Why putting Cortana everywhere is good thing for Microsoft and Windows Phone

This morning, Microsoft announced that Cortana would be jumping ship to Android and iOS as separate apps installable through their respective stores. The news is far from surprising due to past rumors, hints from Microsoft and precedent in porting over previously exclusive Windows Phone features.

For Windows Phone users, many may still be shocked at the idea. I would argue if you are astonished by this, you should be paying more attention to the news. Microsoft for the last year has been offering all of their services from OneDrive, Office, Bing, Outlook, Garage apps, Xbox games, Microsoft Band (Health), and even their MSN apps to other platforms. Did you really think Cortana would be off limits?

The thing is Microsoft's strategy of being completely open is fantastic for all consumers. However, it also benefits them as a company. Here are a few reasons why Cortana being on an iPhone is welcome news.

1. Cortana is better on Windows 10 Mobile

If you think having Cortana on iOS and Android as a standalone app is going to so good that there would be no reason to use Windows Phone, you are naïve.

Apple has Siri. Google has Google Now. Both systems are tightly integrated into the hardware too. Apple gives you no way to override Siri's hardware button (long button press). Google shoves their search engine, Google Now, Cards and whatever flavor of the month service down your throat at every turn on Android plus 'Ok, Google' for voice activation. Granted, on Android you will very likely be able to 'hack' Cortana into the hardware, but let's not kid ourselves into thinking that is mainstream.

My point, nonetheless, is this: When I run the Bing app on iOS, it is very nice. It is not as good though as the built in Search key on Windows Phone. The same goes for iPhone users where Cortana is 'just another app' to run.

However, without Hey Cortana and other abilities, Microsoft search assistant is only partially awesome on non-native platforms.

Cortana Extensibility in Universal Windows Apps

Last month at Build, Microsoft announced tools for Cortana that developers can leverage when making Universal Windows apps. Developers can take advantage of:

  • Deep linking to app scenarios
  • Voice command architecture
  • Complete tasks in Cortana
  • Find information quickly

App developers can have their app icon show up in Cortana, speak to the user, complete tasks and more. As a real-world example, you could ask Cortana to "Create a station for Led Zeppelin in Pandora". Cortana will then fetch a list of stations in Pandora, let you choose one and then start the app. Alternatively, developers can combine Cortana and Azure for intense searching using the cloud within the app.

For those users on iPhone or Android, this deeper level integration within apps is just not feasible. That is a win for Windows Phone and it will be a big deal.

2. More data equals a better product

Cortana is a very data driven technology. Microsoft has been very clear about this fact since the beginning, and luckily they seem to lack the creepiness of Google, who also suck up data for higher-level analysis.

Interestingly, Cortana (at least in the U.S.) is already excellent. However, for the personal assistant to grow and expand to new countries, Microsoft needs more users. It is only through this data collection can Microsoft prioritize feature development, refine results, and tailor the personal assistant for your needs.

Tossing in iOS and Android users could grow that audience by tenfold. In my conversations with various members of the Microsoft teams over the last few months, I just know they are salivating at the prospect of exponentially more users adopting Cortana. The reason is simple: they already know Cortana is fantastic, but these new data points make their jobs even easier for development.

For Windows Phone and Windows 10 PC users, this just means Cortana can rapidly grow in terms of abilities by being on iOS and Android too.

One reason people like Google search so much is it is omnipresent. The same rationale applies to Cortana too.

3. Being open is being different

In 2015, it is a very odd state of affairs when you look at Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Out of those, Microsoft is now the most open in regards to putting their services everywhere.

Apple is – and likely will always be – a closed off ecosystem. The Apple Watch is iOS only and don't hold your breath for their services jumping over to Android or the PC anytime soon either. Then again, let's be honest here – when was the last time you yearned for iTunes on your phone? Moreover, would you really choose FaceTime over the ubiquity of Skype? Besides just being closed-off, Apple's services are just generally lame.

Google, meanwhile has done a turn for the worse. Back in 2007, I ran a YouTube app for Windows Mobile made by Google. In 2015, Google cannot even be bothered to make that app due to the supposed low market share of Windows Phone. The amount of Windows Phone users in 2015 certainly dwarfs Windows Mobile users in 2007, when smartphones were completely niche.

Alternatively, look no further than Android itself, which is increasingly becoming less open sourced as Google tries to exert more control over it.

Microsoft, however, is poles apart. They are putting all their services and prime offerings everywhere, regardless of platforms. In today's video, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore made this very clear:

"We set out with the goal of making Windows 10 for everyone…and we're going to ensure that Windows 10 works great with whatever device you have."

They mean it.

This openness by Microsoft is winning back former critics of the software giant. Furthermore, consumers like it too. Read some of the comments on other sites about this announcement today and almost no one who is on iOS or Android is upset about this change. Instead, Cortana expanding has done nothing but make iPhone and Android users excited about another Microsoft product.

That is an awesome "problem" to have.

Finally, people do not like being told you 'need to buy this hardware to get this software to work.' Don't get me wrong, if you have a super compelling product you can get away with it, but in the long run it is a bad business decision.

Our devices are becoming less important as apps and services dominate the landscape. Because of this change, hardware fades into the background.

4. Being closed does not work

I think for many fans of Windows Phone, they still believe Microsoft should have a closed door policy. Keep all the unique features on Windows Phone to Windows Phone.

Xbox, OneDrive, Outlook, Cortana, Bing, Office, Skype should all be locked into Microsoft products. The world will see the light and eventually ditch their iPhones or Galaxy phones for a Lumia.

Unfortunately, this strategy did not work for the first few years of Windows Phone where many things were exclusive to Microsoft's mobile ecosystem. Perhaps Microsoft blew the 'Xbox phone' strategy or maybe they were victims of changing times e.g. the rise of Facebook games.

Cortana already has some momentum behind it. I have spoken with AT&T store reps who remarked about iPhone users asking if they can get Cortana on their phone. Trying to get those people to give up their iPhone for a Lumia is just not as easy as, you know, just giving them Cortana.

From the other end, Cortana has been out for over a year in the US, and it has done zilch for increasing overall market share here. If you think keeping Cortana exclusive to Windows Phone is enough to get people to switch, you are very wrong.

Microsoft is just too far behind in mobile to play the exclusivity card. That strategy only works when you are on top, which is why Google is now behaving the way Microsoft did 20 years ago when it dominated desktop.

5. Rile your rivals

How many iOS users will actually ditch Siri for Cortana? It is hard to say, but likely not many. Instead, what Microsoft is doing is giving those on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy a taste of Cortana so that maybe on their next phone purchase, they see the value in going all-Microsoft.

Don't forget, this is Google's strategy: 'Hey, you like Gmail and Google Search? Why not have a phone that is all Google "stuff"?' And you know, it works.

The argument here is obvious: if you like OneDrive, if you have an Xbox One, if you like Cortana, why not go all in with the full Windows 10 ecosystem including Mobile? I already made it clear above that Cortana is going to be still better on Windows 10 than on iOS and Android, so there is a value play here.

Microsoft has also stated this numerous times, noting that the best experience is on Windows 10 devices. This fact is demonstrably true since Microsoft is opening up the APIs to all of their services to app developers, who can then natively code deep-linked Windows apps.

Finally, you have to ask do you think Cupertino is not feeling a bit threatened? What about Google, the search giant? If they see their customers starting to prefer OneDrive, Outlook, Bing, Cortana, Office and more to their offerings, that is a big problem for them in the long term. Bing, to this dismay of many, now accounts for 1-in-5 searches (and 30 percent if you include Yahoo!). Cortana on Android only augments that growth.

I do not see any scenario here in which Google is pleased with seeing all of these Microsoft services not only landing on Android, but doing well too.

Social scientists have a name for this stategy. It is called Foot-in-the-door (FITD) technique and it is something companies routinely fear happening to their customers.


Cortana going to the iPhone and Android is happening. Although it remains to be seen what it does for Microsoft in the long run – and if Windows 10 will even resonate with customers – this was their only true choice for a strategy.

In 2015, Microsoft does not have the prestige to dictate to consumers "switch or find something else." The world is very different, and people carry multiple devices. There is that guy out there who carries an Android tablet, a Windows laptop, and an iPhone, I assure you. The question is, does Microsoft ignore that person or give them the best services around?

None of this would matter if Microsoft's new products and services were not respectable. The fact is, Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, Cortana, Xbox Music and more are exciting and well-done bits of software. Why not let the world experience it, build the company's image and become a household brand again?

With Cortana going everywhere, it can do what Google did for search years ago: become synonymous with the service.

So far, Google Now and Siri are locked in virtual cages on their platforms. Cortana though, especially with Windows 10 and the Internet of Things, can go anywhere. The fact that Cupertino or Mountain View cannot see this opportunity works to Microsoft's advantage.

