Best Privacy Screens for Surface Pro Windows Central 2021

The Surface Pro 6 is built for mobility and power, so you'll no doubt find yourself out in public with it. Whether at a local cafe or airport, working with others around you poses a problem: they can see what you're doing. These privacy screens make it so that the landscape viewing angle is cut from 178 degrees down to about 60 degrees (30 on each side of center), with the rest of the display blacked out. Because of the design, these screen protectors should all work with the Pro 4, fifth-gen Pro (2017), and Pro 6 equally well. Here are the best options available now.

Magnetic attachment: ZBrands privacy screen

Editor's pick

This privacy screen snaps onto your Surface Pro 6 with magnets and provides 60 degrees of viewing (from the center) before going dark. It comes with a one-year guarantee for some peace of mind, and you can still use your touch display. Cutouts are included for speakers and camera.

$55 at Amazon

Leather sleeve included: Surf Secure privacy screen

This magnetic privacy screen cuts down glare and reduces blue light, all while offering about 60 degrees of viewing before making the screen dark. It comes with a slick case for safe storage when not in use, and you get a one-year replacement warranty. Cutouts are included for speakers and camera, and touch function is not interrupted.

$55 at Amazon

More permanent solution: Kensington privacy screen

This screen from Kensington is applied using included double-sided tape, making for a more permanent solution. It cuts down on blue light, and it has reversible glossy and matte coatings to use as you wish. Your touch screen is still usable, and it includes a two-year warranty.

$27 at Amazon

Silicone seal: Akamai privacy screen

Here you get a 60-degree viewing angle from the center and a reusable silicone seal instead of magnets. The silicone can be wiped down if it gets dirty, but it comes with a folder for storage when not in use. You can still use your touch display, and it comes with cutouts for camera and speakers.

$45 at Amazon

If we're making a suggestion

Though no privacy screen is absolutely perfect for everyone, these are the best we found for a variety of uses. The silicone and adhesive strip options are likely best for those who want a secure (and more permanent) fit, but the magnetic options seem to be popular for more people due to their easy application and removal.

We recommend checking out the ZBrands magnetic privacy screen, as it has an anti-glare coating, cutouts for speakers and camera, and a one-year warranty. It allows for touch interaction to remain intact, and it will work with the Surface Pro 4, Pro (2017), and Pro 6. All of the options on this list work for the Pro 4, Pro (2017), and Pro 6 so you shouldn't have any issues with an older model.

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