Good news if you haven’t yet bought a Lumia 920 as AT&T and Nokia have extended the free wireless charging plate bargain, which was supposed to end at the beginning of January. The free deal for the $49 item is now extended through February 21st, which is a nice addition of 6 weeks.

The Nokia branded Qi wireless charger allows users to plop their new 920 for a quick and effortless re-charge of their new device. While many have scoffed at the idea of wireless charging as “nice but gimmicky” we’re 100% converts here and recoil at the idea of having to physically plug in our phone.

Whereas getting people to adopt wireless charging through an extra purchase is a bad idea, Nokia and AT&T’s offer is crucial for good word-of-mouth via new customers who embrace the technology.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, Joseph S., for the tip

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