In five years time if you see Cortana working on your TV, phone, PC, tablet, smartwatch even your refrigerator, you may understand why today's announcement is a righteous thing.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • No, I just don't expect a 3 year old Tablet to perform like the latest flagship.  An iPad from 3 years ago has like 512MB RAM.  The latest Model has a 3 Core Late Model CPU and 2GB RAM.  You should be grateful you can run the latest version of iOS on it.  Practically everyone expects hardware that old to start depreciating in performance, except apparently Microsoft Apologists that take any avenue available to try to denigrate their competitors. Microsoft's fanbase is not in the position to judge Apple based on 3 year old hardware when there is a bevy of shitty Windows Tablets being thrown out there with a lot worse issues than the iPad has.
  • ?
  • Your talking about the company that doesn't know how to make a tablet run 2 apps side by side right? Isn't that the same company that has a long history of using prison, child and slave labor? I could go on but I think you get the point.
  • As Daniel said you have not been paying attention to the news they expect IOS 9 to make the older tablets work better and run better too. I know I am looking forward to seeing what will happen with Cortana on all platforms. I do know that Microsoft News works really nice on my new ASUS Zen Phone 2 as does my Bing Search. But when my contract is up I more than likely will be going back to Apple - never had issues with it in the past and I don't think adding Cortana to the mix will harm it
  • Everytime Apple has a new OS they say it will make older devices run better. Never has and never will. FACT, Apple does not care about your older devices AT ALL. They dont have to.
  • Trying to calm everyone down lol
  • Lol this is still ridiculous to me on so many levels. Kind of like trying to rationalize Nokia x when it was announced. This is just ridiculous. Doesn't make sense at all. Now what happens when Microsoft still gets no traction with windows 10.
  • So do you actually have any decent counter-arguments? And what's Nokia X got to do with anything anyway? That was Nokia, this is Microsoft and over a year later on top of that. Nokia was a hardware company, Microsoft is a software company.
  • Because this was just the same almost verbatim bs reasoning we got about Nokia X from WC lol. It's process being the fact that it was acting as a trojan horse to get people into the Windows ecosystem by replacing all th ings google with all things microsoft lmao. Now it is the same thing except they arent trying to throw a Winphone 8 skin on it, they are just giving the apps away for the same process in HOPES of luring people to be interested in Windows 10 lol. It has no idea who it came from, it's the same exact situation basically.
  • Except nobody knows what the hell Nokia X, and the situations are completely different.
  • It doesnt matter if they  know what Nokia is/was...it is the same exact thing. The whole thought process was to feed people into building a dependence/interest in Microsoft. Except....in the end, if an android user using Nokia X liked the android experience with microsoft products then they'd likely go with an android experience(galaxy, One, Moto, LG, Xperia, etc etc) with microsoft products. Which is exactly what Windows 10 is doing. The android apps, the cross platform thing...they are doing the same exact thign and trying to get t he same results which could backfire and simply keep a user on the other platform but still using Microsoft services and Windows 10 for phone is still irrelevant.
  • Do you have any numbers that says the Nokia X strategy failed? I have no idea if anyone even bought Nokia X phones - certainly they barely exist in North America, if they exist at all here. iOS and Android are a far cry from Nokia X in terms of market share...
  • So, what is your counter strategy? And not sure if you recall, but Nokia X eventually morphed into bringing Android apps to Windows 10. So I wouldn't call it a failed strategy, just one that changed into somethign else.
  • What if Microsoft will changed their minds and say that they will not bring Cornata to Android and iOS in the end?
    You are going to write "Why putting Cortana everywhere is not good thing for Microsoft and Windows Phone"? Not writing the negative reasons why this move is bad, it is just bad journalism.
  • "What if Microsoft will changed their minds and say that they will not bring Cornata to Android and iOS in the end?"
    What if Microsoft goes bankrupt and out of business and Windows 10 never happens? Why would I respond to a nonsensical hypothetical that has no evidence of actually happening? I have better use of my time.
    "Not writing the negative reasons why this move is bad, it is just bad journalism."
    I'm not a journalist. I work much harder. Also, this is an editorial, meaning I am not under and pretense of trying to be fair and balanced. Throwing the "bad journalism" thing in my face will never work, sorry. I didn't go to school for journalism, this is not a proper journalist site, and I am writing this in my PJs drinking a beer, something Murrow rarely did ;)
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but once you answered someone who asked you why you did not publish some rumor. You use the "good journalism" excuse. This is the reason for "bad journalism" thing.
  • Nice one Daniel! Lol. Especially like the part about drinking a beer in your PJ's. Nice and casual. Can I have a job like yours?
  • 'I work much harder', cant tell about anyone else but I appreciate that.
  • Well it is a failed strategy considering the only thing to die faster than Nokia X was Kin. It doesnt matter if it changed or not(Zune was a failure but as we see Zune was also a predecessor in many ways to Windows 8 as far as the design goes). My counter strategy would be to first focus on refining my own OS(army) before i start trying to be a good samiratan and helping the enemy(competing OS). When your own Operating system still lacks features in 2015 or has the same features in a subpar form, that is a problem. My country strategy would be to keep doing as they have doing. Flood the low end(the android way) with all these random and redundant lumia models while taking a more apple approach to your OS/marketing. There's no reason to copy old google because even google has sort of moved away from their original mentality....and they are more closed. It's 2015....not 2007. Microsoft needs to take the best of both OS and not just try to follow an approach that worked years ago and isnt likely to work again when people are so firmly entrenched in both camps, so why consider anything else if you're GIVING them everything without giving them too much of a compelling reason to join yours.
  • "Well it is a failed strategy considering the only thing to die faster than Nokia X was Kin. "
    Nokia X was a Nokia plan. Microsoft bought Nokia mobile and it did not fit in Microsoft's strategy, so it was killed. For Nokia though, it was a backup plan in case Windows Phone did not work out or Microsoft did not buy them. It was also used as leverage during negotiations. I have explained this before, and I'm shocked you are so superficial on this strategy.
  • Have to say Daniel, I see you're making good posts again.
  • Daniel, X was a sad failure. More like a backstab from Nokia team who hated the fact MS bought them, and outsmarted them. Of course Cortana on iOS and Android is a very smart choice. And it is great for Microsoft the software company. Not so for the hardware company. After all, it is better for MS to be strong among the 97% of the market, than the 3% of devoted fans. If the entirety of 3% (haha entirety) abandons them, it doesn't matter. Not at all if they capture 20-30% of the iOS, Android market. This is business, not burger competition in the backyard among friends.
  • Daniel, the one thing I wonder about is aosp or cyanogen? For the anti-google services mob Cortana is a good fit and could be more intergrated.  In the end its a good thing. Even if I only get one other ecosystem device it value adds my investment in windows services as a safe bet. In the end too many people get bent over "a" OS which is just "one" way to deliver services and MS has delivered and allowed this on many platforms over their decades.      
  • I believe people forgot how far in tune they were with their Google Services when it onces was standard for the iPhone before Apple dropping Google Maps in favor of their own Map service.
  • It makes perfect sense. Its explained in like 10 paragraphs in this article. The goal is to sync all your devices together no matter the OS. Its called being fair and its respectful. Its also a good move for Microsoft's business. Actually read the article and you'll find all of this out
  • When Cortana runs on my desktop but isn't avaiable on the Windows Phones sold by my carrier - I'd rather buy the Android phone / iPhone. PS. Please remember that not all phones can update to Windows Phone 10, some phones can't even update to WP 8.1 with the insider app because our carrier never pushed out the update (my family's HTC 8x and Huawei Ascend W1 offered by our carrier never got these updates)
  • You would still have to buy a new phone. Its not Microsofts fault your carrier sucks and their best business model is to make you buy a new phone every few years. Same thing happens with Android. "My android phone will never get 5.0 or 5.1 because my carrier doesnt push out the updates". Its the same problem, just a different company. And lets say you do buy Android. Sure you may have Cortana as an app but you will never have it integrated into your phone like on WP.  I am not saying you shouldnt buy Android or iOS (in fact, iOS will always be up to date, until they deem your phone too old to update after a few years). But every solution involves buying a new phone because carriers suck. 
  • "When Cortana runs on my desktop but isn't avaiable on the Windows Phones sold by my carrier - I'd rather buy the Android phone / iPhone." And what is wrong with that? You make it sound like WP users don't care about WP at all but put up with it to get Cortana. If someone really likes IOS or Android better whether due to ignorance or some character defect, why should they be denied Cortana? Can you remember when MS' moto was: Windows ain't done until Lotus won't run! It made a lot of people hate them on principal alone. Now its Google who is making the same mistakes and MS has evolved. Actually I don't think they have evolved as much as are positioning themselves to be seen as the fair, moral, etc company. And if people start believing it and actually MS behaves that way it can be a powerful marketing strategy much as going green, carbon neutral and all that stuff does. Most companies do the green thing because a better image translates into more sales and more customer loyalty. Same thing with what MS is doing here.
  • That's when you buy a new phone. You'd be buying a new phone whether you got a Windows Phone or Android, so that doesn't make a difference. Also, Cortana on Android and iOS won't have all the features she has on Windows Phone, this was outlined on the Microsoft blog. So yeah, the best experience is still on Windows Phone.  http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/05/26/your-windows-10-pc-w...
  • According to Daniel every step Microsoft takes is in the right direction.
  • So far it has been, IMO, given the hand they are dealt.
  • I see you are a fan of attacking the person, not the arguments. I expected more. Then again, this is the internet and millenials are taking over.
  • Can always count on a funny remark from Daniel.
  • In regards to Cortana everywhere, yes he agrees with Microsoft. But if you blanket sweep his whole thoughts on MS and Windows 10 and all their software based on an article about Cortana then you are assuming a whole lot. 
  • Well if you start reading articles from around the internet (not just this site) you will see that almost everyone is liking where Microsoft is heading.  I don't think I have ever seen this many positive Microsoft articles ever.  I have even seen positive articles from Microsoft hating sites.  So yes... I would agree that right now every step Microsoft takes is in the right direction. Oddly the only hate I see Microsoft getting lately is on this site from the comments. What kind of bizzaro world are we in right now?
  • Well, I'd have to agree with Daniel on this one... It seems like a proven strategy, and it appears to be MS's only choice....
    Nevertheless, it would work even better if MS advertised their devices being everywhere... MARKETING❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • You know Rodney, I used to get irritated each time you mentioned "advertising" and "marketing" in your comments. But I realized that what you said (and still continue to say) is so true on so many levels. Now, when ever i watch Microsoft's adverts for India i feel as if they're ashamed of their own products and that they're being restrictive. That needs to change. The adverts should be more "IN YOUR DAMN FACE"
  • It's just simple mathematics.....
    Apple, MS, and Samsung ALL have great products.
    1. Apple & Samsung are doing well in Mobile
    2. MS is not doing as well
    3. A&S have terrific "In your damn face" marketing
    4. MS marketing for WP as a OS doesn't exist, and their other marketing is lacking..
    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that marketing is a HUGE aspect that needs to be improved on.... Nevertheless, Surface marketing is pretty good, and it stays consistent, so there's a lot of hope for W10.... If you were watching TV on a Sunday night, and you say advertisements for Hololens, WP, Lumia devices, W10PC, Xbox, Surface, and MSB,,,, MS would rule the airwaves, and you would think they are tops in tech... If everyone around the world experienced this all year long, everyday, everywhere, market share would mist definitely increase......
    IOW, when people think I'm crazy because I say that MS needs to increase its total marketing budget by BILLIONS of dollars,,,, well.... I say forget spending 7 billion on acquiring BB, and give your own products a fighting chance first....
    Why not❓ A&S do..... Here in the US Google even has dedicated Android commercials that don't advertise any devices at all, just the OS, and what it does... I mean super hip commercials.. In 5 years MS hasn't done that once for WP... I'm not really bitchin about marketing, rather I speak the truth.. I know it❗ Lol.
  • Ha ha ha.. True! I realized it pretty late..
  • Apple's marketing department is very good! With the "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone" ads they have managed to convince the public that their products are synonymous with luxury and that owning their products would elevate a person's status. Now that is genius!
  • Lets hear an AMEN to your comment.  In old style brick and motar retailing when you have a great highly visable locaton/market position (Apple, Starbucks, Macy New York) you do not need much marketing/advertising/PR BUT when your location/position is not as prominent (Microsoft WP, Pete's Coffee, Kohl's) you do need it and lots of it.Here in USA  carriers dictate which phones you should buy MS is NOT I repeat NOT shown or marketed well at all, except maybe in AT&T; at AT&T Verizon and T Mobile  you have to ask for WP and usually  steered to the other products. When WP7 came out there was one billboard in my area for miles and it was at a terrible location and falling down. The Surface (not Surface 3) avertising with everyone sliding on a table looked  infantile and stupid and played for ever until you wanted to throw up.  Hopefuly under this new CEO all this will change. MS has to present and invest in a clear strategic persona with good products/services they need good clear marketing/advertising/communications they certainly have the money to BUY them if they can not get it in house. In other words MS "Fish or cut Bait". A Nokia/Lumia 925 and Windows 7 computer owner in Los Angeles, CA
  • Yes, I agree.
  • Even if Microsoft still doesn't gain traction with Windows 10, I will continue using WP and will get a new flagship when it arrives and basically stick with the platform till Microsoft decides to kill off the entire platform and bury its remains deep underground. Then and only then I will make the switch to Android or iOS.
  • Exactly.
  • "Now what happens when Microsoft still gets no traction with windows 10"  no traction? really? if Windows 10 was limited to just mobile then I might agree however since Windows 10 will encompass PCs, tablets, Xbox and mobile traction is virtually gauranteed. Do not underestimate the value that people put on convenience, having a tool (Cortana, OneDrive, Office ... etc) available on all of your devices no matter what platform you use is a huge plus. Don't forget that most people that have and use these devices are not tech enthusiasts or would even know what a tech blog is and once you get them using your services you can effectively break down a major barrier that prevent many people from even considering your hardware.
  • The article is a tiny bit incorrect, it seems to suggest that Cortana will have no possibility of becoming more functional on rival platforms. While this is true for iOS, it isn't for Android. Windows Phone has a search key, Android has a swipe up from the home button to open Google Search. And despite how closed and anticompetitive Google may described to be, you can change your default search engine. So a swipe up from the home button from anywhere can easily take you to Cortana. On some phones you can hold the home button to be taken to Google Search, this can also be easily replaced with Cortana. Apart from this Cortana can in the future very easily open apps and edit system settings(which it can't right now) because Android easily allows this. The only thing that might be missing would be the hotword detection, until Qualcomm releases an API to interact with the low power DSP, but even with hotword detection gone the Cortana experience on Android can be on even footing with the one on Windows Phone. Edit: Also even with hotword detection gone on Android, not a huge issue, only like 3 Windows Phones have it anyways. Edit1: My point is that Cortana can easily become a replacement for Google Search because Google allows this. A widget can be placed on the home screen and you'll always have access to Cortana with a swipe or tap. SMS and Email integration(with Outlook) shouldn't be difficult either. With the freedom of Android it shouldn't be too hard for it to become just as functional as the Windows Phone counterpart, if not significantly more.
  • As someone using an Edge as my main line for the last 3 weeks, you are correct. However, it is still far from how deeply integrated Google everything is on an Android phone. If you really, really want the best "I know everything about you" experience, you NEED to use Google Now. Try using a Moto 360 with Bing ;)
  • Your comment about Siri and Google Now being locked in cages, you're wrong about Google Now. I use it on my iPhone 6 Plus on a daily basis. 
  • I see the point, but Google Now is much more deeply integrated on Android than iPhone. I say that as someone who owns/runs both devices (Edge, iPhone 6).
  • Yes, Google Now works best on Android. It's the same situation as Cortana and Windows Phone, which you were saying is better because it's not trapped in a cage. 
  • Actually, after a bit of reading, I'm not sure exactly why you say Google Now works better on Android. On my iPhone, it gives me constant traffic updates for my commute, it tells me where my parcel packages are during their route... The only advantage I see Some Androids having is the hands free "Okay Google" activation. And most Android phones don't have that feature anyways. 
