Best Headset Stands for the Oculus Rift Windows Central 2020

The Oculus Rift is a piece of future tech using present technology, and as such, is a little bit bulkier than we might like. FInding it a home when you're not using it can, therefore, be frustrating. Here we give you a line-up of the best stands and wall hooks for you to stow your headset away safely. The stand-out — get it? stand-out? — product for me is the Snakebyte stand. It's the right shape for holding your headset and just looks cool.

Our pick: Snakebyte stand

Headsets go on your head, so why not have a head-shaped stand?! It might look a little creepy (especially at night), but this simple effort from Snakebyte models itself on the very thing an Oculus Rift is meant to rest upon. Don't worry, the Snakebyte is weighted at the bottom to stop it from falling over and it has room for your headphones.

$30 at Amazon

Heads and hands: AMVR VR Stand

AMVR make a variety of great VR related stands and wall mounts and this is a favorite. Not only does it keep your Rift safely elevated off your desk, but it has room for your Touch controllers to hang on it too. These kind of multi-purpose stands are extremely helpful if you only have a desk to store your stuff, not an entire room.

$37 at Amazon

Beautifully engineered: VRGE Virtual Reality Docking System

The VRGE is the best-looking stand in this collection. It can be mounted on your wall or on your desk and it has a real wood top with rubber bumpers to keep your headset from getting scratched. It even has room to hold and charge your controllers. It comes with two micro-USB cables to allow you to charge your Touch controllers as well all the hardware to mount it to the wall. The VRGE is a little pricey, but if you want to keep your space looking beautiful it might be worth the extra cash.

$115 at Amazon

Just a hook: Glorious Trident

This product may have the greatest company name ever. The under desk headset mount by Glorious Trident is a simple hook that attaches to the underside of your desk with either screws or the included sticky pad. Keep your Rift out of sight with this cheap and easy solution.

$12 at Amazon

Wall mounted: AMVR Wall mount

This wall mount is more of an all-in-one solution for your Oculus Rift. Not only does it include a hook for your headset, but it also comes with hooks for your Touch controllers and mounts for your sensors too. If you have a dedicated wall just for your VR, then this is the perfect setup.

$20 at Amazon

Wild Card: LTGEM EVA Hard Case

Ok, so technically this is not a stand, but it is very helpful to store your Rift. Having a case to store your headset away is a great way to keep your rift, Touch controllers, and sensors safe from little hands, dust, and general accidental damage.

$36 at Amazon

There is a lot of choices out there for Oculus Rift stands, though most of them are variations on a theme. The Snakebyte stand is definitely one of the more interesting-looking ones — who doesn't love a faceless severed head on the desk? Any of these stands would be great, and you may want to try a wall hook if you're lucky enough to have a dedicated space for your VR use, or the case if you need to keep everything stored away and out of sight.

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