month. 2. DVD support disappeared with 8 and with billions on mobile devices and having flash drives and or software that could burn cds this is not a problem. 3. Everyone had different upgrade experiences, for instance mine on an 4year old computer was fine. 5. Cortana has launched in many major countries from around the world with many able to change their region and language like on mobile to get her. 6. OneDrive team mentioned that they are working on either reviving placeholders or replacing them. 7. Built in apps are like any other apps, if they don't work like you want then download another. 8. Automatic updates can be deferred. 9. Media center alternatives exist. 10. The average user won't care about consistent issues of how something looks as long as it works. 11. The average user will only need settings and may never touch control panel. 12. Privacy unfortunately is better with windows 10 than the competitors I.e google. 13. Microsoft edge is a work in progress but overall a good browser and fine replacement to IE. 14. Playstation users are out of the equation on any system so where is this coming from
  • I disagree.
  • Great article. One more thing to add is that One Windows promise is still just a promise. Perhaps some day all pieces will be ready. Lack of Media Center is no biggie as like current Cortana it was not globally supported (no dvb-c for example).
  • Windows 10 us cool, but 8.1 is best for tablets... Windows 10 works very well, but windows 8.1 better for desktop... In my honest opinion... Things will get better with time, but as for now... My surface pro 3 and dell venue pro 8 are the only devices of mine running 10. The desktops, the laptops, ans my phone are all 8.1 except one computer is 7 as I use it for automation and other server like tasks. Windows 10 is still rough around the edges, edge is not sharp enough... I still use ie, OneDrive syncing is a huge issues... I am really sick of the people who complained with all that was good with 8.1 like the start screen, tablet swipe functions, the OneDrive on/offline files, and more... Now Microsoft killed great ideas for the slow and unwilling...
  • The Start Screen was horrible for Desktop/Notebook machines in Windows 8.x.  That's a valid complaint. Issue is that Microsoft went a bit too far in what it "gave back." The Windows 10 Start Menu is horrible compared to Vista/7. The ripped the PIM apps going from Vista to 7 and made them into Winodws Live Essentials, and then dropped development on those for the crippled ones in Windows 8/10. Windows is too damn old for it to be missing something like Built-In DVD Playback (which OS X has), a mature Preview App (similar to OS X Preview), and proper desktop apps/clients like basically every other mainstream operating system/desktop environment on the market. I'd love to see the data Microsoft used to roll back the OneDrive enhancements it enacted in Windows 8.x to - basically - the Windows 7 Sync Client.  The only selling point of OneDrive is that it had Smart Files.  Google Drive and DropBox are better than it in virtually every other way, while being integrated directly into about 5,000% more 3rd party applications...  Nor they they provide a switch to put the OneDrive library on SD Card - which these days can be larger than the internal storage of the device for $20 or less (price of a 64GB UHS [m]SDHC card at Wal-Mart - as of last night, when I was in there and see them). I'd love to see the data from getting rid of WMC as well.  Not just "how many people used the WMC app," but how many people played DVDs in Windows Media Player using the CODEC supplied by Windows Media Center. The Windows 7/10 OneDrive Sync would not be that bad if the Media Sync was segregated out similar to how Google does with Play Music, Google Play Books, and Photos; or Apple does with iTunes Match, iBooks, and iCloud Photos.  Microsoft had it set up that way, but saw fit to throw everything into a OneDrive Directory likely because it was easier for them - but we see how this becomes problematic as the industry moves more from Platter Drives to Solid State, since that almost always comes with a large drop in capacity unless you want to pay extreme premiums for very large (512GB-1TB) solid state drives.
  • Didn't have to read past the 5th reason.  I just wiped out and re-install Vista on all my computers.
  • 1. Tablet Mode 2. Tablet Mode 3. Tablet Mode 4. Tablet Mode 5. Tablet Mode 6. Tablet Mode 7. Tablet Mode 8. Tablet Mode 9. Tablet Mode 10. Tablet Mode 11. Tablet Mode 12. Tablet Mode 13. Tablet Mode 14. Tablet Mode
  • 15. Tablet Mode
  • That's not helpful. A lot of people are making a stink about Tablet Mode in nebulous, general ways without giving any good reasons for dissing it. I've been using a 2-in-1 mostly as a laptop both pre and post Windows 10 upgrade and just recently switched to forcing myself to use tablet mode full time after hearing a lot of people pan it, deciding I needed to see for myself. I'll touch on just a couple things: I don't see the vertical scrolling as a real problem at all. I guess I am pretty agnostic on whether horizontal or vertical is "better", but I can live pretty happily with either one. I have to admit that I'm pretty much a neanderthal when it comes to the cloud. I have only done the teensiest bit of dabbling with cloud, and on Dropbox at that. The only exposure I've had to OneDrive at all is that the mobile version of Word automatically saved a document there once. So, I can't really weigh in there meaningfully except to make two points: this change, it seems, has "broken OneDrive" for many people. But it sounds like it was intended as a fix for others, and has probably accomplished that end. The obvious solution is to make both methods optional so everybody has what they want. People have been complaining about a lack of gestures. While I haven't noticed any lack of functionality that means anything to me - thus far, I will say this: the fact that all the gestures from 8 are still active when you're trying to use it as a desktop, paired with the small trackpad on 2-in-1s, and the fact that those gestures translate to trackpad use made the Windows 8 desktop experience nothing short of infuriating and a nightmare for me. Both 8 and 10 should be viewed from three perspectives, 1) as a tablet, 2) as a desktop, and 3) as the sum total of the two. Even if I were to grant that in Tablet, 10 is a step backwards (and I'm still not quite sure I'm even willing to do that), it is leaps and bounds ahead of 8 in Desktop (including no longer being a nightmare on my 2-in-1), and looking at the sum total, I still can't see this as anything but net gain - ergo, well worth the trade. And perhaps most significant of all is that I'm a thousand times happier with the relationship between desktop and tablet in 10 than I was in 8. In Windows 8, desktop mode was too tablet, tablet mode was too desktop, and there was virtually NO difference between the two. Heck, for all intents and purposes, Windows 8 was basically one monolithic "mode" that was a very confused mix of the two interfaces. Now in 10, the desktop is very desktop, and the tablet is very tablet, and there's a big line in the sand between them. That is a huge difference. So there's no desktop in Tablet Mode - GOOD! I don't want there to be one! And now that we have this hard line in the sand, I don't see why MS couldn't add back more gestures while in Tablet Mode, that would then be disabled when in Desktop Mode. That way those who are pining for missing gestures from 8 can have them (or some of them) without re-wrecking the desktop interface experience for people like me. So I still am not convinced that 10 tablet is bad (or even not as good). But even if it does represent a significant step backwards in tablet technology, even if that is so, then while it's certainly not a cause of celebration in and of itself (and hopefully is something WaaS fixes as we go), the rest of the operating system is soooooooooooo....[pause for breath]......oooooooooooooooo much better, that it's a sacrifice I'm all too willing to make. Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • 1.  Getting the Settings and Charms of Windows 8.1 Apps is horrible - in plainly obvious ways. 2.  Taskbar has no business in a Tablet UI.  If you start Asphalt 8, for example, the Task Bar obscures the bottom of the game and you have to go to DESKTOP MODE to set the task bar to auto hide before the game can be displayed in full screen mode.  Windows' Tablet mode should work similarly to Full Screen Mode on a Mac.  When an App or Game displays itself in full screen, the Task Bar should be hidden by default and only bought back up with a Gesture or if the App or Game is exited. 3.  The vertical navigation is problematic to a lot of people. 4.  Gestures are horrible.  Swiping from the right should bring out the start menu.  Swiping down but not all the way across the screen should bring up task view.  