  • Google Now is superior on Android due to unfettered access to the System.  It basically has every permission Android has to offer, so it can access and do everything. It integrates more deely with the OS and with third party apps than on iOS, where it isn't all that integrated at all.  Cortana will have the same issue on iOS.  It will integrate, probably with Microsoft's Apps and Services, but that's about it.  Microsoft can skirt that a little bit by tying in services via their back-end (i.e. connecting accounts to your Windows Account) but that can only get you so far and they don't seem to be as aggressive with that as they were in the Windows Phone 7 days. Any recent Android device has "Okay Google," and certainly any Flagship with a Snapdragon 8xx SoC or Later Model Exynos chip has it as that functionality is built into the chip and only needs to be used by the software (which it is). Software like Google Now and Cortana are most useful on their home platform for users who use the developer's services/ecosystem.  The Software becomes more limited once it is moved to third party platforms, and it can become near useless if you aren't all in with 1st party services since it needs you to use those to build a decent profile about you, give notifications about Flight Confirmations, Tickets, etc.
  • "Try using a Moto 360 with Bing ;)" Doesn't Torque sort that issue out? :D https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F2F...
  • Hah, neat. Hasn't seen that, will give it a shot.
  • On the pessimistic side, if Android and IOS users even bother trying Whoretana, and see that it's not that great (as mentioned in the article, Cortana on Windows 10 will be way better), they will have an even more negative impression of Microsoft, and our platform will die happily ever after. But then again, it's not like we were going anywhere in the first place, with WP now being known as the "cheap OS." When I talk to people about WP, they're like, "oh, you mean those budget phones?"
  • This, a thousand times this. If it isn't better than the native assistants, people will say it"sucks" and not bother to use stuff. It has already cost them a sale, with me at least. Why bother switching from what I am comfortable using if all the stuff works? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, if you have a Windows 10 PC, the ability for Cortana to work across both will be a bit mind blowing, I imagine.
  • Well, if you have a Windows 10 PC, the ability for Cortana to say "I don't work in your region" across both will be a bit mind blowing.
    But not in a good way.
  • If you don't use your Microsoft Account as your primary PIM Data Store, etc. then it will be as useless as Google Now is in the same situation.  She won't have the Contact, Email, Calendar, Task/Reminder, Note, etc. data to pull from to be proactive about anything.   I use iCloud for everything.  My Microsoft Account is used to sign into Windows and Access Windows Store.  That's about it. That's going to be the major limiting factor with Android and iOS users.  What I do think is good is that they are at least bringing it to the other platforms for their Windows users who do use their Microsoft account for everything, but prefer a different Mobile platform for other reasons. I run multiple platforms here (iPhone, iMac, Windows Notebook, Windows Tablet, Android M8) so I have to choose one as I cannot be bothered to manage a Google Account I don't use (I use my M8 with no Google Account and it's basically a media player) or duplicate PIM data across two different other accounts (or forward emails between email accounts). If Windows didn't basically start mandating a Microsoft Account, I probably wouldn't even have that (I'd have likely opted for a Google Account in that case for my Apple ID, but I only keep what is mandated and use the one that integrates best on the most integrated devices I use, which tend to be the ones I use most).  
  • 6tag not working on Win10 mobile...are you guys aware? Anyway this article doesn't calm me down....ee need EXCLUSIVITY....things to bring more people to the windows Ecosystem. iOS is closed and still doing 100000000 times better than Windows....jeeze. I'm getting this year's iPhone no doubt!! Cuz why then Does one need a Windows Phone?....those budget low end phones?? Like someone said in a previous post, Windows Phone will one day just become an app running on iOS and Android. NO OFFENCE BUT I SOMETIMES WONDER IF THE GUYS THAT TAKE THESE KINDA ****** DECISIONS GET HIGH PRIOR TO THAT... Christ's Sake Microsoft, please make us VALUABLE.
  • I have an iPhone 6. It's boring. It works very well, nice app selection. I'd rather take a Lumia Icon though for battery and the better camera. I am kind of shocked that you think Windows Phone is just the services, and not say, the OS itself and how it handles notifications, Live Tiles, design, lockscreen, dedicated camera button, back key, search key, etc. When I hear people overlook those things as being important, then yeah, I agree, jump ship and go get another phone...any phone...because clearly main features do not matter to you, so it makes no difference.
  • Since you just mentioned lockscreen, I believe that the Android or iOS lockscreen is far better and more functional than the WP lockscreen. Microsoft was supposed to improve the lockscreen with new APIs and what not (that lockscreen app, remember) but nothing actually took off well. That app is still lying around somewhere and MS is doing nothing about the lockscreen. And yes, what good is the notification center for since it is looks pretty bad and a bit too simple in my opinion. The Lollipop notification center looks brilliant and also has much more features. Also the iOS 8 notification center. MS needs to speed things up if it wants to survive, instead of just looking out for what other companies are up to and then implementing a half-baked version of that into their OS. They need to use their own imagination and bring something that the world had not yet seen. This catch-up game is over now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @Daniel_Rubino seriously speaking, why are you defending and siding with Microsoft on not soo good news to it's adopters? No offense but it kinda makes you look biased like you being paid by them for back up :(
  • Ken, seriously, no disrespect but when you accuse me of being paid off for writing my opinions in detail and reasoned out, I want to scream 'fuck off'. It's truly rude and insulting.
  • I think Ken is your fan. Like Stan. He don't mean no harm. Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • You right @Spazz but well, maybe I just need to mute.
  • Whoa!! Sorry bro.....didn't mean to offend you. Didnt accuse but said it makes you feel that way....well sorry in the first place, Let's just forget this topic and move on....sorry.
  • I need to grab a beer with you one day! lmao. Keep up the good work!
  • @kenzibit, have fun not being able to mess around with continuum.
  • Its not about trying to calm everyone.... He is trying to make everyone understand the fact.
  • The thing is nobody gives a sh***t about cortana on android/ios
  • That is actually not true. Cortana has resonated with many people out there, partially due to media picking up on it. Microsoft's products and services are doing very well on Android and iOS.
  • Office apps and Bing apps work excellent on my nexus 6 not as well as on Wp10 but very good can't wait too try Cortana on it. I always carry my Lumia 1520 just can't leave it home.
  • I care about Cortana on Android.  It would be one of the final pieces needed to have the full suite of services on my LG G3. 
  • Great piece Daniel. Through offering it's products and services everywhere MS is becoming THE platform for modern computing. Regardless of device used MS is increasingly becoming the underlying current powering lifestyle and work productivity. Whereas Apple and Google own many of the boats(devices) Microsoft is taking a much more ambitious approach. They want to own the ocean. And with what we see with Azure backing many apps, services and more and the proliferation of Microsoft branded apps populating iOS and Android - they are accomplishing thier goal right under Apple's and Google's noses. "Owning the ocean" takes some time, but it will be interesting to see the leverage Microsoft has in the industry in years to come when it is powering a diversity of platforms as a "platform of platforms" if you will, through its host of products and services.
  • I think we all get the reasons why Microsoft is doing this - it's because they really have killed windows phone. MSFT and Daniel both dropped the word 'phone'. It's almost like Daniel's post is goading ./ trolling us at this point. We get it, Windows Phone is now just a subset of Windows Desktop features that are responsive and can optimize down to a phone's screen size.
  • Oh c'mon...it's called Windows 10 Mobile. That is not my change it is Microsoft's and it makes sense (that version of the OS is for phones and tablets). Saying Microsoft has "killed" Windows Phone is hyperbolic. Oh, they may actually do it in a year if they don't turn it around, but they know the mobile story is KEY to the Windows 10 one. No point in Universal apps if you don't have a mobile strategy.
  • I think the only reason Google isn't cross platform on Windows Phone (outside of the search app) is market share. If MSFT had enough traction around Windows Phone at this point they may not have changed strategies. I bet we will see Google apps on Windows like we do for iOS if MSFT picks up speed. While I am on Android now and like it a lot I do miss Windows phone. In my opinion it is the best software interface and while Android has a better notification center, Windows phone does notifications better. Definitely rooting for MSFT as a three horse race is best for us all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • While I don't mind MS giving Cortana to everyone, the points given in this article are probably false. I believe the best smartphone version of Cortana would be the android version due to the less amount of limitations with the OS. In the end, people here on WP would want features already available on Android.
    Also numbers 3 & 4 are the same thing, they are not two different points but they compliment each other.
    Finally bragging about hey Cortana features is BS when a very small number of WPs can do it. In the end again more android phones would be able to pull that off.
  • Lets say we change the name Cortana to maybe Bing Pro... Are u guys ok now?
  • No justification would be sufficient for whiners.
  • There are some things worth whining about, but Cortana on "rival platforms" isn't one of them. I've been kind of hoping Microsoft would make this move for a little while now, and not just so I can "jump ship" if Windows 10 mobile tastes sour to me.
  • This is what I've been telling people all along. Unfortunately, it will probably fall on deaf ears...
  • Yeah, well MS needs to make sure it falls on the general publics ears...
    I think it is a waste, well not a complete waste, it is lost opportunity if MS does not explicitly advertise the fact that all their services are on these other platforms... IOW, we're right back at marketing.
  • Well, let's see. They have the Phone Companion app for Windows 10 and they are signing deals with Android OEMs to pre install Microsoft services on their devices (likely including Cortana), so those are a couple of big ways to promote this. I expect this will be included in the advertising campaign as well.
  • 1. Apps hidden in the store isn't advertising.
    2. Pretty much the same thing with pre installed apps..
    The average consumer, who has a Lumia device, will pull up Google maps in IE, before even wondering what that weird Here application is.. Lol. I've seen it before..
    Now, what's this advertising camping you speak of❓
  • Cause if you like it you should put a halo ring on it.
  • The content that saved the day
  • On dear... Lol
  • Fantastic. XD
  • Whiners or not, customers can voice their opnion right?
  • Straw man argument. No one is telling anyone here not to "voice their opinion". However, I do reserve the right to call other people's opinions misinformed. Beauty of being the boss here ;)
  • Daniel - I agree with your comments and definitely see Microsoft putting this Trojan horse out there as a great thing. But please sympathise with a vocal community who buys into hardware looking for a Windows Best experience. Many of us in your community have waited 5 years, bought multiple unlocked phones for hundreds of dollars outright only to see our OS of choice hit end of life with no upgrade path for WP7, then have amazing services like Zune crippled, have WP8 devices that update to 8.1 a year late only to run buggy (if we ever do get that update). Microsoft hits it out of the ballpark with each release - even Windows 10 looks like it will be amazing. But each release is followed by a waiting period of features to come that never seem to appear. This community is frustrated and is losing faith in the promises MS throw to the people that buy into the WHOLE ecosystem. In sum Cortana will be amazing on other systems when it gets published and will work amazingly well on the desktop too. But how about those of us with devices that still haven't received Cortana because our carriers wont' send out the update? We're frustrated man.
  • @Plazma1:
    Windows Phone was my operating system of choice from the moment Microsoft published it.
    But I'm really tired of Microsoft telling us everything will be better the next time around and not sticking to their promises.
    And now they promise again that Windows 10 will be that watershed moment, where everything will somehow marvelously fall into place (universal apps, including a competent version of Office across all Windows devices, deep integration of services, gaming on PC, you name it).
    But I have to say that after more than four years of only delivering half-heartedly on their exaggerated promises, I'm really fed up.
    By putting their services everywhere (and for FREE on competing ecosystems) Microsoft will drive away alot of people that are disappointed by Windows Phone/Mobile to competing platforms. Did they take that into account when they fantasized about users of competing ecosystems will make the switch to Windows in droves after they experienced Microsoft's services on the other platforms? Do they really think the few people who switch to Windows (after they experienced how awesome Microsoft's services are on iOS/Android) will make up for all the users they scared away from Windows with their insufficient delivery on their promises?!
  • Preach it plasma!!
  • Hmmm... Call your staff misinformed if you wish, but you're no boss of the readers. If anything, it's the other way around, sonny boy.
  • Difference is this: you are responding to my front page article, not the other way around. And when I say 'boss' I mean of this website, not the readers, which is your odd and weird reading.
  • @gizzmo Reporters having an opinion isn't a new phenomenon. Murrow had one and that was the end of McCarthy. Cronkite had one and that was the end of Vietnam. Don't act like you are the boss just cause you are a "customer".
  • I understand your point.
    I follow windows phone and all news about it.Have myself a wphone, 920 930 also had a 1520. Also surface 2 and 3. Surface 3 is my friend at work or home. But today me and my wife phones are a s6dge and a lg3.
    In my opinion wphone is way behind now in software and hardware.
    Microsoft on the other hand is gaining great momentum in PHONES mobile office etc.
    Android apps are great and i use email,calendar,skype one driver better at android than wphone. But this is just my opinion.! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's fine. I've been using an Edge for the last 3.5 weeks. I like a lot about it. I also hate a lot about it, like how I have to keep location disabled if I want decent battery life, or the app crashing.
  • This is what I've been thinking as well.
  • Why are you defending Microsoft? Thats the question
  • Because this is windows central Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am a human being who has his own original thoughts, articulated through a well thought out argument. I'm also the editor of this site and can write whatever I want, whenever I want, regardless if any of you agree with my opinions. So no, the question really is, what are the flaws you see in my arguments laid out here. Unless, all you have are personal attacks, revealing your intellectual inability to challenge my assertions?
  • Yeah. Show'em who's the boss around here.
  • You should try to be more honest and neutral in your work i admire your articles but you started to be the voice of Microsoft recently and this article is an article of a fan boy or a paid writer stop misleading people cortana on other platforms is more good to them not windows phone
  • "You should try to be more honest and neutral in your work"
    Translation: "You are not writing the things I believe and want you to write." Yeah, I don't work like that. These are my opinions and arguments. I am most definitely, 100% not here to write things to please all or any of you, sorry.
  • Your article is fine. But you can throw in a sentence or two to show that you sympathize with the frustrations of this community and see where we are coming from before you present your arguments. The effect seems to slight your readership and the frustrations we feel as we see other platforms get services before our own.
  • I am not here to coddle people, especially if I think your frustrations are unnecessary. I am here telling you (and explain with reason) 'Hey, it's going to be okay. No need to worry or be frustrated'.
  • Wow. Do you want a hug too? How old are you?
  • "Yeah, I don't work like that. These are my opinions and arguments. I am most definitely, 100% not here to write things to please all or any of you, sorry." Exactly.  100% agree.  Editorials are just that.  the WRITER'S opinion.  If someone doesn't like it, then they can post a counter opinion.  If someone agrees, say so.  But, to bash the writer...  the writer can then bash back.
  • That was stupid
  • I agree to all the arguments in the article, more or less, but not to this comment that you can post whatever you want because you are the editor. You are the media and should be responsible and reasonable and "posting whatever I want" is not reasonable argument.
  • +940
  • It's an editorial. I most certainly can write and post whatever I want. That is my job here: approve things to post, disapprove things to not post. Write editorials. My reasonable arguments are laid out here in this article. It is up to you to agree or disagree, but I have stated my perspective. I most certainly will not apologize for that.
  • You are incorrect.
  • @Daniel Rubino:
    Challenge your arguments:
    How about Microsoft (repeatedly) falling short on their own promises?
    Marcus Ash said Cortana will come to competing platforms, but only after they made it awesome on Windows. Cortana sucks in my local language. Besides "Tell me a joke" or "Sing me a song" she only conducts websearches. And this is not about voice recognition problems, because I typed my queries.
    Challenge your arguments? You're very welcome.
  • But Cortana being on rival platforms will eventually make it suck less in your local language...
  • @Geronimo928:
    You mean it will suck less by showing me more results for "Where's the next hypermarket?" (which were pulled into her database from more user interaction)? That's not the problem. She doesn't even understand that she's supposed to take (advanced) actions. When I ask her "How tall is the Eiffel tower?" she only conducts a web search for "Eiffel tower" instead of only telling me the height. I have to be so concise to acknowledge that Bing jumped into the gap by presenting a kind of "card"-result with information on the Eiffel tower, including the height. But Cortana should have presented that information, within her own user interface; which she didn't. And I don't see how such a problem caused by a failure of her "inner mechanisms" should be resolved by more user engagement.
