Back up your gear with this CyberPower 10-outlet system on sale for $140

CyberPower 1500VA Backup System
CyberPower 1500VA Backup System (Image credit: CyberPower)

The CyberPower 1500VA Battery Back-Up System has dropped to $139.99 at Best Buy. This is part of Best Buy's deals of the day, and the price is only temporary. You can find a very similar price through Staples, but most other retailers are selling it for around $155 or more, with some like Micro Center going as high as $160.

CyberPower 1500VA Battery Back-Up System

CyberPower 1500VA Battery Back-Up System

Has 10 surge-protected outlets with five on the battery backup. Has an 890-joule rating to absorb a large amount of energy in case of a power surge. Can protect your phone, coaxial and Ethernet lines, too. Has two USB ports for mobile devices.

CyberPower's system comes with 10 surge protected outlets. Five of those are connected to a battery backup. You'll also get ports for connecting your phone line, coaxial cables, and Ethernet. It even has a couple of widely spaced outlets so you can use gear with larger power adapters. There are two 5V 2.1-amp USB ports on the front that you can use to plug in your mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. It charges the device and keeps it safe.

Protect everything from power surges. The 890-joule rating means the system can absorb a huge amount of energy to protect your equipment and keep the unit safe, too. The system uses a GreenPower UPS Bypass design that allows stable power to pass through the transfromer for minimized energy consumption, preventing noise and heat buildup and allowing you to operate your stuff without a noticable difference in operation noise.

You'll also get automatic voltage regulation for consistent AC power and protection from overvoltage. The system uses line interactive topology and an autotransformer to regulate low voltage without switching to battery power. The simulated sine wave output generates a stepped, approximated sine wave for power.

CyberPower backs up this system's performance with a $500,000 connected equipment guarantee and a three-year limited warranty.

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