In desperate need of a wifi range extender or PCI express wireless adapter but don't want to risk overspending? The solution you've been looking for is here, courtesy of D-Link and Amazon. Two of D-Link's products are seeing all-time-low sales right now, dragging the price of the company's D-Link WiFi 6 Range Extender and D-Link PCI Express Wireless Adapter AX3000 down to $79 and $44, respectively. Heads up: The two highlighted links in the previous sentence will take you to Amazon directly.

You can also find the lineup of D-Link networking products that Amazon has on sale right on the D-Link sale landing page (again, that's an Amazon link), in the event these products rotate out or new ones rotate in. Because, make no mistake, D-Link has a lot of products on sale right now, meaning you have way more than just two items to check out if you like the brand and want to get the best value of the year.

Here, though, we'll highlight the aforementioned D-Link networking products. The wireless adapter offers up to 5GHz speeds, low latency, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, and a magnetic antenna base. The range extender, meanwhile, can add wifi connectivity to wired gadgets, sports a companion app, and can expand wifi coverage for just about any type of device.

D Link Pci Express

D-Link PCI Express Wireless Adapter | $25 off

This adapter has hit an all-time-low Amazon price of $44, which translates to 36% in raw savings. It'll provide speeds "up to 2402 Mbps (5GHz)" and features conveniences such as Bluetooth 5.1.

$44 at Amazon
D Link Wifi Range Extender

D-Link WiFi 6 Range Extender | $40 off

Coming in at 33% off, D-Link's range extender keeps pricing low while offering a tiny, lightweight solution for expanding wifi performance across your home's gadgets, making wired devices wifi-friendly, and much more. Whether you need it for a smart doorbell, game console, or tablet, this D-link product will do the trick.

$79 at Amazon

And if you're in the mood to do more network-themed Black Friday shopping beyond what D-Link's offering, check out the best Black Friday NAS deals. NAS stands for "network-attached storage," but if you perked up at that last sentence, you probably already knew that fact.

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