Astra Ascending grabs touch controls for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Game Pass

Astria Ascending
Astria Ascending (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Astria Ascending is a 2D JRPG with breathtaking visuals, varied gameplay and turn-based combat, and more.
  • The title is already available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, but can now be played on the go without a controller.
  • As part of a new patch update rolling out on all platforms, Astria Ascending now supports touch controls through Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Astria Ascending's gameplay and visuals are a perfect match for mobile play on Xbox Cloud Gaming, making touch controls a great addition.

Astria Ascending released last year as a day one Xbox Game Pass addition, and paired beautiful graphics and design with 2D platforming, turn-based combat, and more. It was already easy to jump into Astria Ascending anywhere through the power of Xbox Cloud Gaming, but a recent patch update rolling out to all platforms on which Astria Ascending is available also brings support for touch controls.

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Astria Ascending is a great 2D JRPG available on a variety of platforms, including Xbox Game Pass. The game at launch suffered slightly from an overwhelming number of mechanics and the need for quality-of-life improvements, but today's patch update resolves plenty of issues and adds a brand-new feature making it even more seamless to play the game wherever you are.

You can now take advantage of touch controls if you play Astria Ascending through Xbox Cloud Gaming. Astria Ascending's overall design and gameplay is the perfect match for touch controls, and negates the prior need to lug a controller around whenever you wanted to play. The title joins the growing list of touch-supported Xbox Cloud Gaming games, which utilizes the power of Xbox Series X hardware to enable players to take full-fledged console games on the go.

If you enjoy using Xbox Cloud Gaming to play Xbox titles on your phone or tablet, Astria Ascending is one of the best Xbox Game Pass games thanks to the addition of touch controls. On the other hand, players looking for something new can check out all the recent additions to Xbox Game Pass.

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