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Has AT&T already run out of free wireless charging plates? No, they have not.

Just after midnight last night AT&T finally starting taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 for this Friday’s release. Included with the Lumia 920 is of course one free wireless charging plate—a $49 value.

We had reports coming in all day though that customers were not getting the free pad offer upon checkout. In fact, there was often no mention of it during the whole pre-order process. Some in our viewership called AT&T and were told by customer-service reps (CSR) that in fact AT&T has “run out” of said plates, effectively making the offer over just mere hours after it had begun.

We decided against putting the story out for a few reasons. One, the offer is actually good through the beginning of January and two, we’re talking about AT&T pre-orders here—a notoriously unreliable and far-from clear system.  And while we’d love to believe that demand was so high for the Lumia 920 that AT&T simply ran out of their freebie allotment, we’re not quite that naive to believe such a thing would have happened.

Indeed, when we tried to do our pre-order just a short time ago we were presented with a new pop-up telling us of the free wireless charging pad offer. The popup window tells you to select the Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate “on the next page”. It also mentions you need to sign a new 2-year agreement, meaning if you are buying at the no-commitment price (like we were), you may not qualify.

Reader Tal F. has a slightly similar story but he spoke to another AT&T CSR and was told quite specifically: “...the free charging plate discount wouldn't be live on the AT&T site until 11/9/12.  So even though it shows that your Lumia 920 comes with a free charging plate, you need to hold off on your purchase until 11/9/12 if you want it to be applied at checkout.”

So what is going on? Our bet is AT&T is still working out the kinks to the offer, which as far as we can tell was a last minute deal between Nokia and AT&T (remember we first old you about that deal only a few days before it was announced). Our advice is simple: order away. If you don’t get a free wireless charging plate, just hold onto your receipt and call AT&T as soon as you can. They will most likely have you pick one up in the store or they will send you one direct. Push come to shove, you just tell them to take the phone back and we’re sure that will get things taken care of but in all honesty, we’re not too concerned over this.

If you really want peace of mind, just get up early on Friday and waltz into your local AT&T Store and try to do a direct Lumia 920 purchase and bring a copy of the press release with you as evidence.


On a separate note, we were a little discouraged from the whole process for another reason: upgrade availability. Sure, we used our upgrade status back in March for the Lumia 900 so fair is fair, here is our $450 AT&T. But during the process, AT&T was will to extend to us a “special upgrade deal” for you guessed it, the Apple iPhone. AT&T might not have been able to fool us with their snake oil but we wonder how many out there would be determined to stick by their Nokia guns?

Have a similar story? Share in comments or head to our super-busy Lumia 920 forum to share your experience and advice.

