5 minor Android features we want on Windows 10 phones

There's been quite a lot of bug fixes and polish at least, and even the inclusion of updated emojis. Yay.

The future of Windows 10 on phones appears to rest with Windows 10 on ARM and CShell, and what ever form that takes, it should prove a more unified experience between PC and "mobile phone" devices.

I've been using Android on and off for a few weeks now. Despite having more apps, and more features, I still find myself coming back to Windows 10 Mobile, time and time again, currently using a HP Elite x3 as a daily driver. Honestly, I don't think the grass is greener on the other side, unless you have a particular need for Pokemon Go or Snapchat.

Still, there are some things that Android does better than Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. Here are five features I'd love to see make the leap across the OS gap.

1. The ability to close all open apps instantly

Android's equivalent of Windows' Task View is incredibly useful for navigating to minimized apps, and managing closing different apps. Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 have this too, either by holding the back button on a phone, or by pressing the Windows key and tab. The two solutions are very similar, with one key difference.

On BlackBerry's KEYone version of Android, and several others, there's a button to close all apps right now. If you're an app junkie like me, switching between Reddit, Twitter, chat apps, browser, and more, being able to close everything instantly is useful. It's not really necessary, since an app running in the background on Android is "tombstoned" and uses minimal power, but it's just a nice option to have.

2. Developer option to switch off animations

One of the things that was bugging me about Android was the bouncy, almost cartoony animations across the OS. That's a little subjective, but I wanted to see if I could adjust them at all, given how customizable Android seems to be in general. It turns out that you can, using Android's developer options. Not only does this make Android a little more bearable to use, it makes switching between apps and multi-tasking a lot faster.

You can also disable animations in Windows 10 for PCs, so why not Windows 10 Mobile? In a world where Microsoft was continuing development, this would be a nice feature.

3. System-level icon customization

One of the most annoying things about Windows 10 is the fact that developers have control over tiles, rather than users. This leads to a mess of transparent tiles and non-transparent tiles, which can be difficult to rectify. There are a few work-arounds, both on PC and phones, but they're a little clunky.

Android allows users to install third-party home screen launchers, which often come with icon packs that change every icon across the home screen layout. Tiles are far more complicated than Android's icons, particularly if they're set to live, but it would be nice if Microsoft gave users control over how the initial icon tiles looked at a system level, similarly to how Android does.

4. Mobile split view

Windows 8 introduced us to snappable apps, allowing us to use full-screen programs side-by-side, designed for touch. Windows 10's tablet mode expanded on this further, allowing us to adjust the width of each window at will.

Android on phones gives you the ability to snap two apps on top of each other, which can be useful for watching videos at the same time as browsing Twitter, for example. It looks like this is something that CShell will be able to solve in the future, but I'm certainly hoping Microsoft considers it for phone devices in the future.

5. Screen pinning

One great little security feature on Android is screen pinning. Ever wanted to let your kid play a game? Or hand a colleague your phone so they can see a specific app — but not your notifications or other apps? Screen pinning in the task switcher lets you simply pin an app to the screen, blocking the notification center and home screen. To exit the app, you have to back out to the lock screen and re-enter your pass key.

Windows phone used to have something similar, called the App Corner, which allowed you to restrict phone use to certain apps from the lock screen. Sadly, Microsoft killed the feature because few people were using it. Pinning an app this way feels far more intuitive, though, and would probably be used way more.

Wrapping up

Of course, there are lots of other things I'd like to see from Android on my HP Elite x3 or my Lumia 950 XL. Frequently updated, feature-rich apps from popular services, a company that cares about its future, a wide variety of OEM devices to choose from, but alas, it simply wasn't meant to be.

Windows 10 Mobile is winding down on the feature2 branch, as Microsoft strips out the features for use as part of CShell and whatever comes next for Windows on phones. It could be the Surface Phone, but it also very may well be nothing at all.

Thankfully, passionate UWP developers are keeping my Windows 10 Mobile alive, for now, but if any more essential services abandon UWP, I'll set sail for Android permanently, most likely. Sad face.