  • I don't know how to put this, but here goes: He erm.....he kinda works for a Windows orientated company and erm....he will like, no doubt be compelled to write positive things regarding Microsoft's facilities/devices /software etc
  • lol, that is partially true. However, my instincts here are grounded more in seeing the rationale for the decisions made and explaining them to users. Honestly, if I thought this was a bad idea or misguided, I would write that instead. I am certainly not trying to sugarcoat a lousy idea as I believe in this strategy too.
  • I have read Daniel's articles to challenged MSFT thought, I have heard him on panels with Mary Jo and orders say where the competition is better than MSFT on mobile, So, Can he be biased? Yes, but in my opinion very forth coming.
  • Since I can't pretend to read all your articles... I can't for the life of me remember reading an article written by you writing anything negative about Microsoft and their moves... not even a little bit.  Maybe you have, but the headlines that interest me that I have read by you or even the comments you provide in other articles written by your fellow writers I can't ever recall "ANY" perceived negative comments coming from you.  It may just be that you have not found or seen any bad or misguided ideas from Microsoft just yet. 
  • Second paragraph: "Did you really think* Cortana..."
  • Fixed. Thanks.
  • Not as if Skype or Onedrive is better on iOS ;)))
  • Do you have the windows 10 onedrive/skype apps? The one that aren't released yet?
  • I have tested OneDrive preview, it had potential. Problem is Microsoft still has not nailed multitasking. App in its current state requires it to be in the foreground to upload/download. Cannot switch apps while files are uploading...
  • Skype is not even good on Windows Phone.
  • In terms of performance, correct. In terms of features, I wouldn't go that far. The performance issues are partially related to the fact that this is a Windows Phone app compatible with 7.x, 8.0, and 8.1 instead of a re-written 8.1 app. If they did the latter, performance could be much better. I think the universal app for Windows 10 will be much, much better in terms of performance.
  • Too bad Microsoft decided to focus on rewriting apps instead of improving the core OS and their WinRT. Still no VoIP support. Wondering if this was a motivation to merge Skype into the messaging/dialer
  • Skype is horrible on wp8.1
  • Horrible is way overstating it. It's not the greatest, but works fine for most. It just lacks the proper integration, IMO.
  • I agree. I use it all dat every day and it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. On newer hardware (1520 here), the performance isn't that bad.
  • $30 Galaxy Light runs Skype smoother than my L1520 loool xD Glad it's integrated into the OS as Skype's development team is shoddy. Their GroupMe app is very poor compared to other supported platforms. Only app I ever used on WP that caused my phone to throttle brightness..
  • I used it earlier today and everything worked fine (Lumia 1020).
  • I'm still amazed at how people need these things explained to them.
  • I am amazed at how people will literally buy any type of random BS thrown at them and take it for gospel. I guess when we have been fans of WIndows phone, in it is pitiful state, as long as we have it is only natural we've developed Stockholm syndrome.
  • I'm amazed that you are still here.
  • This
  • Sheep talk?
  • THANK you.
  • Unfortunately all Microsoft services are available to other platforms with more features. Microsoft didn't support my Lumia 800. Same happened to my Lumia 1020.
    If I can find Microsoft services (office, Skype and ...) in other platforms, why I should bother and pay even more for a phone without any support and any exclusive features.
  • "Unfortunately all Microsoft services are available to other platforms with more features."
    You have never tried Xbox Music then on Android or iOS. Also, it's a well-known fact that limitations of Windows Phone 8.1 prevents many of those features. This is why Windows 10 should be better as it even frees up Microsoft to innovate and iterate on their own apps. If, however, in six to ten months, core apps on Windows 10 are behind on Android and iOS, I will concede the point. But for now, I see Windows 10 Mobile as the reset mark, not Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Yea, XBM on iOS is laughably pathetic. iMore says its getting updated though.  We'll see.  In the meantime, iOS is a good vehicle to get XBM streaming through a Sonos system something you can't do on a Windows computer or phone. WP8 and WP8.1 was flawed to begin with.  They modeled it on iOS security which was way way too far to go.  Even iOS has opened up a bit since then.
  • Its always the next OS that will fix the flaws & lack of features of the current windows for phones or mobiles i see. (a trend i have noticed since joining WP) yet some of those limitations could have long been avoided or fixed. Kinda lazy from Microsoft's perspective if you ask me
  • Isn't that the case with any OS? Rumor has it that iOS 9 will finally have multi user support (at least iPad) and split screen functionality (probably iPad and iPhone Plus). Those are glaring flaws for me that Windows proper has had (Phone has had Kids Corner and App corner). Siri is still a joke. Both iOS and Android have numerous unpatched bugs and security issues. I wish going the exclusive route with Cortana, Office, etc worked out, but it didn't. It has been a long time since Microsoft was looked at in as positive way as they are with the moves of the last year or so and with the coming Windows 10. I have no plans on ditching Windows. If you prefer Windows, the availability of Microsoft services on the other OSes shouldn't change that. I hope that it will only make the Windows ecosystem as a whole better.
  • I'm talking about basic features and this "Os limitations" gibberish
  • OneDrive integration of Xbox Music is coming to iOS and Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Xbox Music barely runs on our devices anymore -  have you seen it on a 1020 - a device that only came out 1.5 years ago here in Canada?
  • "...I see Windows 10 Mobile as the reset mark, not Windows Phone 8.1" Daniel, we were saying this when we went from 7.5 to 8. "The new kernel WP8 is built on will bring everything together". Every time there is a new development, it's the same old song and dance on how this new update will make everything work together. It sounds like a broken record. Cortana may not work as well on ios or android, and that's great. But don't you think that will be the reason for them to say, "nah Cortana doesn't work all that good, I'll just stay on ios/android."?
  • True, but let's not kid ourselves either. In terms of BIG changes, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile really is the big thing we have been working up to these last few years. Not saying it will change things, but the final vision is evidently coming to fruition. 8.0 was a big deal (it deliver many new APIs not possible on 7.x) and 8.1 was definitely a stepping stone.
  • Let's be real, OS needs a lot of work. WinRT is Microsoft's way of removing the OS dependency. Maybe W11 is where Microsoft will have their "fresh" start
  • I thought this same thing was said about WP8.1?! Threshold?! I'm an optimist tho, still believe it is possible and Windows 10 will just "save the world"
  • @Daniel Rubino:
    "Also, it's a well-known fact that limitations of Windows Phone 8.1 prevents many of those features."
    This argument is lame by two counts:
    1) It's been repeated way too many times (meaning Microsoft kept this dissatisfactory state for way too long).
    2) Whose fault are technical limitations in Windows (Phone), if not Microsoft's?!
    So there's no real justification for them to rely on this argument.
    And to add insult to injury: How little effort Microsoft put into development for Windows Phone is evidenced by the fact that they delivered competent versions of Office to iOS and Android, despite having only the superficial API access every average developer has on these platforms, while they failed to replicate this result on Windows (Phone), although they should have privileged, native access to the operating system; until Windows Phone 8.1 Office was part of the operating system and not store apps.
  • Why try Xbox Music when the app isn't even good on any platform, and it competes with very, very well established services like Spotify, Google Play (Native) or even iTunes (Native)? They have a large selection of music, the latter two are native to their OSes, and their apps are much better designed.
  • Having it a app that can be updated without a OS update is only advantage they will have over Windows.. I hope Microsoft can update contana in windows without OS updates
  • On Windows Phone too it is an app...
  • Its already an app on Windows....
  • It's a backend update. Did you ever see a "Cortana" update on Windows Phone?
  • Virtually all Cortana updates on WP so far have been done on the backend without requiring an OS update.
  • I think thats one of the beauties behind Cortana is that most of the local funcationality is already done (or nearly there). The majority of the work is done in the background by Microsoft themselves. If anything, Cortana is probably the easiest thing to update.
  • I would love XBox Music on BlackBerry.
  • I understand why Microsoft, being primarily a software company, wants to get its software on as many devices and as big a consumer base as possible.
    What I'm failing to understand, is how WP fits into the bigger picture. If you can get all of Microsoft services on other platforms (e.g. Android and IOS), why choose WP over them? Yes, you may get features like an integrated Cortana button etc, but what difference, other than a different OS style, does it offer? Especially considering apps, primarily Microsoft ones, sync between all platforms anyway. If anyone can help, the only way I seem to be able to keep f+f on it is by buying them WPs myself... :(
  • If you like Google's services and search, do you think installing their search app on Windows Phone or making Google your homepage is the same as owning an Android phone? The thing is, you are already on Windows Phone. Today's announcement was not really for you, it's for the other guys. But hey, if you think Windows Phone is just OneDrive, Xbox Music, Skype and some services and not the OS, the Tiles, the integration with Windows 10 (Continuum), the Lumia hardware, then, by all means, I insist you try jumping to iPhone or Android to see if it really is any better.
  • Windows phones are going to offer the best experience of Microsoft services (granted, this is not yet the case, but they are working on it) and the best possible integration with your PCs and your other devices with the same universal apps, Edge browser sync, Windows setting sync and overall a consistent experience. If everything plays out as Microsofts plans it to, in a few years, the question isn't going to be why you should buy a Windows phone when you can get all Microsoft services on there, it's going to be why should you buy anything other than a Windows phone. Of course we'll have to see if that works as planned but I'm pretty sure that's what Microsoft is working towards.
  • Windows phones are going to offer the best experience of Microsoft services (granted, this is not yet the case, but they are working on it)
    MS have been saying that since the Windows Mobile 6.x days. It didn't happen. Then it didn't happen again. And it didn't happen some more. In fact, it kept on not happening so often I'm surprised there's anyone that still believes it. "This time it will be different", yeah whatever. And people accuse Apple users of fanboyism... But yep, cling to that belief if you like. Yes. I did wake up grumpy today.
  • Windoze Sheep?? Is this even possible?? ;)))
  • Oh, didn't they? So what Microsoft experience did Android and iOS offer before Office was released and while WP played the exclusivity card?
  • Microsoft wants people to love Windows, not be forced into it. That's why they keep improving the core OS, and will continue to.
  • If they want people to love Windows, they should make it the best it can be with as few locale restrictions as possible, and really push and market it. If you make something good enough, it will practically sell itself. Apple did that with the initial few versions of the iPhone - the benefits of a full touch OS/phone were so good it completely outweighed its detriments. Tesla did that with the Model S. It's up to Microsoft now to see that WP becomes really good, and stands out above the rest. But honestly, with the moves Microsoft is making, I'm not personally sure they will succeed. Yes, it will probably be a more native experience with Cortana. Yes, it will be a different OS design - though nowadays, not by much. It really doesn't help that Microsoft makes some reallllly good apps on other platforms. It also doesn't help that their rivals that have popped up on these platforms are also, really, really good. The difference between Google providing services and MS providing services is down to a few things. At first, Google was supporting Apple with the first endeavour into fully touch based UXs. Then they were providing a much more different and free alternative to the closed iOS with Android. Now they support both because both have very large installed userbases, except that Google's platform now has far better apps. Microsoft isn't in their same position. Microsoft is trying to support everything equally, which benefits the software side but as for the phone side, there really isn't much benefit. It's a pretty old argument it may as well be dead if it weren't so true: Why use Windows Phone when you can get the same stuff but on a better established platform? Microsoft isn't just competing for users, they're competing against other services already offered by other companies on other platforms which have been doing very well. They aren't doing a very good job at the timing (when the service you give to your competitor is better than yours, so switching is pointless), and their services are restricted by region. Plenty of people would be using Cortana in Canada if it actually worked in Canada, which leads me to  my next point. Part of the reason Microsoft services don't succeed well is because they're severely restricted by region, even if they speak the exact same language. Zune was a flop because it was only sold and (barely) marketed in the US. Bing isn't used by many people because it's very, very basic in any location that isn't the US. Features on Bing, like recipes and weather, aren't searchable/disabled in areas that aren't the US. Cortana can't speak Canadian, apparently, as if it's another language that isn't spelt E-n-g-l-i-s-h. It's ridiculous and needs to change yesterday. If people can't start using it as early as possible, how the hell do you hope to earn feedback and expand to another area if you're planning to localize it like Microsoft does? P.S. who actually switches for a voice assistant?
  • You should reread the article, the backend benefits are huge.
  • @icedgem .. Your point is meaningless... I'll explain why... Your question is that why anyone would try Windows Phone when all the MS services are available in other platforms for the sake of just UI ... Let me say... Google has the top search engine... They have Gmail.. They have Google Maps.. .. All these are Google Services.. But you can find all these Services in iOS as well.. But Android is still the number one OS at least in market share... Google's services in iOS never hurt Android.. This applies to Windows Phone as well... Just because MS services are there in iOS and Android.. Those who loves windows OS will be here only.. Some new users may come to WP or some of us may switch to other OS... Still you can't say that "there is no sense in choosing windows phone over other OS" :)
  • They don't want to be irrelevant in the next decade.
  • As you said, Microsoft is primarily a software company.
  • I have a friend that JUST jumped ship to windows. He was originally on IOS, then android. his reasoning? well, apple is apple, it's all style. Google seems to be leaving the "open" factor of android behind. With MS being the most open of the 3 companies, even if he were to leave wp, all his services can go with him to any platform right now and those services work well all around.
  • You said it. A very very good point.
  • I am using windows phone and i don't use Cortana because I found out that turning her on made my search slower and I would miss out the daily Bing wallpaper on my search screen. Just saying.
  • You don't use Cortana because of wallpaper? Lol. Also you can set your lock screen to show the wallpaper.
  • I don't use Cortana for searching either simply because it does take much longer to get results and I'm not overly fond of the result layout. It's a shame because everything else about Cortana is fantastic.
  • It really is much slower for me. Sometimes not even giving any result.
  • That's your internet connection. Cortana is super quick for me
  • 38mb at home and 100mb at work, Cortana searches still include 3-4 seconds of watching her halo spin. Also if it were due to the connection speed shouldn't it slow down Google searches too?
    As I say, it disappoints me because otherwise Cortana is fantastic.
  • Hard reset could help. Cortana for me is like 1-2 seconds if that. Full memory on your phone? Strange one
  • Bing works well on the same connection. 152mb down.
  • "You are such a turnoff" - Cortana
  • One concern is that the average user will assume that the Cortana on their iOS or Android device is full-fledged Cortana, even if its just part of the full package. They may think "Cortana isn't as great as I thought... I'll just stick with my iPhone..." and part of the impetus to switch to Windows Phone will be gone.
  • Luckily, as all apps will use the same server backend, I don't see that happening. Voice recognition and search will be the same on all platforms, what will be missing on Android and iOS are features that do not make the core experience but are nice to have.
  • Good point lol
  • I suppose that could happen, but then again, Google has done a very good job of advertising Android as the "full Google experience". No one on an iPhone thinks using Google Search is equivalent to using an Android phone, I would think.
  • You are correct, Daniel. Everyone on iOS knows that it's not full-fledged. Although, that's probably because Google told them many many times. I'm sure users wont know out of the box, so MS needs to ensures that its users know that Cortana is not the full experience on their phones.
  • To avoid such an issue, MS should name the app for iOS and Android to 'Cortana Lite' .. Just saying.. But @hasasimo has a good point here
  • If that was where it stopped, perhaps.  Remember Cortana will be on the PC too.  Most people still have Windows on their PC's.  While they may not get the full Cortana experience on iOS or Android, the PC backend integration brings an argument of its own.  Get Cortana on the PC, start using her.  Try Cortana on your iPhone or droid.  See what's missing and what you get if you jump to WP... then decisions get made.
  • This would all be fine and well if they'd give all windows phone users the use of Cortana in their own language. As long as that isn't the case. Then it's not for 'everyone' I understand what Microsoft is thinking, but I can't get my head around the fact that an iPhone or Android user is the States is getting Cortana sooner than I will in the Netherlands using Windows Phone. It's as if my dad would give my cousin an icecream, and tell me I'll be getting one some other time... How ever way you try to explain why it would be a good or smart thing to do... It still stinks to me ;)
  • This!
  • Being closed sure works for Apple though.
  • For most of the computer era it hasn't worked for them though. Lets see if they can keep this fortune going...