Thanks to all who sent this in!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • The wierd thing is I had an upgrade and was given those same options showed, And had my charging pad discounted. 174.xx got me a glossy red 920+ black charging pad.
  • I had mine discounted as well. Purchased the glossy white and had black charging pad discounted.
  • Can you get the wireless charging pad for free at the store?
  • I plan to hit the AT&T store as the gate is lifted Friday morning!  I'm hoping to score a Red and (fingers crossed) yellow.  I know they said yellow "online only" but this is AT&T we're talking about and who knows what will arrive in stores Friday!  Now I just wish someone would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find out when and if the Microsoft Store will have the elusive Grey 920!
  • Wait, who and where does it say that yellow is exclusive online??
  • Its specifically mentioned in Nokia conversations. Says red, white, and black in stores with cyan and yellow online/ special order only.
  • i have a question not really regarding the story but i never figured this out (i didn't try though)
    is it piece of mind or peace of mind? i've heard both and i still don't know which is the right one to use
  • I also thought it was peace of mind. Piece of mind would refer to a fragment of a whole mind?
  • It's peace of mind.
  • It is peace of mind.
  • If I could give you a piece of my mind, it would really give me peace of mind. 
  • You give some one a piece of your mind (like when you tell them off).  Extended warranties give you peace of mind.
  • "Piece of mind" and "peace of mind" are both in use but have different meanings so, depending on what you want to say, you can use either one. "Piece of mind" is when you scold or angry at or dress down someone and give them an earful: "I'm so angry at the sales clerk so I'm going to give him a piece of my mind". Peace of mind is to put your mind or someone else's mind at ease, to reassure the person when he's troubled so he's put in a state of peace: :"For my peace of mind, could you tell me for sure that I'll get the charging pad if I order on Friday?".
  • You can have a piece of my mi d if you really want it, but it might not do much for you. Its kind of like taking the S4 chip out if a Lumia 920
  • I called 3 stores up here (Boston area) and not a single person knew what a "Lumia 920" was. Needless to say, I couldn't preorder it. Completely clueless.
  • So much for MIcrosoft & ATT spending alot of money on advertising big for wp8 huh? I guess most of the cash went in on Win 8 instead.
  • They are just playing dumb and ignorant, they are Android and apple fans.
  • This.
  • Its only for a free BLACK charging plate. I ordered mine last night. :)
  • That's fine to me....  "Little ditty... about Black and Cyan."
  • LoL... Black and Cyan... I love it... :)
  • Wow, that made my day, lol
  • Thanks for the grin :)
  • Same here, I don't want a freaking iphone, been there, done that.  Offer me a freaking deal on the damn 920. I would gladly jump at that.  Just goes to show everyone of these carriers is still in apples back pocket.  Att is supposed to be the premier WP carrier, how about proving it by treating the 920 like the flagship it is.  Bastardes
  • Okay here's the problem. I would love to buy the L920 on Nov. 9th and get the free wireless plate. However, Black Friday is not too far away, and there might be a $0.99 L920 sale, but I'm not sure if there will be any wireless plates left. Any advice?
  • Why don't you just wait til black friday.  God forbid you should have to pay 99 dollars for such a great device aaannnnddd get a free wireless charger.  I don't understand people, you want Nokia to be successful, but then want them to give away great innovation for pennies.  You guys do know at some point Nokia is going to have to start turning a profit on their devices in order to get the company back to it's former glory.  I'm not gonna front, I don't have 99 bucks myself or even the 450 to get it off contract, but I also don't expect to get the phone for freaking nothing.  Geez  -_-
  • B/c they probably can't afford it. Sad, but true.
  • Word
  • Preach it.
  • Well, its a gamble. You might wait and no big sale and then you waited for nothing. $99 is a great price and .99¢ is better. You just have to decide if you can wait. Me, I ordered it now because I sold my cracked iphone(back glass) 4 for $75. So this phone is gonna cost me $25 out of pocket. Less once I sell my 900. I will actually make money buying the 920. :-D
  • You obtuse piece of flotsam.
  • If the offer is good until January, what's wrong with waiting until BF?
  • I'll wait to see if someone can find a way to unlock the phone thru other means besides ATT even If i've to pay I'll. I'm hoping the NL 920 works on Tmob 3g. It'll be a joy to buy it and use on Tmob. I've friends who are on ATT and can buy it w/o me signing up for voice and data plans on ATT (high plans).
  • I pre-ordered a Lumia 920 this morning on the AT&T website and had no problems adding the free charging plate to my order. Earlier, I had called to do the pre-order, but the CSR said they couldn't offer the free charging plates over the phone, so she directed me to do it online.
  • Which colors have been confirmed to be available In Store on the 9th?
  • All colors will be in store. All colors were in store for the 900. Except when the pink came out, it was web only.
  • FYI - I just came home from two stores which told me they'll only carry the red, black, and white models in-store. They will order the others and have them shipped directly to you.
