Save 10% on Razer's best gaming chair and do that back pain a solid

Razer Enki Pro gaming chair
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You probably want to invest every last dollar into getting the best gaming computer possible, but believe me when I say that's only part of your setup. You need a spacious desk and a chair that will support you during long gaming sessions. Now is your time to get the best possible gaming chair to go with your awesome PC setup because Razer is discounting its Iskur gaming chair lineup by 10% for the month of October. The Iskur is normally a $500 chair, but today you can get it for as low as $447.99 through Razer's website. That's a huge discount, and you can add onto the chair with extra support or maybe upgrading the XL version and still save 10%.

Razer Iskur gaming chair 10% off for October

Razer Iskur gaming chair 10% off for October

Choose between several variations of the Razer Iskur gaming chairs. Find your favorite design and your favorite features and save 10% on the entire setup. You could get the base Iskur chair for as low as $447.99 today compared to its regular $500 price.

We have reviewed the Razer Iskur before, so you can get every piece of information you need to know about this chair before you make your purchase. Daniel Rubino said the Iskur has improved posture and lumbar support compared to other chairs in its price range and added, "This gaming chair focuses on perfecting your posture so you can play games for longer. It has a firm cushion, adjustable lumbar support, and a memory foam headrest to ensure perfect posture."

You can choose from a variety of designs and extras. Some of the colors aren't on sale (such as Quartz Pink), but most of them are. Plus you can choose extra cushions or choose the XL version of the chair if you need it and still save. Razer also has a 14-day trial with whatever chair you purchase, so you can try it out, see if you like it, and return it if you don't at no risk to you.

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