Secretlab joins forces with Lucasfilm for Star Wars Imperial collection of gaming chairs

Secretlab Star Wars Imperial collection
(Image credit: Secretlab | Lucasfilm)

What you need to know

  • Secretlab has announced a collaboration with Lucasfilm and unveiled two new gaming chairs styled after the popular Star Wars franchise, available now in the US and Canada.
  • Both chairs are based on the award-winning Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 model and are available in sizes S, R, and XL.
  • In white, the Stormtrooper edition features a leatherette covering with black textured highlights, including the Imperial crest and an engraving written in the fictitious Aurebesh language.
  • In black, the Empire edition features a dark leatherette covering with ribbing based on Darth Vader's armor, alongside a red Imperial crest and another Aurebesh engraving.

Based on the fantastic Titan Evo 2022 model, two special-edition variants just announced by Secretlab and Lucasfilm feature a collaboration blending the theme of a galaxy far, far away with supremely comfortable gaming chairs. Perfect for franchise fans who lean into the dark side, each model features theming to represent the Galactic Empire, including the iconic white armor worn by stormtroopers and sinister black adorned by the intimidating Darth Vader.

"Star Wars-inspired Secretlab chairs have been one of the most highly requested collaborations from our community and Star Wars fans alike, and it’s amazing for us to now be a part of Star Wars’ 45-year legacy with this new collection," says Alaric Choo, co-founder of Secretlab.

We opted for minimalist designs in our chairs, identifying the coolest elements of the Empire’s aesthetics and imagining what would fit naturally and tastefully into any Star Wars-themed home setup. I think we’ll be seeing some really impressive creations from fans with them."

Star Wars | Secretlab Stormtrooper edition (Image credit: Secretlab | Lucasfilm)

The Star Wars | Secretlab Stormtrooper edition exhibits the same shape as the Titan Evo 2022, stitched this time with a white leatherette and black ribbed textures peeking out along its side and rear to resemble the iconic armor worn by the same soldiers. An engraved black Imperial crest features on both the front and back, with glyphs printed on the rear in a fictitious language from the franchise.

"As stormtroopers trained to render total allegiance to the Emperor, it is only fitting that the Imperial Crest features prominently on the front and back of the Stormtrooper Edition. “Stormtrooper” in Aurebesh is also embroidered on the back, a nod to the most common written language used across the Star Wars galaxy."

Star Wars | Secretlab Empire edition (Image credit: Secretlab | Lucasfilm)

The Star Wars | Secretlab Empire edition features black leatherette covered with red highlights for an ominous reference to the Empire and its leader, Darth Vader. Functionally identical to the white Stormtrooper edition, this dark version displays its patterned ribbing in a unique style and changes the Aurebesh engraving placement.

"The Aurebesh translation of “Empire” occupies the front edge of the chair, with textured ribbing reminiscent of Darth Vader’s armor marking the back of the chair — a gaming throne fit for those who choose to fulfill their destiny."

Star Wars | Secretlab Imperial collection (Image credit: Secretlab | Lucasfilm)

Secretlab dropped hints at the Lucasfilm collaboration with a subtle Instagram post yesterday, building excitement with fans of Star Wars and the established gaming chair manufacturer. Both chairs in the Star Wars | Secretlab Imperial collection are available now in sizes S, R, and XL in the US and Canada, with more regions coming soon. If someone you know leans toward the dark side, pick up this special edition of one of the best gaming chairs ever made for the perfect holiday gift.

Check our Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 review for a breakdown of why it's the perfect evolution of an already fantastic gaming chair. Each themed variant features the same high-quality ergonomics and comfort you would expect from this award-winning company.

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