Audica is the VR rhythm shooter you've been waiting for

Harmonix is the developer behind acclaimed franchises like Dance Central and Rock Band, and today the team revealed its latest project called Audica. Audica is a virtual reality rhythm shooter that combines the developer's award-winning music gameplay with precision shooting mechanics. The soundtrack is pretty amazing as well. Think of it as Beat Saber, but with guns.

According to Harmonix, "Audica started as a passion project for a small team of developers within Harmonix." They chose to launch Audica into Steam Early Access because they believed that they had a compelling core game. The team wants to develop it into the next must-play rhythm game with the help of the community.

Audica is coming to Oculus Rift and SteamVR on March 7. It's unclear how much it'll cost at launch. The early-access version has roughly half the content as the full game. There should be 25 songs, a campaign, practice mode, more environments, more weapons, leaderboards, and new gameplay mechanics in the final build. Hopefully development will continue beyond that point because the trailer features a lot of potential.

Games like Beat Saber have become increasingly popular nowadays, and Audica follows this trend. Hopefully it'll be a polished experience when it's available to consumers in a few days. The controls have to be just right — precise enough and not severely punishing — for it to attract a loyal audience. If you want Harmonix to add more features, or if you have a particular request, be sure to reach out to the team because they're looking for feedback.

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Asher Madan

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