What features from other OSes would you like to have seen on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile? Hit the comments below or forever hold your peace.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Kids Corner/App Corner that was very useful.  I can't go by Microsoft's word no one was using it.  Because they killed a lot of great things it seems for no reason at all. I wish Windows Phone 10 mimicked how Windows Phone 8 worked when it comes to apps.  At least in WP8 when you hit the back arrow you could close out the app.  In WP10 you hit the back arrow to close and yet the app is sill open.  What gives? 
  • I agree. I could give my pgone to my 5yr old without worrying things being moved around, deleted, etc etc. I upgraded from the 930 to the 950XL and I can't leave my kids alove with my phone any more...
  • Kids corner was nice, but the entire idea was useful for more than kids.. Honestly, we never got to utilize swipe from left, and to be a able to add custom settings such as controls, and hidden tiles we don't want on our start screen.
  • And the Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team (MSFT) had Jessica Alba introduce Kid's Corner.  I kid you not!  Actual marketing stuff by the Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team!  She even gave a testamonial about how important this feature was to her with a new family.  The paint wasn't even dry and they killed it off. MSFT just being MSFT!  You can't make this stuff up and have it be believable! Maybe they should have test marketed it prior to paying some large change for a personality to provide a testamonial?  Ya think?!?!
  • As much as I agree some departments of Microsoft look dysfunctional, your immature take on MSFT was amusing maybe the first one or two times you did it.   That kind of ridicule takes away any credibility the rest of your comment may have.  I may agree with your content, but the pre-teen ridicule really doesnt help your cause.  I guess that is what a lot who comment on these articles are like though in reality.... If MSFT were "Massively Screwed-up" they would not be one of the most profitable companies around, to the extent that they still throw money at Windows Mobile, despite the fact it does not make them any money.  (Bug fixes still cost development time).
  • Had they marketed and released handsets annually, they would have grown the user base so there would have been more users to use the feature. So stupid....
  • For me, I want multi-window support out of Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, I expect WINDOWS to have it, as the name suggests.
    Task Switcher is annoying on Windows 10 Mobile. It takes long time to load (or the press-and-hold time is too long), it cuts colors during animations, which is a lot more visible since Fluent Design look on apps due to the gradients (Try with Groove, if you don't know what I am talking about. Play music, press and hold teh back button to task switch, and return back to Groove, you'll see steping on the gradient due to lack of colors). And I wish there was an option to not make teh phone ring through the phone speaker when headphones are plugged in. But yes, it is all nitpicking. I enjoy my Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950 XL. And I think all this stuff would have fixed/improved/feature added if it didnt' get the cut in ressources. The only thing I find shameful, is that a lot of ressources was put in Android emulation of apps feature that neevr came to be. If all those ressources wer directly put on the OS to make it better, it would have given us an even better Mobile OS, I beleive.  
  • Phone rings through the speaker even if headphones are connected. It is an automated process and better than it is on android. Unlike android it does not start ringing through phone's speaker immediately. It first rings in in the head phone and after 2-3 sec it starts ringing through phone. It is even more intelligent than most smartphones out there. Even if your wireless headset is connected which has its own mic if you pick up your call by phone then it does not use headset mic at all. You can just pick up and talk through phone's mic. If you pick up your call by phone and place the phone on the ears immediately, it uses neither headset speaker nor its mic, it uses phone's earpeice and mic. But if you pickup your phone by clicking on the headset button omly then it route the call to the headset and uses headset's mic.
  • It's one of the many genious features i miss in Crapdroid. Except maybe locked apps (like kids corner, even if used for demos at business partners, not for kids), there is no feature or app i miss on Windows. On the other side i miss a lot of stuff now that i'm on android.
  • You could probaly change the press-and-hold times somewhere in the registry by using Interop Tools
