8 Zip revamped with new look and several archiving improvements

What you need to know

  • 8 Zip received a fresh look and new features in a recent update.
  • The update brings several improvements to archiving files.
  • The update also adds features like hotkey support and support for SVG files.

Popular file archiver 8 Zip received an update this week that brings a fresh new look and several new features. The update makes it easier to use archive encryption, improves archive navigation, and makes it easier to create an archive. It also brings support for hotkeys, SVG files, and several other new features. In addition to feature updates, 8 Zip also received a visual overhaul. The app now follows Fluent Design guidelines and has options for light, dark, and system modes.

8 Zip also gained a built-in viewer and the ability to open multiple instances of the app. This makes it easier to view files and keep track of everything. Finebits shared a summary of the update with us when it shipped.

  • It's become easier to create an archive.
  • Archive encryption is now enabled with one click only.
  • Dark and light theme support has been added. Redone all color palettes.
  • UI has been updated with Fluent design and WinUI library.
  • Added new hotkeys.
  • Now you can run multiple instances of the application.
  • Added the ability to open a viewer in a new window. It allows you to look through the images or listen to music without unpacking the archive.
  • 7-zip library updated.
  • The archive navigation has been improved.
  • SVG file support has been added to the built-in viewer.

Finebits also created a Sway presentation summarizing the update, which includes photos, videos, and longer descriptions of the new features and changes. In addition to the free version of 8 Zip, there's a pro version (opens in new tab) which gets you access to more features.

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  • Thanks, did not know this existed. 7zip still works great (and looks more consistent with File Explorer even though that is somewhat dated) but i can imagine this works smoother if you use it a lot with a touchscreen.
  • i'm curious, you mention about not knowing of 8 Zip but say that 7zip is somehow more consistent with file explorer ? , i'm a 7zip user myself and i use 8 zip as well, 7zip is torture when you want to set it up as the default file extraction/decompression software, and 8 zip ..well that doesn't use context menu options.. which is in a way unappealing for me, though i believe it should be able to.
  • Extract command already added into Explorer right click menu. Due to system constraints for UWP applications add more commands is not yet possible.
    Also you can use Share command from Explorer right click menu for extract or compress files: https://youtu.be/N3wzkaFEbZg
  • I always just use rmb -> 7zip -> open archive, unzip to folder or unzip here.
  • Care to share the wallpaper used in this post?
  • It's not mine so I don't know where they got it from, sorry. They sent it over in an email with the changelog.
  • All wallpapers from Bing daily wallpaper images.
    There are several apps in the Microsoft Store that automatically set them every day.
  • I own the app and I love the update. Amazing looking!
  • Being a UWP doesn't justify downloading it. It's a tool that you use once in a while, and you do not look at the software UI when you just want to quickly decompress a file. This app as good as it is, (and I mean it, I bought torrent software from this studio) it's pointless now that phone does not exist. Most people use 7zip. I use Bandizip which is also very good and free. Apps that are shell extension by nature(compression, svn...) cannot be replaced with UWP if Microsoft doesn't open up APIs for shell extension for UWP.
  • Well said. It's a functional utility - appearance is secondary to functionality and ease of use.
  • Do people even still zip files these days? 10 years ago, I zipped most things, but I can probably count on one hand how many times I've compressed files in the past year.