Watch TV when and where you want with the Fire TV Recast down to Prime Day prices

Amazon has some great devices, but they aren't always the king of deals on their own stuff. Right now, Best Buy has the best price on the Fire TV Recast. Get the 500GB over-the-air DVR down to $129.99 at Best Buy. It's currently $230 on Amazon.

Amazon Fire TV Recast 500GB over-the-air DVR Best Buy

Amazon Fire TV Recast 500GB over-the-air DVR Best Buy

Same price they were on Prime Day but only available through Best Buy.

You can also upgrade to the 1TB version for $179.99. That's $100 off Amazon's price. Both of these Best Buy deals match Amazon's Prime Day price, which we haven't seen since then.

The Fire TV Recast has 4 out of 5 stars and Android Central's recommendation as a great DVR. The review said, "It's a great little piece of tech because it's easy to set up, and easy to use, and it integrates into the Amazon Fire TV beautifully. It is very well done."

The Recast's integration with the Fire TV and Echo Show lets you watch and record over-the-air TV easily. Plus you'll be able to watch your media on compatible mobile devices, too. This machine is great for live sports and other shows you can't usually get on an app like Netflix — local news, talk shows, etc. Just pair it with an HDTV antenna like this one. The Recast has two tuners (four for the 1TB) so you can record two shows at once, and the 500GB space should let you record as much as 75 hours of programming (150 with the 1TB). Use Alexa through a device like the Echo Dot to search for shows, manage your recordings, and more.

John Levite
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