Swiping an app all the way down should close it.  Swiping from the right can bring up the action center like now.  Task view should allow you to swipe apps down to close them. The little boxes are hard to hit on Windows Tablets with less accurate digitizers (sometimes I just go to the app and close it by swiping instead... which should not be necessary at all). Missing forward-back gestures in Edge.  5.  UI Inconsistencies.  Not only are things inconsistent between Modern apps, but you're literally forced into desktop apps to do way too much on a Tablet and it's just a horrile user experience.  Also, the propensity of running Desktop Apps maximized when you're in tablet mode is horrible, since those apps are almost assuredly not designed to be used full screen in 10:16 aspect ratio (i.e. Portrait Mode on a 16:10 tablet). 6.  Bugs:  Sometimes Screen Rotation control becomes greyed out until you reboot your tablet.  Lots of tablets have issues with Power Management (as a result, fast battery drainage - but intermittently so you never know when your tablet will last 3 or 10 hours off the charger sitting on a desk in standby).  Security is broken on the tablet build.  The option to lock the screen immediately when it's off is literally inoperably and often after hte tablet has been sitting unused one can just swipe the lock screen up and it will log the tablet in automatically without challenging with a PIN or Password Prompt at all.  Basically, 90% of the time it's like using a Personal iPad or Android Tablet with virtually no password set on it, but your personal PIM Accounts and other things synching to it (if you have Office Installed on it). 7.  As bad as the switch from OneDrive Smart Files is, it hurt tablets more than anything else.  I just signed out of OneDrive and set it to not start up on Boot instead because it's that useless without the Smart Files.  I can install Google Drive and have it save directly to the SD Card.  OneDrive requires too much work to get that to work well.  Google Drive just does it flawlessly as a part of the setup experience.  Win for Google. 8.  I still think Google Play Music in any browser is better than Groove Music Player.  I can set one song to repeat without adding it to its own Playlist by itself.  It's as if the people who designed the Universal Apps for Windows have never used similar types of apps on any other Desktop OS, or even comparable Web Apps.
  • Okay. This is good info. This is the kind of feedback I wanted. Thank you very much! As far as what you said about One Drive, again, I can't speak too intelligently about the particulars because the cloud bug hasn't really bitten me yet. But from what superficialities I'm able to glean from reading it sounds like the changes are a "fix" for some just as they are a "break" for others (just with the "break" people being more vocal). So, the solution seems obvious: "¿Por qué no los dos?" (trans: "Why not both?") As far as the start screen, I am having no probs with the vertical scrolling. I've got mine configured just how I like it, and the grouping I'm using is actually probably working better in vertical scroll than it would horizontal. Still, I didn't have a problem with horizontal scroll in 8. The reason I think vertical is better for the OS overall, though has nothing to do with tablet mode, but rather desktop. The vertical scrolling, I think works so much better on the 10 desktop start menu than horizontal would, and with both being vertical, it won't result in totally changing up the tile layout every time you switch back and forth between the two modes. As far as bugginess: granted. But give it time. Even MacOS Yosemite was buggy when it first came out, and Mac tends to be less buggy than Windows. In terms of new systems, 10 doesn't strike me as anything particularly problematic, so let's not conflate short term neophyte quirks with the steady state condition of the system going forward - ESPECIALLY in light of WaaS. As far as UI inconsistencies, again, granted. But post-release preview builds of the OS are already moving towards reconciling these inconsistencies, so I think a little patience will resolve this. As far as the taskbar in Tablet Mode, I'm torn on this: I actually much prefer the app switching mechanism in 10 over its parallel in 8, even with a touch screen, and having that button on the bar makes all that so much easier. Plus it's nice to have Cortana right there as well as a back button (and I think, perhaps counterintuitively, having the bar actually HELPS the overall look of the OS in Tablet Mode.) But, it does take up screen real estate that could've been used for apps (which is especially problematic on sub-Full-HD devices with already limited space like my Nextbook), and for what? I don't believe you can pin extra stuff to it - resulting in totally useless black space. Pinning stuff to it would make the space useful, but on the other hand, it would blur the hard line somewhat between desktop and tablet modes which is something I love about 10, and hated about 8....so I really don't know what is the best thing to do there. One area where I WILL agree with you, though, is that it should at least be "defeatable". Maybe have a setting in place where it'll let you choose between keeping it up or hiding it when in a full screen app and/or on the start screen would be the way to go. (continued) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • (continued) As far as gestures, I know how I said before that using 8 desktop on my 2-in-1 was a nightmare, but even using the touch screen, there were countless times where I would intend to do one gesture, and it'd register as another, or worse, when I intended no gesture at all. So, while perhaps neither gesture scheme is "perfect", I do think that at the end of the day, if I had to choose, I'm happier with the dearth than the glut. Again, a trade-off I'm willing to make - ESPECIALLY when it makes life soooooo much better on the Desktop side, and there really hasn't been a whole lot I'd really want to do in touch on 10 that I haven't been able to. As far as too many windows explorer Windows still popping up in Tablet, yes, I will agree with you there. That's a bummer. And as far as not all apps supporting true full-screen, that needs to change too. But the latter should change with WaaS. And I also know that MS is working on migrating more and more explorer functions over to the settings app, etc, eventually phasing the old control panel out entirely. So that should help tablet as well. So I'm not getting bent out of shape over these. Settings and charms on 8.1 apps in 10: Can you give me some examples? This may be totally right, but I haven't noticed anything problematic yet. But even if we grant this, what's the flip-side of the coin? New apps for Windows 8 will dwindle in the near future while universal 10 apps will [hopefully] explode. While the 8 apps in 10 may not work RIGHT, 10 apps in 8 will not work AT ALL. So once again, in my view, 10 gets the better end of the deal in the trade-off. So, thank you for the very, very valuable information. I appreciate it immensely. However, this feedback is not so much convincing me that 10 tablet, on the whole, is a step "backwards" but rather, a step "sideways". In other words, I haven't yet heard anything that I can really construe as "absolute proof of universally objective transcendent inferiority", but rather, changes that are less harmonious with personal tastes and wants. And while you have very clearly articulated why this step sideways is a net negative for you, on the whole, it seems like it's actually something of a net positive for me - the things that have changed for the worse either impacting things that don't matter to me, or else being mitigated and then some by things that have changed for the better. This conversation has served to make me feel much better about 10 by way of disarming the fear that there was something yet undiscovered on my part that would really cause me to feel like I had to go back to 8 because of 10s relative inadequacy. I now feel fairly inoculated to that view. And furthermore, there's always the welcomed, friendly specter of WaaS looming benevolently over Windows 10 to gradually eradicate what genuine shortcomings we really do have. But even if 10 tablet really was just a big step backwards, 10 desktop is such a huge leap forward, and the two modes so distinct from each other now, that when taken as a whole, I'd stay with 10 anyway and just use my 2-in-1 as a glorified laptop. So ultimately, I guess I'm on 10's side either way. I'm just relieved that I'm not facing an either-or dilemma on better desktop / better tablet. :-D Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I literally have had none of these issues. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone who does desktop support will recognize this article as a reminder of potential legitimate concerns that an end user might have.
