Apple finally lets 75 million Windows 10 users stream their Sept 9 event

If you need any more proof that Windows 10 is a game-changer, look no further than Apple. In case you did not know on September 9, they are hosting their annual Apple Event where the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iOS 9, a new Apple TV and more.

In and of itself that is not news. What is news is that evidently Windows users can stream the event using the new Microsoft Edge browser. This change is significant if only because Windows and Android users are always left in the dark for such events. Apple, for whatever reason, would restrict their live stream to people watching on an iOS or OS X. As a result, every year there are articles on 'how to stream' because the majority of the world could not watch without a clever hack using VLC.

Apple sends out 'Hey Siri, give us a hint!' invitations for September 9, 2015, iPhone event! {.cta}

Now, however, Apple has changed their tune. On the support page for the September 9 event, it clearly states for the user requirements:

"Live streaming uses Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Edge on Windows 10. Streaming via Apple TV requires a second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 6.2 or later."

The mention of Edge on Windows 10 is the jaw dropper. The reason is most likely due to HTTP Live Streaming being a part of Microsoft Edge so this is really on Microsoft coming of age too. However, it is still surprising to see Apple even mention it. With 75 million plus humans already using Windows 10 is hard to ignore.

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Source: Apple{.nofollow}; via @TheRomit

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

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  • I thought it was hilarious (and your use of "retards" offensive).
  • @MassDeduction, lol same.
  • and I can't see the images they posted in the app..........
  • It's not images.... Just a blank comments
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  • I thought this was a bug at first
  • This clearly proves the success of windows 10 and that too in such a short time Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yup, it's been received really well globally. Lets see how it goes...
  • One of my office guy came from redmond, Microsoft gave a POC to our company, So he went there. He is saying that the IT team was reluctant to upgrade to windows 10. And he spread the message here and our IT team also decided to cut the experimentation with windows 10. Do you think such a thing would be happening at microsoft?
  • in before " why the hell watch  such a drool worthy event " comments   but yeah that's fairly nice of Apple :P i am waiting to see the way Apple will discredit this number
  • Apple probably wants an easy way to tell all w10 users that their OS suck and that they should change to OS X.
  • I could never.  Do their mouses still have 1 button?!
  • Depends... They have one with 0 buttons, so...
  • With all the love Microsoft has been giving the iOS platform maybe Apple is finally reciprocating.
  • no , it's because  no Windows browser ever supported HLS , now Microsoft Edge supports 
  • Well one can wish that Apple and MSoftie are cozying up a lil. =P
  • They are, sort of. Apple is doing its best to swap out any Google services on their systems, mostly with their own or with Microsoft alternatives.
    MS and Apple are working together, as it is in their best interest, to bring down Android (and Google) as they both have a pretty low marketshare in mobile (and Apple on the desktop).
  • You guys do know that Microsoft owns 50% of Android license with Google right?
  • I own one of those and would be the stab to Google if apple launch an app TV app for use with their device, and why not an android app for that device, would be the nice stab as is Microsoft doing with Cortana on android
  • Then why not add an,apple tv app for windows phone
  • Market share is less important Than profitability that Apple wins hands down
  • Well they both have a mutual disdain for Google. ;)
  • Apple has been doing this for years, even before HLS was released. Other software, such as Google Chrome, support HLS butg Apple is not allowing that browser to be used. Apple is not doing this because they are trying to be more open, they are still keeping tight control over everything.
  • Chrome supports HLS too, and as supported it for quite some time. Thing is, like Google completely ignores Windows (which is kind of odd, given how big the Windows market share is), Apple completely ignores Google.
  • So, Chrome, Firefox etc other than ie on Windows OS never supported HLS? Read the streaming support well, not all Safari versions or all Apple's OSx and or iOS versions support this said streaming as well. Also, note where Daniel said ANdroid were left out.
  • "Am I the only one here, appreciating the use of rage comic" (Angry Walter)
  • Nope. Found it hilarious.
  • Yup!! Good one!
  • Kill them with kindness!  it is working!  Google's next to topple!
  • Holy crap! Edge getting a mention ahead of chrome and Firefox shows Edge is clearly getting rid of the IE tag that plagued it for years.
  • I dont think you can make that leap of logic.
  • +1
  • Also, nice Apple!
