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You dropped a bunch of cash on a fancy new Dell XPS 15 like the 9510, and now you're looking at this beautiful notebook and wondering how you're ever going to keep it this way. This is where sleeves and cases come into play, adding vital protection during transport and storage. Not only can they be useful in keeping a notebook safe from dust and other elements while not in use, but they can also offer additional protection in bags. We look at some of the best cases for the Dell XPS 15.

Dell Essential Sleeve 15

From Dell: Dell Essential Sleeve 15 (ES1520V)

Staff pick

This official sleeve from Dell will be ample enough for the XPS 15, offering a professional-looking exterior and protective inner lining to guard against scratches and drops. This sleeve can be used on its own or tucked away nicely in a backpack for additional protection. There are no extra pouches on the outside, making this sleeve a simple option at an affordable price.

$16 at Dell
Lacdo 15.4 Sleeve Case

Minimalist design: Lacdo 15.4 Sleeve Case

It's slim, has a nice-looking minimalist design, is water-resistant, shockproof, and has ample space for accessories — this sleeve has it all. Supporting the XPS 15 on any journey, the Lacdo sleeve has everything you need in a laptop case at an affordable price. Available colors include gray, pink, and black, and it's backed by hundreds of positive reviews from owners.

$15 at Amazon
Dell Premier Sleeve (M)

Official protection: Dell Premier Sleeve (M) — XPS 15 9570/7590 & Precision 5530/5540

When you want some premium protection for your new XPS 15, the official Premier Sleeve (M) from Dell is a solid choice. It's a little pricey but does offer ample protection for your laptop while adding little to weight and size. It's also sleek-looking, making it ideal for carrying around in a backpack and for those times when you fancy working in a coffee shop.

$36 at Dell
MoKo Laptop Sleeve

Premium leather: MoKo Laptop Sleeve

This MoKo sleeve is a little pricey compared to other options because it has synthetic leather. Not only does this make a statement when you take out and put away your XPS 15, but it also protects the notebook from knocks and scratches with the soft velvet inner lining. This sleeve screams premium.

$25 at Amazon
ProCase Sleeve

Functional: ProCase Sleeve

Again, this sleeve from ProCase is more of a hybrid option, which can be used as both a sleeve and a bag. That said, it's still thin enough to fit inside a backpack and is well worth checking out for the price tag alone. This sleeve currently boasts a five-star rating on Amazon with almost 6,000 reviews, and many buyers note the soft, padded interior and a spacious pocket on the back for chargers and other small devices.

$21 at Amazon
ZinMark Laptop Case

Rugged: ZinMark Laptop Sleeve 13-inch

The synthetic material used for this option from ZinMark has a textured look available in seven different colors. It can be easily wiped down, plus it is water-resistant if you're caught out in the rain. This case is ideal if you don't put the laptop sleeve into a bag when moving between locations.

$10 at Amazon
Tomtoc 360 sleeve

Ultimate protection: tomtoc 360 sleeve

Dropping a laptop on a corner can be especially devastating, which is why tomtoc came up with this sleeve offering 360 degrees of protection. Each corner has seriously thick padding, and along the bottom, there are even rubber bumpers for added protection.

$31 at Amazon

Protecting your laptop

These are the best sleeves and cases we found for the Dell XPS 15 and should keep your new notebook in pristine condition. The best part about shopping around for Dell XPS 15 cases is that there isn't much to differentiate between the models. The newest 9500 is a little smaller but ever-so-slightly thicker than the outgoing 9570, but most 15-inch cases will still fit just fine.

If you want to want to keep everything official, Dell's Essential Sleeve 15 offers excellent value when compared to competitor sleeves and is designed by Dell itself to fit 15-inch laptops, including the XPS 15. This sleeve has all you need at an affordable price. It can be used on its own or tucked away in a backpack for additional protection.

Unlike more bulky and pricey sleeves, there are no external pouches here for accessories and such, but it's a budget-friendly sleeve that will keep your XPS 15 safe from harm. If you've chosen a case and want to go even further with your XPS 15, there are also many Dell XPS 15 accessories that you can check out, too. There are webcams, docks, mice, and everything in between.

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