  • Yes and no. It mostly works for them because they have super-high profit margins on their products so they are literally rich. However, in terms of market share, is it really working when you compare them to Android (80% global smartphone share ) and Windows (90% market share)?
  • That depends, they've positioned themselves as a designer electronics company.  Designer labels typically don't hold the most market share.  They hold a niche of high profit products that most people aspire to owning.  Harley Davidson is the same the motorcycle market.  Air Jordans for men's shoes, whatever women want for shoes and purses, etc... In that regard, it's working for them... spectacularly. If everyone had or could afford Apple, it would lose its luster pretty quickly.
  • Apple still holds about 40-60% of market share in the area they are actually competing in; high end smart phones. That is incidentally the same area app developers are largely interested in.
  • Remember when Apple had to concede and open up iTunes to Windows? What happened to the iPod and Apple from then?
  • NOICE. Good point.
  • They made a bigger version and called it an iPad and put a radio in it and called it an iPhone... Is that what you mean? ;)
  • I am sure people won't even try to read the article and just come in here and comment how there is no reason to get a Windows Phone anymore and how Microsoft abandoned Windows Phone even though Cortana is integrated and can launch apps and all, open them and write a message (like Microsoft showed) that's something it can't be done by being an app like on iOS and Android. so Microsoft is giving a service but it's a service that will not be as integrated as on Windows 10. Anyway I wasn't shock, I knew this would happen, Cortana on other platforms. but I really Hope Microsoft can deliver Windows 10 soon, so these services and updates and apps and features can come to everyone in Windows 10 ecosystem. of course I also we non english native speakers can get Cortana in our languages so family and friends can try it no changing region or language. Anyway It's always better to have an open Microsoft. I really don't know why people want Microsoft to be closed and hated for it. Of course I only wish Windows 10 would come sooner, so people would stop complaining how Microsoft give features and apps first to other platforms and such. yeah it sucks we have to wait, it's like a reboot, but without starting from Zero, but Universal apps might change alot of things for Windows users. But I am sure it will be worth it when it comes. and hopefully we won't get the "Microsoft always put WP behind and iOS and Android first" crap.   Anyway Cortana everywhere makes sense. I like the idea. and I like the features Windows 10 is getting since it's not a separated app or anything.
  • They said it wouldn't, now it is. So I have a hard time believing they won't add features, or improvements to the other OS's before they do to WP.
  • Eh Ballmer Microsoft said they wouldn't ...Nadellas Microsoft is different and more in line with the Bill Gates Microsoft of old.
  • When did they ever said they wouldn't? They just never said they would. As for your last point, even if you are on the "Microsoft hates WP" bandwagon, you've got to realize Cortana is on the desktop version of Windows 10 as well and that's going to get the best treatment out of all platforms, yet updates to Cortana on the desktop versions roll out to the phone version as well. Only thing I could admittedly see happening is Cortana getting later updates on Windows 10 phones simply because of carrier testing and nothing else, unless Cortana can now too be updated through the store?
  • Truth to be told, this is an amazing move and the right thing to expand the ecosystem and do it trully Cross-Platform.
    But, this, to actually really works like that, they need to give it to other countries and regions and people around the world, because, if Cortana is still just for the US, some Europe Countries, India and China, I bet that is going to be the same places Cortana is going to be in iOS and Android.
    Nice move, nice move, but Microsoft need to expand the avalaibility of Cortana to a good amount of places in the world first.
  • Good point, but now they will have the more reason to step up their game and release Cortana in more countries.
  • I don't really know how much time was Cortana on the oven, but was ready since Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers; The outrage and amuze about Cortana was amazing and burned down the Internet how a "Beta" Assistent was better and kicked out Siri and Google Now. But, also, the entire world who was using the Preview for Developers were waiting for using Cortana (and not using in English and changing the Lenguage and Region of their phones) and more than a year has passed since then and still waiting for it. Cortana is going to be a great part for Windows 10 thanks to its arrival to the Desktop/Laptop/Tablet, a really lot of people is going to have Windows 10 in the first year all around the world, and if they really want all those poeple to use Cortana, like Microsoft wants them to use it, they really need to hurry up (or bring more poeple to the Cortana Development Group, though that's means more money to invest), or late this Summer, when, I don't know, someone in Mexico opens the Search Bar in Windows 10 to see what it is, Cortana is going to float around and tell you "Lo siento, de momento no estoy disponible en tu region", and that is going to be negavite points for the poeple who watch that, and not only in Mexico, but in almost all over the 190 Countries Windows 10 is going to be launched later this year.
  • As long as you have these services/apps etc, why care if an android user has them anyway? Just let them be locked into a sh!t ecosystem with little rays of light gifted from MS
  • Because most MS users don't have access to these services - they're only available in a few places. People are a bit pissed that MS is finding resource to cater for other platforms before their own.
  • i switched from a lumia 1020 to a 6plus and miss cortana bad, that being said i am happy and sad thats its coming to ios happy I'll have her back sad she will be limited. Cortana beats siri by miles, and lest we forget cortana is from MS and siri was bought out by apple and intergrated intom ios thats why i think cortana is better.
  • I just know I use the Bing app on iOS and it is far from the same as using Bing on Windows Phone. Cortana as an app will only be 'meh' good in my opinion, not native good.
  • Agreed
  • I'm not sure about Bing Rewards on iOS, but I'm getting an extra 10 points every week just for trying Microsoft apps on Android. I already installed them and use them, but it's interesting how Microsoft is promoting their apps for Android. They call it their App of the Week. Is Microsoft doing that promotion for their iOS apps? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Amazing article, Daniel.
  • Thanks!
  • yosh! A great article to start a day. first time read about ms strategy about cortana. I believe it'll help the ecosystem.
  • Already convinced people to choose Cortana on W10 and beyond:) I came from the Apple eco system. Now only 2 Macs left.
  • You should invite is all over, and we'll have us a mac-burning party... /s
  • Still use my loyal mac pro and macbook pro for school. I'm in the British film academy. cheers
  • Is google stupid for having google maps on IOS? Gmail app, search, chrome? I'm actually waiting for Edge to be everywhere so I can sync more of my life. I use an android, IOS and windows device everyday.
  • The other thing so many of the whiners forget is Microsoft is first and foremost a software company. While they have hardware their main revenue driver is software and services. Of course it makes sense to get their software in as many hands as possible.
  • What a load of horseapples, these whiny comments. WP is not superior in any way to iOS or Android. It may be on par but it is not superior. WP is a side project for Microsoft. Windows on desktop and Xbox get way more love than WP ever did or ever will. How can none of you see this? I am glad Cortana is going multi-platform. I want Microsoft services everywhere, because I love them, so that when I buy a device I can buy it purely based on its merits like OS functionality, battery life, display, etc etc and not have to WORRY about missing out in software/apps I want. This is a good thing for me. Just ordered a Moto X 2014, because there are no good WP devices available this year (830 isn't good enough). And I might just get a WP as my next device. But at least I'll have my Microsoft fix everywhere.
  • Microsoft is primarily a software company. Their main revenue comes from the number of devices which use their software. So going cross platform makes more sense for them.
  • Precisely. WP users want Android/iOS exclusive apps to be available to WP, but not the other way around? Uncool.
  • There are no sentiments in business. :p .. I hope and wish MS' strategy proves to be good enough..
  • The w10 strategy maybe but WP, I have my doubts. I'm not saying WP will die. It just won't grow. Now if WP division can do what the surface division currently has pulled off, then maybe but surely slowly. I honestly think a compelling device and OS should pull them forward. If they stick to this plastic, same design cheapo stuff, WP is basically a boat without a sail.
  • Thanks for the great informative explanation Daniel. I get that MS is trying to show these other platforms that playing nice and offering them MS services is a great thing and all, but when are these other platforms going to share their services with Windows users? Probably never? Apple & android users just laugh and think oh look another MS app that works even better in their world which they feel is superior to Windows anything so they will probably never switch. Oh and you talked to some AT&T reps? Ask them how that Lumia 830 Denim update is doing? Lol.
  • Hah, I want that update badly too for the 830! The only services I think people would like are the Google ones. When will Google give Microsoft those? Simple answer, really. When Windows 10 Mobiel commands enough market that Google would be flushing money down the drain to spite them. Google can now afford to ignore Windows Phone. If they picked up 20% market share, not so much. Money talks and Microsoft knows this. Once you get market share, you're the king and can do more, command more.
  • Here come the white knights!
  • I don't think Cortana is a big deal since it uses a crappy search engine, Bing lol. That's why they want it everywhere.
  • Is that why iPhone Siri, Spotight as well as Yahoo network are all using Bing search engine?  :-)
  • Have you ever use bing or compared it to google? Plus all this crap of Microsoft will give them good but not the WP community.
  • Apple dumped Google for Bing for good reasons.  Try to live with it.
  • Everywhere??? Except the windows phone users in the rest of the world. Como en Latinoamerica...
  • Danny Danny Danny, Ding it, I just knew you will make me proud. Like I wrote in earlier topics, I was one of the naysayers who thought what MSFT is doing with their rich features to competing platform is heracy, I have come around based on better understanding of the same sets of fundermentals you laid out in this article. My  wife uses iPhone, Me and our kids uses WP, we all have MSFT band, my wife enjoys her band tremendously with her iPhone, but when the kids and I uses Cortana (Voice) on our band to respond to text etc,  She says, oh.. That WP thingy, and convince herself MSFT will make Band work with Siri for her. I think she will come around as long as Me the kids and MSFT keep showing her nothing but MS Love. Thanks for an awesome write.
  • Awesome to hear and glad you liked it!
  • Gotta admit, first I was annoyed but I think considering the matter and reading this article has shifted my view. Perhaps its only fair to Cortana, her abilities and the team behind her, that she has a shot at becoming truly successful worldwide. More data can only be a good thing. And if it really will benefit Windows, unlike what I feared, then I'm up for it.
  • The problem is 99% of wp users are microsoft fanboys or apple/google haters. so they take every thing microsoft as if its something from other planets. Tell you what,  those users of android & ios (95+%) of smartphone users don't care about little things like this personal assistant. so you wp fanboys (the conservatives) should take it easy and act like nothing changed. Cortana is a hyped product and ms is trying to push bing because that's what really cortana is... BING
  • I'm trying hard to make sense of your comment.
  • I'll join you with that one...
  • Your iPhone Siri and Spotlight also support Bing.  Bing, Bing, Bing...  Cortana will be everywhere and could become industry standard someday.  :-)
  • Interestingly enough, I just bought a 1520 due to the deeper integration of Cortana as well as being able to transfer my Zune Pass Music. My Note is ok, but I really like the Live Tiles, Unifornity, and deeper integration of Hey Cortana on WP. And on WP10, things look to get better, specifically Maps. Not holding my breath on Xbox Music though. I'll just use that on the Xbone for now and quit trying to make OneDrive et all work seamlessly...just looking at it as having two terrific services, one on Xbone, one on Zune.
  • I posted this elsewhere but it belongs better here, so... Yes, I agree, I think ultimately this is a good thing for Microsoft. Let's face it, they have been losing mindshare over the last several years. When was the last time you heard/saw someone outside this forum talk about their OneDrive files, use a hotmail/Outlook email, Bing, use Office Online, Xbox Music, etc, etc? "Everyone" uses Google search, Dropbox, Google Docs, Gmail, Spotify/Google Play/iTunes... it is absolutely essential for Microsoft to get a larger and more active userbase for these services, in order to get users for their paid services as well as ads. Keeping a legitimately great service like Cortana only on an OS that has a miniscule userbase, just out of loyalty, would be misguided and harm WP long term. They NEED to compete with Google on iOS and Android, there's no way around it if MS wants to stick around and not get relegated to being providers of business networking/office products. We may feel "betrayed" by this, but believe me, WP (or W10M) won't survive without these services being in as many places as possible. It might not survive anyway, but it has a much better chance of doing so with more people using the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • To the WP fans with a Apple fan boy mindset this will never resonate. Microsoft will never be like Apple keeping its services only on Apple devices, this is be because Apple is hardware first where MS is software first. I understand both business strategies completely. I suggest people who want MS to develop for Windows only to switch to Apple for their own sanity.
  • Honestly, at this point. I kinda hope they implement hey Cortana on the other os's. "Ok google" works on iPhone as long as the app runs in the background. So give them Hey Cortana.
  • 1st and 5th point was spot on !  Specially 5th point, using MS stuffs on other platform may intrigue user to try/get windows native experience at some point. OK maybe its a not great replacement for iPhone (if user thinks) but new WP can be their secondary device that could play a vital part for an user in manyways either professional or a chance to enjoy wnidows as substitue rather than their dailydrivers. Cortana is a great experience in iOS or Android still cortana is an app User will be bit tired to go and fix a quick remineder by opening cortana rather they got fast ways to fix with thier native apps.   Well MSFT has done a good job !
  • I just can't wait to see people play Siri vs Cortana on their iPhone :D
  • It's the best move for Microsoft but the lame may not see it now, don't forget continuum is on the way
  • This is a full scale invasion is what it is. lol
  • I don't any iThing. Cortana in my Windows Phone is barely good for me!
  • Actually, I probably would like to have iTunes on my windows phone.
  • Not even iPhone users want iTunes on their phones. :p
  • Another area that was hinted at but not directly addressed is the improved Bing search. Since Cortana is closely tied to Bing as the android one iOS folks use her to search it should improve the overall Bing experience and its market share.
  • I do hint at that a bit when talking about Bing market share, but your point is more explicit and I agree.
  • Well said. However, I believe MS should put more resources into their own turf/devices. Cortana is still not available in my country, the work around is still in Beta an Bing search in my country just sucks, Xbox music lacks so many features, Outlook birthday calendar never shows all the birthdays. The list goes on and on. Btw, I am living in Switzerland if you wonder.
  • Great article Daniel, well said 
  • I think in 2 to 5 years Microsoft will be the most dominate software player in mobile, and in the course of the next 5 yers we should see strong growth in Windows Mobile.
  • not in this modern world. personal computers are now smartphones and wp is by far the last century os that people won't choose. i laugh every day seeing ms tryna be 'open source' this 'open source that' , since when is ms doing anything 'open source'? they have no options but to give out their services to the people
  • I don't think MS has every tried to open source their core products. Have they?
  • Well explained
  • Cortana can't really have the ingrained power it has on anything other than Windows. Sure, the Notebook will be there, and thanks to Cortana's insights she will still be able to do reminders/notifications/discovery/etc.. But Cortana won't be able to offer any other interaction than what the Notebook will provide for (especially) iOS and Android. I agree with what _Emi_'s been saying thus far.
  • This is a good decision as marketing strategy for Microsoft. But users might find them a little less special if it happens. I mean, once an android loving friend of mine asked me why do you use windows? & I just replied, "Cause it has Cortana" Though, I love windows. If this strategy brings more windows phone users that'd be awesome. But, what if it fails?
  • Ask him why he has Android. The same reason as you "The services". It's no longer about the apps, it is about the services.
  • Why am I using Android? It has more apps and better quality apps. Notifications actually work. I'm not stuck with a Skype tile that constantly displays "1", no matter how many new messages I have. Google Wallet actually can be used to pay for stuff. Both of my banks have apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • you tellem laura :) Personally i am sort of meh with Windows phone and its performance as of late.
  • So, apps, apps, and apps, right? That will change with W10. That's what I'm saying. Soon the fact that one has more apps won't matter, because ideally all the popular apps will convert to the UAP, and then services will be the only thing that matters.
  • I can relate.  I now have two Business trips under my belt with my new Galaxy S6 and I FINALLY have all the cool Apps that make travel a bit easier.  I reserved my car and hotel with Apps on the phone and also changed my seat several times right up to the last minute on my fully functional Delta App.  It was awesome.  I've been waiting forever to be able to do that on my Windows phone and it never came to be. 
  • "why do you use windows?"
    I may do an article on that soon. I'm using an Edge and an iPhone lately and I have a few dozens reasons why I still prefer my Windows Phone. Not saying Edge or iPhoen 6 aren't awesome, some amazing stuff there, but they are certainly not the same as far as the user experience.
  • Looking forward to the article. As someone that has never owned any other smartphone than WP, I am never sure what the competitors have that would be useful. Whenever I am handed Android and iPhones for brief use, they annoy the shit out of me... but clearly they must be good products to have such a commanding market presence.
