All the Windows 11 laptops you can buy right now

Surface Pro 8 Vs Surface Pro 7 Compare
Surface Pro 8 Vs Surface Pro 7 Compare (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Windows 11 is here, and it's rolling out to plenty of PCs around the world. Existing PCs that hit Windows 11 minimum requirements can receive the upgrade for free, but what about new laptops that ship with Windows 11 right from the factory? The list is growing each day, and we've rounded up all the Windows 11 laptops you can buy right now. Be sure to check closely when shopping around, as there are still plenty of older models with the same name that are still shipping with Windows 10.

Your next Windows 11 laptop

The list of laptops shipping with Windows 11 already installed at the factory is quickly growing, with many manufacturers jumping on the opportunity to advertise its PCs. Still, you might not be able to find the laptop you want with Windows 11 until it becomes more widely available. You can check out our picks for best Windows 11-ready laptops if you don't mind picking up a PC with Windows 10 and upgrading yourself. But keep in mind that not every PC is getting Windows 11 right away.

In the case of laptops shipping now with Windows 11 installed, many of the best Ultrabooks, gaming laptops, and convertibles are available. If we're making some suggestions, the new crop of Surface PCs is certainly attractive.

The Surface Pro 8 hits the Pro lineups full potential after nearly 10 years running. It has Thunderbolt 4, crisp 120Hz touch display with upgraded haptic inking, 11th Gen Intel Core performance hardware, and optional LTE. If you want a 2-in-1 PC that ships with Windows 11, this is the one to get.

The Surface Laptop Studio is an evolution of both the Surface Laptop and Surface Book, combining them into a powerful, flexible, workstation-style PC that's ideal for artists, engineers, and light gamers. Performance is excellent, keyboard and touchpad are tops, there's Thunderbolt 4, and the touch display is a knockout. There's really no other PC on the market that does everything as well as the new Laptop Studio.

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