  • No, its less a case of nice Apple, and stop being a douche apple. What if you were an iPhone lover, but sat at work on a Windows PC?  How about trying to tell your watch, your phone, your ecosystem to a new userbase, many on Android, but you lock them all out. Its a real head scratcher why they would do this (they must have a cunning / amazing marketing reason my pea brain cannot work out) Nothing to congratulate them about. All "event" streams should be open to all customers, current and prospective.
  • its odd though that pc safari was left out
  • Safari for Windows hasn't been updated in 3 years, it's probably not even a product anymore.
  • ^This. Much like IE for OSX many years ago....
  • we need to thank hls and edge. i use this for twitch so i can skip flash   best thing ever
  • Finally , Power of Microsoft Edge browser 
  • Follow our sinister site for more Apple coverage including the September 9 event.   I read this...
  • correction added
  • Ever notice that there are more Apple fans here complaining about how biased this place is, how we are all haters, how mean we are to Apple, and Apple doesn't get the love they are entitled to, and how much they hate Microsoft, than there are people actually commenting on iMore?
  • "don't get the love they're entitled to"
    Lol. And All Hail Timmy!
  • You ever read the comments on a apple site...? Its just boring as shyt and everyone bites their tongue so the dont get ostracized for having a point of view. They are just not prepared for the real world sites.
  •  I really tried to watch the video in imore but They may as well have been talking about womens shoes. Zero substance and giggling girls....    
  • This is more like Apple trying to reach windows 10 users to counter Cortana. Don't really see this as an advantage for Windows users, but more a disadvantage.
  • How do you see this as a disadvantage? 
  • Coz maybe they are announcing some sort of Siri on a desktop
  • And they will try to lure Windows10 users and tell them (secretly) your Cortana sucks. Look at our siri. Whew.
  • That could make sense since the event thing is "hey Siri give me a hint"....Now that I think about it has anyone tried asking Siri for a hint?     
  • I'm sure that if you ask that on your iPhone/Pad, you will see a wrb search results. I think they want to compete Cortana with their Siri. Let's see how much they can do. MS innovates now, they follow it.
  • apple already started the move to enhance siri. it now uses bing effectively on tracking packages.
  • And i am sitting here still using  internet explorer because Edge is unstable :P
  • You're never the only one, but even though I hate chrome I use it beside edge when this one is crashing
  • So excited, so excited, so excited! I bet they will announce a revolutionary iPhone 6S that's exactly like the 6, except 5gramms lighter, 1mm thinner, 200MHz faster and available in, wait for it, gold color! Can you believe that? GOLD!
  • Another mm thinner would actually be pretty impressive considering the devices are already overly thin imo.
  • yes but force touch and 12 mega pixel : they make great camera's ( believe it or not )   Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.  - steve jobs 
  • Will be interesting to see if they can apply force touch in a decent way. 
  • First was the mouse. The second was the click wheel. And then multi-touch to the market. And now force-touch each of these revolutionary interfaces has made possible a revolutionary product - the Mac, the iPod and  the iPhone.
  • The Zune HD had force touch =).
  • Nope, Zune HD doesn't have force touch. I should know as I have and use one.
  • @neo158:
    It did, it knew exactly what to do when you force touched it to the wall.
  • People need to quit giving Apple credit for things they deserve no credit for. Example: the mouse. Xerox was the first to use a mouse (but it was invented in 1964, long before Apple existed). I could go on, but it's not worth the effort.
  • Mouse patent is held by Doug Engelbart, and was granted 6 years before Apple was founded. Source While Apple patented the scroll wheel, it was actually developed by a pair of individuals 7 years before Apple was awarded the patent, because the inventors failed to file a patent, so Apple did. Source The "click-wheel", where the mouse wheel acted also as a button, was actually invented and patented by Microsoft, US Patent 5,912,661. Multi-touch and force-touch were both introduced in 1982. Not Apple, but the University of Toronto. It certainly wasn't the scaled down smart-phone of today, but still the same principle. Source These interfaces may be revolutionary, but were not made so by Apple.   You gave a list of "facts" without source. I listed sources for my refutation.  Apple has been good at taking existing ideas and technologies and marketing them to make them popular. That is all. Except with the scroll wheel, which Apple patented (after someone else invened it) but they were unable to make it popular. It didn't become popular until Microsoft introduced the Intellisense Mouse and introduced support for scrolling in Microsoft Office. 
  • Force touch makes those products revolutionary? I think you have had a bit too much of this:
  • But that goal is accomplished by Microsoft. Not the most popular devices at times, but the best.
  • Apple users are loyal , even though they don't bring exciting features - but the best .  because of ithe intimate interaction between the operating system and the hardware - Apple  Now , Microsoft trying with Lumia and Surface 
