Astroneer exits Xbox Game Preview, supports Xbox Play Anywhere

Astroneer launched in Xbox Game Preview many months ago, and has since received a steady stream of updates. While many of them have introduced important features, gamers have been clamoring for the actual release. Luckily, that day is upon us!

Today, developer System Era announced that "Astroneer 1.0" is available on Xbox One and PC. The best part is that it supports Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning that you only have to buy the game once, and can play it on both platforms. Keep in mind that the purchase must be made on the Microsoft Store for it to be eligible. The team said, "The 1.0 update will debut a new exploration-focused adventure that will take you to seven brand new planets while facing challenges like dangerous flora, treacherous terrain and immense, mysterious structures."

The game was originally supposed to launch a few months ago, but has been pushed back. The studio added, "Although we originally were slated to release in December, we made the tough decision to add six weeks to production to make sure we had adequate time to fix bugs and make sure performance met our standards! We can't wait to get the full game into your hands, but also want to ensure that experience is an amazing one that feels like a polished game."

Astroneer is on sale for $23.99 for the next 6 days. After that the price will jump up to $29.99. If you have an Xbox One X, be sure to check this title out because it looks absolutely amazing at 4K resolution.

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Asher Madan

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