  • Multi-window is a must and should be even first on the list. If Microsoft is serious about productivity, then improving multitasking capabilities should be always a thing on Windows. Heck, I can't even do vertical snapping on Windows 10 tablet because who knows why not. You can't take advantage of extra screen space to snap apps while on the portrait. Oddly, even Windows 8.1 allows you to even snap more than 2 apps as long as the screen size allows. In Windows 10 Tablet mode, you always limited to 2 apps. Back to Windows 10 mobile, Windows Snap should be and must be one of the main features. Maybe snapping apps doesn't make sense on 5 inch and below, but for phablets with extra screen size, this should be possible. Oh another thing, Compact Overlay is also needed and actually make sense on smartphones. On Android, I can always have my Skype video call while doing something else on the phone at the same time. Another use-case is to watch YouTube video while doing something else.
  • I could have complete written this article in 30 seconds. What do Windows Phone users want that Android has? SUPPORT, both from Microsoft and from 3rd party devs. I still think it's easily the best OS, but the lack of support is what kills it.
  • Back in 2013, and 14, when devices like the 920, 1020, and 1520 were popular among fans apps were coming in, and the app situation was getting better by the day. All we had to do was ask enough, and we would eventually get developer support for wanted apps.. Nokia supported the platform well.. I can imagine how nice WP would be today if that momentum had never stopped. I'm sure Snapchat, and other "popular" apps would be here by now. The entire story would be different, and that would give an Ultra mobile Surface device a chance to hit the ground running....
  • I don't know about Snapchat, but you're right had Microsoft kept Nokia onboard I do believe Windows Phone would be much better off today.  I still feel the void of Nokia today.  Nokia had so many GREAT apps.  It's almost sickening what Microsoft has done with the mobile OS.  And yes I do believe more developers would still be on board too.
  • You know Snapchat would be here.. It wouldn't be on my device, but that app would help a lot of people put up with Windows Phone.. We could also count on the fact that if MS kept momentum up the quality of apps would be much better as well.
  • @ rodneyej - they were good times. Thats when I had my glorious white 1520, god I loved it. Best experience ever, nothing since (iPhone7+ now) has come close. So sad what's happened since.
  • All I'm waiting on is Nokia/HMD Global to release a 6 inch-ish phone and I'll be switching straight away, Nokia is the only reason why I came to Windows Phone in the first place, and you can be sure they'll be the reason I leave.
  • The 1520 was the best phone I ever had.. The only thing that would be better is something of Surface build quality.
  • I still believe they could have easily overtaken iPhone for second place in the market by now had they kept the ball rolling.
  • Of course. Simple by having multiple OEM'S selling devices alone. Just like Android.
  • Nah, I'm good thanks.  Those features don't need to be in a retired SKU. Maybe put them in full blown Windows 10. Oh, but #1 would need some serious thinking, with Timeline hopefully coming soon™ after the fall creators update.
  • That's why the title is "Windows 10 phones" and not "Windows 10 Mobile"
  • Whoa! What launcher or iconpack makes the apps look wireframed?
  • Dead... Whenever WC, or anyone else, talks about the future of Windows on Mobile, just think "future".... Make it easy on yourself.
  • Android does not kill all apps when you hit 'Clear' either. It just clears this list and makes us assume nothing is running. If you go to the settings under all apps list and open one of those apps, you have the option to "Force Close". I know Widows 10 is missing this clearing option but if you close the app it actually stops running.
  • Good point. And reality
  • I'm confused.. Why would you clear it if you don't want it to stop running?.
  • Yes and no. Some apps do continue to run background processes, but it depends on the app and what its functions are. Those that normally run in the background often will restart background processes after hitting the stop option on the app menu. Swiping kills the interactive functions and clears frees up some RAM. As far as the battery goes, starting with Android 6 there has been a doze feature that accomplishes the puts apps "to sleep" and manages memory. It gets better with each new update. There is little need to mess with swiping in most circumstances. All this talk of lovin6a dead OS is just bizarre. 
  • Ahhh, I see. Thanks.
  • I've actually built my own app launcher for windows 10 (and mobile). Custom app icons are definitely possible for Microsoft to implement. I might update my app with custom icon support in the future. You can download the prelease version of it here: https://github.com/colinkiama/UWP-App-Launcher/releases
  • Downloaded, how do i use it? So I can give feedback.
