Bing Rewards for Mobile gets official on Windows Phone 8.1

A few weeks ago we reported that users were receiving mobile credits for Bing searches on their Windows Phone 8.1 devices. At the time, Bing Rewards still had Windows Phone listed as “coming soon” on their site, but starting a few days ago that has lifted as Windows Phone 8.1 is now listed on their support page.

Bing Rewards is a program from Microsoft that rewards you for using Bing search. The more you use it, the more points you can collect. Those points can then be used to redeem gifts from the site, including gift cards, OneDrive extra storage, entering contests and more.

Bing Rewars for Mobile on Windows Phone 8.1

There were two issues though with Bing Rewards. For one, it didn’t work on Windows Phone (yet it did on iOS and Android via their apps) and two, it’s not available in a lot of non-US regions. The former issue is fixed, though we’re still yet to see Rewards expanded elsewhere. Launched back in 2010, Bing Rewards is a neat little promotion that hopefully helps some users switch from Google to the better Bing experience.

With Windows Phone 8.1 support ‘enabled’ officially, users should be able to start to collect Bing rewards every time the use Cortana (Bing) on their phones. You can always head into your Bing Rewards Dashboard settings to see the ‘Mobile Search’ under Rewards and in theory, under History too (we don’t see a distinction between web and mobile though).

Bing Rewars for Mobile on Windows Phone 8.1

Of course, with that new designation being official, it looks like Windows Phone 8.0 users (or those with 7.8) won’t be able to get in on the Bing Rewards action. If you want to see the Bing Rewards for Mobile page head to (opens in new tab) on your PC or phone for more information.

