AdDuplex data shows a Microsoft Surface 2 and various Nokia tablets

When Microsoft and its partners don’t share actual numbers with us we have to go elsewhere to get our data fix. AdDuplex is one of those places where we can get an overall look at the current Windows Phone landscape in terms of which devices are popular (hint: it’s the Lumia 520). What is AdDuplex? It’s a cross-promotion network where developers can advertise their apps within each other’s apps. It also happens to have a Windows 8 network and what’s what we’re going to look at today. Which device is king of the hill when it comes to Windows 8?

So where’s this data come from? It comes from 393 apps in the Windows Store that run the AdDuplex SDK. The data was collected in one day last week on the 24th. It’s also a little harder to just say which device is the most popular when it comes to Windows 8 vs. Windows Phone. With Windows Phone 7.x and 8 you have a few dozen devices out there in the wild from a few OEMs. But with devices running Windows 8 you have so many devices and variations of devices. That makes it a little more difficult and the pictures isn’t just black and white, there’s a lot of gray.

We’re mostly interesting in the numbers around the Surface and upcoming Nokia devices. Here’s what the latest from AdDuplex reveals:

Surface RT owns 9.5% of the worldwide market share for devices. The HP 2000 comes in at number 2 with 3.2%. The Surface Pro shows up with 1.0% share. 75% of the marketshare is shown as “other”, this represents 10,000+ models/devices. Remember this is Windows 8 we’re talking about, not Windows Phone. So these numbers do make sense when you realize just how many different devices exist on the planet that can run Windows 8.      

When it comes to manufacturers, HP is king with 21.2% of the share when you compare it to other OEMs. Dell and Microsoft bring up second and third place with 11.7% and 10.5% share respectively.

New devices are on the horizon. Duh you might say, but it’s still nice to see them popping up on our radar even if they're a month or two away. There are two devices from Microsoft that are of interest. The first is the “Microsoft Corporation Surface 2” and the “Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro with Windows 8.1”. The first one could easily be a new device, but the Pro variant might just be the current Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 Preview installed.

We’ve been expecting a Nokia tablet for quite some time. And with the rumored NYC event at the end of September we might just get one. AdDuplex has seen a Nokia tablet as early as last October called the RX-107. Since then, the network has seen RX-108, RX-113, RX-114, RX-115 and RX-116. It could be one device through various stages of development, or two product lines through development. Only time will tell.

Check out the rest of the data from AdDuplex at the link below.

Source: AdDuplex

Thanks for the tip Naveen!

Sam Sabri