  • Install the appxbundle on your phone using Windows Device Portal (information about it is here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/debug-test-perf/device-port...) or just opening the file on your phone. It just works like a regular app launcher.
  • Hi Jez Quick question - what is the name of the icon pack you're using on your BB KeyOne? looks great!  THX
  • Lines I think
  • Yeah, looks like Lines.  Its what I use.  There is both a Light and Dark version as well.  That dev has a number of good icon packs utilizing minimalist designs.  
  • Downgrade to android from Windows 10 is just wrong... Only acceptable option would be iPhone, and that only if Windows 10 Mobile ever becomes totally abandoned, both by developers and by Microsoft. Why iPhone? Because it's closest match to stability, smoothness and speed of Windows Phone 8.1 :-)
  • It (ios) already has windows 10 mobile devices beat in those 3 catagories zskededic.   it is already faster, smoother and more stable than windows 8 or 10....
  • oooooo lots of fanbaby truth downvotes there.
  • That's because none of us want to hear about Crapple in a Windows column!!
  • Why not getting an iPod touch 6th gen for the lack of apps that you need. Cheaper than iPhone and you keep and use your windows phone for voice calls.
  • I upgraded to a One plus 5. It's an awesome experience, much better than my windows devices. I have no regrets and I will not be coming back any time soon.
  • Hilarious... wake it up brow... W10 is no where near android
  • Yeah,  5 small things and 3 GLAIRINGLY HUGE THINGS that Android has that microsoft does not.....1. APPS.  2.  SUPPORT and 3.  DEVICES!  
  • Says 5 small features, mentions 4 big features. Outside of closing all apps at once all of these are major functionality changes. System change icons would require a structuring of how they are handling live tiles, half screen apps requires a rewrite on how they are handling multi task, screen panning requires changes in permission management and lock screen functionality, switch off animations could be easy or hard depending on how the OS is built. These are not easy enhancements.
  • have a bad news for you, winodws 10 phone is dead... 
  • How?
  • No plans for new features or new devices. Lack of developer support. Microsoft sells Android phones in their stores, not Windows phones. You know, the same stuff that's been discussed on these forums 1000 times.
  • What device am I using right now? When was my last update?
    What was the last app I installed?
    Will I get another update ever?
    Is my device still on sale on MS's website?
    Can I still contact developers for problems, or request, regarding current apps on my device?
    Do I enjoy using my device?
    Is my device helpful to me?
    Will I be able to ask these things about my device a month from now?
    Why does it concern you?
    Why does it upset you?
    What's your point?
    If you don't care why are you here?
    Are you looking for attention?
    Why are you so needy?
    Why should you think anyone should care?
    Why don't you seek attention from those who sympathize with your issue?
    What do you want us to do?
    Do you think your insecurities are our responsibility?
    Answer even ONE of those questions incorrectly, and you're wasting your time responding to me indefinitely.
  • Right... You asked how & I responded. Don't really care what phone you use. No new features or devices are in the works for windows phone 10 mobile whatever you want to call it. This is what people refer to when stating the OS is dead. Not sure it can be explained in any simpler terms.
  • Can't even answer my simple questions, except with that generic, regurgitated, typical, mindless, trolling BS.. Didn't even try..
    And, you do care, you care more about WP than anyone here. Wierd thing is that you don't even know why... Well, you're wasting my time, and everyone else's.. Have a nice life.
  • ... jeez, get some help man, like for real.
  • Deaaaaaaad
  • How is it not dead Rodney...Just because YOU are using one,  does not make it ALIVE.  I use RT devices...but RT is dead....
  • waaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  • There are some more granular Location and GPS setting that would be helpful. Thanks
  • close all be would great
  • 1. I literally have never needed to do that.  However, I'd argue that WP7 was better at managing active apps than WP8, which was MUCH better than W10M.  But I've not had any issues. 2. There's really not much in the way of animations in W10 (nor was there in WP7 or 8).  I don't get why what little there is become an issue. 3.  Oh, dear heavens, NO.  I love the standardization that's been a part of Windows phones.  I can pick up any Windows phone an instantly navigate it.  I just hate the choices Microsoft has made with what that looks like for W10M.  Well, Windows 10, too.  Just horrific. 4.  No, not a phone.  In Continuum mode, sure.  But absolutely NOT on a phone. 5.  I can't really speak to this one since I don't have kids and I never hand my phone to anyone else.