  • @Daniel just tell me one thing honestly. Suppose you have only Lumia 1520 or Lumia icon with you, not any android or iphone. Will you be satisfied and manage all the things with your windows phone? You can afford iphone 6, Samsung galaxy s6 but not everyone can. When you use only a windows phone you will start missing the features and apps of other platforms...
  • I buy windows phone because of the uniqueness of the operating system, I don't care if Microsoft apps go to other platforms. iOS and android do not compare on usability.
  • Thanks for the article. I just hope that with Cortana, Skype, Office, Outlook...etc MS will update all of their apps at the same time on all platforms and not push out updates to IOS and Android first...then couple months after Windows Phone.
  • "I just hope that with Cortana, Skype, Office, Outlook...etc MS will update all of their apps at the same time on all platforms and not push out updates to IOS and Android first...then couple months after Windows Phone."
    I think that is a very fair bar to hold them to when Windows 10 comes around! Let's hope they do so.
  • If they do it, you are probably going write an article about "Why it is good that MS push out updates to iOS and Android first" 1. They can find bugs before they get to W10 2. Android and iOS will love MS and maybe they will love W10 too. . . .Lol
  • As long as I make good, logical arguments, it will be up to any challengers to knock 'em down ;) Taking a position on something is only as good as the reasoning and logic behind it. What I gather from a lot of people here is they do not like my position but have not really come up with too many counter-arguments to put mine to shame. Instead, I see a lot of pride. Pride is good. Pride sustains us. Pride, however, is not an argument.
  • Pride goeth...   :P Daniel, I agree with all of your points in the article as your reasoning is grounded in reality and makes perfect business sense for the Microsoft ecosystem and long term sustainability of the company.   I can't wait to see a Cortana VS Siri commercial that has two iPhones, one with Siri, one with Cortana and Siri saying "Hey Cortana, long time no see. Wait, what are you doing wearing an iPhone?" Cortana replies: "I've been traveling aroudn the world, making new friends, reminding them of what's important to them and making them smile. I also I picked up a couple of new outfits along the way.Siri, which outfit do you like best?" *scene shows Cortana switch from an iPhone, into popular Android devices, Windows phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and then finally back to an iPhone. Siri simply responds "WHOA!!!" like Neo from the Matrix. Commercial ends with song.    
  • 1.  Cornata "only partially awesome" will make bad name for cornata, people will think, this is Cortana? :( 2. iOS users will hava 3 personal Assistant to choose from, Android users will have 2 personal Assistant to choose from, W10 will only have 1 3. Upsetting WP fans, these people are telling everyone how good(or bad) their WP device, you do not want to upset them so much. 4. Losing something unique that people will like it from the W10 PC and also want it on the phone, it can be a big selling point for W10 phones. 5. If almost nobody will uses Cortana on iOS or Android, why not use the resources on WP!?! Good arguments so far?
  • Microsoft made the right choice. MS is the old Google, Google is the old Microsoft.
  • ^THIS!!!
  • So true
  • Lol this is funny. And I see why Microsoft is doing it, Cortana works with Bing, so every search made will boost Bing usage on competing platforms. Cortana is also fine tuned to run with Microsoft apps. So its a way of Microsoft spreading it's wings on other platforms to make windows more dominant. I have asked myself the question over and over should I switch to android, I wont but I may end up getting an LG g3 as an alternate phone. Or even a g4. Just so I can get certain apps in a timely fashion. That's my main complaint with windows phone other than that its the best mobile os
  • Just bought an android phone and Cortana is coming to android. Things are going well.
  • Nicely written article. I would sign under it. I just don't believe any of the Microsoft services including Cortana will ever be able to make people switch to WP but even if they don't, they are still using the services so there's always a silverline. I'm just afraid the people from The Church of Windows Phone and the Yesteryear Microsoft around here will not read it through and still ask to see Microsoft executives burnt at the stake for this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Holy sh*t! DJCBS and Daniel agree on something. Hell must've frozen over.
  • lol
  • Well...Winter is coming lol
  • Microsoft is primarily a software company. This is what made Microsoft what it is today. It's what it's awesomely good at. Software is what sets all of us free not hardware. In five years Microsoft will be in every pc, phone,tv, refrigerator, toaster, jacket,shoe, airliner, ocean liner, the ISS, Curiosity, Journey to Mars, #everywhere
  • Microsoft has been explaining this for the last few years over and over again. Their strategy is VERY clear. What are people not getting?
    MS services everywhere. Best experience of those services? Supposedly, Windows.
  • If someone asks Cortana "make a playlist in Pandora" or similar, Cortana should reply "Sorry you'll need a Windows device for that"
  • That would be pristine.
  • "Sorry, I can't do that on your device" Underneath in the search results: 'Lumia Devices from Microsoft"
  • :-) Microsoft has had the most complete ecosystem (which is something different than the number of apps in a store) for years. Industry watchers were only talking about device gimmicks, e.g. metal rim or not. It is clear that Microsoft now has found a way to communicate and bring to market all that they have to offer. It is not about the device experience, it is about ones mobile experience all over.
  • "Our devices are becoming less important as apps and services dominate the landscape". Absolutely true. What a savvy observation. Microsoft will be ahead of the game with this mindset in the forefront going forward. Thanks for this article.
  • This would be true if only in Canada and other English speaking countries Cortana was actually useful. We still can't even use "Hey Cortana" which is utterly stupid imho.
  • The Hey Cortana, needs a specific chipset, not sure any carrier in Canada sells the proper phone with that chipset.
  • Well said Daniel!
  • Not sure why hot word detection isn't available on android, a number of third party assistants (assistant.ai for example) support it already. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No mention of the possibility of Cortana for Hololense, but Cortana on a fridge?   
  • I like the idea, but before that happen Microsoft should bring Cortana on every language!
  • I won't be surprised if Google or Apple block Cortana.
  • Google won't block it. Google Play still has the Switch to Windows Phone app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm all fine with Microsoft sharing apps and services with all platforms, I just don't want them to wait a year and decide to drop windows 10 mobile due to low profitability and market share because people still aren't moving to the mobile platform. I refuse to use iOS and don't like Android. I want to continue to use windows as my phone of choice for the foreseeable future. This is just a big gamble as I see it.
  • Hmm that's good , if MS would just make the experience on windows mobile like awesome like WOW then I would be happy with the move
  • What annoys me most is that, Cortana has not yet been released to all regions yet MS is now talking of giving it to other OSs,. What i haved been requesting MS to do for us is just to let Cortana not depended on where you are to get her (REGION), but let those using the language she has been released to, to freely get her without any strings attached. Other BUG on cortana UK which i am using is that, when she tells me that there is a message and she says "should i read it or not?" if i say 'read!' she answers back "who do you want to send message to?" sure this is definately a bug! how can she fail to get it right when all other words you say she gets them 100% correct. the ascend is not the problem here. she skip the reading and ask a question! A BUG WHICH MS MUST CORRECT!!!!!
  • Try saying "yes"
  • Thanks will try that
  • I thought it was great, if people like their iPhone or Android, then so be it, but adding Cortana is a great move,  If for anything when searches are done, it will use bing.  Hurting Google and their cash cow.  Plus the more people like Cortana and other Microsoft services, the more likely people will try Windows Phone. 
  • Always believed this would be a good move as the data collected is good for Bing, Microsoft and the ecosystem as a whole. Google got to where it did because of the data collected to build what people actually want though personally much prefer iOS compared to Android however Google knows more about us than we do! Especially when they took over YouTube, just think how many videos we watch, like or dislike not to mention the search engine, forums and much more.
  • To all the usual whiners.... Please understand this.... MS ARE A SOFTWARE COMPANY!!!
    The fact that they happen to make phones is secondary to their core business. Get over yourselves FFS!!!
  • Business doesn't work like that. Companies cant stay in one space. They need to change, or die. Yelling "but they're a software company" is also incorrect, they're moving to be a services company.
  • Great Article Daniel. The truth of the matter is that whilst I love the WP OS, this is the right choice for Microsoft to pursue. Universality of experience will lead to more users for MS. At the pace that we are moving right now, Phones might not even be in the same form factor in a year, so providing an essential service is the best route to go forward.
    Besides this also ensure that all IOS and Android users take more advantage of some of the awesome features in Windows 10.
  • Ok cool. What else do we expect. We keep losing features to progression and non-integration. We still don't have basic essential apps.. Most dont know about windows phone and we always have to settle for less. So sure just spread out all the services and keep revamping windows phone. Fk it why not... At least im using my work android phone more now.. Eventually ill get use to all the android apps and forget about how bad it sucks and let windows phone lay where it stays and thats on the bottom. Yes I understand your point Daniel.
  • Windows key services on everything else, working with everything else, is a good idea. Not only will is keep people using those services, it might actually make them depend on them, and make them think how awesome it would be to have a dedicated device for them... at the very least its doing no harm, and helping to keep the windows platform important. At the very best, it'll help push more people to use Microsoft products and services =)
  • How naive.
  • This one actually makes sense I think. It's okay to share as long as we you keep is better. This gives them a taste and helps sells PCs.
  • Thank you Daniel for this very well written and well organized article. Some people just don't see the big picture. I'm sure there were eyes rolling at Google and Apple HQ when they heard this news. But once they find out their customers actually prefer these Windows apps, they may be thinking differently. I agree, it is better to be open (and sneaky) for MS to make their apps available on their rivals phones (with maybe an extended finger?). I have a 920 which is 6 months out of contract. I absolutely can wait a few month (the phone still works well and I'm enjoying the lower phone bills in 10+ years!) for a new flagship WP phone.  Why would I give up WP OS (and be stuck with it for a 2 year contract) just to get a new piece of hardware?  I mean, really?  I understand that Windows 10 for both phone & PC is a HUGE change. Universal apps are a HUGE change. Getting it all to work smoothly across each device will pay dividends to all who have a bit of patience (I won't mention any profile names). I don't understand anyone who doesn't get the plosive ramification of having Cortana used by hundreds and hundreds of millions of phone users (and same on PC).  This is a win-win situation for everyone (no matter if they are MP, Android or iOS). 
  • If anything this just brings way more traffic to Bing. Since Cortana is powered by Bing.
  • Amazing Article Daniel. Thank you!
  • Great article Daniel. Well thought out argument that I'm gonna spread to my network. Cortana on iOS & Android is really a game changer and is the equivalent of Google being omnipresent years ago!
  • and we don't like the bitsh out here stay there with your 10M wp users dear cortana bitsh
  • That was a great artical and a wonderful explanation.....
  • Really like the article, superb read.
  • They had to do it. All Windows PC will have Cortana.....but not all Windows PC users have Windows phone. Not much point in having her on your PC if she can't get you on your phone too. Those people will enjoy Cortana opening apps on the PC but not on the phone. They'll get a taste of what's possible and want more.
  • If not many users will use it and it will not be as tight as Siri or Google Now then what is the point of doing it at all?
  • I understand Cortana might not be the same, but aren't IOS and Android users already getting better and newer versions of ms apps?
  • Yes and no. I'm using Android right now and I would say overall MS services are still better on Windows Phone. Any app advantages mostly have to do with OS limitations of Windows Phone, something that will hopefully be eliminated with Windows 10.
  • I would like you to check out my comment. Search by 'ZekromInfinity'
  • I swear some users on here are hardcore android users or ios that come here to spout rubbish. Its a great move. And if you want the full as intended experience you need a windows phone.
  • I have no issue with them putting it on other platforms, but i do have an issue with my Phone still having to be US regioned all this time later just to use something like Quiet Hours, which should never have been tied to Cortana in the first place.  It's especially annoying when they're spending time rolling out 'cute', but ultimately useless things like impressions, when first world/english speaking countries are still waiting on Cortana. Jen Taylor is fine with 99% of us, we don't need the local celebrity voicing it. Looking forward to firing up Windows 10 and being told it's *still' not available in my country.
  • True that..
  • Well... I must say that after reading Daniel's article, the bucks stops here.. Awsome article..
  • I understand the move because that means better Cortana. Meanwhile I'm waiting for Windows 10 to see the full picture Also waiting for the time Microsoft release stuff at same time/quality for every platform; or at least not letting Windows/Phone users at last In fact still waiting for Cortana in México This has been many users status: waiting, waiting..
  • The only issue I see is that for this to work Microsoft's services and apps need to work best on Windows devices. Currently, there are many apps that seem to run better or just as good on competing platforms. However, hopefully Windows 10 fixes this issue.
  • +520
  • I disagree. I come from galaxy s5. And the apps like onedrive, smart glass etc all run much faster on my Lumia 930. I also notice the android app of smart glass is missing features. Definately so far from my experience of trying wp for the first time, I no longer need to look after my os. With stuff like clearing ram, fixing cpu heat, virus scans etc. The wp experience is tidier, bolder, and faster. Especially after prolonged use the android os can grind to a halt. Even on powerful hardware like the galaxy s5.
  • - "From the other end, Cortana has been out for over a year in the US, and it has done zilch for increasing overall market share here" Hard to increase market share when your only phone offerings in the last year have been low end, low tech offerings.
  • I wouldn't call Lumia 930 a low tech offering. When released it was the best on market. Even today its camera is still one of the best. The Lumia 940 is not far away and so far its rumoured specs eat the s6 for breakfast.
  • You realize the 930 (Icon) released well OVER a year ago, right?
  • Agreed. MSFT has handcuffed themselves a bit without a proper flagship for users to purchase. I believe all of the former flagships are all EOL, so no one can just pick up a new flagship. The planning and timing of devices has not been the best.
  • Dear Daniel,
    If you read this comment I would be really glad if I could get a reply from you. After reading today's article I became your fan. The way you have explained the stuff and business of Microsoft really helps me clear my mind about what's actually going on here! I was really getting upset with my windows phone here and was planning to take an iPhone, but i changed my mind and I have decided to wait till the first release of Windows 10 for phones (official). I am using Lumia 720 for 2 years now and though I hate this 1GB Ram stuff and special Gameloft for denial and negligence on their games like Six Guns, Dungeon Hunter 5, Order and Chaos Online(as it always is). So I want you to post some good articles like this one on topics which cover our suffering and hatred on problems with windows phone and recommend us a way (other than that suggestion app and website) to tell Microsoft about small changes that matters! I am one of those people who have actually made several IOS and hundreds of Android users to switch to Windows phone and make them feel satisfied and the thank me to introduce Windows phone to them! I think I deserve some attention from Microsoft for development ideas! I took Windows phone not because it was Nokia or cheap or more hardware features ar anything! I could always buy IOS or Android but I bought it because What's the fun in buying the Android or IOS! Its like you go for treasure hunting and you end it in one step! Where's the fun and adventure now!! That thirst for features and updates, change log, fail app updates is what I starve for!!' I would really like you reply on this BIG comment of mine.
  • Hi, we have written on the 512 MB thing quite a lot. In fact, Microsoft (after taking over Nokia mobile) has mostly eliminated 512 MB devices from its roadmap of devices. We often write articles criticising some aspects, but there is a LOT of transition going on right now. We have Windows 10 as an OS, which may or may not be awesome, we have Microsoft Mobile starting to make their own phones, etc. So although we can criticize things from 2 years ago, we would rather focus on today and where things are heading. I find it more interesting that Microsoft is getting rid of 512 MB devices, than focusing on the Lumia 720. Software development does have limitations for performance, not much we can do about that.
  • True, I really hope Windows 10 breaks that barrier. As being a maniac I cant help but going through everything of my phone. I surely regret that I can't buy a flagship phone till next year. I hope Windows Central will keep people like us motivated with articles on Windows Phones and I have some suggestions for more fun at Windows Central.
    Article of the week: In which you will have article like this today. Some good interesting matters like Xbox, OneDrive, Cortana etc....
    App of the day/popular app poll of the day.: Here you guys will select a category of app poll like podcasts or battery and tell people to comment which one they like(either out of 5-10 apps you people recommend) or let people comment which apps do they like. It would be better if they add a poll feature in the app!
