Amazon Wireless drops AT&T Lumia 920 price to $49 on contract. Colors still backordered.

If you're looking to pick up the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920, Amazon Wireless just became a little more attractive. The online retailer, who is normally quite competitive in pricing, began selling the device just last week for $99. While that's a nice price-match for AT&T, there was little incentive to order from Amazon over the carrier.

Amazon Wireless has now dropped the price to a more reasonable $49.99 for all colors--white, black, cyan, red and yellow (it's $499 locked to AT&T but with no contract). That's the good news. The bad news is only white and black are available to order as even Amazon is suffering from the Lumia 920 color shortage. Listed as "backordered" there is no clear indication of when they will ship outside of the vague "one to two weeks" listed on the order page. Still, if you want matte black or glossy white (our personal favorite), Amazon Wireless looks like a good place to go, especially with their rocket fast shipping.

Rumor Alert: We should also note that rumors are saying that Amazon Wireless will offer the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for just $0.99 come "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving). We cannot confirm this information but we would not be surprised if it's true.

Source: Amazon Wireless (opens in new tab); via: Windows Phone Central Forums

Daniel Rubino

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  • I knew it would come down, but that was quick!
  • I knew this shit will happen...hahaha
  • What about black Friday penny deal
  • Yeah, I've gotten my last 5 phones for a penny and want to keep the streak going!
  • Do u think at&t will do it for the 2 phones
  • Does anybody know if WalMart is in back order yet because I ordered my Lumia 920 red and I got it in 3 business days.
  • Cyan on Walmart is still back ordered. I placed the order about 5 days ago.
  • I ordered a red 920 at Best Buy, and got them to price-match Walmart at $49.99.  They were not back-ordered, so I expect to receive it in 3-5 business days.
  • If only Amazon offered At&t's new family share plans.  Also, does buying with Amazon still qualify you for a free wireless charger.
  • So can you still get the charging plate for free with this? If not, it's just about a wash... Assuming you were going to buy one.
  • Perhaps one can claim it through Nokia?
  • nope you cant claim straight from nokia for the US market. Their free sharger site clearly mentions the markets its for - like UK, irelend etc
  • Ah, ok then. So much for that, I guess.
  • Damn it!
  • What about unlocked? And where is the gray one???
  • Gray +1000
  • Got a Yellow one for $525.00 on ebay. Loving it so far 
  • Im just made At&t is charging $40 per phone on top of the $70 plan I want.
  • Yeah, that didn't sit well with me either. I'm filing a complaint.
  • Yeah, the $40 ($36 actual) upgrade fee is ridiculous. Just give me the phone at the price you say it is without the hidden costs. If they want to charge $40 then add that to the cost of the phone so I know upfront what the price is. 
    The upgrade fee is sneaky and I don't like it.
  • I go my Titan for a penny on last year's Black Friday sale. I'm going to see if I'm eligible for an early upgrade before Friday. If I am, will I be able to keep my unlimited data plan if I buy a 920 from Amazon?
  • Got my Titan for nothing at MS store a year ago.
  • At least you guys can order colours, stupid Rogers.
  • At least you guys have ONE color. Stupid BELL canada
  • So L920 is not selling, after all? Hardly launched, and already in the discount bin. Ever seen a top range Android phone end there so soon, or even in a year from launch? Me neither. Evidently it's goodbye for Nokia, then.
  • What are you talking about. there's no discount. on AT&T. it's selling well. this is just Amazon. you're such a troll
    Typical Appmek
  • No need to troll. Never had any other phones than Nokia. Typing this with my L800. Besides, as a Finn, I have all the more reasons to hope for Nokia's success. Guess I just don't understand the pricing system in the US. But would those who do please tell me when was the last time that a high end device with Android or iOS was priced this way? And if they never were so far, why not?
  • I don't think Google helps anyone who makes android phones. So OEMs have to sell what they feel will make them money after paying Microsoft/Apple and whoever patents android infringes on. Don't think that androids don't get discounted, only Galaxy S III, and iPhones don't get discounted but again it depends on carriers. For example, Sprint have been selling iPhones at least $50 cheaper than apple stores so apple stores did price match. Best Buy is giving $100 gift card if you buy Galaxy S III from Sprint. So don't think android and iPhones don't get price cut. Its just media doesn't overblows it like it does in Nokia's case.
    Now for Lumia 920/820, AT&T/Microsoft/Nokia are subsidizing it. Don't believe me then checkout the price of Lumia 810, its $150 from T-Mobile, Costco is selling it at $129 and so does Walmart. I don't remember Amazon pricing for it. So the conclusion is, carriers have a lot of room to cut the prices and then retailers can do extra price cut to boost sales.
