Best Left-handed Gaming Mice Windows Central 2022

Choosing a good PC gaming mouse is pretty easy if you're right-handed, but less so if you're left-handed. A lot of the top mice are designed for right-handed gamers, so left-handers usually have to adapt. However, there are still some great options specifically for left-handed people out there if you know where to look. These are the ones you need to know about.

Sensei 310

Top choice: SteelSeries Sensei 310

Staff favorite

This mouse is a little smaller than most; it weighs less than 100g, but still has a really good 12,000 DPI sensor with anti-jitter technology. The switches are rated for 50 million clicks each, so it's going to last you for years of heavy gaming. It has super-low latency, too, and really accurate tracking.

$59 at Amazon

Budget choice: Logitech G300s

This is another ambidextrous gaming mouse with an almost unreal price. It has nine customizable buttons, Logitech's excellent and precise sensor, and onboard memory for up to three profiles for software-free access to your custom setups.

$20 at Amazon
Deathadder Essential

Ergonomic delight: Razer Deathadder Essential

Razer's Deathadder is one of the most popular gaming mice around and this version is designed 100% for left-handers. It has Chroma RGB support, the same additional buttons by the thumb, and the same grippy panels on each side. The sensor may only be 3,500 DPI but it's very accurate and responsive and great for beginners.

$70 at Newegg

Best wireless: Logitech G903

The G903 is ambidextrous, but as far as wireless gaming mice go for either hand it's one to get. The key feature is the LIGHTSPEED technology that Logitech built in for the lowest possible latency. It has configurable buttons that you can pop on and off as you wish, and with the right mouse pad will charge wirelessly so you'll never be out of power again.

$105 at Amazon

Tournament ready: Razer Lancehead TE

A mouse designed for competitive gamers, the Lancehead TE has Razer's 16,000 DPI optical sensor with easy adjustment to give you the best control over your gameplay. The scroll wheel's rubber coating has been designed to offer better grip, and the buttons are rated for a whopping 50 million clicks. Razer Synapse also gives you the ability to reprogram those buttons and assign keybinds and macros.

$52 at Amazon

RGB style: Cooler Master CM310

Cooler Master has some excellent gaming accessories and this ambidextrous mouse is a balance of affordable price, features, and RGB hotness! You get a 10,000 DPI sensor, rubber grips on both sides, perfect balance, and five different modes for your RGB to shine.

$30 at Amazon

If we had to choose

All of these are brilliant gaming mice, but if we had to choose just one it would be the SteelSeries Sensei 310. It's the most well-rounded mouse here, with an attractive price, superb design and build quality, features that are accessible to beginners and more experienced gamers alike and supreme in-game performance.

It's impossible, however, for the Razer Deathadder Essential not to stand out, as it's one of the only purpose built left-handed gaming mice. That means it's much more ergonomic than an ambidextrous mouse, and while it's more beginner-oriented in its gaming performance, it's the most comfortable mouse here to use on a daily basis. Plus, with the right mouse pad, you'll never run out of juice again.

Gamers on a tight budget will be in good hands with the Logitech G300s. It's a slightly older release, but with that comes an astonishing price. This is a mouse worth far more than you'll pay for it, with a raft of customizable buttons and the typical quality build you always get from Logitech.

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