    Feature on demand: Let people comment on which feature they need the most in their WP and let windows central know so as you people have better connections with Microsoft they can know what people exactly want! And if you guys can recommend Microsoft about popular websites taking a survey and feature requests!
  • Man, you nailed it. Awesomely said.. !!
  • I still don't get it. Having Microsoft services in all the platforms might be good for the services division of Microsoft but what good it could do to the hardware and software divisions? Those who use android or iOS should have seen Cortana in action and find that it is good to have so that they would install it. And right now, those in the US are the best bet to show off Cortana. Not to mention Cortana cannot have tighter integration in other platforms. In that case, why would a Siri user or a Google Now user even try Cortana?
  • +930
  • Good points
  • Daniel, your theory is somewhat flawed...
    While this will improve Cortana, it wil only improve in US/UK which are already feature rich.... Cortana its not available even in beta besides few countries...
    They should have tried releasing it on Win10/WP in more countries/languages rather than putting it on rival platforms...
    Also, it will not get more WP users because when they do come, they would see that it is a barren land where even MS apps are less functional than on iOS... Even if we believe MS on their promise of Win10 (which I do not), they will probably offer same features/functionality as iOS/Android counterpart...
    So why would someone leave all the goodness and unique points of OS/Android to get same MS apps as they get on their current platform.
    And don't say that W10 its different... They had been saying it with every new version of WP and their promises had been going to be empty... At this point, I believe MS should just come out and day that they are dropping WP so that we can skip the heart break of empty promise and move on to other 2 platforms peacefully....
  • Nice article, though I completely disagree with this point of view. The only thing I see as a pro in this scenario is MS collecting more data for improving their service, besides that...
  • I don't care where she goes. I don't think many mainstream customers on iOS and Android are going to use her tho.
  • Wow. The tone of this article is kind of snotty.
  • Better don't read Daniel replies to some comments 
  • seriously
  • Hahaha
  • Well done article.
  • Everyone needs to calm down and realize that Microsoft is indebted to its stockholders to turn a profit. If this will increase their quarterly earnings, the stockholders will be happy. I really love the number of armchair quarterbacks (homemade tech analysts) who can accurately predict the future and forecast doom and gloom for Microsoft. Can't we all just get along and be happy with whatever device we have? It's becoming rather annoying hearing all these people whining on Windows Central (aka Whiners Central). Some in our community feel so entitled; more entitled than Apple users.
  • I really love the number of armchair quarterbacks (homemade tech analysts) who can accurately predict the future and forecast doom and gloom for Microsoft. It's called being a veteran-user of the platform. Some of us have been around here long enough to see history repeat itself.
  • That's cute to think that a voice assistant, offered for free, will increase the earnings, that in turn raises the profit and makes the stock holders happy...
  • Windows OS not the Suites and Windows Central disagreements remind me of the days when I was with Spit(sprint). You can go hand over fist with arguing but in the end the numbers never lie. I mean come on, spit was a close last and are now are dead last and should be bought to be saved but let's not compare Windows to spit. I'm going to wait until Win10 launch and a flagship before I truly leave Windows OS for another platform. Yes I use an iPhone but I switch to my +1520 when I miss certain integration than ios doesn't have. I'm pulling for Windows OS but what's the point in owning a Windows phone when you can get the majority of the platform with frequent updates on a rival platform? Just remember numbers never lie!!
  • Google watched me ditch my Google calendar and contacts for Outlook yesterday. :)
  • The idea that people will experience cut down Cortana on other platforms and be impressed enough to try a Windows phone is complete nonsense.
  • Exactly what was my point. It gives Microsoft exposure without compromisation of Windows Phone's platform! :) thank you, Daniel for always being on my side ;) lol
  • Nice article Daniel. This answers my comment on the first post about Cortana going cross platform perfectly. And also well done for handling the haters well.
  • I do like comments and banter :P
  • WP will still be the best place to get the full Cortana experience.
  • I do miss Her on my new Galaxy S6 but now I'll have Her back again. 
  • Great article
  • The power of giving. Giving makes Microsoft being more loved and rich. Now I believed that if many people switch to windows 10 desktop (tablet), developer will bring many apps to it. Of course because of universal apps, everything will comes back to windows phone too. Just we wait and see and hope. The power of WP user, us, are hope from the beginning we chose using WP yes?
  • @Daniel Rubino:
    "Also, it's a well-known fact that limitations of Windows Phone 8.1 prevents many of those features."
    This argument is lame by two counts:
    1) It's been repeated way too many times (meaning Microsoft kept this dissatisfactory state for way too long).
    2) Whose fault are technical limitations in Windows (Phone), if not Microsoft's?!
    So there's no real justification for them to rely on this argument.
    And to add insult to injury: How little effort Microsoft put into development for Windows Phone is evidenced by the fact that they delivered competent versions of Office to iOS and Android, despite having only the superficial API access every average developer has on these platforms, while they failed to replicate this result on Windows (Phone), although they should have privileged, native access to the operating system; until Windows Phone 8.1 Office was part of the operating system and not store apps.
  • Daniel, I think you missed a big and important thing on your list; if MS wants to drive adoption of Cortana on Windows 10 (not mobile) then reminders and interest syncing needs to work with everyone's phones. Otherwise no one will use them, and given the entrenched habits of desktop users that would run a high risk of no one using Cortana for search either.
    If people use Cortana that drives Bing use, it drives OneDrive use and it drives Office use. It'll drive UWP use if developers take advantage which they're more likely to do if people use her. The hooks into the app apis are a big deal but the most obvious use cases are reminders, alarms, and floating interest updates and alerts and that's where people will start to get invested. You do not want to break those by forcing users into other solutions for mobile.
    Not having cross platform could strangle desktop Cortana in the cradle, which would run the risk of killing her outright.
  • Very well written article Daniel! It's smart and based on reality.
  • Daniel, a lot of realistic, sound arguments here. However, this only works if everyone upgrades their PCs to W10. However, given the latest upgrade trends for Windows, it doesn't seem like a lot of people are fond of Windows 8.1 and therefore might be skeptical of trying yet another upgrade. So wouldn't this idea ultimately fall apart if not enough people make the switch to Windows 10, and if so, what do you think should be MS's plan B?
  • Well google now is available on Windows phone store.. Go check it out its good
  • No it's not available
  • Well, it's not as if the folks in Cupertino or the Googlistas won't work to somehow limit what Cortana can do on their handsets. All this is a little too blue sky marketing to pass the sniff test... IMO.
  • Microsoft strategy is spot on. They are doing exactly the opposite to what they did in the nineties and noughties, reversing all the evils that deservedly gave them aa bad rep. Combine this open approach to court new users of their services with Win10 across all devices, continuum, universal apps etc and you can see the long play strategy and lots of compelling reasons to buy Windows 10 devices where your experience goes with you. At the moment Apple and Google are stuck in a timewarp. Apple with its lock-in mentality and Google with its ever increasing lock-out. Daniel is also spot on.. In the end its getting users onto the services thats most important in the long game and we know MS has a massive advantage here with such a diverse, wide portfolio and experience in ICT. If only they could sort out the way they address consumer channel and execution of consumer product launches (and think outside the USA) then it might just work.
  • Microsoft has to make sure the apps for Windows Phone is better than on Android and IOS. The integration between apps had to be seamless. I'm having a high expectation for Windows 10 Mobile. I think, Microsoft can pull this off if they can do it properly. You're right, having Microsoft services on other platforms is great. More data can be collected to improve the app. More users will be attracted to Windows Phone.
  • Apple won't give Cortana access to their apps in the same way. Cortana will rely on the users using, for example, Outlook.com's Calendar - that'll be how Cortana can be an assistant, she'll be able to access MS's other cloud services and present data to users through the corresponding apps.
  • Agreed. This will actually be really cool. Microsoft is becoming so friendly, it is great.
  • too bad "everywhere" only includes the USA...
  • Microsoft doesn't have a winning strategy for mobile because they change their strategy every 6 months. Everyone gets excited about the next version but then they change strategies again and any forward movement stops. Nobody wants to buy/build apps for a OS where there is no stability. Everyone has been saying since 7 that the next version was going to fix the previous but it hasn't moved the dial at all, so I totally negate the whole mobile 10 is going to be the version that changes things.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Very well said and especially in regards to no recent updates or phone releases. Windows Phone is for the most part stagnant while Apple and Android release their products in cycles every year around the same time while in Windows Land its not consistent Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS on my Lumia 940
  • Apple & Google are beasts in market share compared to Microsoft. They don't need to entice consumers to use their products, I do understand what MS is trying to do but it's a bad gamble in my opinion. I don't think they will shift the numbers too their favour on mobile hardware. With that Windows 10 companion app, I see no reason why l should stick with a Windows Phone.
  • You're assuming they want to be in the mobile hardware game...
  • Of course! It's a must, they have to be in the mobile hardware game, that's obvious.
  • Not really. There's no money in it. And there was a time when they were making mobile OSes without their own hardware. They'll be returning there, it's obvious - they're hardly innovating in the mobile phone hardware segment.
  • There is money in the mobile hardware section, the MS Surface devices are raking in the profits. It is true they made mobile OS but that was before there was competition. So far Lumia devices have barely managed to keep WP alive, but hopefully W10 will attract more hardware companies to support the OS. But it might be hard if MS is supporting the competition ie Cortana app.
  • I suppose they do. Where else do you think products like Cortana will shine their brightness. Obviously from the manufacturers products themselves. Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS on my Lumia 940
  • Thank you Daniel!
  • awesome bullet points Daniel. I whole heartedly in agreement
  • Trust me , its gonna be better on other OS's , I know Microsoft well...
  • I had this feeling to up to now but I really am believing it's going to be much better this time with Windows 10
  • "besides just being closed-off, Apples services are just generally lame" :)
  • That was my favourite bit too.
  • Here's how I look at MS open strategy.  Windows OS have huge marketshare (90%), most businesses, personal (gaming come to mind) use it.  No matter how you look at it, unless this person are couch potato who does nothing all day but watering their plant.  Using office, cortana (embedded on Window 10 specifically), skype, onedrive are what personal or businesses use.  Using Android, iOS, or WP as a mobile device that could access those application are huge benefit.  No matter what, MS affect your life directly or indirectly.
  • And the fact that Apple can get away without giving the other OS's Siri is bullshit. I see the potential but it sucks we can't have anything special to Windows Phone like iPhones have Siri and no other OS can get it. Meh.
  • Siri ain't that special. :) Ask any iPhone user.
  • It's really sad that this site has been so over run by cry babies.  smdh
  • I think it's good that they do it, but how are they going to monetize from it?
  • Subscriptions to Office, OneDrive
  • Excellent article. An important point I did not see in it (apologies if I might have missed it): A majority of Android and ios users use Windows PCs and Cortana will soon be on Windows 10. While they may not replace Siri/Google Now on their phones, the desktop/mobile integration should provide another compelling reason to use Cortana.
  • Only if Cortana is available in that country though ;)
  • Great points, I have both a Windows phone and android phone. Interested to see how Cortana compares on each platform
  • So the only unique thing on the Windows Mobile roadmap is Continuum? At best, that's going to be niche.
    If I was working on Continuum I'd be pretty pissed - the boys upstairs just signed the OS's death warrant.
  • I like that Microsoft is opening up their services. I work in a world where everyone works on a windows laptop and carries an iPhone. Granted, I am the only one running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, but I see more an more people in amazement what Cortana can do on my PC. And the funny thing is that from there the conversation quickly shifts to my phone, where Cortana shines even more. Just the fact that my interests sync seamlessly between my phone and PC is stunning for many.
    Will my coworkers all abandon their iPhones? Likely not. Will they use Cortana on PC and phone? Very likely. And since I am hell-bent to integrate Cortana functionality into future versions of my business application, knowing that my users will love it, it is just a matter of time until I will tell everyone: Well, with a windows phone, you could run the entire app on your phone too...
  • Comment is funny (haha) coworkers are amazed but have no interests in leaving their iPhone. That's the problem with Windows OS, no matter how hard users try to convince others how great it is, no one seems to care to switch or even try a Windows phone! Why buy an Acura when I can get the features and look in a KIA?
  • Great article!
  • Cortana on my refrigerator !
    WoW, that is a Great thinking came out of a Great mind, I've never thought about it
    Thanks Daniel for the Great article
  • I think Daniel missed one major point, new resources to the whole team of Cortana/bing and this could lead to have a real worldwide experience in thinking not only US/UK.  Maybe they will have more resources in really doing Cortana in several languages finally.  Why more resources? because of the millions that could potentially use the service and bring money in the end.
  • I'm going to be honest, Skype is really bad, that's why all my friends use TeamSpeak now. But I'd still rather use Skype rather than use FaceTime. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bing usage will go up.
  • I don't use this so don't have an opinion either way. I just don't want to talk to my phone.
  • MS made Cortana available for Android & iOS but is still unavailable in my region & I have a WP. Sucks!
  • Come on! Cortana is the jewel of Microsoft. You just cannot make it available for every platform. But anyways, if Microsoft thinks this will happen, lets hope the same. Huge risk people! Huge! Huge!
  • Well said. Embarrased L920 here
  • LOL at the comments. There was a time I too was vehemently against the idea. Now...not so much. It makes a lot more sense for Microsoft to get as many people to use their apps/services as much as possible. Sure not all will flock to Windows Phone, but there will be some who, out of curiosity, will try wp just because they are familiar with Microsoft's brand.
  • Bravo Daniel, bravo!
  • Except Apple and Google are constantly becoming bigger and bigger... I don't get why you are using the comparison of "apple and google are doing it wrong by supporting there own" when those 2 companies are exceling in the mobile market. MS even has been releasing apps on the competitors OS first. MS has been content with launching budget devices and completely ignores flagship devices. I love windows phones (only phone I've used for a few years now) but MS isn't helping making its own phones stand out.
  • Hardly.
  • @mattoneandoriginal Truly, you can go fuck yourself.
  • omg! there's so much to read..
    i read some of the points daniel.. Barking here in comments section will not change microsoft's plan.. 
    all i know is Apple, Android doesnt do what microsoft is doing, its good to be open for everyone (equality) but that's the point where IOS and android is ditching with windows. we dont have their apps, do we? Giving Cortana to ios/android wont make much difference.. afterall not many people use assistant when they are in public. we all know these assistant never gets what we say.. we have to repeat commands.. nn thats shit. people loves IOS.. its a style statement, ashowoff, makes u look rich.
    android on other hand is becoming like oxygen.. everyone needs android.
    now ios and android has everything what windows have and windows has nothing what other 2 major platforms have. so the point is, again ios and android wins and windows fails. (this is a bitter truth-THE REALITY)
    MICROSOFT is giving away everything to others instead to getting everything from others.
  • Atleast u wont be a stranger in ios or android , when windows phone 10 strategy fails..
  • No need to explain. This always made sense to me. One of the best ways to expand Cortana's knowledgebase is to expand the boundaries where it can get stronger.
  • Reading this post made me launched Cortana a few times...  
  • I thought it was a bad idea before. But after reading this article, I can understand the long term and business side of the decision to put Microsoft services everywhere. Thanks Daniel!!
  • Microsoft for the last year has been offering all of their services from OneDrive, Office, Bing, Outlook, Garage apps, Xbox games, Microsoft Band (Health), Cortana and even their MSN apps to other platforms. And more WORSE Microsoft DON'T have LUMIA 1020 SUCCESSOR. SO the CONCLUSION is GOOD BYE WINDOWS PHONES....
  • I thought this decision was a bad idea before. But after reading this article, I can understand the long term and business side of the decision to put Microsoft services everywhere.
    Thanks Daniel!
  • This post made my day. Now I see where they are going with this.
  • Thanks Daniel. Article is great and well-said,It gave me more time to think whether to swtich from WP platform or not.
  • hey cortana is not available for all windows users only 930 and 1520 :(
  • Daniel, you say that Cortana will always run the best on WP and deep integration into iOS and Android is impossible. So she wouldn't function as good as she does in WP. Then wouldn't it kill the reputation of Cortana in the minds of the users of these OSes?
