This $8 gooseneck stand can hold your phone and tablet in so many positions

Looking for a flexible solution for keeping your phone in plain sight? This Tryone Gooseneck Mount (opens in new tab) will solve your problems. You can place it basically anywhere and adjust the angle of your device to best suit your needs. Today Amazon is selling it for $8.49, which is about 15% off the typical price. It's also one of the best deals we've shared for the product, which has excellent reviews (opens in new tab). If you don't want to pay shipping fees, spend at least $25 or use your Amazon Prime membership (opens in new tab).

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Tryone Gooseneck Phone Holder (opens in new tab)

This 21-inch gooseneck tablet stand features a reinforced clamp base that lets you mount it to desks, headboards, and other surfaces around your home. You can even use it as a tripod for overhead phone filming.

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Tryone gooseneck tablet stand and mounted holder

Tryone gooseneck tablet stand and mounted holder

$12.59 $20.00 Save $7

When you want to use your tablet, but you're too lazy to hold it yourself.

This easy-to-use mount features a reinforced screw clamp that you can put basically anywhere. Then adjust the flexible neck to position your phone or tablet. You can clamp the mount to your headboard and suspend your phone for easy binge-watching, or perhaps mount it on your counter to reference recipes when cooking dinner. I personally use something very similar to this to film overhead videos with my phone. The mount is compatible with devices about three inches wide and half an inch thick.

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