Best alien creatures in Mass Effect that can be pets

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Thane
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Thane (Image credit: EA)

Mass Effect is full of lovable alien creatures... and some not so much. In honor of Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming out, I've rounded up some of the best alien creatures that would be pets. Best, of course, is a subjective term, because as you'll see on this list, I definitely don't recommend some of these as pets. But that doesn't mean they aren't cool and wouldn't be the perfect pet for someone out there in the galaxy. (Except maybe the Thresher Maw. Good luck with that one).

Keep these creatures in mind when you're booting up your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S because they're bound to look a whole lot better in the Legendary Edition. And without further ado:

Space Hamster

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Mass Effect Space Hamster

Source: Mass Effect Andromeda Wiki (Image credit: Source: Mass Effect Andromeda Wiki)

Shepard's space hamster is iconic, so much so that the lovable creature made a reappearance in Mass Effect Andromeda (it may not be the exact same one, but still). You can pick up the cute furball from the souvenirs shop on the Citadel, and it'll stay by your side on the Normandy until the end of its days. Google says hamsters can live for 2-3 years, but I like to think this space hamster is a little bit hardier than most. Surely we've found a way to extend their lifespans by 2185. Advances in tech mean nothing if our fur babies can't live as long as we do.

10/10: How could you look at this and think it's anything less than cute?


Mass Effect Varren

Source: BioWare (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: BioWare (screenshot))

How can you look at a varren and not fall in love with it? These little guys hail from the krogan homeworld of Tuchanka, and as savage as they may seem, they can make for some pretty cute pets. Just look at Jack in Mass Effect 3, who lovingly adopts one who's developed biotic powers, and tell me you don't want one of your own.

Are they the perfect pet? Probably not. This one's best for experienced pet owners, but you're effectively getting a space dog who's loyal to a fault. In the famous words of Rosa Diaz, "I've only had (this varren) for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself."

8/10: This is like the equivalent of a space dog and if you train it right it'll be like a loyal pittie.


Mass Effect Pyjak

Source: Mass Effect Wiki (Image credit: Source: Mass Effect Wiki)

One look at a pyjak and I have mixed feelings. The eyes? Cute. I get a Baby Yoda vibe from them. The ears and mouth? Funny looking, but cute. Its pattern and markings? Exquisite. The long arms and legs? Less cute, more creepy. Still, a lot of people have a soft spot for monkeys, and pyjak are basically a form of space monkeys. You can find them across multiple different planets, and to prove they can make decent pets, you can even adopt one in Andromeda. It may not be the best pet for your ship, but it's small enough and can take care of itself... for the most part.

5/10: Points for the Baby Yoda eyes but the mouth creeps me out.

Shifty Looking Cow

Mass Effect Shifty Looking Cow

Source: Mass Effect Wiki (Image credit: Source: Mass Effect Wiki)

What a jerk; this dude will rob you blind the moment you turn your back. I hope you didn't like those credits because they're gone. That cute face and stubby arms are just an act. Under no circumstance should you adopt it as a pet. Although, if you're a pickpocket or looking to make some extra change, this could be the exact pet you want to do your dirty work for you. No one will suspect a thing. The only reason it gets a 2.5/10 is because real-life cows are cute and I'm being generous.

2.5/10: Love the name but it ends up stealing your money.

Thresher Maw

Mass Effect Thresher Maw

Source: BioWare (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: BioWare (screenshot))

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Too long. Too many legs. Giant worm. I've seen Tremors and I don't need this in my life. This thing is big enough to take down a Reaper. Even the smaller ones are pretty intimidating. I'm adding this to the list because I don't know your lives, and maybe you do need a Thresher Maw for whatever reason. Just be careful with it, they're difficult to tame. And honestly, where would you even keep it? Good luck finding a leash big enough.

-10/10: No.

There are plenty more alien creatures in Mass Effect, but these felt like the best to make up this list. We've got a mix of cute and cuddly to scary and intimidating, and the in-between "is it cute or is it creepy?" Be on the lookout for these when you're jumping into the Legendary Edition. Mass Effect is by far one of the best Xbox games to ever release, and it'll play even better now on Xbox Series X.

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