Best Media Remotes for Xbox Series X & Series S 2022

PDP Talon Media Remote
PDP Talon Media Remote (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren't quite the home entertainment system powerhouses that their predecessor was for a number of reasons, but they're still both excellent boxes to have under your TV to kick back and relax to a movie or your favorite TV show. And like the Xbox One before them, using a game controller to control media playback features on your TV is a little painful. Fortunately, there are some awesome remotes out there ready to make your life so much easier.

If we had to pick...

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The Xbox is still a fantastic box to have in your living room for all your home media needs in 2020 and beyond, and a great remote can enhance your experience. The superb PDP Talon is an excellent remote by any standards, let alone for a console. It has all the Xbox buttons, is well made and affordable, and ticks all the boxes.

By contrast, you can alternatively interact with your console using your voice. It's not a substitute for a dedicated remote, but with an Amazon Echo Dot you can get basic control of media and navigation without having to lift a single finger. And that's always a winner.

Lastly, if you're a fan of high-end home entertainment equipment, the Xbox has a fine friend in the Logitech Harmony Elite. This programmable remote is capable of controlling everything in your entertainment center and even a bunch of your smart home devices. It's pricey, but it's the king of remotes.

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