  • You know what, after reading every comment section on windows central, android central, and imore. From what I see people on imore are bunch of teens that many times blindly mocking android, OS and devices. Of course blindly in direct meaning. On Android central maybe I see some people mocking apple users and it's devices. And at last in here, many times I see people that know what are the advantages and disadvantages on all OS and its devices. So what I mean is, maybe many apple users are just like people that see apple devices are cool stuff and you know, how they advertise it like something prestigious. Well that's just my opinion, and truly I feel it too. I really want an iphone, cause I feel it's really cool. My friends have it and seems like its prestigious thing. But from what I think it's price is high not because it's specs or quality, but for advertising, just like beats products. If you want to know what I mean, watch this Well sorry for my bad English, it's not my native. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apples advertising has worked then. Making something desirable even when it's not necessarily incredible
  • Yeah, that's what I think. Many times I see apple products on movies, music videos, news shows, and of course ads. And of course that's not free and cost a lot. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They act like teens who will attack anything that is not Apple. Then whine and cry when anyone says anything that can be remotely be negative towards Apple, calling them haters and how they need to be silenced.
  • Sounds like the other camp
  • (Shrug) I'm probably getting one.  
  • Actually, many of the rumors indicate that it will be heavier and a bit thicker because they are including force touch (which is completely useless).
  • as iphones only have 1 button, the amount of hardware functionality they can add is minimal. By adding force touch it allows them to add more functions without cluttering up the device with more buttons.
  • 1) They have a power button, they have volume buttons, they have the home button, and old ones had a lock rocker. 2) Other devices do this with a long hold. But instead Apple needs to create a "you press it, but don't press it too hard or it has a completely different meaning" gesture. When I am running and want to change songs, I don't know how hard I am pressing, I am too focused on other things and with feet hitting the pavement it creates a shock that will be reflected in how you press on the device. I am trying to remember, but there was some device that Microsoft released and the Apple fanwhores thought the UI was horrible because you needed to touch the screen to do something common. I want to think it was the ZuneHD to change the volume, but I know it had a volume rocker so that could not be it. Anyway, they thought it was horrible because you had to use the screen to do a common action. Here you need to use the screen for common actions, but also need to be careful on how much you press on the screen or else it has different meanings. 3) They have overloaded the home button to do more than just one thing in the past. Click it to go home, double click it to open running apps, long click it for Siri. In the past those actions had completely different meanings, so changing what it does is not something new. 4) Of course this goes against years of Apple fans complaining about the Windows UI. For years we heard that the two button mouse was not good because it made the UI complex, you had to know what to click on to get that menu to pop up, and a bunch of random crap that was said just to try to make Windows look poorly designed. Now needing to know what to click on for additional functionality is great. It doesn't complicate the UI. And more buttons is just goodness.
  • I wonder if mobile Edge includes this as well.
  • @MSEdgeDev PM here - yes, it absolutely does! As well as any Windows 10 app that embeds a WebView.
  • yes , it include
  • Unbelievable
  • WOW I'm so not excited!
  • ha ha , good joke
  • Then I'd hate to see you when you ARE excited :-)    ;-)
  • LOL
  • Time to find out which phone to play with at the Apple Store
  • FINALLY! ...wait... Apple event? why should I ever...
  • By 9/9, there may be 90 millions W10 out there. :-)
  • The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That's over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it's going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years, or certainly for the rest of this decade.  - Steve jobs 
  • I guess that "10" year period has ended!
  • "The fact is that people don’t read anymore" - Steve Jobs, before the Apple book store was opened "Some of the competitors’ machines are so flimsy, they require a fifth or even sixth pad to keep from sagging" - Steve Jobs, before Bendgate "No one's going to buy that" - Steve Jobs when talking about phones that are 5 inches or bigger "This size isn't sufficient to create great tablet apps in our opinion." - Steve Jobs when asked if they would ever create a 7 inch iPad "PCs are still going to be around. They’re still going to have a lot of value. But they’re going to be used by like one out of x people.” - Steve Jobs, and yet iPad sales are down double percentages year after year after year, and millions of PCs, even though sales are slowing, are still used by billions of more people than an iPad. And then I could bring up topics such as how Jobs refused to create an SDK for the iPhone until he was forced to by the board of directors and other high-level people. Steve Jobs was just full of hot air that would say whatever he wanted believed that because he said it it would be true. I seriously think he thought his own shit didn't stink.
