Are you a fan of the Alcantara on Microsoft Surfaces and Type Covers?

Alcantara is nothing if not noticeable. It's soft and not unlike suede. And it's sure to draw attention. But what exactly is Alcantara? Read this:

Everything you need to know about Alcantara

Alcantara also appears to be somewhat polarizing. The Windows Central community is discussing this very subject in a lively thread in our forums right now:

I've heard contrasting views on alcantara fabric. While some adore the feeling and comfort, others say it attracts greasiness like a magnet. I have had no experience so I can't say as such...

Rainar Angelo

My general take on Alcantara is that it (mostly) looks and feels good, though I've heard some folks say it's slightly tacky, and I can see that. However, if you do your research, there seem to be quite a few reports of durability issues. For example, lighter colors of Alcantara can get dirty easily. And it can lose its soft finish with repeat use.

Do you use any of Microsoft's Surface products with Alcantara? If so, which ones? And what are your thoughts? Would you buy another Surface with Alcantara or another Alcantara Type Cover? Hit the link below and sound off in our forums.

In the forums: Alcantara. NO or GO?

Al Sacco

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