Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Surface Pro Windows Central 2019

Tempered glass screen protectors are typically your best option for preventing damage to your device's screen. Of course the same goes for your beautiful Surface Pro. We've rounded up some of the best tempered glass screen protectors to keep your 2-in-1 scratch-free, whether it's a Surface Pro 4 or a brand new Surface Pro 6.

Lifetime warranty: iCarez

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the iCarez tempered glass screen protector will help reduce the risk cracking your Surface Pro's screen as well as protect it from scratches. Very thin at .33mm, this screen protector won't interfere with touchscreen capabilities at all, and the Surface Pen will function perfectly. The iCarez protector also has an oleophobic and anti-bacterial coating.

$12 from Amazon

All over protection: Megoo

This package from Megoo is the bee's knees when it comes to protecting your Surface Pro 2017 or Surface Pro 4. Like other options available, This screen protector is laser cut and will fit your Surface Pro perfectly. Not only is the screen protected, but so too is the rear with the included hardback cover. The Touch Cover works just fine with it installed too. It's not the cheapest option on our list, but it does come with much more than simple glass protection.

$36 at Amazon

Affordable quality: Sparin

Sparin is well-known for its quality tempered glass screen protectors, and their offering for the Surface Pro lives up to its legacy for $13.99. It comes with everything you could need to ensure you put this screen protector on with no dust or bubbles obstructing your view, it even has guide stickers to ensure you get the best fit possible for your screen. The thin piece of glass is made from an anti-shatter film, so if it ever did break it shouldn't cause you any harm.

$14 at Amazon

Shockproof: OMOTON

This tempered glass protector from OMOTON offers full coverage of the front of your Surface Pro, bar a small cutout where the camera and microphone can be found. Its 9H hardness protects against scratches and shock damage, while the oleophobic coating will ensure the front of your Surface Pro remains as smudge-free as possible. It's easy to install, only 0.3mm thick so it won't add much to the front of the Surface and comes with a lifetime warranty.

$14 at Amazon

Trusted brand: Incipio

Incipio is a well-known and trusted brand, and the company's tempered glass screen protector for the Surface Pro is a high-quality product. It has an integrated scratch guard, bubble-free application and a static-free finish that won't interfere with your touchscreen at all. Best of all it's a privacy shield, keeping prying eyes away from your screen.

$70 at Amazon

Adding a tempered glass screen protector to your Surface Pro is a no-brainer, as it puts a layer of security between the world and that gorgeous touchscreen. Whether it's the Incipio or the iCarez, a good screen protector won't change your experience but will keep your screen scratch and crack free. And that's important.

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