AT&T U-verse customers now have their own Xbox One app

Xbox One owners that also use AT&T U-verse cable television service can now download and use a dedicated app for the console. Among other things, it allows those customers to watch live television on their Xbox One.

The app does include sections like Movies, TV, Networks and of course Live TV. Aside from that, there's little info on what the app has in terms of features. We would assume that the AT&T U-verse app has similar features to the recently-launched Time Warner Cable app for the Xbox One, which as of this time does not have a live TV feature. We can't check out what features the app has since none of the staff are signed up for U-verse. If you are such a customer and have an Xbox One, let us know what you think about the app in the comments.

Thanks to Daryl for the tip!

John Callaham
  • Awesome!!
  • With Universal apps, I'm confident that Microsoft may be able to use the Xbox One to close the media app gap in their ecosystem.
  • I think they achieve a greater goal then just a gap
  • ......what?
  • I sure hope so, as there isn't even a windows phone U-Verse app.
  • Yeah there is, I had it on my AT&T Lumia 920...i deleted that useless crap.
  • There was a U-Verse app for Windows 7 phones but never one designed for Windows 8 or 8.1....This is ridiculous and yet another example of the Windows phone store's app gap we are forced to deal with.
  • Hopefully this is a sign ATT is paying attention to the platform and we'll get a proper U-verse app for phones.
  • Now xfinity needs to release their Xbox one app. Quite shameful that they haven't already.
  • Man, I really hate comcast. I don't think they are gonna have an app soon enough
  • Yeah, I really don't think Comcast will ever release an app. They really want their X1 to be the hub of the living room. They want to be the ones to sell you overpriced movie rentals. Other than that they have too much invested in their crappy ui, including all four apps and their security system hub.
  • I have u-verse and will check this out when i get home. But i don't know if I will every use it since I have my cable box right next to my Xbox. Not to mention that it is also ran through the Xbox to watch live tv already. So we will see.
  • I'm in the same boat as you, the one thing that did occur to me is maybe now I can control the UVerse DVR from my XBox One, which is a big missing feature when running the Uverse through the XBox.
  • You can use Smartglass to control DVR.
  • That suggestion doesn't solve the issue.  That is just suggesting to use a different remote control than the physical one you have been using.  I haven't gotten to try the app yet but I am looking for DVR functionality with the Kinect.
  • It looks like it is only U-Verse on demand for the time being...for some reason though, whenever I try to play a show I get an error saying "all my streams are in use" even though I'm only using the box that is connected to my Xbox One.
  • Hopefully the app is updated to a point where it can be a complete STB replacement.
  • Tune your Set Top Box to a non-A/V channel.   In my provider's setup, video on demand is channel 1.   That will 'free up' a stream for you.
  • Awesome! Now I can use my dad's Uverse login to watch free TV!
  • Are you in the same state? I remember trying this on the uverse online page but I guess it recognized I was in another state so I couldnt watch from my family's account.
  • Yes, we're in the same state. He's 2 hours away but don't think that should be a problem.
  • I've known this was coming for a while but I couldn't say anything.  The app is similar to the moble app and isn't a full replacement for a STB.   (ps, there is a new Windows Phone and Windows8/10 app in the works)
  • What does the new app do? Replace sales reps and sells phones?
  • How exciting for the this! Been waiting for a while for a Uverse app for my windows phone back when wp7 launched in COR it had it.
  • Big deal, my XBox One is connected to the same TV that my Uverse box is connected to so the app is totally redundant.I'll be excited when Windows 8,1/10 gets an app so I can watch live TV from rooms other than where my TV is.
  • Or if you get a second TV.
  • Right after I drop Uverse for DirecTV
  • AT&T needs to get their sh*t in gear and get a Windows and possibly Xbox SMS app for their mobile customers.
  • Come on Xfinity!
  • If/when companies start to use universal apps for these Xbox One multimedia offerings, that's gonna be great news for the Windows tablet and phone platforms as well.. Great move, Microsoft!
  • I've had Uverse for years and got tired of their crappy bandwidth.  I just switched to Comcast and am surprised at how horrible their X1/DVR system is.  They are way behind in technology. If Uverse could increase their bandwidth I'd switch back in a heartbeat.
  • Same story with Optimum. I dropped U-Verse because of the slow internet, only to find that their TV and DVR interface and capabilities are light years ahead of Optimum. Once my promo period is over I'm going to investigate mixing and matching. Or just cutting Optimum cable and getting everything over the top.
  • About damn time
  • The Comcast UI is horrible. Hopefully an app comes sooner, rather than later.
  • Figures, I just switched to Charter two weeks ago.
  • I have been waiting for a windows phone app for years now. I will give this a shot when I get home but like most people have already said it doesn't seem very useful if your stb/dvr is on the same TV.
  • As someone who works supporting the same technology UVerse uses, I can tell you the apps exist. It's just internal business priorities within each carrier that prevent any prioritization of TV Apps for Windows Phone.   I was told by my team that if Windows reaches 10% marketshare in mobile, then and only then would we dedicate any resources to apps.
  • I'll have to check this out, but as others have mentioned, this is a little redundant when your TV is run through your Xbox already. I have no idea why most people wouldn't run their DVR or STB through their Xbox. A Windows Phone app of this would be nice too.
  • I installed the app on my Xbox One and after signing in I was able to access a LOT of on-demand content. There appeared to be a large number of tv shows & movies to everyone with a U-Verse subscription as well as additional locked content for "premium networks" (read: HBO, Cinemax, Starz, etc...) if you already subscribe to those networks. I couldn't find any way to get to Live TV no matter what I tried so maybe this was an app they were already working on but hadn't finished yet, and decided to push a stable version as a knee-jerk reaction to the Sling app getting pushed. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense that it seems to have zero live tv access. At any rate, I am very excited that there is now a U-Verse app for Xbox One! My u-verse contract ends next month and Sling TV & their new Xbox One app seem very enticing. At least now AT&T might find a way to keep my business but a Windows (PC & Phone) app is probably going to be the only thing that keeps me around.
  • Does the app content show up in universal search results?
  • I can't seem to get Live TV working either, the button's just not htere. I wonder if it's specific to a higher tier or something.
  • Wait, if there is a Xbox one YouTube app. Then when w10 hits will I get that app?
  • Still waiting to control U-verse with my Xbox 360 with Kinect. ;) The hope of that was actually a factor in my decision to get a console, specifically the 360, in the first place.
  • I would likely say you're S O L on that front.  
  • LOL, I think you're right! :^D I'm enjoying the Xbox anyway.
  • This might have been useful a month ago when I still had uverse. Needless to say, I don't miss it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well to late now AT&T, I just cancelled my service for cable.
  • Can't wait to purchase our XBox One!
  • would be happier if they had included live streaming like the android app has. 
  • I installed the app theother day. I have noticed that for some reason the last 10-20% of the show stops playing and I get an error message. This happens with series and movies across multiple programs like HBO, Cinemax etc. More than a bit frustrating_ I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I REALLY like this, the interface is great, I don't have to switch back to the box once I am on Xbox one. 
  • OKAY...I am wondering if I can use the u-verse box in another room for another tv if I can get the xbox one att app working in my room...   I HATE the wayATT  U-verse set up the box/phone line in the middle of my wall and would like to re-arrange...but wondering if I move the u verse  box off  if I will still have live tv access through Xbox Oneapp in that room? also--sounds like the app isn't as user friendly concerning live tv?  any help would be appreciated! :)