  • I hoped, instead of the selective sync in Onedrive, Microsoft could implemented a special indicator or seal to visually represent that a file is 'cloud only' (similar to the shortcut indicators for files and programs). On my tablet I could have acces to all my Ondrive files without having gigabytes of data stored that I wouldn't immediately need. So far I have not setup my Onedrive in Windows 10 on my Tablet, and instead use the browser or third party apps to browse  and download files. I miss the live syncing beacuse of this though.
  • W10 reboots much faster on my XPS than 8.1. That must be an issue specific to your pc/laptop
  • This x 1000
  • definitely an issue specific to SOME driver he has on his machine. I have a 2nd gen i3 with 4GB RAM and 1TB storage and it reboots just as fast as it did with Win 8.1
  • Hmmm so in everyone's eyes then the Wi-Fi issues are all resolved? That is really my biggest concern.
  • Using the word 'everyone' will not ever get a good response but yes, the WiFi issues seem to have been resolved. I am an IT pro and deploy a lot of machines. No issues seen here.
  • 15. Live tiles are put to sleep under Start menu and users cannot pin their favorites to the desktop. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I completely disagree with the idea that Win 10 takes longer to start/restart than Win 8/8.1. My old system reboots faster, starts faster, opens applications faster. My parents have also indicated the same for their PCs, all ASUS with low specs.
  • Different systems have different boot times. I think his idea here is that Windows 10 has not yet provided users with a way to manage how their systems boot, and it should be added in the future.
  • Ok then the same could be said for 8/8.1 as my system's boot time was atrocious. MS should perhaps allow for better boot management but the same issue would need to be addressed in other versions
  • OneDrive is the main issue. OneDrive on win8/win8.1 is the best.
  • I loved the placeholder idea, but it caused problems.
  • I thought I was on Windows Central and somehow I got switched to Engadget.
  • Although I don't agree with a good bit of this article, I'm glad it was written. Saying only good things about Windows 10 makes people suspicious about what you might be hiding from them, and they might even attempt to discover the "bad" from people who want to do nothing more than complain and destroy Windows 10 and all of Microsoft. Someone needed to write an article about the bad side of Windows 10, even if a lot of it is opinion (in my...opinion).   
  • 1,  2, 3, 5, 7 are issues on Windows 8.x as well. So, the reasons would be reduced to nine... but, in my opinion, 8, 9, 12, 13 are not real reasons to not upgrade. The rest five reasons are potential reasons that depends on your device, usage, preferences. So... I would say that you may have just one or two "real" reasons.
  • Windows DVD Player software was free for me. I guess as long as you had Windows 8 Pro and media center installed, It automatically installs Windows DVD Player for free.
  • This post should be titled: "14 reasons why you should not upgrade to Windows 10 for now". I thought before that this website is Microsoft's best friend
  • I agree with many of these points. I find Windows 10 the most annoying to use on tablet. 2, 3. Very true.
    4. This needs to be addressed, why is MS controlling the way we use our OS? It’s a step back to power users.
    5. I still prefer the control panel. Settings app is half baked.
    7. This, why can't we uninstall apps we don’t use? Especially when most of them are half baked.
    10, 11, 12. Agree!
    13. The biggest problem with Windows 10.
    14. Agree, this needs to stop!
  • Awesome
  • Please let Microsoft improves and makes Windows 10 more perfectly. Innovation needs time and user's support!
  • Yep. It's a shame MS rushed it out before it was fit.
  • My computer shuts down and boots faster than I can sit down. Stopped reading after I realized the author was an idiot..
  • this is a joke right?, I mean seriously, no ones actually getting paid to write this nonsence..
  • Subjective. I'm. running Windows 10 on a 9 yrs old laptop. No complaints.
  • Why so serious, people?
  • Who cares?! No upgrade issues for me at all - a desktop and notebook. Drivers are all working well on the machines. Unfinished product?? Windows 10 is a forever green product, FYI. MS will only keep on updating it just like another mobile OSes out there. Forget about service packs dude! Anyways, is your losses for not installing Windows 10. I will rather use this "unfinished" product than the Windows 8 with a freaking huge Start screen. Windows 7? Too old for me. Pass. Just because you are a loser in installing a new OS, doesn't everyone else should follow you.
  • One problem is Mozilla Firefox and other non windows 10 apps work on my laptop, when I'm connected to the internet, but edge, store, mail etc, windows 10 apps don't connect to the internet, updates don't even download, any idea on that??
  • How about Cortana not responding to "hey cortana" most of the time. I only mention because I look like an a$$ whenever I try to show someone voice integration. Crickets.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • Go to Cortana settings and click on the Learn My Voice.
  • Doesn't help.  She still barely ever responds.  I turned her off when I realized how buggy she was, plus I don't need, basically, Google 2.0 level Data Mining built into an offline desktop OS that can be used completely independently of Microsoft's services.
  • Only problem I face , my laptop is not shutting down, I have to press power button to force shutdown.
  • Report it using the Windows Feedback app.
  • You know, while my own views on Windows 10 are a bit more charitable: I think it's ready for most everybody, and I actually don't see what all the whining is about in Tablet Mode, I have to say that I'm REALLY glad that Windows Central is putting out an article like this. Since I'm also an Android and Apple fan, in addition to being a Windows Fan, I follow Android Central and iMore almost as closely, and its nice to see such an unflinching article looking candidly at problems with one's own products. It's a breath of fresh air in light of the overwhelming glut of "#SwitchToApple" "Yay-us-serry" over on iMore, though to be fair, Android Central isn't too bad at presenting both sides, either, I guess. Anyway, kudos on the very valuable article. For as FANTASTIC as I think Windows 10 is, it is most certainly not without its warts, and I'm glad that we don't gloss over it. It's great now, and it'll only get better. But these are the quirks inherent in being on the bleeding edge. Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • If the title had been"If your pc or device is very old, do not upgrade yet" I will buy some of your thoughts. But with 75 million plus reported on the new OS in about a month of release, that is saying a whole lot why folks should give it a shot. Not fully baked, but by George, it ridiculously promising.
  • Other than the fact that I don't have a problem with the naming of the article per se, and think it's REALLY good to have the counterpoint published - rather than only hearing about how wonderful our stuff is all the time (ahem, iMore), I agree with everything else you said 100%! Let the 75 million devices running, the polls showing 92% satisfaction, the promises ofconstant improvement and fine-tuning in WaaS, and all the rest speak for themselves. :-) Windows 10 is Wonderful! For the first time EVER, I think I'm a bigger Windows fan than a Mac fan....but let's be honest, it's definitely not perfect yet, and as such, I think it's well apropos to point all the chinks in the system out. Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Free stuff always proliferates fast.  I don't think the install numbers really matter given how the OS is being distributed.