  • The iPhone has had that special upgrade since the second version came out. At 12 months after ordering any type of phone you pay half the full retail price for the iPhone.
  • Yep.
  • Does this in any way affect the Nokia offer as well? Is it possible then to get 2 free wireless chargers? One from AT&T and another from Nokia.
  • I think they use the IMEI for validation, or something like that.
  • Wondering that myself. I did notice that my phone has shipped but my charging plate has not. Maybe ATT is acting as middle man and ordering our free plate to be shipped from Nokia?
  • I think ATT / Tmob / Verizon  and Nokia / HTC / Samsung are so caught up trying to figure out launch dates and final touches that they completely forgot about advertisements. These phones won't sell themselves if no1 advertises them to the consumers through the various media outlets.
  • Actually, I was recently surprised.  I was in an AT&T store, and there was a couple in there that were asking about the 920.  I told them a little bit they didn't know, and also gave them this site for more info!
  • Well done, soldier!
  • Daniel,
    From the screenshots you have posted, it looks like you are using the at&t wireless business website.  If you try to order from personal instead of business you won't get a pop-up telling you about the wireless charger.  You also cannot select the $49 wireless charger in the accessories step during the buying process.  So, maybe this is where all the confusion is coming from.
    Also... why is this so hard?!
  • Good point, when I order I was sent though the bussess site, commapany discount, and I got the pop up. 
  • I too ordered through the business site; perhaps that is the reason not everyone is seeing the popup.
  • ^This. Tried to order with a personal account all day and could never see a charge plate anywhere. Just tried with a business account (didn't even know I could, yay my employer) and there it was, details about the offer and a popup telling me to add it to my cart.
  • I used the personal site and there was no mention of the offer and the charging plates were nowhere to be found. I placed my pre-order without adding the charging plate (was never given the option to), but two live chat reps assured me that I will get the charger. She said they would be shipping the charging plate next week and that I would get a follow-up e-mail notifying me that the charging plate will be shipped to my home. We'll see... Yeah, seriously why can't AT&T make the pre-ordering process simple. So much needless confusion.
  • I have to agree with the other poster about AT&T being clueless. I called the closest AT&T store earlier today because I want to go and pick up a black Lumia 920 there on Friday as opposed to ordering online. I specifically wanted to know whether it would include the free charging plate.
    Well, the rep had no idea about the Lumia's release date. It barely sounded as if he even knew what a Lumia was. I was put on hold and a few minutes later he was able to tell me that it would be released on the 9th. Next question - the charging plate. Suffice to say he had no idea whatsoever. He told me AT&T did not give any information related to that to the sales reps.
    I'm not sure whether he just chose to be ignorant of anything Nokia/MS/WP related due to being a fanboy of another platform, or whether AT&T really didn't give this info to their employees.
    Seriously, this is the magical AT&T exclusive deal that is going to save Nokia? This is even worse than the time when I picked up the Lumia 900. At least that time every rep I was in contact with knew quite a bit of details about the phone and looked interested in it (whether fake or real - not sure). This time there is just...nothing.
  • I actually went to my local ATT store (West Nyack, New York) today to pre-order. The salesperson knew what the Lumia 920 was but did not know the answer to any of my questions. When I asked if I could preorder the phone and if the free wireless charger was included, and when it was coming out she replied "let me ask the manager" for all three. Luckily the manager knew the answers to all of the questions and she was able to pre-order it for me and I will be going to the store friday to pick it up. So I think the managers are way better informed about this stuff than the sales people, which is dissapointing. My reciept says "PHO NOK LUMIA 920 BLU" and the total came to 108.36 because of tax. I got a confirmation email a little bit later with a tracking number so I am pretty confident I will be able to get the phone friday. Side Note: there was also practically nothing windows phone related in the store. All the dummy phones were androind or iphone and se were the accssoried. The only windowsphone thing was a banner of sorts that featured the lumia 900, but it didn't look too appealing and didn't have any info about the phone; also there were all these android phones below the banner so it's like they want you to just buy an android instead. I hope when the phone actually is selling in store the sales people see it and get more knowledge, and it is advertised way better.
  • you are not charged for a $36 fees?
  • Not on the reciept but when I asked the sales person she said I will be charged. It's going to appear on my next bill.
  • Always kinks. Why AT&T? Why?
  • I ordered two 920s last night but seeing later that i had to manually add the chargers into the cart, I canceled the orders online, and reordered. Little did I know doing just that would cause me a massive headache with AT&T.
