Alienware's RGB gaming keyboard has dropped to a new low of $100

Alienware Alienfx White Keyboard
Alienware Alienfx White Keyboard

The white Alienware low-profile RGB AlienFX gaming keyboard is down to $99.99 at Amazon. That's the lowest price it has ever reached. This keyboard has been fluctuating in price a lot this year, but it regularly sells as high as $160 and hovers somewhere around $130 most of the time. Today's drop marks only the second time it has ever hit $100, and the last deal didn't last very long. You can find the same keyboard going for $128 at Best Buy and $135 at Dell.


Alienware AW510K low-profile RGB AlienFX gaming keyboard

Uses Cherry MX Red Low Profile switches for super smooth triggers. AlienFX lighting is fully customizable and syncs with other gear. Has fully programmable keys with N-Key rollover so commands don't get left behind. Has USB pass-through as well.

Do your fingers a favor and gift them this Alienware keyboard to type on. The AW510K is designed for gamers and fast typing, whether you just need some more actions per minute or you want to get through your homework as quickly as possible. The switches on the keyboard are Cherry MX Red and Low Profile. The low profile switches mean it takes very little to activate these keys, so you get quick actuation and smooth triggering for every situation. Cherry MX Red switches are quite tactile and feel great as you type.

The keyboard does have RGB lighting, but it's a special kind of RGB. It's actually called AlienFX and the way it works is you get the regular fully-customizable per-key RGB lighting with access to millions of colors. However, Alienware also uses its own AlienFX tech to sync that lighting across more than just the keyboard. Get the same RGB lighting synced across multiple pieces of Alienware gaming gear or even get it to work with some third party things.

In addition to customizable lighting, the keyboard also has macros so you can set up complex commands. The N-Key rollover feature ensures none of your commands get forgotten no matter how fast you type. The keyboard also has a USB port for USB pass-through and dedicated audio controls.

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