  • Cortana is awful on Windows 10 mobile. Such regression in desktop and Mobile builds.
  • I find her to be better, other than missing 'Hey Cortana' it's great.
  • #2 is the number one reason to not upgrade. All the design inconsistencies are #2-14. This OS was rushed out, but that's not a surprise. I will be waiting until the very last moment I can to upgrade for free.
  • Moving to OS X completely.  Was hyped for this OS, but this is Beta at best...  Alpha-level if you want to be realistic.  Microsoft is running the biggest Beta Test the world has ever seen, and all the issues being bought up are met with "it's free, stop complaining," or "75M people obviously disagree with you!" SMFH.
  • Well this makes me very nervous about the feasibility of a stable Windows 10 mobile experience.
  • Three of these are just more detail on #2, some technical stuff is wrong (having 16GB ram doesn't really do anything for boot times... That's mostly up to the type of boot drive you have. I actually reboot faster in 10 than 8, and I didn't even do a clean install)
    Continuum is not enough. But Windows 8 was too much, right? ...
    I could pick out more if needed
  • If it's 16GB of very fast RAM it does help with boot times.  Between High Capacities of Fast RAM and an SSD the Computer can load things much quicker without the need to swap at all while booting up. This is why even decently spec'd computers with 2-3GB RAM will boot up slower than PCs with largely the same hardware but more/faster RAM - even if they're both using platter drives, and especialy if they're using SSDs.
  •   I agree with few points. Windows is not yet complete and may be there atleast 2-3 more of the dev/testing required before we could say it is matured. My issues are below after updating to Win 10 on Aug 2nd. My PC - ASUS i7, 8GB Ram, 64 Bit, 1TB HDD 1. Slow boot/shutdown. With 8.1 it was pretty quick. 2. inconsistencies in the UI is driving me nuts. 3. EDGE browser is not yet prime ready. (Even when typing comment on EDGE, pressing enter key takes me beginning of the comment rather than to the next line). I am not talking about extensions, but tons of other simple features. (Can't edit a bookmark name?) 4. On the task bar, when you click an Icon by holding down SHIFT it will open a new instance of that program. But try that on EDGE. Nothing happens.. so many other issues.        
  • The typing thing is an issue with Mobile Nations' comment system, not the browser.  It happens in Safari on OS X, as well as in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome on Windows.  It, also, happens on Mobile Browsers on iOS (Safari) and Android (HTC and Samsung Stock Browsers, Chrome for Android). That being said, aside from the fact that it has better performance for some people (namely people on older hardware likely with platter drives - and likely they were runnign Windows 7) Edge just ins't that good.  Even with Add-Ons, it would be that good.  Internet Explorer is faster on my system, way more robust, crashes and freezes less, handles downloads a ton better (like actually asking me before it start downloading something)...  Edge has... Reader Mode (which the IE Metro Browser had for Tablets, anyways?). I think this browser, and this Windows release in general was severely overhyped.  Probably due to people's exasperation with using Windows 8.x on Desktop Machines and dealing with it's insane UI/UX switcharoos on a daily basis.
  • He is a Mac lover.....windows 10 is the best
  • Clickbait much?  You might as well start calling the site Windows Verge.
  • If the title had been"If your pc or device is very old, do not upgrade yet" I will buy some of your thoughts. But with 75 million plus reported on the new OS in about a month of release, that is saying a whole lot why folks should give it a shot. Not fully baked, but by George, it ridiculously promising.
  • It's a pretty far step back from W8.1 (and WP8.1), which is a shame because those were basically the same platform as is. They had the universal app thing going as well, but they really pushed it with W10. W10 just feels like W8 all over again, lots of great ideas but feels very immature still. W8.1 just felt like it was solid, everything worked as expected without all these crashes etc. I almost want to revert back for now because of it, especially the OneDrive syncing problem. Heck syncing in general makes devices act very independent now versus how it was on 8.1. Being able to sync almost the entire system with mobile and desktop was lovely. You never had to resetup accounts, menus are pretty much setup once because of it, and all your files were literally on every device through OneDrive. Now I have to remember which device has enough storage to sync, and remember how much is stored in each folder. If I choose my photos and videos, they won't be able to sync because they are over the 128gb I have on my Surface, but work on my laptop with a platter HDD still. The Start Screen among my devices is all default right now because I am so lazy to resetup how they looked on my main device, thus causing me to not want to use some devices more regularly. It's a shame, but I hope they bring back lots of what they removed from 8.1.
  • http://www.zdnet.com/article/no-microsoft-is-not-spying-on-you-with-wind...
  • Is the proof that windows is no taking any information from you
  • Around Aug. 18, while manually checking for update. Window 10 did what I consider a clean install. Removing my desktop programs and 20 gigs of update history giving me no way back to windows 8. Since I didn't record my windows 8 license number I can't install it from USB. ​ ​
  • My Windows 10 is running perfectly. Now I cannot imagine my life without live tiles and apps. There is no way I can go back.
  • Even though identified all these issues, I personally never felt these as major issues...as long as its smooth...
  • Even if you tried to say all the good points of W8, the bad name was already a fate. In the same way, no matter how much we try to point the W10 mistakes, people will just ignore all of them because W10 already is a "good one" and every point now is "just a matter of opinion". Suspect that the same people who does not care about the UI inconsistency are the same that threw stones on the desktop / Metro division. Anyway. The inconsistency problem is the worst part, at least for me. Two different group of options, icons from the last 3 or 4 systems, lots of different context menus / bars / search boxes / back buttons... And it's not just about apps, the whole "tiles" idea is a joke now: let's take all the colors away and promote the 'accent color vibe', so we can have a giant one-color mosaic with white icons, and put them on the taskbar, where they can fit perfectly with aaaall the other icon styles.  Sadly, all we can do is wait and see the next surprises, especially in mobile, where I'll be able to have my background screen with my semi-transparent mosaic with white icons. Talking about all this mess, I will leave here a concept of apps standardization that I have worked, if if someone wants to look. ;) http://forums.windowscentral.com/windows-10/367541-apps-concept.html
  • My system boots in less than 14 seconds in Windows 10.I'm running a Intel Celeron processor .
  • I don't know why you have issues with boot up times as stated in your article as my windows 10 takes seconds to boot up, it's probably faster than when I had win8
  • I don't have any problem with windows 10. I have an Inspiron's notebook. But, I like this article, some people that I know is having some bugs with the system and they're thinking to downgrade to Windows 8.1 or 7. My opnion is that Windows 10 is a "baby" OS and is normal if it show some inconsistencies, no company is Bug-free. Windows, OSX, Android, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse and all the OS avaliable today is not bug-free softwares. Every release come with benefits but can bring "bad faces" come on guys, Windows Central just want to alert us about and make us think about it. You can desagree with this article, but don't make it as fanboy or anything in this way.
  • "some apps will overlay the menu while other apps will push it to the right" are u retarded? These are functionalities provided by the SDK. Developers can choose what they want, MS doesn't want to force it. That's not going to change
  • Windows 10 is abysmal on a tablet.  
  • Could think of more reasons but nice to see people are waking up. Some of us relised 10's shortcomings months ago and the only reply was "it's just a beta, you're expecting to much."