  • If you love standardization and hate choice then you will love Apple. Windows and Android really don't sound like a good fit for you. Apple will do a much better job holding your hand.
  • There are some excellent feature phones out there, I'd actually suggest one of those...
  • . if I'm not mistaken windows 10 mobile has tombstoning too. But I agree with the close all button.  2. I sint think windows 10 mobile gas to many oe annoying animations. It seems a bit bland compared to windows phone 7. Which animations do you consider "cartoony" on windows 10 mobile? 3. Totally agree. I also think they should allow ymthe end user to pin any file type as a live tile. We have folder tiles(, that can be labeled!) for a reason. 4. I agree, but for continuum. 5. They should bring app corner back. Missing from the **** fir me: A. Start menu lanscape support. Its annoying I have to keep turning my phone for apps the ate oriented to landscape or when having the phone in landscape, for example with navigation in the car. I have ti constantly turn my head ir turn the phone when navigating between two apps. B. A richer choice of certain apps in from the play store (in my case medical and local apps and IoT apps for peripherals and accessories) C.  Pen support for devices supporting it. I would love to use windows ink with onenote and the maps app on mobile. (this request is not a must for me. The experience will remain more relevant for me on a tablet form factor).  
  • ??? Don't know why the word list was blanked out.
  • considering all the other spelling mistakes are you sure you spelt it as 'list' ?
  • ah, I see, apparently not. Yes, its frustrating that the swipe keyboard accuracy of spelling has degraded over time, I notice I have to do far more working corrections on windows 10 mobile compared to windows Phone 8. Sigh. Hopefully this will be fixed by the time carrots update is released, but not holding my breath  after two years of waiting. Nor for windows 10 either. The algorithm doesn't seem to learn as well as windows phone 8.  tried to change it but some how the edit button on windows central doesn't always work on edge in windows 10 and 10 mobile. Don't know why, but it has been a while now.
  • Text scheduler. I really wish WP had that. Such an easy to implement feature too.
  • Yeah, I also would like a couple of Android features on Symbian and PalmOS and BB10. You know, since we're doing wishful thinking about a dead OS. And no point in using the "Windows 10 phones not Windows 10 Mobile", because there's no such thing as "Windows 10 phones". And there won't be.
  • I'd like to see a more universal search as well, to include searching within contacts, emails, etc from the start screen, not just web and store app names. That's something I can do on both iOS and Android.
  • I love my Elite x3. But that BlackBerry keynote is calling me. Android stuff I'd like to have:
    -more customizable icons/tile options
    -launcher options
    -closing all open apps at once
    -a better way to print stuff from my phone l
  • Yes. Just like on WP7-7.5, when you highlight any text (like with C&P), and hit the search key, it automatically does a Bing search for that text.. That's what we need.
  • It's funny how great WP 7.X was and instead of Microsoft building on it, it took away features.  Microsoft always 1 step forward and 2 or 3 steps backward. 
  • Yes.. Setting aside features, and apps, WP7.5 has to be the most smooth, beautiful, and coherent mobile OS ever made. Nothing has that Magic today... It could've worked. MS has to be nutz to not put everything they had into marketing, and building, their mobile OS... Some things they do just don't make sense. They bought Nokia's phone division, destroyed Lumia, and NOBODY has anything to show for it. ****, at least we could have some nice Android devices to switch to if Nokia kept designing Lumias. It's all just a waste of time if you don't make it work.
  • So 2010 was the pinnacle of windows phone development?
  • @bub78 In many ways... yes.
  • I agree with the multi tasking enhancements, I add to them the option for the task view key also on the mobile taskbar, which should become a little customizable. Moreover, I miss a select-all function while editing texts, a night mode toggle and a screenshot toggle. And maybe also a left scroll gesture from the start screen to get into settings.
  • Meh to all these. If I could get traffic back in nav and the podcasts app was reliable I'm good.
  • Well, if MS could've got Samsung to do a Windows S8/+; that wouldn't have hurt either.
  • There's already a Microsoft version of the S8, they sell it in their stores. AT&T only though, but I think you can get AT&T to unlock it if you're on a different carrier.
  • I just my phone to make a sound when a text is sent.  Apparently I'm pretty feeble, and I miss the "send" button a lot.  Which means I see a lot of drafts stuck in limbo hours after I thought I had sent them.
  • Still WP fans here in DFW?
  • Nokia 920 in smokin' hot yellow. Still madly in love.