  • That's the gamble they're willing to take. How she handles her limitations will be key in the user perception. If she just says "I can't do that" then people will think she's rubbish. If she says, for example, "Apple won't let me access that information" then it's at least clear why she's rubbish.
  • If she says, for example, "Apple won't let me access that information" then it's at least clear why she's rubbish.
    A strategy that makes no sense. If people don't like Cortana on iOS or Android then they simply won't use it. It's not like they'll go, "oooh, I need to get a Windows Phone to see if Cortana is better on it". MSFT would have been better off focusing on an ultra-high quality implementation of Cortana on Win10 and hope that some of the hundreds of millions of future Win10 users get tempted to purchase a Win10 phone.
  • Windows Phone has had ultra-high quality USPs for generations. But quality hasn't helped. They can have the best of anything, but as long as they continue with the world's worst marketing, they'll stay at the bottom of the pile.
  • If Cortana isn't well integrated into competing platforms (and at least on iOS it won't be), then it won't be used and the whole thing loses its purpose. If Cortana is well integrated, if the difference between it and the W(P)-version isn't huge (and it won't be, as then it wouldn't be well integrated compared to native offerings), then it will only support the competing platforms. In the latter case, it could still support the W10 as a PC -platform, but the relevance of that market for the service is still unknown. Not that I believe that Cortana (or rivals) is a reason to switch platforms anyway. TL;DR: I don't really see this move making a difference in anything
  • Don't.. Then there is no point in windows then.. It has to be a stand out platform...
  • 1) Cortana not as awesome on iOS and Android
    So it won't sway people who are already invested in other platforms to move to WP.
    2) Cortana needs much more users
    Cortana was going to get much, MUCH more users with the launch of Windows 10. By Microsoft estimates, that's 1 BILLION users in 3 years.
    3) Closed off doesn't work because it didn't work for WP the first few years
    Apple begs to differ. Microsoft has a hard time swaying ANY users who are already owning an iPhone. WP didn't work because it didn't have APPS and that was it.
    4) Cortana has been active in the US, no market share resulted
    APPS. Cortana won't help if you don't have services people need on their phone. Nothing works. Nothing. That doesn't mean you go ahead and give away the farm; you try to get people to make apps for your platform. That's the key thing, all the rest is just insignificant.
    When you have the apps, then your silver bullets like Cortana, Bing, OneDrive, Office, etc. start doing their thing.
    5) "If you like Cortana, why not go all in with the full Windows 10 ecosystem including Mobile?"
    Because apps. Because as long as you don't have the apps and recognition for your entire platoform, people won't come. Regardless of how awesome Cortana is (which in comparison, doesn't really count. It's as good as a good TV ad at best, marketing-wise). So no. This is only a support for a decision Microsoft has made, regardless of logic. "No flagship is actually a good thing!" or "Giving better support and app quality to those NOT on your OWN platform is actually a good thing!"
    "Windows 8 was actually a good thing!" I really like to see some honest journalism here. When was the last time you slammed Microsoft hard, as hard as they are usually supported here, for one of their decisions?
  • I just simply love desing of WP! Fast & easy! Improving... Like year ago when i had Wp 8.1 I was amazed. Now year later W10Mobile! Tileart is awesome! App gap don't borther me, as all finnish apps are made for WP (many finnish like Lumia).
    MFST FTW! ^^
  • The problem is with that the services are being offered on other platforms but rather lies on the fact that these services magically perform much better on other devices but not on Windows Phones.
    As for Cortana going universal, again apps for Andy & IOS is not the issue, but the timing & the fact that she is still only in Beta in a couple & Alpha in a few other regions. At least making it available to all WP users before jumping platforms is all I ask.
  • Lets hope that Google and Apple starts to get threatened and brings their apps to windows. Or windows phone like windows mobile may very well be going away soon
  • RIP WP
  • With W10 PC + Companion app helps to sync MS service across device. So far lot MS service were available in iOS/Android and "Cortana" just new addition. Those talks about ditching WP is a serious JOKE.  I guess the problem is Instead of noticing the "companion app" the focus went for cortana one of the key service inside companion app.
  • I imagine they wanted to get this out of the way as opposed to making this announcement at the launch of Windows 10. In order to prevent it from being a distraction :P. If they Bing rewards to other markets, it would make people use Cortana over Google Now to earn said rewards. What I'm curious about is do iphone users running ios7 in the US earn rewards for using Siri since Bing now powers the backend? Anyway, having Cortana on my fridge would be pretty damn awesome, "Hey, Cortana do I have any milk left in the fridge?" Or "Hey, Cortana can you send me a list of items I need to top up on", which would in turn be a ticket list in one note (basically your shopping list or added to it).
  • Microsoft's way is different and they know the outcome. Well skim this
    IDC: Windows Phone to steal iOS
  • Skim this!!
    IDC: Windows Phone to steal iOS
  • I love this article. Good work.
    All doubts are clear. ...
    Windows10 will play well with great features.
  • So basically what the whole article is inferring, with the usual diss at Apple and Google, is that Cortana is crap on the other platforms automatically making it a better bargain on Windows. Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS on my Lumia 940
  • Daniel you 100% convinced me, thank you for this article, I feel in love with Cortana again now :)
  • I don't disagree with ANY of what's in this article. It's what's NOT in the article that I have trouble with. The one thing that I felt was missing here is my biggest fear: a "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" mentality prevailing once MS's big apps are everywhere. Yes, they will be best on Windows. But to how big of an iOS/Android segment will that matter? For these people, their version of the app will most likely either be "good enough", and why switch, or "not good enough", and why use (let alone switch?) I realize it's the best play MS has right now. And I realize the "FITD" approach can and often does work. So I'm not saying I even necessarily disagree with the tactic per se. It's just "my Spidey sense" is going off something awful about it, and while I don't think we should be doom and gloom about this (as some in the comments perennially are - calling out Theefman), neither do I think we should minimize or write off the very real chance of this whole thing being one big spectacular backfire, possibly killing Windows Phone altogether, and possibly even doing serious harm to Windows Desktop (though that Juggernaut will be pretty near impossible to topple altogether.) I'm not saying that there isn't serious room for hope, or that Microsoft isn't doing a crap ton of awesome things right now - heck I'm very seriously considering hanging up my Mac desktop, my Ubuntu netbook, and my Android and going all in - but I think the potential failing of this risky strategy can, and should be included in the discussion in ways that perhaps they're not. That's all. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • VonBrick -- spot on, and articulately put mate. Me and my family were in a similar position, in terms of WP devices and rooting for the underdog. We also moved to IOS and Android. Having said that, we kept L720 -- which I use to go on Windows Central -- and sold the rest, although I really do miss my L920. Like yourself I really do hope Microsoft do well, but until then, I'll personally stick with IOS. Why? Because no matter what people say, it works well and caters for all my needs -- that's a fact, although I hate to admit it.
  • Thanks, Dazzi...now if only I could find my original post you're commenting on.  I honestly don't think that windowscentral.com censors the community, but my post has simply disappeared into the ether. ;(
  • They should concentrate more on bringing Cortana to more regions like Ireland instead of developing apps for the competition!!
  • Aww man... this is why Windows Phone can't have nice things... lol
  • Having Cortland on my Android phone will be nice and to sync up with my Imac running boot camp makes it even better. Google is changing things up with the permission issue and giving more control over this to the users, so I see full usage with Mango when it's released later. I find it funny how many Android users feel Microsoft apps are bloat and are so wrapped up in Google services just about as much as WP users are about Microsoft services.. I've had good luck using Microsoft services on Android and don't see myself going back to a WP. It's won't be the services like Cortana that will draw people, it's the apps that are not available, the lack of flagship phones, and the ability to change the ui that keeps people away from it. While I know the apps will come the rest I know won't. This is the real problem why WP isn't doing well and the belief that the hardware doesn't matter is ridiculous, especially if you want most Android users to switch. Look closely at the majority of polls over on AC at why people choose Android... This will tell you the reasons and what needs to be made available (not mandatory) because I know how much people here love the ui of 8.1 on WP. All in all seeing Cortana on Android for me is nice and I will use it just as I use Bing and Torque. I also think that she will be a good addition on ios but knowing Apple they will cripple her severely.
  • Good article, good arguments. Not many bloggers talk strategy. Yet it is the most important thing when it comes to midterm or longterm succes in whatever a comapny does. And we know that Microsoft is about the mid- to longterm most of the times, since it mostly caters to the business and enterprise market first, consumers second. Ballmer already stated during his ruling at Microsoft that Dropbox might have 2 million users (mostly consumers), but most do not pay a dime for the use of Dropbox. While One drive (was then called Skydrive) had two million paying (mostly business) customers. Thus talking short term about Microsoft, as most bloggers do, makes no sense, since unlike Apple and Google (which are mostly consumer oriented, Microsoft has a true long term vision.  But lets make one thing clear. Microsoft doen not really need users from rival platforms to switch to Lumia's. Naturally it would be a good thing if they did that, but using Microsoft apps on rival platforms alone is a big succes. If 20% or 30% of Android users use Bing/Cortana instead of Google Search, that alone would be a big blow to Google, since it would mean a significant loss of ad revenue and profits (Google's bread and butter) and profits for Microsoft. WP is growing organically, on it's own merits and strengths, YOY and stronger than it's rivals. That's a fact. And if we we're to believe IDC that will remain so for the coming years (till 2020 and beyond). Again if people switch from rival platforms to WP, that would be an added bonus, but it's not necessary. Microsoft can deliver it's rivals a fatal blow by users on rival platforms using their apps, whether it be 10%, 20% or 30% of the apptime spent. Second, porting it's apps on rival platforms is one part of Microsoft's strategy to overwhelm and compete against Google and Apple. Making it possible for developers of rival platforms to easily port their apps over to Micorosft's platforms (Office, Azure, Xbox, Hololense, Windows and WP) is another. Google and Apple untill now has not responded to Microsoft's assualt. Chances are that they do not have an adequate answer at this moment in time. Microsoft's One Strategy, Everywhere, Anytime and Anyhow is bearing and will bear more fruit. Apple and Google will have to innovate further to head off Microsoft, but at this moment in time I do not see any innovations from Apple or Google worth mentioning.   
  • A time will come when the phone hardware may not matter as much as the functionalities. I hope MS gets the windows 10 functionalities robust enough. With that issue addressed, then we face which platform offers better overall integration, which is what Microsoft is trying to achieve by crossing platforms.
  • A little of topic, my surface 3 is failing to install programs that use msi. Anyone know what to do?
  • In my opinion MS, lets suppose attracts 1m million users of android and IOS and even if 40% of them purchase ms mobiles after inspiring it still is a good deal. Because viz a verse from limited users of windows phones will shift to Android or IOS. Ms will definately be gaining. Intelegent marketing stretedgy. Good work MS.
  • microsoft creating great envirnment for me to buy an android and leave windows :P , once age of empires comes to android i will say goodbye to windows phone !! we don't know when will windows 10 for phone will officially launch !! 
  • Hit the nail on the head. Microsoft knows that hoarding up services and features hurts them. They're doing what Google was known for about 10 years ago; being open and spreading the love. Google has gotten hoardy and greedy and Apple is just Apple. If your services are spread across multiple platforms it can only be a good thing. The key is that they have to be good. This is a smart move by Microsoft and I'm a fan of their new philosophy.
  • Keep the Koolaid.  Might be good for Microsoft (if Cortana catches on in Windows 10), but it is bad news for Windows Phone.  Cortana made the Windows Phone unique.  Once again, all I see, hear and read is Microsoft making their best pitch for dumping my ICON and picking up a Note 5 from Verizon.
  • A very nice article , but there are some apps that perform better on other Operating systems than they do on Windows. MS must improve services for its own platform too and bring the same quality all over.
  • Why leaving Cortana to Android/iOS is not a good opportunity to Microsoft and their users? All arguments based on "exclusivity" here and there are just ludicrous. Mine-is-bigger-than-yours kinds of arguments are pure crap considering the own-the-ocean Microsoft strategy. Don't think we WP users were losing something, we just are gaining more users in the same products we use, and they're WP users in potential. This summarizes everything.
  • Daneil if you say "Finally, people do not like being told you 'need to buy this hardware to get this software to work.' Don't get me wrong, if you have a super compelling product you can get away with it, but in the long run it is a bad business decision.Our devices are becoming less important as apps and services dominate the landscape. Because of this change, hardware fades into the background." Should I hate MS for telling me that I need a better phone then their once flagship L1020 has "hardware limitations" and it will not be able to get all features of a "fast" camera 5 and Hey cortana? which brings me to universal apps theory that they have for W10. Somewhere in the forums I had asked this question about how this is going to work, I can get Hyperlapse on my laptop or PC and not my L1020. Is this a bad business decision? So all that a L1020 user gets is a number which is 41MP and "resuming" phone. I hope you understand what I am trying to get at.
  • Somehow I'm having a feeling that everyone else on any other plattform is going to benefit from Cortana before I'll be able to on my Lumia 1520 because of the rotten language barriers imposed by Microsoft. Just tell her to talk English to me no matter where the fuck I live or what language my Phone is set to *argh*  
  • My Nokia 925 bricked, so MS store was cool enough to give me the 1520. Now that phone did nothing for months except randomly launch apps, schizophrenic screen, etc. MS Store couldn't do anything for me, it was over a year old, and I don't blame them. But that was the problem, is there was no flagship to replace my sinking one. So, I got the IPhone 6. I miss Cortana deeply, and the way WP did everything, especially contacts. But, knowing every other MS app was available made it easy. And when/if the next flagships come out, my wife can have the iPhone 6 if she wants it. It is like the Google strategy, and it just might work.
  • Good grief.  How could you miss the #1 reason that Microsoft wants to put Cortana on iOS and Android?  Cortana uses Bing for searches.  Search results will bring revenue (potentially huge revenue) to Microsoft and remove it from Google.  What is Google's main source of revenue?  Search.  You cripple Google's search function, you cripple Google.  Everything else is gravy.
  • As I told earlier. No need to act like yeah Android and Apple have all the apps they will work better and blah blah bullcrap.
  • Thanks for the piece, Daniel.  I think they are well reasoned out reasons.  My first thought for why they're doing it, though, is the ad revenue.  Can you imagine if Cortana and, hence, Bing became popular on iOS or Android?  The ad revenue for MS would go way up -- and from a business and investor perspective, that is a great thing!
  •     “Finally, people do not like being told you 'need to buy this hardware to get this software to work.' Don't get me wrong, if you have a super compelling product you can get away with it, but in the long run it is a bad business decision.”  This is a good point. And considering that Cortana works well on low end hardware like the 520, making it available on older iphones and android devices where Siri and Google Now are not available should be a snap.
  • To be honest, this is really a bad move. Call me naive, but it will lose touch. Iphones are the best phones, anyone would want. We use lumia phones fpor passion, but thisis just a passion killer. Stop the bullshit and make Cortana a Windows Cortana  
  • I normally don't care for articles from this guy, but this one has so many BS on it I had to say something... 1. The first point doesn't make any sense at all in relation to the article headline. Cortana might be better on Windows 10, why is that a good thing for Windows Phone? Who buys a smartphone based on a voice assistant? 2. Google shoves their search engine, Google Now, Cards and whatever flavor of the month service down your throat at every turn on Android. So does Microsoft. You can change the search engine for the dedicated search key, you are stuck with Bing. On Android though, you CAN change the default search engine. 3. Microsoft is now the most open in regards to putting their services everywhere. This is only partially true. MS is open because they are not going anywhere with WP. 4. when was the last time you yearned for iTunes on your phone? Speak for yourself. I use iTunes as my primary media player in my Windows PC, and always wanted to have it on my phone, more so when they scrapped Zune. 5. Moreover, would you really choose FaceTime over the ubiquity of Skype? After using them both on the same wi-fi connection, I would say FaceTime's performance is much better than Skype on WP. 6. Google cannot even be bothered to make that app due to the supposed low market share of Windows Phone. It's not supposed low, it is as actually low. They made an app in 2007 because they thought WP might take off, which it never did. 7. Apple's services are just generally lame. Nice (lack of) argument! 8. Point 3 and 4 are actually same. 9. Bing, to this dismay of many, now accounts for 1-in-5 searches. Nicely skipped over the part where the statistics is US-only.
  • My one wish is that she eventually does become the righteous AI she was originally in HALO, starting with Hololens and then whatever else turns up in our world of technology... =p