Alltel Touch Pro dropping this week

We'd originally put out a BOLO on the Alltel Touch Pro for Nov. 14 or so. Obviously that's passed. Now we're being told to look for it this Thursday, Nov. 20.

Still no official word on pricing, though we'd previously been told around $300. But it could well be more, given that Verizon, which as we all know has swallowed up Alltel, reportedly will sell its Touch Pro for $350.

Update: OK, the Alltel Touch Pro's now available for pre-sale at Best Buy for a whopping $999. That better be a typo. Other pricing is as follows:

  • Two-Year Price: $379.99, with a $100.00 mail-in rebate, resulting in a final price of $279.99
  • One-Year Price: $439.99
  • Non-Contract Price: $599.99
  • Prepaid Price: Not available for prepaid

More pics after the jump.

And thanks, Brandon, for the heads up!

WC Staff