  • Why, oh why, do I ever read the comments
  • Some of this is good advice to the casual user. But there are also some not-clear-accurate statements: Windows has never shipped "completed." Whether buying a PC off the shelf or updating from media, we all sit and watch dozens to hundreds of updates pour in. Not just security. Also, Windows 10 is no less and no more secure than iOS and certainly as secure or more so than Android. If you want Siri to update you on things, you are allowing data to be accessed. Using Google maps, Facebook, twitter, email. You have already opted in. Cortana? Xbox achievements? Groove? Spotify? Amazon? Thousands of others are already vacuuming up data to make searches, ads, directions more relevant. While we act as though these things are hidden, there is a huge link labeled "security" that likely most users simply ignore. But it is one of the first things everyone should check, update, open/close as needed. As well, you can already, as before, clean caches, stop auto fill, etc. Delete histories.
  • Don't start with the clickbait titles
  • I already prepared to get a clean install of W10 but couldn't even upgrade from W8.1 because of errors. I was disappointed but maybe it was for the better, maybe the next time I will try will be in about 6 months.
  • Wow. I'm thinking too many people who have an opinion take way too many words to make their point.
    I waste too much of my time reading comments that run on and on.
    I do want to hear what people have to say, but let's respect other peoples time, and simply make your point. New ideas welcome and votes for/against known ideas, listened to. Thanks for listening.
    Best wishes.
  • You can actually remove most of the built in apps through Powershell except for the fews like Cortana and Edge.
  • Damn, 8.1 looks even better now. Seriously they should have waited until December or January with the release - 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 11, 12 are inexcusable. While Continuum & Cortana improvements are understandable and expected to get better the automatic updates switch off, uninstalling apps, privacy consent is perplexing that those issues even exist. 10 is trully a freak of nature, a hybrid that people wanted because they're afraid of a touchscreen future
    7 was a classic old desktop experience and 8 was a superb tablet os    
  • good article ... complainers don't realize a lot of editorial news outlets are doing pros and cons articles .... BeauHD on Phonedog's Youtube channel does a great job of it. i don't agree with a lot of the points in this article but i understand them :)  
  • What the hell is this article????????
    What is this for? Sabotaging Windows 10? Giving in to the media scares and the reactionary naysayers? This is crazy.
    Besides, not all of them are major issues against it, and some aren't true (9 for example). WC is disappointing me more and more each time.
  • Never new WC have noob staff :D
  • Reason #15: Wifi connectivity issues. Sometimes wifi will be conected all day without a hiccup, other times I will have to reset the thing three times an hour.
  • Enough with the privacy concerns. Windows 10 privacy policies have been BADLY EXAGGERATED. Take a look at Google and Apple privacy policies: All three virtually say the same thing, but Windows 10 gets criticized? SMH
  • It seems that MS will never be allowed the benefit of the doubt that people give other companies, it's in fashion to be ruthless and unforgiving to MS. But what people don't realize is that they're echoing and collaborating (if unwillingly) with a campaign against them.
    Lots of people gain by kicking MS where it's weak, where is new and there's doubt.
    Look at WP. Everyone has been getting out of their way to cripple it, keep it from having apps and services, kicking it before it grows. Ever wondered why? Competitors know it could grow to be huge, unstoppably so. So they fight the dirty war. Same with Windows 10, which I'm sorry to say, it's already a success.
  • tried w10 for a month. The bad outweighs the good at least for me. Reverted back to 8.1 , the more stable OS. Will try w10 again on July 28, 2016.
  • And the number one reason not to install Windows 10... ... You don't deserve it :D
  • My Bluetooth is not working. It seems the existing Bluetooth drivers are incompatible with Windows 10.
  • Same problem.PC is not connecting with my WP via BT.
  • I had to revert back to 8 on my daughter's tablet. The new parental controls are a huge step backwards. I'm enjoying 10 on my computer, but I really hope they change the parental controls and kids accounts to something similar to what they had before.
  • Another reason is that you can't use mobile modem connection on windows 10. This is the main reason I downgraded from windows 10 because I have unlimited data plan but windows 10 don't allow me to connect mobile data connection. It has some error and no solution found yet.
  • Even PS4 users play games on their computers. There games in the windows store, that have Xbox integration, and users would need the xbox app to keep track of their achievements. It is not completely useless.
  • The boot time and shutdown time is phenomenal after I did a clean install.
  • Seriously? Your phone doesn't have a router app? Then get a Microsoft Lumia phone...
  • Sometimes I think I should go back to 8.1 but Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition pulls me back.
  • Do you know a tablet windows only need you to press the button to switch on and even switch off which it will show on the screen waiting for you to touch and slide down.
  • My AMD duel-core 4gb ram system boots and shuts down in seconds; and runs like you-know-what off a shovel.   I think you have a local problem there; try a bare-metal install. As for the inconsistancies of the UI: bring it on. Inconsistancy is good for you. I wonder about some of your other comments too: are you actually using W10?
  • i have installed w10 on at least 20 machines, most custom made and also dell laptops with no support etc... It is a great OS, i had no problems on networks with vista, xp, w7 machines on sharing, printer sharing etc.... I have never had issues with icons and anything else going weird. Did you consider that most of the people don't how to install or configure drivers, they have no clue on how an OS works. Everybody upgraded and we were really scared that will will have to work for month to put thing in order. It did not happend, umbeliveble but it works great. I even had companies using old DOS programs and they somehow work. After so many years of different Windows OS, Linux, Androis, Macos, etc... everyone knows there are always problems at launch, but right now W10 is the most compatible OS backwords i have ever seen. Use it, it is great, might have very few glitches, and this is the true future. It is the only OS  on phone, tablet, laptop, computer, gaming (xbox) and none is even close to that. So finally we cand have the same feeling, experience, layout, the same LOGIC, across all devices. Why all bloggers bash Microsoft. In my oppinion it is Microsoft fault because they have the best apps in the world for most of things we need on computers: - best OS (more than 92% world marketshare) - best Email client (outlook) - best calendar integration with everything - best office app by far - best comunication platform skype and for pro Lynk - best programming enviroments Visual studio - best colaboration servers, mail server Exchange So how bloggers can make money on windows enviroment, microsoft will not pay them and there are few other developers for general public apps willing to pay for advertising. I think this is the main reason on why there are few apps for Windows phone because there no money to make from important paid apps, cause they are already in the OS. About security, there is no security, using cheap routers, hot spots, etc... What security ? but now there is a major issue with w10 cause it is sending info to Microsoft servers about the sistem you have and use. Wow what a BS....
  • it could be less buggy, I mean w8.1 and 7 and vista and xp all were "flawless" in my experience, here with w10 I see the mail app is buggy as hell, its very clear this thing is half assed in every non-critical way possible, good so we can have it sooner, but its frustrating having something fail you like a cheap app from a noname dev would do
  • I'm hesitant to upgrade my parent's computer because they like to use movie maker. I read that since MS removed DVD support from Windows 10 it causes problems even if you reinstall movie maker. I know there are other alternatives, but my parents like the simplicity of movie maker.
