5 things we need to see in Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA V (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar has confirmed Grand Theft Auto 6 is underway. While there have been reports of such a game being in the oven for some time, it's no longer rumor and speculation.

So, with GTA 6 officially announced as a real game that people will eventually be able to play, we can finally start setting our wish list for what we want to see in the next chapter of one of the most famous series to ever exist. Here are five things we really want from the latest, and hopefully greatest, Grand Theft Auto.

1. Post-launch narrative content


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For years, people waited on GTA V to deliver something that either continued the stories of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin in a meaningful way, or gave us a juicy look at the life of an entirely different Los Santos denizen. However, all we got was GTA Online DLC, microtransactions, updates, and ... well, just about everything except for narrative content. Mind you, we're not here asking for hefty amounts of paid story DLC or anything that would reduce the value proposition of the main game having a complete journey (there is something noble about the entire story of GTA V being in the base game, no DLC required). But something more substantial than Easter eggs regarding the main characters' post-story whereabouts would be nice.

2. Keep the raunch and satirical zest

Gta V Beach

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Be it Hillary Clinton's outrage over the hot coffee incident or Grand Theft Auto V's painfully, scarily accurate depiction of Californian life at its most depraved and satirical, Rockstar needs to keep the spice at a maximum for GTA 6. Many people would argue that Western consumers have gotten a lot softer and more sensitive over the years to humor and "dangerous subjects" in art, but those are the places where GTA thrives. Rockstar needs to keep pushing the envelope as far as it'll go in the interest of providing us with its famous brand of nerve-striking writing.

3. Expanded launch features


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Remember when Rockstar added a first-person mode to Grand Theft Auto V way after the game's initial launch, long after most people had already played through the campaign, never to return again? If Rockstar's going to put the effort into having this sort of expanded feature set, it'd be really great to see it in the game at launch so as many people as possible are exposed to a wealth of gameplay options.

4. Mod support

Grand Theft Auto V

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We need to see Rockstar embrace mods with GTA 6. Grand Theft Auto is a modder's dream, and seeing that dream crushed by lawyers and banhammers is, for lack of a better word, distasteful. So hopefully Rockstar can acknowledge the good in not just tolerating mods, but embracing them, so long as player-made inclusions don't dare to disrupt the ever-lucrative Shark Card ecosystem.

5. More interiors


Source: Rockstar Games (Image credit: Source: Rockstar Games)

This is almost guaranteed to happen since it's a fundamental aspect of open-world game design, but hopefully more elaborate, involved interior locations are integrated into GTA 6's open world. GTA V was good in that respect given the constraints of the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it's been a long time since then, and seeing just how truly living and breathing a Rockstar-made open world could be on today's hardware is exciting to look forward to. Even with the best Game Pass games pushing the Xbox Series X, it'd be nice to see a detailed world from Rockstar that absolutely maximizes the console's potential.

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