Beam's viewing app is going live today for Xbox Insiders

For those who don't know, Beam is Microsoft's Twitch-like streaming service. Its key differentiator is near non-existent latency between the streamer and viewer, allowing for more interactive streams. Additionally, Beam has an SDK, allowing developers to build controls directly into their games to allow viewers to participate in real-time.

The promised Beam app is heading to Xbox One for testers in the Alpha ring at 6 PM , and will roll out more broadly after the testing phase is complete.

Announced via Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), the Beam app is also available on iOS and Android. Since the app is UWP, it's fair to assume it'll hit Windows 10 and Mobile in the future at some point too.

Once we're able to take a look at the app in more detail we'll do a video walkthrough to let you know how it works!

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Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Will it be UWP?
  • I have a hard time imagining it not being UWP. Most of their new stuff ends up being UWP. Doesn't mean we'll see it anytime soon though...
  • I believe so.
  • I believe since it's on Xbox it will have to be UWP.
  • Jez no news on Windows 10 mobile and PC versions?
  • Windows 10 PC version is coming, they're looking into a W10M version but nothing to announce atm
  • Ok, thanks man. I pray I get it on my mobile.
  • I think they will
  • im doubtfull its time to smash the last % and give up. why waste money on supporting an unused system?  make it work better on windows 10 and xbox. 
  • For android and iOS I'm sure. I hate my 950 right now
  • why pray just buy an iphone or android. thats what im telling my family.. if you want apps dont use wp. 
  • I suspect that they might not... Noticed some of the survey questions mention ups and android, but not W10m... I realise it is all w10, but you get what I mean.
  • Looks like another alpha update today
  • Would like to try it, but I'm on the Beta ring of Xbox Insider and I don't see it on the menu. I heard a machine reset might help but no way I am trying that
  • You can stream to beam from the guide you have to hard reset for the satellite dish icon to appear as for the app its current alpha ring only
  • It is a hard RESTART, not reset. Reset is a factory wipe of the machine. Restart is simply forcing the machine Off and On again.
    For @Sunstorming, simply hold the power button until the console turns off, then power it back on. You don't lose any data.
  • Cool, I hope it's a UWP.
  • 6pm? Which time zone? Gagging to try this! Cheers fir the Halo Wars 2 stream, enjoyed it. Chat worked well too.
  • jezz not to poke. you forgot pst. i had to look it up to figure out which 6pm it would be :) this will be a nice addition to watching paul tommorow on saturday back to the XBOX ONE!!!!!