The 7 best Cyber Monday NAS deals 2023: Handpicked discounts on Synology, TerraMaster, Seagate and more

Cyber Monday 2023

Synology DiskStation DS1522+

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1. Best NAS enclosure deals
2. Best NAS hard drive deals 

Imagine turning your living or working area into a hub of limitless possibilities – consider creating an impressive media server or efficiently managing your essential files and documents. The perfect Network Attached Storage (NAS) enclosure for your home or office would be a great addition to your life.

This Cyber Monday, an array of different models are available for you to choose from, with various retailers offering enticing deals to suit all needs and budgets. We're here to guide you in making an informed choice while helping you save more during this shopping season with only the best deals. 

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Best Cyber Monday NAS enclosure deals

Choosing the best NAS enclosure involves a few factors, namely price, processor, and the number of drive bays. The better the processor, the more drive bays available, and advanced features like 10Gb networking can inflate prices quickly. 

Whatever you happen to be looking for in a NAS, we've rounded up some of the best enclosures available on offer right now.

Terramaster F2-210 2-bay NAS enclosure | was $159.99now $127.99 at Amazon

Terramaster F2-210 2-bay NAS enclosure | was $159.99 now $127.99 at Amazon

For a first-time NAS buyer or someone who just wants a good, inexpensive unit for the home, this is a great deal. The quad-core ARM CPU is efficient, yet powerful enough to push your home media server needs, and you can stuff it with up to 32TB of storage. The RAM isn't upgradeable, but for a budget system like this the 1GB provided will be plenty. 

Perfect for: An efficient home media server

Avoid if: You want to run multiple services or want to be able to add more RAM

💰Price check: $159.99 at Newegg

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Terramaster F2-423 2-bay NAS enclosure | was $379.99now $303.99 at Amazon

Terramaster F2-423 2-bay NAS enclosure | was $379.99 now $303.99 at Amazon

A modest saving it may be, but this is a really great price for a 2-bay NAS with a dual-core CPU, dual 2.5 GbE networking, and expandable RAM up to 32GB. It supports up to 40TB of storage and even has an NVMe SSD slot, so you can add some superfast cache if you desire. High-end features for a very affordable price. 

Perfect for: High capacity requirements and those who want more RAM

Avoid if: You have more than a pair of hard drives you want to use

💰Price check: $303.99 at Newegg

Synology DS223J 2-bay NAS enclosurewas $219.99now $189.99 at Newegg

Synology DS223J 2-bay NAS enclosure | was $219.99 now $189.99 at Newegg

This is the one of the best budget NAS you can get right now. It's efficient, quiet, and thanks to Synology's excellent software, easy to use for hosting your files and media. It also makes a brilliant Plex server and is perfect for beginners and home users. 

Perfect for: First time buyers, home media servers

Avoid if: You need masses of storage or higher performance

💰Price check: $191.99 at Walmart

Western Digital EX2 Ultra 8TBwas $449.99now $319.99 at Amazon

Western Digital EX2 Ultra 8TB | was $449.99 now $319.99 at Amazon

This NAS is perfect for beginners or those who want an all-in-one package to create their own personal cloud.  The hard drives are already inside, though you have control over which RAID setup you'd prefer still. All you need to do is plug it in and away you go.

Perfect for: First time buyers, those who want pre-configured storage

Avoid if: You want to host services on your NAS

💰Price check: $324.99 at Best Buy

Best Cyber Monday NAS drive deals

You're going to need a drive or few to store all your data on, which is where our collection of the best Black Friday drive deals comes into play. Whether you need an affordable 1TB drive or a beastly 18TB monster, there's a deal here for every NAS owner.

Western Digital Red Plus 8TB | was $169.99now  $139.99 at Walmart

Western Digital Red Plus 8TB | was $169.99 now  $139.99 at Walmart

This Black Friday, you can save big on WD Red Plus NAS storage to stock out your enclosure. Store up to 8TB worth of documents, games, movies, and more with this tasty $50 discount on its regular price.

💰Price check: $169.99 at Best Buy

Seagate IronWolf 8TB | $174.99now $139.99 at Best Buy

Seagate IronWolf 8TB | was $174.99 now $139.99 at Best Buy

What's not to like about a hefty discount on our favorite NAS HDD? Seagate IronWolf drives are incredible, matching performance and reliability in perfect harmony. The 8TB version is at a super low price, and you can save a bunch on a pair for your RAID setup. 

💰Price check: $139.99 at Amazon

Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB | $329.99now $269.99 at Best Buy

Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB | was $329.99 now $269.99 at Best Buy

For serious NAS users who want the absolute highest capacity and reliability, the IronWolf Pro is the one to go for. This 16TB drive currently has a whopping $70 off, which adds up to $140 saving on each RAID pair you buy. 

💰Price check: $269.99 at Amazon

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