  • Yes, my ex stole mine.. She had an iPhone, then when I got my 1520 I let her use it, and she wouldn't give it back. Those devices were that nice, and my 1520 is the best phone I've ever owned. Those were the days.. This is the reason why I look forward to Windows on Surface hardware today.
  • Yep.
  • One thing I wish they would do on Edge is the ability to tap the top of the screen to quickly go back to the top of the page, like on iOS.
  • Oh, yeah.. That would be nice. Hopefully in the future..
  • 4. Mobile split view Use Monument browser. It's free, it's beautiful, it has split view, it has other great options.
  • I'd settle for releasing new devices as a feature.
  • All excellent suggestions. Microsoft should have someone like you in charge of what constitutes "Anniversary Updates." I'd rather see useful things like this, rather than mostly bug fixes and minor UI adjustments.
  • I've got no problem taking good ideas from other places...
  • I'd like to see a SP4 for XP.    App Store apps available for Vista.   Skype on Windows 2000.  
  • Win2k was awesome. Compared to Win98 anyway. Guess that's not saying much, lol.
  • How is any of this relevant?  Were these not desktop operating systems and not Android features???
  • Ex-W10M user here, and I don't I've ever needed to close all apps (or any apps for that matter) when I used W10M back then. Memory management is arguably so much better than Android (even Nougat which I'm using right now), and I used Lumia 640, which is almost half of what my phone is currently. Now, I have to constantly purge the RAM to even get a decent smooth scrolling on Instagram.
  • Yep.   I went thru my Android phase too.   The more I used it, the less I liked it.  Constantly running "Device Maintenance" to get decent performance and battery life.    My work-issued phone is a Samsung S7 Edge, and it's my only remaining Android device.  Sold my Android tablets and Windows phones and went iOS for all my personal devices.  No such issues in iOS.   It's all done automatically.  Plus it's smoother than Win 10 mobile.   Android is still very jerky and clunky.  
  • Agreed, though I admit I have not used Android since Kit-Kat.  Android Memory Management is the worst of all.  Android is getting better, but it is also still the least secure of them all.  Please do not talk about Knox or the like.  Android in its vanilla state is the least secure of the lot.  Arguably Win Mobile is the most secure.   Unfortunately I can not wait for Microsoft to pull their finger out, get developers on board properly for UWP and release new WoA hardware.  I need a phone that is more functional now.  I have no Apple devices, so iOS makes little sense so I will be moving to Android.  Windows 10 Mobile, although much improved, still has niggly issues and the lack of development and new hardware just pushes it over the edge.  I love my Lumia 950, but it over heats with certain apps because the developers do not develop them to be efficient anymore.  It freezes randomly when typing in web forms in Edge.   Unfortunately it looks like time to say goodbye to Windows on Mobile for me at this time.  
  • I think C-Shell should incorporate a blank "desktop" so our beautiful Bing pic-of-the-day wallpaper can be enjoyed in all it's glory.  There should be a task bar running across the bottom of the screen (similar to Android -- see your pic of BB KeyOne), with the Windows button on the left.  Upon tapping it, the Start Screen should slide up from the bottom with all of our Live Tiles, organized in labeled groups and folders and with transparency set as we choose. This would be awesome and really the only way to improve upon the best UX in the biz.
  • What theme did you use on the Keyone ? Looks brilliant !!
  • Microsoft has Xbox and hasn't even tapped into the unused potential that a singular OEM in Sony already has. That's the ability to stream and play games from the system on the phone on the same network. Microsoft just hasn't done anything worth mentioning to advance the platform and the potential has been there all along.
  • -Multiple startscreens
    -Specific screens per wifi/location/bluetooth (home, car, work)
    -Autologin on wifi or bluetooth
  • -Seperate volume controle for alarms
    -More speed!!!! At least 8.1
  • Another delusional fanboy article :))) If you think Android is only about Snapchat and Pokemon Go you need to actually use and android phone, not just saying you have used one. Pathetic.
  • Pity about the down votes, from the "fans".  I am a Lumia 950 user so I am in the Windows camp here.  But the point about Apps is important. Microsoft did burn developers, Windows Mobile 6.x had a lot of apps.  They could not be used on Windows Phone 7.  Developers kind of came to the party on Windows Phone 7 only to be burnt when their apps did not work on Windows Phone 8.  Then the issues with compatibility with 8.1 and then Mobile 10....  Now Mobile 10 is being killed less than 2 years after it was released.  Not sure how a Developer can support a platform when every 1 to 2 years their apps need to be totally re-written.
