This $49 RCA projector and screen bundle is perfect for holiday parties

Rca Projector Family Couch
Rca Projector Family Couch (Image credit: RCA)

An Xbox is one of the best party accessories you can ask for with great multimedia support and stellar compatibility for game titles new and old. The problem is that grandma's spare TV just isn't up to the task for your family parties this holiday season. Grab an RCA projector with a 100-inch screen included for just $49 at Walmart and upgrade your party experience. This deal has a timed exclusivity for Walmart+ subscribers ($12.95 per month) starting Monday at 3 p.m. ET and will be available to all customers four hours after the start of the deal.

The RCA RPJ161 has a 480p internal resolution but its dual HDMI ports accept a 1080p signal so you can use it with any of your Xbox consoles or even with a gaming laptop Black Friday deal. The projector comes bundled with a 100-inch screen so you can make sure you're getting proper colors and your geometry is set correctly when you watch TV or the big game.

RCA 480P LCD Projector RPJ161 | $49

RCA 480P LCD Projector RPJ161 | $49

This RCA projector bundle is a great deal with a screen big enough for the entire family to comfortably see. Take your holiday gatherings to the next level with entertainment for the whole family without needing to move the TV.

Xbox gaming was a huge part of holiday parties in my family and that usually meant crowding around a small TV with half a dozen of my family members. With a projector like this one from RCA, everyone can see the screen eliminating at least some fighting when it comes to who gets to play. If you're treating yourself or someone else with one of the best Black Friday Xbox Series X deals, this projector and screen bundle are an excellent addition.

Samuel Contreras