  • Yes. To me Windows 10 is a fused windows 7+ 8.1. Hardware features + wireless features (Miracast, Chromecast, DLNA, Pier-To-Pier) are very advance. But it's powerful if it's a tablet since its both type cover(keyboard+touchpad) and touch screen). That's surface pro 3. In fact, Update is pure Microsoft product. Hardly worry. Also, I have no problem plug in an Asus USB DVD drive without any power attached.
  • I agree, have experienced most of these myself. I just don't keep up with all in w10 pc and mibile versions. Must say, tablet experience is worse than 8.1 ( Dell XT2 and Asus T100), so far inconsistent and in all the apps and programs MS has a long way to go, before unified and consistent UI in apps and settings will appear.
    That is not to say that I don't like it or am against or not recomending - it works fine but with before mentioned issues. I still recomend upgrade, but one should also know what to/not expect.
  • Reboot takes alot of time for me
  • Slow HDD. Or you should do a Refresh. You'll lose your programs but it will keep your drivers and settings. It works like a charm, it's the next best thing after a clean install.
  • There are a lot of bugs in core things in my W10 expirience, especially with sound - Memory leakage problems in browsers - Freezing while browsing (waiting 30-60 seconds for a site to respond) - PuntoSwitcher and sometimes regular keyboard language switching causes "not responding" IE and Skype - Bluetooth speakers are disconnecting from time to time (not the case with W8.1) - Sound issues (scratched CD effect) when connected to the windows phone WiFi spot - People, Mail and Calendar apps are now completely broken after one of the cumulative updates (all my accounts just fell of and I get error 0x80c8043e on adding account)
  • Yup
  • I think I wouldn't want to have any finished product - no updates = no future! I am satisfied with fact that Windows 10 is still in development.
  • go to Znet anb read...microsoft is not spying ....you may be a mac lover
  • I dont have this problems...your PC have so much problems that's different...
  • Thank you for writing this Mauro! For me Cortana and OneDrive are the biggest frustration points.
  • I had a problem few weeks ago, not sure how and why but my hard disk was going on full load full time, task manager shows almost constant 100% usage on the disk continuously....my applications started to not respond, even my start screen/section won't appear when I click it, it only pops up few minutes later, and even then I can't really click on anything, I need to wait for few minutes more to actually register any clicks I made. Ended up refreshing the OS and reinstalled back all my software, and it works fine now. Weirdddddddddd.
  • Number one is my biggest problem.
  • I am.back to win 7. Gaming on windows 10 is horrible, and dont get me started with nvidia. Their windows 10 drivers cause crashes and oc freezes...
    And that's not it, change your graphics card or ram under win 10.. Win 10 will die.
    I had so many issues going from a gts450 to a 750ti with that os, preventing ut from booting up.
    - couldn't find hard drive( no boot )
    - could find the graphics card ( yeah no shit windows , its not installed ) ( no boot like 4 times )
    - then it found my os hard drive but it died during boot up,
    - then windows 10 fixed /C partion ( seriously dafuq)
    - and after wards windows 10, crasges from doing nothing, not even played games ( guess that was due to NVidia again )
    Overall windows 10 has gigantic major issues, like the inability to install older programs or drivers with actually worked because win 10 automatically updates them.
    Also game performance on the same system went down by about 12-16fps.
    Windows 10 is not what games need, not what professional need, its for business os, and that's it. Microsoft only proves that universal surveillance is possible
  • That's NVidia not Microsoft. No problems with my AMD gpu. My frame rates haven't taken a hit either.
  • Can only agree with Edge and Continuum. And for me that's not enough to dislike win10. Because it is simply great and I seriously have no issues using it on a daily basis
  • Really appreciate this article from Windows Central. One should know all the Pros and Cons before upgrading. And yeah even i felt some of these issues with Windows 10. However m really enjoying the OS , so lets wait for the fixes. 
  • Windows 10 in its current state is a BETA. It's flat out THAT clear. Has no one realised this yet? It was rushed, absolutely, RUSHED. Yet it already enjoys a better reception than Windows 8! hahahaha. Seriously though - I have no qualms. I know it's rough, and I'm ok with it. (Except for the mouse lag. That's driving me mad.) Definitely enjoying Windows 10 a lot so far, and excited about it continuing to grow and flourish. Good job MSFT imo. Looking forward to the coming weeks with more updates and growing support. The future is here. Looks good to me.
  • I recommended windows 10 to my mum because of the new office touch apps. She was always kind of overwhelmed by word 2013 but the new office mobile apps are really perfect for her. Even on her notebook without touch. She's loving it
  • So when will we get the free DVD player as a replacement for Media Center as was promised? I haven't seen mine yet...
  • Inconsistency of UI is annoying. It's understandable with apps and those few developers that are bothered. Microsoft abandoned us. With legacy applications you had to try hard to make it look non-standard, with the apps it's a given. MS does/did not offer controls for standard tasks that would ensure a unified look. Looks like MS had the same problem, because even their own apps are inconsistent. It's okay if they look individual, but standard things should be standartised (if developer does not insist on their own look, they should not IMO). OneDrive. Single most irritating thing in W10. So because some less fortunate users don't grasp a concept of "here and far away" Microsoft kills the most useful OneDrive feature. It's okay for those with a few photos, but it became useless/cumbersome for those with a lot of data, who embraced the whole cloud thing. I cannot have hundreds of gigabytes of OneDrive data on my 128GB tablet, I cannot search for an online file without going into a web browser. That's not what I call a OneDrive integration. Make the online only state of the file more visible, that should be enough for everybody, and bring back placeholders.
  • Not had any issues in the time it takes to boot/shut down. Just as quick as 8.1 for me on my SP3 and custom gaming pc.
  • This guy is a one of those hatters anti MS
  • The placeholder in OneDrive is the only tangible issue, the rest are just personal opinions
  • +1
  • Next release in 2016, long to wait, till then have to live with all this..huh
  • Yep in fact you should NEVER upgrade and stay with XP,7 whatever or better yet install Linux ....whoops that too is a "work in progress" meh lol
  • I don't know for others, but one problem I face in the store app is that if there are multiple updates,I can't select a single app to download,I have to select update all.
  • I can't stand the OneDrive issue!
