AdDuplex data shows a Microsoft Surface 2 and various Nokia tablets

When Microsoft and its partners don’t share actual numbers with us we have to go elsewhere to get our data fix. AdDuplex is one of those places where we can get an overall look at the current Windows Phone landscape in terms of which devices are popular (hint: it’s the Lumia 520). What is AdDuplex? It’s a cross-promotion network where developers can advertise their apps within each other’s apps. It also happens to have a Windows 8 network and what’s what we’re going to look at today. Which device is king of the hill when it comes to Windows 8?

So where’s this data come from? It comes from 393 apps in the Windows Store that run the AdDuplex SDK. The data was collected in one day last week on the 24th. It’s also a little harder to just say which device is the most popular when it comes to Windows 8 vs. Windows Phone. With Windows Phone 7.x and 8 you have a few dozen devices out there in the wild from a few OEMs. But with devices running Windows 8 you have so many devices and variations of devices. That makes it a little more difficult and the pictures isn’t just black and white, there’s a lot of gray.

We’re mostly interesting in the numbers around the Surface and upcoming Nokia devices. Here’s what the latest from AdDuplex reveals:

Surface RT owns 9.5% of the worldwide market share for devices. The HP 2000 comes in at number 2 with 3.2%. The Surface Pro shows up with 1.0% share. 75% of the marketshare is shown as “other”, this represents 10,000+ models/devices. Remember this is Windows 8 we’re talking about, not Windows Phone. So these numbers do make sense when you realize just how many different devices exist on the planet that can run Windows 8.      

When it comes to manufacturers, HP is king with 21.2% of the share when you compare it to other OEMs. Dell and Microsoft bring up second and third place with 11.7% and 10.5% share respectively.

New devices are on the horizon. Duh you might say, but it’s still nice to see them popping up on our radar even if they're a month or two away. There are two devices from Microsoft that are of interest. The first is the “Microsoft Corporation Surface 2” and the “Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro with Windows 8.1”. The first one could easily be a new device, but the Pro variant might just be the current Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 Preview installed.

We’ve been expecting a Nokia tablet for quite some time. And with the rumored NYC event at the end of September we might just get one. AdDuplex has seen a Nokia tablet as early as last October called the RX-107. Since then, the network has seen RX-108, RX-113, RX-114, RX-115 and RX-116. It could be one device through various stages of development, or two product lines through development. Only time will tell.

Check out the rest of the data from AdDuplex at the link below.

Source: AdDuplex

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  • Surface 2 here I come
  • You have 15,000 dollars??
  • I don't see anything saying Nokia there I must be blind.
  • Interestingly enough, I buy all my apps ad-free and pay for ad-removal, so I doubt I'm statistically included, but it is good to see figures for the cheaper devices being so popular. We're on the rise with WP! Interesting about Surface stats... I'm guessing that most Pro users are like me and only use desktop apps and ad-free apps in Metro.
  • In other words I'm betting Surface Pro sales are much higher than the ad data would suggest.
  • Surface Pro sales are that far behind the RT? I say we kill the Surface Pro....
  • If you read the article, you would see that they clealry state more than once that the numbers are artificially skwed towards RT devices. Actually, if you read the article you would also see that the basis for for their numbers is so flawed as to render any claims ansolutely meaningless. Oh, the supposed new devices are simply pure speculation - not a single actual bot of factual, verified, data to back them up.
  • LOL! But more like Pro users use legacy software in ther machine which does not register with AdDuplex.
  • Can't wait until the Nokia tablet comes out!
  • For one reason or another I haven't gotten around to getting a surface pro yet, but have fully intended to. Now my current laptop is starting to die.... Now the question is, do I hold out for Surface Pro 2?
  • Same. I got the RT to hold me over tell Pro 2 comes out. It sucks not having programs. But if Smart-Code would make VNC manager for RT I wouldn't need pro.
  • I've been holding out for Surface Pro 2. Hoping it has the Intel Haswell chipset. No fan and 8 to 10 hours of battery life. I'd be all over that.
  • I know the exact reasonI haven't gotten around to buying the Surface pro and that is the battery life. I holding out for Surface 2 because it should bring 7-8 hour battery life. That is more than enough for my needs.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but wast RT at about 7% before Surface Pro came out?  That's not a bad little increase, especially, considering the reports of RT's impending demise. 
  • MS say's that they are sticking by RT for the foreseeable future.. It needs apps, not the chopping block... After all, it is in so many ways better than iDroid tablets because of W8's multitasking capabilities... And more flexible kernel.. Well, those Android tablets are pretty capable too, but iOS¿¿
  • I work in retail and the surface RT is doing much better now since the price drop. I also think hearsay and overall consumer reviews are contributing to the sucess. I really think everything windows 8 is going to boom in the next 6 months to a year. Its only up fo microsoft and I'm just glad to be a part of such a huge undertaking with the company. 
  • Surface Pro with Haswell for 8h+ battery life!!!!! Quick!
  • 7" - 16" Nokia tablets
  • I was just thinking along these lines about surface pro 14"
  • No NIST,, you can take as many tablets as you want and you're not going to grow 7"-16" inches... You'll just have to make due with your 3".................
  • Hoping for a Surface Mini soon!
  • I really hope that Nokia does release a Haswell based tab in addition to the RT one.
  • Any word yet on a MS surface phone?
  • Idk, but I'm waiting eagerly once MS merges with Nokia & appoints Elop CEO. With the developers bringing the best features from Symbian to WP, it should be SWEET!
  • Hells yah!
  • I hope the Surface gets a much needed refresh, along with a true HD display. The RT line needs to either get scrapped or support for apps need to grow hugely. Right now Android and Apple are dominating :(
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  • Dude, energy drinks are not for you.
  • Guess its easy to find out whether the Nokia tablets are one and the same or not. For example, has the RX-107 been seen online together with the RX-116? (or any combination of models)
    Either way, well excited about the upcoming Nokia tablet!