Best Xbox One Controller Batteries, Power, and Charging Accessories 2020

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AA batteries power Xbox One controllers, but if swapping out alkaline cells isn't your thing, some excellent rechargeable battery options exist. There is a wide array of charging solutions available on the market for Xbox One controllers, ranging from cheap and cheerful to premium. Here are some of the best we've tested.

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Charge it up

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There are dozens upon dozens of unique battery solutions for Xbox One controllers, but many of them simply aren't even worth considering. The quality of a battery impacts profoundly on how well it retains a charge and how long it lasts in practice, and of all the ones we've tested, these are the best of the best.

The ultimate option is, naturally, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 (opens in new tab), owing to its insane 40-hour internal battery. It also comes with a magnetic charge dock that makes resuming play incredibly easy. After three months of hardcore abuse, I haven't noticed any dip in the maximum charge, which is a testament to the quality of the cells Microsoft used here. It's not cheap, though, so you may want to give AA Eneloops a try instead.

Panasonic's Eneloop dock (opens in new tab) is an excellent option for simplicity's sake. The power pack can be plugged directly into the wall, and the handy LED indicators will let you know when each cell is ready to use. They retain their charge pretty well too, even after several months I'm still using the same four cells on a recharge rotation, with is certainly not something I can claim for other batteries I've used in the past. You can also buy some new separate Eneloop batteries (opens in new tab) if any of them die, too, without buying a whole new dock. The dock also has space for charging AAA batteries, too, if you want to juice up your remotes at the same time.

For style, the Controller Gear range (opens in new tab) is excellent, particularly if you have a custom Xbox One controller that demands some extra flair.

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