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However you pronounce the Mako in Mass Effect (it's a soft "A" in case you wanted to know), it's not the only Mako out there. There's Mako from The Legend of Korra and a good ol' mako shark. But which one is better? Who would win in a fight? To celebrate Mass Effect: Legendary Edition releasing soon, we've decided to put those questions to the test.

If I did this Deadliest Warrior style, I think we all know the Mako (Mass Effect) would win by a landslide. Mako (Legend of Korra) might be a great firebender, but he's no match for a machine that can bounce across lava. And a mako shark would get squished. So instead, I'm going to rate them based on a few different categories.

Absolutely 0% of this is based in science, but this is my article and I'm taking it by the horns.


Nothing is going to beat the sheer strength of the Mako (Mass Effect). It can survive hazardous environments and treacherous landscapes, and it can handle a pretty decent beating from any threats it encounters. It's not going out of commission any time soon, no matter how janky the driving controls may be.

As for a mako shark, it definitely has the biting force, but its limited mobility on land makes me hesitant to call it strong in a way where it could win in a fight against non-sea dwelling creatures. It'll be as effective as a beached whale, without the threat of rolling over and flattening you. And Mako (Legend of Korra) may be a professional fighter and firebender, but he's known to lose fights from time to time. Plus, he definitely can't survive on a harsh alien planet like the Mako can.

Winner: Mako (Mass Effect)


I think the winner in this category is obvious. The Mako (Mass Effect) is about as charismatic as a rock, and I'm not sure how interesting a mako shark is if you stayed with it for longer than an hour — this isn't My Octopus Teacher, after all. Mako (Legend of Korra), on the other hand, seems like a sweet guy, and he was an integral member of Team Avatar. And there's the fact that he's the only human on this list who can possibly have charisma. But if you want to follow a mako shark, I won't judge.

Winner: Mako (Legend of Korra)


OK, the Mako (Mass Effect) is only as smart as the driver behind the wheel. It's not an AI and can't think for itself, so it loses points in this category. Mako (Legend of Korra) is smart, but he can be a bit oblivious and doesn't always make the best decisions. (He joined the Republic City Police Force, come on). A mako shark, however, is considered to be one of the smartest shark species, with "extremely impressive critical reasoning and social skills" (via Sharksider). Those funny faces can be hiding a big brain. Some makos have even been able to determine whether or not researchers posed a threat to them.

Winner: Mako shark


Playing into its strengths, the Mako (Mass Effect) can adapt to most environments and to most situations. It has eight independently reversible wheels, canons, micro-thrusters, and can be air-dropped safely from hundreds of yards. Not to mention, the armored shell encompassing the beast. A mako shark is about as useful as wet cardboard if it's on land, so it loses adaptability points there. Mako (Legend of Korra) comes in at a close second. We've seen how he evolved over the course of the series, in no small part due to his adaptability, but he just can't compete with a tank.

Winner: Mako (Mass Effect)

Ultimate Winner: Mako (Mass Effect)

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The Mako in Mass Effect is a legendary vehicle fit for the Legendary Edition of the series, what are considered to be some of the best Xbox games ever released. And none of this is to say you can't love Mako (Legend of Korra) or mako sharks. For the purposes of this article, the Mako (Mass Effect) had to win, but by all means argue away as to which Mako is truly the best.


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