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AndaSeat's Black Friday extravaganza begins: Big gaming chair and desk discounts are here

Anda Seat Captain America Edition
Anda Seat Captain America Edition (Image credit: AndaSeat)

AndaSeat is going hard in the paint for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a huge sale that gobbles up a wide selection of its products and spits out nothing but rock-solid deals, most of which shave prices like Moneypenny shaved Bond in Skyfall. If you've been waiting to shell out your hard-earned cash for a gaming chair or desk, AndaSeat is waving its arms and shouting, demanding your attention.

Looking for a sturdy gaming chair made with PVC leather? AndaSeat's Dark Demon fits the bill and is going for 49% off right now, bringing a pricetag of $429 down to $219. Or, maybe you want a desk with RGB infused into the legs. In that case, the company's Mask 2 is down to $129, which is a 71% discount from its usual $449 perch. You can check out our Andaseat Mask 2 gaming desk review for details on why the current sale price is a winner.

The hits keep on coming wherever you look on AndaSeat's site. The company's Marvel-themed gaming chairs are seeing big discounts, in case you're a fun-loving nerd who wants Spider Man, Ant Man, Iron Man, or Captain America to keep your sitting posture prim and proper. We tried out the Captain America Edition gaming chair and dug it.

AndaSeat also has a "lucky spin" promotion going on, wherein you can score additional savings on top of the main sales already happening across the site. The big deals run through November 30, 2021, so if you're in the mood to spend, you have a few weeks to do so.

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