    I am not an expert but I am telling my observations.
  • There are a lot of things at play here that may not make sense if you aren't in the U.S. market.  Because we're mostly just retarded here but hey... it's how we play. 
    To start with there's a HUGE push to be the company that sells the MOST of something.  So a company like Walmart might undercut the price on the phone to get more people to buy it.  (To them it's not the sale of the phone that matters.  They get a kick back for signing you to a 2 year contract with the provider.)  Not to be outdone Amazon will cut their prices to match.  Both do it mostly to drive more customers to their stores and hopefully generate sales on other high margin items like accessories. 
    Next up is "Black Friday" which is mostly just the previous point on steroids.  As messed up as this is, most retailers in the US opperate at a loss for most of the year.  The largest single day of sales is the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday (which is this Thursday)  This is the day most stores actually begin turning a profit on the year.  So, they'll take a couple of high demand items and sell them for some asininely low price.  A 46" 1080p Samsung TV for $126 is one of the rumored sales in my area.  Each store will have a "limited" supply of those super low devices.  People will rush the stores to get the crazy deals... and while they're there buying last years overstocked TV for less than cost the hope is they'll buy some other shit too.  I mean hey, you got a killer deal on that TV... you should buy a Blu Ray player, it's on "sale" for $60.  And since you got that of course you'll need an HDMI cable but we can bundle that for an extra $30... saves you a total of $45 on the two!  And of COURSE you'll need some movies.... a special deal at 5 for $100.  You save another $50!  (But you gotta pick from these movies you've never heard of here...)  Hey... you know... you just got a TV for a SCREAMING deal and we bundled all this other stuff... you maybe should look at a home theater system to go with!  Of course... they're on SALE!  Did you need a microwave for the popcorn you'll eat while you watch the movies? 
    Lastly, Microsoft is really seriously trying to make a move on market share in the US.  (We're not by any means the largest market but it's a psychological thing.  Basically we want to think we're the most important market)  So they'll subsidise the hell out of these things and basically eat the loss Nokia and the retailers take on these silly prices.  The Samsung Note II is $299... the Lumia 920 is $50.  For a lot of folks that $50 will get them in the door.  And once you get a customer on your plan they're generally hooked for life.  There's not a lot of mobility in the smartphone market... If you're an iPhone guy you're not switching.  Android folks buy Android.  The consumer who does switch is fairly rare.  So getting the new kids, and some switchers based on price alone helps.  If they can get a market share they can claim some sort of validity to their OS.  Then they can start to compete head to head. 
    So seeing prices slashed so quickly isn't really that surprising.  The phone is selling out pretty much everywhere which would indicate a high demand.  (Mine shipped today... only 6 days late!)  Given the nature of the sales weekend here in the U.S. it's no surprise the stores cut their prices this fast.  Basically they'll cut a bunch now in the hopes that you and I buy today instead of waiting for the crazy sale on Black Friday.  So a 50% sale this week leading into a one time sale of 99% off on Friday  (if the $.99 rumors are true for Amazon.)  
    Does it make sense?  Hell no.  But what does the U.S. do that does make sense?   
  • That doesn't look like the case at all since stores can't keep it in stock.
  • It's not that they can't keep them in stock because of demand, it's because they don't seem to get them in stock in the first place. What I don't get is (and please also note my other message above) if a device would easily sell for $149, why would you drop the price to $99? And if it is expected to sell for $99, why would you go down to $49 right away? I mean, to beat other vendors in competition, wouldn't it be enough to go down to, say, $89?
    Another thing I don't get: how do the stores and carriers make any money on these prices, unless they're heavily subsidised by Nokia? And if they are, how long can Nokia keep on with this, practically paying people to use their smart phones?
  • Its AT&T doing the subsidy. Not Nokia. That is the price AT&T paid for getting the 920 exclusivity in US. Nokia gets about the same amount of money per device, regardless where in the world and to which retailer they sell Lumia 920. AT&T is probably paying about 250-300$ per device. Why would they do it? They saw potential in 920, and now hope people will make new contracts and switch from other carriers to AT&T because of the phone.
  • I just replied to your other post with a small book but one thing you asked here:  Wouldn't $89 be enough?  No.  At least here we like our figures in "normal" increments.  So $1, $5, $10, $20, $25 (sometimes) $50, $100 and then increasing in $50 amounts. 
    A price of $89 just makes the US consumer uncomfortable.  Especially when everything else is either $50 or $100 in the same market.  People will see a $90 price tag for the phone as an "inferior phone" but $50 price tag as a "great sale" 