  • Agreed. People seem to forget that Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple. His entire wellbeing hinged on Apple being successful. Everything he said was, essentially, to promote the brand and effect Apple's bottom line. I think the "rightness" or "greatness" of Apple's products boils down to a person's preference, and I won't balk at that, but the fact that Apple is so unbelievably successful is because of their marketing-- and I'm not talking just ad campaigns.
  • Steve Jobs didn't expect that W10 can reach the 75 millions number in one month while Mac/OSX took 30 years. The traditional desktop boxes are dwindling but the 2-in-1 form factors are arising quickly.  ASUS just said that they have experienced stong demand from Europe and Asia markets since the release the W10.  In fact, their Asian inventory has fallen to a critical low level.  The 2-in-1 sales are specially strong.  The SkyLake processors are coming and the new W10 machine sales will be further accelerated.  The PC will never die, only the form factors will keep changing and evolving. 
  • Cook is really altering the entire atmosphere over there
  • Doubtful.
  • That's what I heard too!
  • i dont give any shit apple
  • well you can say 74999999 because I don't care about this event so I don't care if I can stream or not ;). they would be stupid not to mention Windows 10 or Edge because it's the new OS and users keeps growing and growing just by the free upgrades, well 75 million in only 4 weeks sounds good. most developers wish that would happen to them.
  • -1 more
  • -1 too. now it's 74.999.997.
  • They just afraid. They are worried "what if" windows take over ? They want windows user to stream their event so they can get them interested in apple products.
  • Or are they saying, "Screw you Google, we will be the mobile OS of choice for Microsoft products!" instead?
  • considering the cortana experience is leagues better on android than it ever will be on iOS, i dont think this will ever happen. iOS doesnt have default app functionality.
  • There's been over a billion users on Windows for a while, doubt having 75 million Win 10 users was a factor in making them change their minds....
  • Hls bro..hls.
  • Or...they just know that they could capitalize on Windows Phone users switching away from the OS right now before Windows 10 Mobile gets announced. Remember, we haven't had much to keep us lately, and the new iPhone will come before Windows 10 Mobile, so that's an opportunity for them.
  • Yeah, they are interesting in targeting all 12 Windows Phone users
  • ^ Lol ^
  • Windows fanboy here, but seriously i cracked so hard on that. Lmao.
  • Good
  • Feeling proud
  • All hail the return of the Microsoft/Apple duopoly! Fuck Google! ... Excuse me... I don't know what came over me...
  • People are reading too much into it; this isn't some act of kindness, it's because a Microsoft browser now supports HTTP Live Streaming.
  • Chrome supports HLS too but there's no mention of it being able to stream the event.
  • yeah, they poke fun at Microsoft's Windows 10. I did try to find what's the meaning of that '75 million people running Windows 10 with Edge' phrase. That sounds... mocking.
  • We are going to have to develope an iOS app for my job in the near future. I wonder if I can squeeze a Macbook out of them. I don't think the CIO is aware that you can use Visual Studio for iOS yet. :)
  • Exactly why I moved from iPhone to Windows Phone. Tired of being controlled and told what I can and can't do!
  • Like changing the default browser?
  • and lack of customization?
  • I mean, yeah, how about that thing about not being able to choose a default Messaging or Browsing or Email app. Oh, wait.
  • But it's not 75 million users; it's 75 million devices. I account for 5 of those devices, and I'm not going to stream it on all 5 at once.
  • Yup, everyone has at least two devices..
  • Most people have a PC and an iPhone/Android.
  • pc WP..
  • Quite a few people have more than one PC.  
  • Laptops can be considered PCs too.
  • Some people have multiple devices. Conversely, Some devices have multiple users.
  • Why couldn't windows 10 mobile stream it as well?
  • it can
  • Oh, great.
  • Is windows 10 mobile counted?
  • Daniel, the inability to stream these events was primarily on Apple's insistence on using "HTTP Live Streaming technology (HLS)", which was not available in any Windows browsers.  To their credit, Microsoft added this to Edge.  It is that fact that enables Windows 10 users to now stream these events, not of anything that Apple has done.
  • Nice, too bad Edge is still a bit buggy. works wonky half of the time (among several other sites) and I can't drag and drop attachments from my file explorer into my emails.Still, I use it as much as I can and when it stops working correctly, I use FF (I refuse to use Chrome) Anyways, nice to see them including Edge.
  • Great stuff! I've not been able to watch an Apple event live in years (and afterwards, what's the point really? Everything is out there in articles to read) so it'll be fun to see how Tim Cook