    After re-ordering the Lumias (with the chargers this time), I recieved a confirmation email, followed by a cancellation notice from AT&T a few minutes later. Very very very long story short, if you cancel an order online, it takes 72 hours for the cancellation to fully process. Therefore, another order cannot be placed until the order has cleared after 72 hours.
    They let me know that I can still purchase the Lumias at the store as "they are in a different ordering system". Called my local store, and they let me know that they will only have "a good amount" of white, red, and black available at the store but still recommended going early. Cyan and Yellow will have to be ordered and shipped via the store. Not sure if this is the case for all stores as I tried calling another store who would not release any information.
    So long story short...if you ordered without the charger, DO NOT CANCEL ONLINE if you want to receive it on Friday.
  • Thanks for the heads up.  It feels like they are making this complicated on purpose.
  •   I cancled last night and place a new order this morning. The guy just had to look in the system and verify it wsa cancled then he reset my 2 year agreement status. I would try again if you dont feel like going to the store.     
  • Tried going to the store, tried ordering over the phone, and re-tried ordering online 2 more times - none of which worked. Did you cancel over the phone or online? The person I spoke with said that if you cancel online, it takes 72 hours. My guess is if you cancel over the phone, it's instant.
  • Thanks for letting people know. I tried to do the same thing and the Rep at At&t said it would delay my order and to wait til after I got the phone and then contact Nokia and they would honor the agreement for the charger. Even without the charger it is still a great deal. Hope to get my 920 Friday:o)
  • Good point. I did cancel over the phone and processed a new order online and it appears i'm still in business to have my phone shipped tonorrow for Friday delivery. Then again, if not I'll have someone's head.
  • That's what happened to me.  I ordered two of mine right after midnight.  Got my confirmation order and then a few minutes later got a cancellation email.  WTH?  Called this morning and they said I needed to go to an AT&T store and show two forms of ID to complete/confirm the order.  Never heard of that since I've been with AT&T.
    Needless to say, no one at the AT&T store ever heard of that.  We called the customer service lines from the store and got bounced around and transferred.  Seems the order is pending (they did a pre-charge on my credit card) but no one could say for sure if the order is still going to go through.  When I check the confirmation number online, it still says processing.
    AT&T really needs to clean up the online ordering issues.  This is ridiculous.  Needless to say, I have to wait it out and see if they ship the phones (with charging plates).  If not, I guess I'll be back to the store and see if I can snag them in-store.  I'm glad I didn't cancel the order, although it might have been better if I did.  I guess I'll find out Friday if I don't get any confirmation email otherwise.
  • Yep, that's what they did to me. The reps over the phone refused to give me any information what-so-ever unless I went into a retail store to verify my ID. It took 2 forms of ID with pictures, ,y address, social security number, and answering 4 questions from credit unions to verify who I was. After that they couldn't figure out what was going on - and after an hour I was told I could go home and try again. (Hah). Didn't work, called and they told me to go to the retail store AGAIN. I kept on calling until someone would give me a straight answer - takes 72 hours to fully cancel. Makes me wonder if AT&T is using computers made in the 80s to run their entire network?
  • See that's my problem. I ordered last night online and saw nothing about a free charger. Later when I contacted AT&T about the free wireless charger I was told "There is no such promo going on right now!" I replied to them with more info and so far got no reply, even filled out a new email today and showed them AT&T's press release where it states you'd get the free charger. Still no reply yet.
    Now I'm reading you have to do a 2 year contract to get it.... huh the press release said nothing like that. It said if you ordered the Lumia 920 from AT&T you'd get the wireless charger free of charge. So guess I'll see once I get my phone.
  • Might as well get it from Microsoft store
  • The window to add the charge plate is not new. I saw it last night at 12 EST, but the system is bad. I keep seeing a price of 244 for eveythign, turn out I had an outdated voice plan needed to be moved over. Same plan, new number on the backend. They did not give me an option to keep the same voice plan when I got my phone. So this morning I had to call AT&T (this is how I found out the problem) and they fixed it. Processed worked this time, $99 with the charge plate and phone + 2 year aggreement. Hopfuly I will get it on the 9th *figers crossed*
  • I cancled last night and place a new order this morning. The guy just had to look in the system and verify it wsa cancled then he reset my 2 year agreement status. I would try again if you dont feel like going to the store. 
  • I called at&t customer service, because I had one line eligible for upgrade and my other about 8 months from eligible. They actually hooked me up with a 920 for my main line (mine) and a 820 for my second. At the 2 year upgrade price for both. And all I did was ask, no begging or threatening to cancel needed. Was actually pretty awesome if them.
