Go order something on Amazon. Anything really. Doesn't have to be anything crazy. Maybe find the last of the toilet paper or a brand new 85-inch 4K smart tv. Totally up to you. Whatever you decide to go with, select the No Rush shipping option during checkout. This is a little slower, sure, you'll add a few days to your time instead of depending on Amazon's always fast Prime shipping, but you'll also get rewarded for your trouble. For a limited time, Amazon is giving out a $3 digital credit if you select the No Rush shipping option on your next order.

Free Money

Free $3 digital reward with Amazon No Rush shipping

If you're going to order something off Amazon, choose the slightly slower No Rush shipping. The first time you do, you'll get $3 to spend on something digital like an eBook, digital music, videos, or something on the Amazon Appstore.

Get $3

There's nothing complicated about this deal either. It's probably just a small effort on Amazon's part to help stem the tide of everyone sitting around at home online shopping. No Rush means Amazon will wait a few days before sending your item out, and that means they can focus more on fast deliveries for customers with the most urgent needs. If you can afford to wait, you can afford to get a little money back for your trouble.

The $3 digital reward can be applied to a number of digital things sold by Amazon including ebooks, digital music, videos, and apps on the Amazon Appstore. It will be applied to your account, and you'll see the money taken out automatically when you checkout with your next digital purchase.

This is a U.S. based reward, so it won't work outside the country. It will also expire June 18 so be sure to use it to watch something in your downtime.

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