Battleship will fire its big guns for the Xbox One on Aug. 2

Ubisoft will release a version of the classic naval warfare board game Battleship for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles on August 2.

Ubisoft says:

Letting players challenge each other online or battle against AI opponents, Battleship features two game modes: Classic and Clash at Sea! Classic is a 3D take on the board game, letting players arrange five ships on a grid and take turns firing on their hidden enemy in an attempt to score hits and sink their opponent's fleet. Clash at Sea! remixes the experience, giving your ships special abilities powered by resources that you earn as you play. Additionally, Clash at Sea! is part of Battleship's new campaign, which gives players an opportunity to master the new mode while pursuing story-driven missions.

The game will also have features like fleet personalization and online leaderboards. Ubisoft has not announced a price for Battleship.

John Callaham