Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and 4 more games come to Xbox backward compatibility

It's been quite a while since we saw some new games hit the Xbox backward compatible list, but that drought is now over. Five new Xbox 360 games are headed to backward compatibility today, led most notably by yet another Assassin's Creed title.

The biggest name in this batch of releases is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (opens in new tab). The sixth title from the series to hit Xbox backward compatibility, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood takes series protagonist Ezio to Rome to continue his fight against the Templar Order. This was also the first entry in the series to pack a multiplayer component.

The other four titles being added to the list today are very much on the more minor side of things. Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 (opens in new tab) is an arcade title that old-school run-and-gun gameplay. Blazing Angels (opens in new tab), meanwhile, lets you take on famous battles of World War II as a fighter pilot.

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On OT (opens in new tab) is another arcade title that lets you battle as a giant mech. Lastly, Radiant Silvergun (opens in new tab) offers up scrolling shooter gameplay reminiscent of old-school arcade games.

All five games are now available to pick up and play on your Xbox One. Each can also be bought in the Xbo 360 Marketplace, except for Blazing Angels, which is only available via disc for the moment. And for more backward compatible titles, be sure to check out our running list.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Radiant Silvergun = instant purchase. Haven't played that since the glorious Saturn days.
  • Getting Brotherhood on BC when the Ezio Collection with revamped graphics is available seems pretty stupid to me.
  • Except for the people that own Brotherhood and not Ezi ocollection. Seems pretty stupid to me to not think of that.
  • Of course, you'd know everything about stupidity, you excel at it. "Getting" - form of the verb "to get" - [with object] Succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain.   Understood now? Or should I teach you the alphabet first?
  • Economics. Why spend twice as much for visuals? Aren't you the one saying the new Xbox is a waste because you don't care about the enhanced visuals? Not to mention getting can also refer to making it available on BC. Perhaps you should make your point clearer (or not try to cover up and make a new one when you're called out on it) which ever.
  • Not really. If you already own the game and have finished it but maybe just pick it up every now and again as a refresher or something, then "revamped graphics" is not a very good reason to buy the same game all over again. I personally own all the AC games, and there's no way I'm buying the Ezio collection over again just for graphics. That's silly. The revamped set is great for people who don't own and have never played these games, but that's about it.
  • Which is why I literally started by comment by writting "GETTING Brotherhood on BC". If you already have it, you're not getting anything. You're just playing the game you already have.
  • Virtual On isn't minor!!!!! Goodness....I'm getting old. :( I wish we could play Xbox Backwards Compatible games on Windows 10. I'd buy more and play more games if I could play them on my various computers. My Xbox is always plugged to my tv but I take various Windows 10 laptops, tablets and more with me daily or either I am at a location where there is a capable Windows 10 computer.
  • Blazing Angels?  A flying game on Xbox One... It's about time.
  • Wow that game takes me back; totally forgot about it. Came out on reg Xbox too.
  • Still no Star Ocean, Tales of Vesperia or Eternal Sonata :( :'(