  • I have a Microsoft dvd player app installed by default On my laptop. Used it last night? Looks inline with windows 10 Ui to me
  • 1. upgrade: generally went okay on my surface pro. Only a few hickups here and there 2. Yes, it is not a finished product! 3. User interface still a work in progress. Definitely! And it's not just context and different apps interface menu's. The app interface menu's is truly ood. I think that's a sign of managment problems. A simple cheatsheet from managment to developers of one standard m enu and interface design would have solved the problem from the start.  The also need to rethink a better merging of desktop and tablet. I think there is a more elegant solution. The fragmentation of dektop/start menu/tablet mode/hamburger menu/taskbar/action center is too apparant that the search for a right balance is still on. It's a real mess. I think the key to balance is to phase out the dekstop icons and introduce the live tiles as the new desktop icons. Also microsoft needs to utiilze thte action/nnotification center in a better way. I think it should house a one-stop shop for notifications, search and system functions such as clock,  power and quicksettings 4.  I have not really experienced a problem with the automatic update thus far. But I sometimes did with I did not agree to a  system update because a system change made the experience worse. I still think and wish microsoft would keep critial system and securtiy updates seperate from general systems updates. That's what I still like about windows 7 and 8. Even in windows 8 I could still get security updates even though I postponed windows 8.1 for a while. I think that is good customer service. 5. I know the issue, but not really an issue for me. The settings app gnereally suffices my need without really having to go into the control panel. The only poor execution I've experience is poor implementation of accessing stylus and ink-to-text recognition library. That is mainly through the control panel and then also hidden quite well. Poor implementation. 6. no issue. 7. Yes there are still problems with windows native apps. And some have literally been ported from windows 8 with no apparant change except for a reboot design. 9. Yes. Is an issue. In my view another poorly managed decision in the Cortana roadmap.Still no Cortana. People say it is awesome. I don't know yet, it isn't supported in my region even though the Netherlands has a high technology knowledge base and a high density of technology. 10. Not an issue....yet 11. Not an issue...yet 12. Missing touch gestures and yes Edge is very slow to load webpages. Although windows central does load reasonably quickly ;) 13. Well continuum has its virtues, but although I agree the windows 8 tablet experience is better than windows 10, windows 10 does have potential. It's just that I feel microsoft has not properly tested tablet mode and acknowleged that there are features missing that could make continuum/tablet mode a better experience. Thus far I notice clearly that the main focus has been the return of the desktop and most likely Satya's mission to rerach 1 billion users. Continuum now still feels like a last priority item on the excutive management decision. It's simply of prioritizing continuum and tablet management as an executive order to get fixed. But getting from 75 million to one billion is still going to take some time. 14. not really an issue so far.      
  • I really miss the start screen from windows 8 and the charms.
  • Well researched and written.  There's also a long black screen between the "Windows logo" and "Login screen" and another long black screen between "Login Screen" and the Desktop. 
  • The "change in how they develop Windows" isn't an excuse for how unfinished this product is.  This is a much smaller update to the platform coming from Windows 8.1 than Vista Was coming from XP.  This is a Windows 7-style update.  The lack of polish, the crashes, the bugginess...  It's extremely disheartening.  No one is raving about this "developing in the open" so they can be on what so far seems like a perpetual beta test for mission-critical software...  They expect released products to be release-quality.  Windows 10 is not release quality.  It's still a Beta, and not even really a late beta given the showstopping bugs popping up. This is the worst Windows "upgrade" I've ever experienced.
  • Honestly 14 reasons is a bit of a stretch...privacy concerns is not really a problem is just about how you enable certain services..plus is growing this misconception that user accounts are profiled on Windows. I mean the same goes for any user centric web/app service, how people do expect to get tailored services if not sharing their own data? by voodoo or something? So the thing is basically just about which services you want to enable. Google and Gmail do the same if not worse and there's never been all this fuss about it.
    I disagree even with calling the GUI "work in progress" since it implies that there are broken or incomplete features. The GUI is just inconsistent in certain features, but it's fully functional not work in progress c'mon. Which should wipe at least 2 points out of 14. I mean would you discourage someone to install Windows because drop down menu doesn't have all the same color, or positioning etc...are you kidding guys?!
    I agree on the criticism on certain apps like Mail and Contacts but mostly but totally miss on reason n.7 things like system app that can't be uninstalled. Uhm. So what? remove the shortcut from the start and forget about it. Calculator or Camera are not going to jump at your throat next time you startup Windows. Unless your concern is about wasting few megabytes of hard disk...
    About Cortana limitation well is a Beta. Actually on Windows Phone is still Alpha on certain region (namely Italy from where I'm from). Would you call Cortana Alpha status reason not to but a Windows Phone?...
    All in all I appreciate criticism on articles like this but it seem there are few things that are really off.
  • What a dumb article. MSFT has always been upfront about things and as for the bugs I do not have any of these issues that is not to say there isn't any of course their is. So what this chump is saying is basically never upgrade because its never going to a final solution - what a moron. There is no such thing as a final solution and from what I see Windows unlike appleBling are willing to open up their eco system and not make it a selfish proprietary one... Guys do not be fooled by a hypocrite journalist, its just attention seeking I mean 14 things why 17 or 23 or 12 whatever....
  • I am glad about this article. shows how balanced WC is.
  • When I think about it articles like this are a bit odd. Yes, being honest, I am supposedly a technical user but saying that here's my stance.  I work as the Admin for a company doing server tasks, networking, the usual load of things with dev/video/photo software sitting in VMs. Yep... I also use a range of VMs in VMWARE (Must move to Hyper-V as that's what we're using within 2012). What baffles me is the fact that I'm working EXACTLY the same way depsite moving from Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10. I've liked all of them as I try to remain positive. Is there anything actually wrong with Windows 10? To me, No. Nothing. In fact I'm loving the Action Centre among a few other little changes since Win 8.1. The lack of actual knowledge is amazing. I've had people tell me that Tablet mode sucks on the Surface Pro 3 yet, as I own an i3 model, I've turned that off and enable the full screen start menu and keyboard pop-up from dialog boxes. Quite close to Windows 8.1. It's almost like people aren't actually USING the software but repeating what other's have told them.  Anyway... Windows 10 is the future of Windows. I'd suggest that we all jump in or be left behind. We've a few more montghs to decide before you have to buy. Why wait until the deadline? P.s. Upgraded 14 machines so far with... only 1 issue (Auto-update Intel drivers disabled the second screen).
  • You preface your comments by saying you want to be "positive" this indicating your biased stance right of the bat.
    This is NOT a personal attack so don't take it as such.
    I own a financial firm and a publishing house and my IT people are not liking w10 Enterprise one bit as they're configuring routers and playing around with the os to stop telemetry and bizarre call backs, containing data of who knows what. And I'm talking about a 65 w10 Enterprise license I ultimately paid for - my finance house isn't going near it for now.
    You may think people are blowing smoke, others may think you are. Either way it is telling that the only Enterprise related news is for bank of America who will try a specialised build to see if they like it before committing to an upgrade, paid of course. My guys are in talks with a specialised build also - and because I work with the govt all that courtesans phone home telemetry needs to stop - we're getting a build for trial also, for the publishers first and then a decision will be made.
    Just because it works for you doesn't mean everyone is happy. 75 million got something for free. And paid with their lives. These 14 points are a good encapsulation of the issues and w10 does seem like a live wire beta, at the moment. But then you've had your opining and I mine - everyone has one ;)
  • Great article and very valid points. Personally I've pulled the plug on an update until w10 Enterprise is updated and some of the niggles are sorted out. And, frankly, the privacy concerns should be addressed by a simple on/off and not the settings mess it currently is. But then this freebie push does seem like it's a glorified beta. I was never going to upgrade for free as I am well aware there is a price and that is us - the paid option should be able to get rid of all the fluff. Time will tell.
  • And, no "Cast to" option for Groove Music (or other apps)... This is THE missing feature of Windows 10 (it was possible to stream my music from Xbox Music app (or other apps) with 'Play to' in Windows 8.1). I really hope Microsoft will fix this soon.
