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Net neutrality, consolidation, monopolies, and you

A fair and open internet is vital to the national and global interest. It promotes our democracy and economy. Recent moves at the FCC threaten to undo rules supporting "net neutrality", which would unfairly tilt the playing field in favor of ISPs.

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Windows Central's best of IFA 2017

IFA is one of the oldest electronics exhibitions on the planet, and continues to be one of the best and biggest. 2017 was no exception, with PC makers bringing their A-game with a selection of impressive new tablets, laptops, and desktops.

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Lenovo's Yoga 920 is a contender for the convertible laptop crown

Lenovo's Yoga laptops have long been considered the cream of the crop when it comes to convertible laptops, and for good reason. The new Yoga 920 takes everything we know and love about the Yoga line and gives it a thorough update.

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Lenovo's Explorer Mixed Reality headset starts at just $349.99

It's been a while since we first saw Lenovo's first take on a mixed reality headset designed to work with Windows 10. But now, here at IFA 2017, it's finally a formal announcement: this is the Lenovo Explorer.

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Lenovo's Yoga 720 is a mild update to a mild convertible

While the 900-series Yoga convertible laptops might steal all of the thunder, the 700-series is making waves its own — especially with the new Yoga 720.

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Lenovo 2-in-1s get an upgrade in the Miix 520

Lenovo's Miix series of 2-in-1 tablets is getting an upgrade in the middle of its range with the new Miix 520. This detachable 2-in-1 takes after the Microsoft Surface line, though with a few signature Lenovo flourishes.

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Hands-on with the Acer Predator Orion 9000: Power to spare!

Acer always brings their A-Game to IFA, and 2017 has brought us an appropriately bonkers new gaming PC: the monstrously powerful Predator Orion 9000. Just don't expect an 18-core CPU with quad graphics and 128GB of RAM to come cheap.

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The State of Windows Central Survey: Help us help you (and win big!)

Our sites at Mobile Nations are living things, always changing and evolving to meet your needs. So we're checking in with you to see how we're doing — what you like, what you don't care about, and where we can improve.

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HP Elite x3 barcode scanner case targets retail workforce

The Elite x3 is a phone for business, according to HP, and the addition of a new barcode scanner case unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017 expands the feature set for businesses.

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Panasonic's Toughbook CF-33 is the most ridiculous (and rugged) tablet of MWC 2017

Is your Windows 10 tablet guaranteed to survive a fall of more than a meter? Does it have twin hot-swappable batteries? A 12-inch 1200nit QHD display? The Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 does all that and more.

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HP's updated Pro x2 is a 2-in-1 tablet for the business crowd

Consumer devices are fine for a lot of business applications, but corporations and governments sometimes need more. That's where the HP Pro x2 612 comes in.

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Alcatel Plus 12: A 2-in-1 tablet with an LTE keyboard

While it's not the most impressive of tablets, even at its low price point, the Alcatel Plus 12 still stands out for doing things just a little bit different.

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The Lenovo Yoga 720 is the 15-inch GTX 1050 convertible you didn't know you wanted

Is there a good reason to put an NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU in a convertible? How about if you make that convertible a 15-inch frame? Well, this describes the Lenovo Yoga 720 in all its beastly glory.

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Laptop Buyer's Guide

Trending Laptops

The experts at Windows Central spend hundreds of hours testing the latest laptops. Only the best receive the Choice Award.

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Windows Central Podcast: CES 2017 Mega Special with Android Central

CES 2017 is over and we're all back home, but before we left Las Vegas, we gathered around the microphone for one of our favorite trade show traditions: the mega cross-site podcast!

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Windows Central Best of CES 2017 Awards

CES always brings a flood of new gadgets and laptops and insane tech that'll never see the light of day — and the 2017 edition of CES was no different. Here are our favorites!

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CES 2017 Day Three: How many pixels do you really need?

Laptops that are thinner and longer lasting, displays with more pixels than we've ever seen, everything connected to the web in ways we can't yet comprehend. This is CES.

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These are the first Windows Holographic VR headsets from HP, Dell, and more!

Acer, HP, Dell, and more dip their toes in the VR waters.

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LG's updated Gram laptops are absurdly light

The first iteration of the LG Gram laptop series was rightly panned for its poor battery life. But now? They've fixed that and made it even lighter.

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Dell's XPS 27 all-in-one has 10 speakers for some reason

The Dell XPS 27 All-in-One PC has an enormous chin for good reason: there are a bunch of speakers in there.

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