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AOC is known for its range of affordable monitors. The AGON line of monitors is tailored to gamers, equipped with fast panels, synchronization technology, as well as some other goodies.

The AG241QG is one such monitor, offering PC gamers a way to enjoy more fluid gameplay with NVIDIA graphics cards without spending a small fortune.

G-Sync value


Costs around $475

Bottom line: When you need to take PC gaming beyond 1080p and 60Hz, the AOC AGON AG241QG is an excellent choice for NVIDIA GPU owners who want to save a little cash or have a tighter budget.


  • Great picture.
  • Handles gaming well.
  • G-Sync tech.
  • Overclocked to 165Hz.


  • The menu is a little slow.
  • Poor viewing angles due to TN panel.

What makes the AG241QG great for gaming


AOC makes some stunning displays, but the company also makes some really good gaming monitors. We previously looked at the rather capable AG27QG and this 24-inch panel is essentially the smaller sibling, with a few differences.

The AG241QG is a TN panel. This means that viewing angles are much worse than an IPS display, and the colors aren't quite as good. TN displays are still more than capable of making games look good on-screen, especially after some calibration, and TN means seriously low response times. This monitor has a response time of just one millisecond, compared to the five milliseconds of the IPS AG27QG.

Category AG241QG
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Refresh rate 165Hz (overclocked)
Panel TN
Response time 1ms
Sync tech G-Sync
VESA 100 mm x 100 mm
Ports One DisplayPort 1.2
One HDMI 1.4
Four USB 3.0
Power draw 35W
Warranty 3 years

Hooking up the display to a GTX 1070 for testing allowed for some seriously smooth gaming. Witcher 3 ran at a steady rate of frames, thanks in part to the Ryzen processor, and the AG241QG displayed everything without issue. Allowing benchmarks to run for extended periods of time, as well as testing in a live environment, the monitor didn't fail at all, even when using the 165Hz factory overclock.

The choice of HDMI and DisplayPort is welcome and the 1440p resolution is the sweet spot for PC gamers. The added bonus of USB ports, a headset rest, and VESA support make this quite the monitor.

What you may dislike about this monitor


The only drawbacks I could see were the viewing angles, due to it being a TN panel. Everything else was good for gamers, and even if you don't have a monitor calibrator at hand, it's not too bad to look at out-the-box. The on-screen menu is a little clunky and slow, and you need to remember to use the included VESA bracket. But overall, it's a great display.

Should you want to hook up a bunch of devices to this screen, you may find it to be an issue with only having two inputs available.

Should you buy this PC monitor?


If you need a new gaming monitor for your PC, you should absolutely buy this. This panel — when paired with an NVIDIA GPU — offers exceptional value for the money. An overclocked 165Hz refresh rate is matched by a one-millisecond response time and TN technology for fluid gameplay. The viewing angles are a little off, but since you should be sitting correctly on a comfortable chair, this isn't a major drawback.

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