  • Great aricle Mauro. While I'm, on the whole, very happy with Windows 10, I struggle to understand how some of the issues you mention even exist, yet there they are. The inconsistencies in the UI are baffling. How is it that there isn't just a standard piece of code for the way a right click menu works and looks? Why are there 7 (at least)! The same goes for the Settings pane. How is there not the same code for the behaviour and postion of that? I certainly experience slower performance than Windows 8 or 7 on my Core i7 desktop (granted it is 6 years old but if Win 8 was quicker than Win 7, I'd hoped 10 would be at least as quick if not quicker). For me the point that I really struggle with is the backwards step in functionality of the apps. The People app is a joke in comparison to the very slick WIndows 8 app. The Mail app, as you mention, has none of the niceties of the Win 8 app and is very slow in comparison. All apps seem to be unstable. I like the way Windows 10 is shaping up but it needs a lot of polish. Lastly, why are people so upset about this article? In order to improve something, you need to recognise where it fails. Ducati were useless in MotoGP because they refused to believe there was anything wrong with their bike even though all the riders (including Valentino Rossi) were telling them it was pants. They are improving now because they have finally realised their bike isn't quite as good as they thought. (I ride a motorbike, hence the MotoGP analogy.)
  • The last point is important: Why are people bleating upset? Is msft paying their wages? It's ironic that these types then belittle apple and google enthusiasts - actually these people are msft sycophants, zealots, and I can't understand why they are so up on arms and acting absolutely blind. It's as through there is an insecure subset of society clinging together and trying to be a part of a perceived religious experience, that they don't want their own voice for fear of ridicule, that they want to be part of something. What is there to be"positive" about - it's not ones life but a bally computer os lol. They're are far more important things in the world..
    As for the list, very succinct. How there are settings that actually go no where I don't know lol. But then this is a free beta roll out and the people are testers. This is clearly a work in progress. And to those not bothered about their privacy: Shame on you. You sell yourself cheap. I won't. On principle. I am not one to be turned into an advertising subset. But then I pay for what I want. MSFT is in the business of making money, they are not your friend, why give them your life so they can sell targeted ads and make more money off you. If they want to do that from me they can pay me. I really hope they clear w10 Enterprise up...
  • I'd still rather use ten then any other os on the market.
  • Another quick point, why does it take so long to install Windows 10? On my Core i7 desktop, Vista, 7 and 8 took about 25 mins for a clean install. Windows 10 takes about 2 hours!
  • - my win 10 reboot In about 4 seconds. No kidding. I don't know why the article says otherwise like it's granted so, but also friends who upgraded to win 10 open start their computer faster now. - my win 10 never crashed one time, yet freeze. And I use a lot of softwares and sometimes I keep computer on for days. Actually it's since win 7 I don't see any computer crash. - never seen my start screen having tiles disappearing or other strange behavior. I think, at least these problems, are because of a bad installation, probably, and I use win 10 at home (fresh install) and at my job (upgrade from win 8.1).
  • Reason 15. Some of your laptop keys may periodically stop working. Don't get me wrong, I really like Windows 10 but having to use the on-screen keyboard when some of the laptop keys decide to stop working is a little annoying to say the least. No touch-screen here and yes, I've checked drivers etc. still an issue.
  • I don't have any of these issues and my laptop shuts down fast. Boot time isn't much faster than windows 7 though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree, Windows 10 has some rough edges.  For example, on my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2, when it wakes from hibernation, it sometimes spontaneously switches into tablet mode, even though I have not rotated the display in any way that would make it think it should go into tablet mode.  I have to rotate the display around to tablet mode and back to get it to switch back.  Wake from sleep takes much longer than Windows 10.  I'll get the picture password screen, but it will have a progress circle spinning on it for 15-20 seconds, then it will go back to the start screen.  I don't regret upgrading, but the rough edges have made me less enthused about upgrading my desktop PC right away.      
  • I really tried to like Windows 10, I tried. I am sure I will be able to like it in a year or two (I disliked Windows 8,but Windows 8.1 is my favourite Windows of all time at the moment), but for now it's incomplete and for me unusable on my old PC. My PC is old, I bought it in 2008 (but still performs well for its age and I can even play some games like Final Fantasy XIV,Rocket League) and in Windows 10 I have perfomance problems. I found Win8.1 faster on my machine, be it the shut down and restart and other stuff. But the biggest problem I have with Windows 10 is that it doesn't detect my DVD drive. I overlooked it when it was in insider preview, as it wasn't official release, but even with the official release it doesn't work (The DVD drive itself works, it can be opened, and can be used to boot from CD/DVD). It doesn't even show up in Device manager,making it unable for me to fix it. I reported this problem but no one even responded to me, so I just went back to Win8.1.
  • I had no issues with any of the things mentioned above. My windows 10 works perfect for me.
  • Suddenly, Windows 10 seems to be less cool.
  • Still misses the 15th and most important point, no privacy access for photos, no toggle for access to photos on off, any app can read all photos.
  • I disagree with Microsoft removing the CD/DVD software support. Many millions of the upgrade for Window 10 are to devices with a CD/DVD player which runs the new OS just fine. I understand following Apple but when you follow someone to close you will fall into the same hole that they didn't see dugged. 
  • #15 - Windows 10 gets worse battery life than Win7/XP because of the constant parade of high CPU background tasks. The secondary effect is that the CPU fan is constantly whining.
  • It is very easy to find at least 14 reasons why any operating system is not ready to be used.  The perfect operating system is still being created, as  living work. In my multi-booting Dell XPS-15 notebook, I boot from two drives (HDD & m-SATA SSD), onto any of either two Windows or eight (8) Linux operating systems, using Linux's Grub-Customizer.  Each systems uses the same archive & data partitions, which are all Windows NTFS-compressed partitions. Each version of windows can recover the failings of these NTFS partitions better & quicker than the previous version.  Linux is ny preferred operating system for most operations, but recovery from bad partitions are the best reason to use the latest Windows i.e. Windows 10.
  • That may be true, but its not easy to find at least 14 compelling reasons. That's exactly what the writer did in his article.
  • I love windows 10...however this new "free" OS is just MS way of paving the future of renting our OS's. Its just like with the office 365. Instead of one purchase and you own it you get hooked on the free year and have to keep paying. Great for MS revenue stream and bad for mine. I hope I'm wrong. I do love me some windows!! (This is all assuming future feature rich updates have a cost associated with them.)
  • Final thoughts first: Upgrading to windows 10 - ...like asking Superman to change into his Clark Kent alter ego I upgraded to windows 10, and I've found most of what the article highlights to be similar concerns of mine. The writer should definitely add the  "play to" feature as another missteps in upgrading to windows 10. That feature doesn't work as it used to work. My biggest gripe is with how limited onedrive has become. This weekend I finally have time to reinstall windows 8.1 unto my surface pro 3.  
  • My biggest issue is Tablet mode, it is such a step backwards for small tablets I'm in shock MS thjought this was usable. No touch web browser, to much screen space being used by desktop GUI elemtns like the taskbar, removal of many touch gestures, you cannot snap in 1/3 screen parts anymore it is only half/half. Awful  
  • Exactly, no touch web browser. Its a boneheaded move if you asked me.    
  • also add switchable gaphics issues. Envy 14's with a combination of AMD and Intel graphics has been notably unstable since beta, and that continues with current releases. Not horrible, it is useable, but consistent graphics a