Samsung 970 EVO Plus

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The Samsung 970 EVO Plus is truly pushing the boundaries of performance right now for consumer SSDs and it's impossible not to recommend.

Our pick

Samsung 970 EVO Plus

Insane performance at an affordable price

Samsung has long been at the forefront of the SSD market and its latest is certainly the greatest with incredible performance.

Who should buy this SSD?

If you're building a new PC — in particular, a higher-end machine for gaming or professional use — your motherboard will likely have the PCIe 3.0 and M.2 connectivity required to use this SSD. It's a perfect drive to boot Windows and most used apps and games from for demanding users.

If you don't own a motherboard with an M.2 slot, you can purchase a PCI card that add said functionality.

Is it a good time to buy this SSD?

Definitely. The 970 EVO Plus is Samsung's newest release and hasn't been on sale very long. The only reason to hold off would be if you're interested in the 2TB model which isn't due to be available until April.

Reasons to buy

  • Insane write speeds and general performance
  • Solid endurance
  • 5-year warranty

Reasons not to buy

  • No 2TB option until April

Samsung's SSD is blazingly fast

Samsung did something incredible with the 970 EVO Plus, offering performance that matches (even supersedes) the 970 PRO but without the insane price tag. The 970 EVO Plus is based on Samsung's latest 96-layer V NAND memory, and with prices starting at less than $100 for the 256GB storage capacity, this is an extremely enticing SSD.

Read and write speeds are 3500 MB/s and 3300 MB/s, respectively. It's super fast.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus offers rapid, yet affordable SSD performance.

Numerous 970 EVO Plus features match other Samsung NVMe SSDs, including the 5-year warranty and overall endurance of the drive. Where this little black stick differs is in its performance, in particular, if you're chasing the fastest write speeds possible, this is the one for you.

The only downside to the 970 EVO Plus is the requirement of an M.2 slot, which not everyone may have available. Modern motherboards will usually come with one to spare — the same with a notebook — but you'll need to double-check you have a slot ready for this speedy SSD.

Alternatives to the Samsung 970 EVO Plus

You may not require the performance offered by the Samsung 970 EVO Plus or find that it may be out of your budget, which is why we've rounded up some exceptional alternatives.


Samsung 860 EVO

Performance you need at a great price

The 860 EVO series is Samsung's best-selling solid-state drive (SSD) family, and rightfully so with amazing value.

You can do much worse than Samsung memory. The company's storage solutions are viewed as some of the best in the business — it's also why we selected a Samsung SSD as our best overall option here. There's a 5-year warranty on each 860 EVO, and new owners will be able to enjoy up to 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write speeds.

Budget SSD

SanDisk SSD Plus

A budget-friendly SSD upgrade

SanDisk SSD Plus is the go-to choice for anyone upgrading from a mechanical drive on a tighter budget.

You won't be enjoying incredible speeds by choosing this budget-friendly SSD from SanDisk, but you are picking from a brand that's big in the flash storage business. Read and write speeds for the SSD Plus family are 530MB/s and 440MB/s, respectively Each hard drive purchased from SanDisk also comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind.

Value SSD

Western Digital Blue

Great performance and value

WD took full advantage of 3D NAND technology and came up with the latest iteration of Blue SSDs.

Sporting 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s for read and write speeds, the 1TB version of the Western Digital Blue SSD offers great value. Not only do you have a choice of capacity for 2.5-inch drives, but there are also M.2 modules to choose from.

Bottom line

Depending on the budget, we'd recommend the Samsung 970 EVO Plus because it's lightning fast. If you can't justify paying out the rather hefty price required, our alternative picks are worth considering.

Our pick

Samsung 970 EVO Plus

Insane performance at an affordable price

Samsung has long been at the forefront of the SSD market and its latest is certainly the greatest with incredible performance.

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