  • I went to the store and it was much easier.  They got me the free wireless charging plate, and also stated that it would be shipped to me quicker (the yellow one) than it would be if ordered online.  May even get my phone by Monday.
  • Thanks for the info, I had the same problem
  • My high gloss yellow Lumia 920 won't be shipped until ~14th of November 2012. Might hit my local AT&T store and cancel my online order if I can snag one in person.
  • Hmm, I also ordered the yellow, but my order said it would be shipped on Nov. 12th. Maybe we'll receive the orders on the 14th.
  • I ordered my new Cyan Lumia 920 this afternoon, new contract and I did not see anything relating to a charging plate.  After seeing this post, I had a chat session with AT&T.  The agent told me that all Lumia 920 Pre-Orders are going to get a free charging plate.  Even though nothing is on my order confirmation, I will receive a email confirmation when the charging plate is shipped.  This applies to all pre orders.
  • I just checked my order status summary online and there is an extra item listed, seperate from the phone.  Description: Replacement - Item Status: Processing - Tracking Number: Pending Shipment - Qty: 1    That is on a completely different line from the actual phone.  Total number of items: 2
  • Mine says the same thing. Rep said not to worry about it.
  • I think it's the microsim. regardless of if you have one or not, ATT always ships you a new one when ordering online/over the phone. That's what it says on my order summary.
  • I don't know what happened, but I used my upgrade for my cyan 900 when they came out. I checked to see if I was eligible, and it looks like I am. :)
    now to decide on red or yellow. :D
  • LOL!
  • I preordered two 920's shortly after midnight and got the free wireless plate on both. It's in my invoice and everything.
  • "The popup window tells you to select the Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate “on the next page”. It also mentions you need to sign a new 2-year agreement, meaning if you are buying at the no-commitment price (like we were), you may not qualify."  
    I can't see how AT&T thinks they can get away with that. Yesterday's press release CLEARLY says otherwise. Note, there is no asterisk or qualifier anywhere within the page. I-will-raise-holy-hell if they so much as suggest I am not eligble... 
      Special AT&T Promo Offers Free Wireless Charging Plate With Purchase of a Nokia Lumia 920   For a limited time and while supplies last, AT&T will also include a wireless charging plate – free of charge – with each purchase of a Lumia 920.
  • Thee Att website is very picky about what browser you use. I couldnt get the free charger pop up (or even the preorder button to work right) until using an older IE.
  • I noticed they ran out. So this morning went to local ATT store. They gave me the phone and free charger pre-order in store.
  • That was nice of them I wish my store did that.  I went in and the rep knew nothing about the launch other then it would be on Friday.  He also looked me in the eye and told me that the phone was not able to be preordered in store and I would have to take my chances getting one on Friday.  Sounds like your store is much better then mine is.
  • I stopped into a retail location tonight and was told the only units they're receiving Friday are floor models. They won't have any 920's at that location for sale on release. They did order me two though to have shipped directly to me.  Charging plates were included.
  • I just got back from my local AT&T store. They quoted me $350 for early contract termination including the cost of a 920. I got my 900 in April. They also offered me $75 trade-in value for my 900, so, total cost should be $275. I'll be outside the store when they open on Friday morning. :-)
  • Seems you're doing an awful lot just to get a 920. How about you buy the phone off contract for $450. Sell the 900 on your own. You might clear over $75, but let's just say you get the $75. So, for $375 you get the 920 and you don't have to cancel your contract, plus a little over a year from now you'll be upgrade eligible again ;-)
  • Spoke with CSR this morning about getting my Lumia 920 and upgrading from my 900.  I purchased my 900 as soon as it launched, so I would not be available to upgrade until March 2013 with an early exception.  I told the rep that it would be cheaper to cancel my contract and purchase a new phone from Verizon. They then transfered me over to loss prevention department.  I told the women the same thing and they informed me they would make the exception for me but they could not pre-order.  I will need to order Friday over the phone only, they will not upgrade me at the local store.  Still do not know if I am getting the charger, but I will update on Friday when I figure it out.  
  • So what was the final price that you have to pay ?
  • Guys does anyone know how the free charging plate business will work if we get the phone off contract at best buy? I want to take advantage of best buy not having a restocking fee if I end up not liking it...
  • I believe Nokia is offering the 
    same deal too. 
  • Was able to buy with upgrade price through at&t and I bought the lumia 900 on release day. Thanks at&t for early upgrade offer for the better than an iPhone device. Can't wait to get my glossy red 920 on Friday. Can I get a "hell yea"
  • What was the total price that you paid for early upgrade ?
  • Did you do the upgrade at the store?  I got the 900 on release and would love to be able to get the 99.99 upgrade price.
  • I bought the lumia 900 on release day as well. Tried the early upgrade online, but it is not available to me.
    What is the trick here?