AdDuplex has the first Windows 10 in-app ad banner SDK and ad network

The release of Windows 10 this week also allows developers to publish apps that use Microsoft's new universal platform, which allows an app to 'just work" on any Windows 10-based device. AdDuplex is stepping in to help developers make money from those apps with the launch of their Windows 10 in-app network and SDK.

The SDK is in beta form, but will allow developers to add banners and interstitial ads inside their Windows 10 apps. The ad network is based on the company's older one for Windows Phone, rather than the one they established for Windows 8 apps. AdDuplex stated:

"We have about 8x more apps on the Windows Phone network than Windows 8, we have interstitial support on WP, more streamlined ad formats (we have 7 ad sizes on Windows 8 and most of them are sparsely used), etc. And, to be honest, even Microsoft admits that Store apps never really took off on Windows, even with a much broader user base than that of WP. So we are building our Windows 10 cross-promotion network on top of our Windows Phone foundation. This will give your universal apps a much broader network of potential users once Windows 10 Mobile is released."

Source: AdDuplex

John Callaham