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Make no mistake: Gaming chairs are expensive business and for a lot of people, the cost will never be worth the reward. However, AndaSeat strikes a different balance with its products on occasion, thanks to somewhat frequent sales and ways to save. As such, under the right circumstances, the company's Dark Demon gaming chair can be worthy of consideration. That's because, while prices fluctuate, there is a constant factor with the Dark Demon: It's a good chair, plain and simple.

Dark Demon Reco

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair

Bottom line: It's a fine chair. Really, it's that simple. If you see it at a sale price (like it is at $269 for AndaSeat's Halloween sale) that fits your budget and you decide to pull the trigger, rest assured, you'll be getting a respectable seat.

The Good

  • PVC leather, saves animals
  • Won't absorb dank odors easily
  • Comfy and functional

The Bad

  • Expensive, relatively speaking
  • Chair heats up quickly

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair: What I like

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Here's what I like, and it's really simple: I like that the chair is good. It's perfectly fine.

AndaSeat's Dark Demon has everything many people would look for in a chair: A material composition that implies durability and has the added benefit of not harming animals (big ups, AndaSeat), a comfy build that's easy to sit and work in, and colorations that aren't embarrassing or overly "gamer"-ified.

The chair has room for wider bums but adequately seats slimmer ones as well (that'd be me), features 4D armrests that pivot in a number of ways to suit your needs, and a reclining ability that lets you kick back to the point where you're nearly horizontal. The best part about that final item is that unlike with AndaSeat's T-Compact chair, I didn't notice any sudden jolts or aggressive snaps while reclining. That could be luck since the two chairs use a lot of very similar, if not identical, components, but either way, the lack of a jarring snap is a big get.

Also, the included support pillows are nice and stop you from sinking into the chair. To note, the chair is built to comfortably handle anyone up to 130kg (approximately 287 pounds), though past that line AndaSeat has some warnings for potential buyers.

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair: What I don't like

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AndaSeat loves its branding, and just like with the T-Compact, the company's white logos are plastered over the Dark Demon, which is especially apparent against the primarily black hues of the chair. It's a bit... unsightly. Tacky. Not a dealbreaker by any means, but this much logo spam on one piece of furniture isn't super cool.

Furthermore, while the benefits of PVC leather stand superior to both real leather (anathema for ethicists) and sweat-absorbing fabrics like linen, the material's not without its own drawbacks. Chiefly, heat generation. This is a problem with leather and faux leathers, wherein sitting on them for any length of time makes everything very hot and can cause you to sweat. The Dark Demon may be best suited for those who live in cold climates and aren't burdened with sweltering hot gaming spaces.

Said heat generation is arguably superior to the T-Compact's situation, wherein the chair's linen build remains cool and dry while it absorbs your sweat, which will keep you comfy but ultimately make the chair smell a bit dank and require vacuuming. Still, for those who cannot stand the sensation of warming up and potentially sweating, the Dark Demon is a hard pass.

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair: The competition

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If you don't mind having to vacuum your chair and would prefer the less heat-generative build of the linen T-Compact, it's a worthwhile seat to consider, even with its potentially jankier recline feature. Because, outside of those two items, the chairs are remarkably similar.

Alternatively, if you want to step outside the AndaSeat ecosystem, check out the best gaming chairs. On that roundup, there's an EasySMX chair that's relatively similar to AndaSeat's offerings but drops the price by a sizeable chunk in exchange for a few minor concessions. And, if you want to spend more money for the ultimate, posture-driven gaming chair experience, there's the Razer Iskur for $500.

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair: Should you buy?

Dark DemonSource: Robert Carnevale / Windows Central

You should buy this if ...

  • You want to spare animals and go with PVC leather.
  • You hate chairs that absorb sweat and odors.
  • You like functional chairs with solid color options.

You should not buy this if ...

  • You hate chairs that heat up quickly when sat in.
  • You're balling on a budget.
  • You crave truly varied, wild chair color choices.

If you love the feeling of leather chairs but also love animals, the Dark Demon is a chair worth considering. If you want a chair that's aesthetically cohesive, competently constructed, and relatively comfy, the Dark Demon is a chair worth considering. However, if you're afraid of sudden heat generation or a little sweat, steer clear. Anyone daring to play a tense, white-knuckle game like Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania or Crash Bandicoot 4 while sitting in this thing is going to get a little slick.

4 out of 5

Beyond those items, all you need to ask yourself is the classic Suze Orman question: "Can I afford it?" In the event the Dark Demon's standard price is unappealing to you on the basis that it's just a chair, wait for its sale discounts and see if it rubs you the right way then.

Dark Demon Reco

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair

Bottom line: It's a well-constructed, comfy chair, especially if you live in cold environments and don't mind a seat that heats you up quite a bit.

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