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AA batteries power Xbox One controllers, but if swapping out alkaline cells isn't your thing, some excellent rechargeable battery options exist. There is a wide array of charging solutions available on the market for Xbox One controllers, ranging from cheap and cheerful to premium. Here are some of the best we've tested.

Eneloop revolution: Panasonic Eneloop charge pack

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While it's a little cumbersome dealing with single AA cells and a bulky recharge station, the Panasonic Eneloop batteries simply offer the most amount of juice on a single charge while also recharging the fastest. I tend to keep two AA cells in the dock to quickly swap out when my controller runs out of power. The advanced Eneloop cells last an obscenely long time for a regular AA battery and don't degrade nearly as quickly.

$27 at Amazon

Control your gear: Controller Gear Xbox charging stand

Controller Gear makes a range of controller stands to match Microsoft's various controller designs, and they come with a large battery and a fast-charging mains connector to boot. Whether you're using a standard black controller or something more unique, like the Recon Tech controller, Controller Gear should have you covered. These stands have some serious quality.

From $40 at Amazon

Back to basics: AmazonBasics Dual Charging Station

Amazon's Basics range fills in the gaps left by other suppliers, and this dual-charging station is no exception. Complete with decent rechargeable battery doors for standard Xbox controllers, this dual stand can recharge two controllers simultaneously while you wait.

$24 at Amazon

Official solution: Xbox Official Play and Charge Kit

The official Xbox play and charge kit is still one of the best options on the market, with batteries that are built to last in long gaming sessions. While there's no dock and you'll have to charge using a USB cable, the official Microsoft rechargeable just tends to be better than competing single-cell offerings.

$30 at Amazon

Big capacity: Smatree Xbox rechargeable batteries

Smatree is relatively new to the Xbox accessory market, and its recent rechargeable battery pack is garnering some attention on Amazon. The beefy 2,000mAh battery packs can be recharged in tandem using a USB-powered docking cradle, ensuring you always have one cell ready for continuous play.

$21 at Amazon

Stylish convenience: Snakebyte Twin:Charge X

SnakeByte is a prominent Xbox accessory manufacturer that generally airs on the affordable, budget side of the equation. However, its Twin:Charge X dock not only looks premium, but it also sports elevated build quality and stylish design with both white and black options for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The battery size isn't great at 800mAh, but the convenience of this set won me over.

$22 at Amazon

Charge it up

There are dozens upon dozens of unique battery solutions for Xbox One controllers, but many of them simply aren't even worth considering. The quality of a battery impacts heavily on how well it retains a charge and how long it lasts in practice, and of all the ones we've tested, these are the best of the best.

Overall, I would personally recommend Panasonic's Eneloop dock for simplicity's sake. The power pack can be plugged directly into the wall, and the handy LED indicators will let you know when each cell is ready to use. They retain their charge pretty well too, even after several months I'm still using the same four cells on a recharge rotation, with is certainly not something I can claim for other batteries I've used in the past. You can also buy some new separate Eneloop batteries if any of them die, too, without buying a whole new dock. The dock also has space for charging AAA batteries, too, if you want to juice up your remotes at the same time.

For style, the Controller Gear range is excellent, particularly if you have a custom Xbox One controller that demands some extra flair.

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