Will there be a Microsoft Surface Studio 2? #AskDanWindows Episode 38

This week we talk more about Andromeda, Polaris, and if there's going to be a sequel to the Surface Studio!

Audience questions for Episode 38

  • Are all future versions of Windows 10 going to be based on Windows Core OS? Do you expect it to be able to run on a smartwatch? - Oliver Lenz
  • Is Microsoft's rumored foldable tablet PC - Andromeda - a one-off, or meant to create a new category for PC partners? - AlphaChap
  • When should we expect the Surface Studio 2? - Mrmisa24

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Daniel Rubino

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  • When will your office desk be available in the market
  • Please give us a Studio 2.
  • jacked up on gin and tonic here now.  (Gentleman's drinnk.)   Hopfully MS releases a S2 that destroys the imac pro.  
  • G&T - a solid drink Buy your own tonic (http://www.porterstonic.com/) Add a drop of lime.  Angustaro bitters of course. Read WPCentral
  • Yes Sir vEEP pEEP.   However,  I drink Newfoundland Distillery Gin or Seaweed Gin!  Gooooood Stuff.  
  • Thanks  @DanielRubino...I find these videos very useful for quickly catching up on what's going on in the eco system!   
  • 🙄
  • :))) what ecosystem?
  • I heard that there may be!
  • Surface Studio with only GPU inside and a dock for Surface devices and other mobile devices + wireless charger was the thing I repeat since before it was introduced. Noone needs CPU that dates guickly. Finally Dan said it
  • Perhaps the SS2 may come with optane technology for caching storage, that remove need of SSD, allows greater storage and high performance, and all the mess of having multiple storage units. That, coming with much better graphics, 8th gen quad core CPU and a couple USB-C/TB3 ports would be great.
  • I'm drooling... I so want it !
  • Somewhere across the Atlantic Zac Bowden exclaims, "He finally remembered to plug the ******* podcast!"
  • If they're intent on releasing a gimped, underpowered, $3000-4000 PC with a painfully slow HD and 8GB of RAM, they might as well not bother. The Studio was a brilliant device that was crippled with poor specs and execution, and the most laughable thing is Microsoft claimed it was for creative pros. Professionals need power and speed, not last years already outdate specs. Microsoft is often their own worst enemy. I'm also not convinced a SS2 needs to start at $3000 friggin' dollars.
  • Adding a video input in for SS2 will be nice, so you can use it as a second monitor if needed, adds versatility. Doesn't make sense for MS or Surface team to make just the screen though.
  • Does not really matter who gets there first. It matter who will succeed, and in this case with the foldable things, MS will FAIL because it has no app ecosystem and a proven BAD history of killing off things. Besides a few fanboys, who on earth would trust MS with a nother beta flop device? Let's be serious...I would never buy another MS device again at the rate they ditch them.
  • I'd think it's safe to say, if we're watching these AskDan videos, we're already watching the Friday podcast too (although still waiting for my Bing Maps on Android question to be answered 😭)