  • The Surface Phone will be released when Half Life 3 is released.
  • WTF I'd just like to see some WP10s, period. I don't get this article, for all intents and purposes the platform is dead, why bother with features, we need a phone ffs.
  • We got a new car this week (VW Tiguan). My wife connected her iPhone via Apple Car Play in seconds, and her mobile is perfectly mirrored at the dash screen. I am jealous and disappointed as my Lumia 950XL doesn't support the Mirror Link standard. I don't care about the small things mentioned in the article. Fix the big issues first!
  • That's what happens when you have MOBILE DEVELOPER SUPPORT.   Something that any mobile device running "Windows" will never have.   Sad, but true, and it is entirely Microsoft's fault.   
  • night light, that's all I want. also autocorrect should know my email address by now...
  • So glad I switched years ago! >:) also Android kinda has kid's corner, since you can add multiple users, who have different settings and start screens etc. Android isn't even glitchy like people like to say. It's pretty smooth. 
  • Need to ditch windows phone and create phone app on Windows 10 PRO. so small tablets becomes a phone. and add an app that will run Android apps. 
  • I think that is the idea of Windows on Arm and CShell. :)
  • Google took everything Microsoft dropped and put it in Android, I'm already glued to Android right now, Microsoft can get me back if they announce something Android can't do. And hey, Android is now swift.
  • Yes, your point is very valid.  Android is a mixture of the original open source and MICROSOFT innovation.  Pity Google never showed Windows any love, no native Google apps on Windows.  Apple have done the same though.  A lot of features that Apple claim are theirs are features Microsoft had been innovating before hand.  Trouble is, Microsoft give up too easily and don't market.  Windows Phone 7 was late to market, it was going to take time for it to get a foot hold.  It had developer support to a certain extent.  Microsoft gave up and "rebooted" the mobile effort before it could gain traction.  The problem there is not just the reboot, but there was no way to make the back catalogue of apps work because the OS was changed so much.  Burning developers doesn't help I am ranting a bit, sorry to go off topic... I guess the point is, Microsoft do a lot of innovation.  They just do not seem to have the ability to see things through to the end.  They only seem to look for short term success, rather than the bigger picture.  
  • Jez, is App corner gone in the latest builds as well or you're refering to kids corner? I do miss Kids corner, although it had one weird niggle - you could still access the camera roll photos from kids corner photo app. It would be nice if we had more control over kids corner for those who want that option. I recall a user who was asking in the forums if we could lock the photo app or preselect photos suchas in Windows Phone 8.x where we could select favourites.
  • One feature I love on my kids Android phones is the ability to set time restrictions for notifications.  This allows me to set it up so we don;'t get annoying snapchat alerts at 2am in the morning.  I see my Windows Phone has an option called Quiet Hours but there does not appear to be any option to define what those hours are.  So for now I have assumed it is simply an on/off switch for alerts.  Be nicer if it worked like Android.
  • You can define "quiet hours" to be any time you like.  The easiest way is to long press on the Quiet Hours icon from the quick icon list when you pull down the menu from the top of the screen.  If you can not do that the setting is part of CORTANA settings, as Windows Notifications are powered by Cortana.  You will find the option for Quiet Hours in Cortana's Notebook.  Turn the "Automatic rules" on and you have the option to set "Quiet Time" hours.  You also have break through lists so you can let important contacts still get through to you (contacts from People app that is, it doesn't have options for third party apps). Because of the hours I work, I have my quiet time set from 2am to 10am :)
  • Thanks for that.  The Quiet Hours settings area was not obvious but turning on Automatic Rules uncovered what I was looking for.  I'm not sure why Cortana is involved for this simple function.  Appreciate the help.
  • I would love to see the reverse of this article.  What about features from Windows 10 Mobile that we would like on Android?   There is a reason we all end up going back to Windows Mobile/Phone at times even after getting an Android handset
  • - Open a pdf attachment directly in the app of MY choice, instead of Edge. - Split-screen so I could use a calculator next to another program for instance.
  • more apps available on the store like snapchat. different security on the lockscreen which android have:face unlock,pattern, pin,password e.tc. also have shortcuts to apps on the lockscreen like ios so u could stuff like calculator