Does the Surface Book 2 13-inch have 'coil whine?' #AskDanWindows Episode 32

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Audience questions for Episode 32

  • How do you see Cortana expanding to other parts of the world where it isn't available at the moment? - Dean G.
  • Are we still going to see Windows 10 on ARM devices in 2017? Will those devices be able to run power applications? – Frajo & Jcmg62
  • I've noticed a faint hissing and static noise in my Surface Book 2 13-inch with Core i7. Normal or not? – hardy1076

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  • first the battery draining while plugged in, now this
  • Both were in my reviews, not really new.
  • Gl having such crap problems with MacBook. Microsoft is a total disaster and really really pathetic company
  • Total fail IMO.
  • I prefer my PC be a little louder than coil whine. The faint high pitched noise annoys me. The MSI cubi was quiet to most people. But to me, it was like the pounding heart of that Edgar Allen Poe story.
  • The cask of Amontillado? /S
  • Ironically, part of the problem is because there's no fan in the SB2 13 for the CPU; being dead silent means any coil whine is that much more audible, whereas, in the past, the fan would mask some of it for most users.
  • Coil whine is a homage to Tesla. It's a feature.
  • I thought it was just another name for the WHINING that is going on around here ALOT lately!  ha ha.  Coil=fanboy.
  • I picked up an i5 SB2 today. Is the coil whine an issue with that model? I didn't detect anything unusual during the setup process.
  • Not nearly as noticeable as the 13; you may notice something if plugged in on AC and have it set to Performance Mode.
  • I keep all of my Windows devices (SP3, S3 & Insignia 8"tablet) set to Better Battery. The 13" i5 SB2 is being donated to my Church, so hardcore gaming shouldn't be an issue. 😉
  • Is the coil whine that people are experiencing in the 13' model also present in the 15' model?
  • While the Arm x86 Win32 emulation may be okay for some power apps they really need to allow native compiling of Win32 Arm apps otherwise they will never be able to build that organic ground up excitement for the Arm PC with people demoing what the system can do, i.e. things MS has no interest in or would never allow on the MS Store via UWP. Out of the gate from a software perspective Arm PC's have to be on an equal footing with x86 PC's in order to succeed, were at a point in the future you can download something and the installer supports x86/Arm Windows, the Win32 software base is not shifting to UWP (not unless MS make UWP a viable Win32 replacement which it isnt).
  • "Some years ago" wordperfect had a dutch spelling and grammaticacontrole and word had to follow. Wordperfect lost the competition. The need for microsoft to "perfect" their controle became less urgent. Same with cortana, living in a small language zone has its disadvantages. Not sure if I mis a lot, happy with windows ten.
  • not affordable laptop....I wish I can use the same thing in phone with virtual affordable Microsoft do...."Making products for the people at reasonable price"...I just hate apple...they had just launch a rubbish iPhone x..and no innovation which benefits people life..
  • I wouldn't hear it.  Saw Blue Oyster Cult many times in the 70s.