Best monitors for multi-monitor setups: Dual, triple & more

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When using more than a single display for your PC, you'll want to not only consider the best computer monitors but also ones that have small bezels and other handy features that make deploying a multi-monitor setup easier. We've rounded up some fine examples of screens that will work well in a multi-monitor configuration.

Dell UltraSharp U2721DE

Dell UltraSharp U2721DE

Best for Professionals

The Dell U2721DE is a 27-inch 1440p display with an IPS panel for excellent color reproduction. It scores 99% in sRGB and 85% in DCI-P3, meaning it's fairly accurate out-the-box and ideal for a work environment. Not only are the bezels incredibly thin, but this monitor is also able to daisy chain. It's a great choice for most professionals.



Best for Gaming

There are plenty of gaming screens out there, some more pricey than the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ1A, but not everyone wants the most expensive display. This monitor has plenty going for it. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 with a refresh rate of 170Hz. It supports AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync has super-thin bezels, HDMI, and DisplayPorts, as well as a few handy features to help smooth gameplay.

Acer KB272HL

Acer KB272HL

Best Budget

This 27-inch monitor from Acer is a budget-friendly option with a 1080p, resolution, refresh rate of 75Hz, and just HDMI and VGA ports. While it won't amaze you with its visuals, the display does have a 1ms response time and an almost borderless design. Combine two of these together and you've got a compelling workstation.

Choosing the best displays for a multi-monitor setup

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Going for the most expensive monitors available isn't going to guarantee the perfect multi-monitor setup. Some of the more pricey screens out there boast incredible specifications, but they sacrifice other areas like bezel thickness, and no one wants 20mm worth of bezels to split the two monitors apart.

Our short collection of monitors are suitable for a multi-monitor setup. We primarily look at bezel thickness, as well as support for VESA mounting, just in case you'd prefer to use your own stands or monitor arm. Then there's the resolution and we've used 1440p as the baseline here (excluding our budget pick), which is great for both work and play.

The top pick in our collection goes to the excellent Dell UltraSharp U2721DE. Dell makes some amazing monitors and the U2721DE is a fine example. It has super-small bezels, plenty of ports, and you can even daisy-chain them to save running multiple cables from your PC.

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