    Sales are emotion driven, not logic driven. 
  • Grumpy old troll
  • +1000
  • Don't know about that. I'm a happy owner of a L800, hoping to get a white L920 as soon as the price is reasonable. The launch price in Finland is €599.
  • Tele Finland is selling at 480€ + 24*0.67€ = 496€, unlocked and sim free. Pre orders are sold out, but the price will be the same after the release day. Also they have nice offer for 2 years unlimited maximum speed data plan for 10e per month.
  • HTC one X, 'nuff said
  • I'm hoping for a Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) deal on a 920 without having to buy a contract. Am I crazy or is there a possibility of that happening?
  • I'm not sure that "deal" and "no contract" go in the same sentence. Especially in the US.
  • i heard that one year Amazon offered 15% off $500, hopefully that included all of Amazon.  I'd buy if Amazon would simply match ATT's no commitment price.
  • Does anybody know if amazon is selling the 8x..
  • It is on the list along with the Lumia 920. You just might have to go a page or two behind.
  • Are you that lazy ck Amazon website for 8x? Oh wonder why America made another terrible choice to re elect president odumbo. :-D
  • Better him than Captain "it's everyone else's fault" ;)
  • A low black friday price on a unlocked 920 is what Im hoping for
  • Thank you Amazon! Best Buy price matched my Lumia 920 I bought last week.
  • Woww
  • Am I correct in thinking that there's no way to sign up for a shared data plan on Amazon?
  • Damn it! I bought my 920 on launch date
  • But you knew the price was going to come down, right?
  • Like they say you snooze you loose. Hahaha surely you loose. Hahaha. That's what you get being in a rush
  • Just be happy you got yours, people are still waiting for theirs.
  • If you got it on launch day, hopefully from AT&T?  You get the free wireless charging plate retailed at $49.  So it still about the same. 
  • They currrently have the 820 for 1 shiny penny
  • It could go BOGO and I still couldn't cop. smh Contracts are the anti-Christ.
  • OMG...this is getting harder and harder..i wanna wait until CES to see what nokia will show...
  • Hahaha nokia is not going to CES anymore. They announced last year Microsoft or Nokia will not attend anymore CES event. They will just be having there own event. Now you want to wait for CES? :-P
  • Dude ur right!!! Damn...Ok I will wait black Friday,maybe 1 penny for yellow
  • If $50 smartphone price is your alibi, you are a disgrace living in America.
  • off contract price is still $499...they need to match ATT's $449.
  • Hmm, maybe I'll get my next Windows Phone from Amazon again :)
  • Nokia Lumia 820 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T) is just $0.01 for new/renew contract
    How does Amazon make money?
  • they dont....look at their financials...their stock is valued over 200 times their comparison apple is valued around 15 times their earnings and microsoft around 20 times. but people think amazon has a sound business strategy so continue to invest in it
  • In the UK most times the phones come free and I know they still make over £200 per phone contract (phones4u) so im assuming they make a shiny penny plus money from the carrier for the contract.
  • I got 2 920s from WalMart online tonight for $49.99 each because they have the shared plans available. Only white was available, but it was great to get what I wanted. Leaving TMobile for ATT and actually paying less. Miracle night.
  • But does ATT have unlimited coast to coast voice and data without charging if you go over 5Gigs? When Sandy hit my 3G was the only internet I had for a week. I went over 5G easily. Yeah that was a freak storm and I wouldnt have gone over normally but it's nice to know I wouldnt have a surprise in my bill because of the storm....My bill with T-Mobile is under 100 bucks for unlimited everything including tethering. None of the plans on ATTs site offered me that.
  • My wife just took advantage of this last night, having best buy price match this ad, and then using a $50 certificate off of a phone, to pick up the 920 for free!
  • I am so glad I did not get lumia 920 yet and knew they will drop the price. I will wait for black Friday also will check to see if unlocked phones will drop there price down. Wonder how other people feels.paying more when it first came out hahaha
  • I'm so happy I preordered my phone and got my cyan verion on launch day.. Not willing to wait for any kind of back order. Notice amazon don't have the cyan version also. Must let all my friends and family about this deal. If that .99 deal for black Friday is really that's gonna be awesome. I love my phone. And I just want everyone to have one too.
  • Why do people complain about getting a great deal on a phone? Have to pay top dollar to prove you have a great phone? I'll accept the deal and show all my Android and iPhone friends that Windows Phone is awesome and did not have to pay $199.99 or more.
  • I'm guessing AT&T will not price match?  Has anyone tried who got the phone on launch day?
  • I see a $69.99 pricetag for the black lumia 920.
  • I just checked Amazon, the phone is listed at $69, not $49 and all colors say backordered.  One to two weeks shipping.