Thanks, Atif A., robnhl, Jeff C. and others for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Only in US comments in 3..2...1...
  • Only in US :'( [something like that yeah, lol]
  • Only in US
  • Still not in the UK :( You were just asking for that ;P
  • This is Windows phone central US. =)
  • That's news to me.
  • It absolutely is. No interrest in the rest of the world.
  • No where else except US :(
  • Sad bro
  • Only in US!!!!
  • Damn! I wanted to write the "And here comes the "Only in the US comments, in 3..2..1.." in 3..2..1.. ;)
  • Microsoft has a huge user base for WP in India. They need to consider the fact and start Bing rewards here as well.
  • The problem is that the rewards are taxable and due to that the government can ask for import taxes as it is foreign currency and hence it may sink MS. Indian government is shit in these type of things.
  • Absolutely right. On the other hand the Eurozone doesn't have such issues. Screw UK! :D
  • Like the build-in wp oven, only in US :P
  • US only!
  • Only for US in the United States. *sry
  • Keep it US only, just don't come crying when google is crushing Bing worldwide....
  • Once again MS reminds us that WP+US!=WP-US :|
  • Only in US... the rest of the world is bush, thanks MS ):
  • Please wp central. Make clear headline "US Only". So others not waste their time to click the article and read comments ;D.
  • Bing it to more countries!
  • Not available in India.
  • Then I wont be wasting my time using Bing :P
  • Bing really doesn't have a reason why should I use it. Google is much ahead of Bing in terms of appropriate search results and search filters as well. Only that I prefer MS in terms of safeguarding user privacy.
  • powered by illuminati
  • Bing doesn't give cricket scores :(
  • I'd say that used to be the case.  As a lifetime Google user I switched to Bing around 9 months ago.  I do a lot of technical searches where Google excelled, but these days Google rarely beats Bing.  How do I know?  Once every two weeks I may exhaust Bing's ability and so 'ok, let's try Google'.  Only once in this time period has Google helped, and often Bing was showing more relevant things. Of course everyone uses search differently, so my developer/hardware engineering based searches may not apply to you.
  • I agree. Technical and concise searches perform better in bing than in google. Google excels in finding sub strings in a web page or something with a lot of text to match. Google still wins in image search though and map accuracy in SOME places.
  • Exactly.i thought only I think Bing gives more relevant results than Google.
  • switched to Bing Search long way back . I rarely i use google maps or search since. (other bing services like translate are still lacking though.)
  • Where are you from? The US?
    Here in the UK, Bing is pretty atrocious at bringing up relevant search results. The video search is pretty useful though...
  • Surprisingly the case is just opposite with me. Honestly, I tried to love bing but cant (for example I tried using Bing as homepage in my Firefox but failed, for various reasons). Whenever I try to look for an error explanation, bing mostly fails and I've to move to google again and again. I'm a web developer too. And google works way better for all my research and search. For normal queries like "pizza restaurant number" or "local yellow pages" bing works fine but its not for me.
  • So you'll use Google because of their Google Rewards .... oh wait they don't have a rewards scheme!!!! I couldn't care less about Bing rewards as they aren't here in the UK either.
  • Well, advantage I have using Google over Bing I've already explained. However rewards is an exclusive that could make me use Bing over Google. I'm sure plenty of users use Bing just for the reward system.
    PS: I'm a MS supporter but truth be told... And I won't care for Bing until they bring rewards system to non-US countries including India.
  • I used Bing before they had rewards. Because I hate Google.
  • At least I should have used it to get rewards..
  • It's not just the rewards, Bing just sucks outside the US, does not even come close to Google search. The only reason to use Bing would be because of better privacy with Microsoft; but if MS continues this US only BS with Bing and other services, they are never going to compete with Global companies.  
  • It's easy to switch Bing to the US region in the website's settings. Then you get all the features and it's still quite locally relevant.
  • Perhaps, but that misses the point, that MS needs to work a lot more on localised versions to really compete with Google.  
  • *still quite US relevant. If you switch to the US region you'll get more useless US results. Anyway, having to resort to any workaround just reveals how poor Bing is.
  • I've been enjoying this for some time. Good to see it's now official.
  • Damn. I don't think we have Bing rewards here in the Netherlands. What am I thinking, we still don't have voice recognition for our Dutch Xbox360 Kinects... :P MS, please make Bing awesome over here!
  • Was really hoping to have this on 8.0, as I haven't installed the 8.1 dev preview on my Ativ S Neo yet. Oh well, guess I'll wait...
  • I dont know why Microsoft always releases their product FIRST in other platforms. I just don't know.
  • I'll take a stab at this... On iOS/Android it was easy since it's an app to download from their stores, so it can be updated and refined easily. On Windows Phone, Bing is native so it has to have an OS update to add new features. That forces the question, why wait until 8.1? Well, as you can see, Bing Rewards is a US only promotion and Windows Phone has low market share here. Prioritizing a region specific function that - let's be honest - is kind of trivial, just was not high on the list for those previous GDR updates. I think that's actually pretty rationale.
  • I think it isn't only Bing that launch first on other platforms. Oh, just wondering why microsoft doesn't make Bing as an App too, just like they did for music and video ;)).
  • Dan ill take it from here. You would seriously want to open an app everytime to search for something rather than just press the search button on the phone???
  • Is it any different if your still pressing?
  • This!^ Gotta remember, people have in fact become conditioned by "there's an app for that". I tried over and over to get people to understand and appreicate the integrated social functions (prior to 8.1 :-/ ) but I realized that people aren't interested in being able to *do* things. They like scrolling, finding, clicking, waiting (for splash/load screens) then being able to do things. I don't know if it makes them feel more connected, or what. But to me it's cumbersome.
  • People don't like to change their routine. That's why they say here in the US that iPhone is for old people.
  • I'm not sure where you are in the US, but iPhones are pretty much still considered phones for teenagers. Most older folk still have feature phones, it seems.
  • To be honest that's almost what Cortana is now. It's not technically an app, but it can be almost fully updated from the cloud without requiring an OS-level update.
  • @Daniel how is that true that it needs to be an OS update if it's just now working and there hasn't been an update for weeks? They just now got the backend running but the OS capability was there since day one of 8.1? Also, I'm not really sure why this should even be a firmware issue. It seems to me the server should be handling this. If it's an OS driven function, then that would mean your phone adds points to your account. Usually functionality like this is relegated to a server. It would receive the search request and do the necessary checks to make sure your search is valid for reward points.
    If it is OS driven, then that means they would have had to actively coded it to tell the server not to add the reward points. Or, on the server, check the browser type and make a decision there.
  • I gotta say that I'm getting points and I don't have 8.1 on my NL920
  • I'm looking into the "8.0 can do it too" reports. My guess is this has more to do with Cortana changes and adding of those features, which may trickle down to 8.0.
  • Hey Daniel. It's an personal question. Do you think, after lots of Microsoft/Nokia actions, Windows Phone could increase in US.
  • There are a lot of obstacles, but I think we'll continue to see modest growth. November will be an interesting month here, I'll just say that for now.
  • Why November ???
  • nope. this is surely a server backend feature. There may be front end changes on the device if they want you to manage the stats and cash things but from a service point of view, they handle the point transaction at the backend. surely there were reasons, but a techincal software change seems unlikely to be the whole story.  
  • @neonspark but then that would mean that they are specifically checking for us and blocking loyal Windows users from getting rewards, but letting IOS and Android through. The technical issues I can't really imagine because mobile rewards were already a working thing.
  • you could be right. I don't have the code to look but I've always suspected it is just an http API and they do check for the user agent which is a standard value in the header. Unless they implemented their own application protocol (wouldn't put it past them). there is the posibility that ther are two end points for the search service. Android and iOS are on the new endpoint which credits you. WP is on the old endpoint and doesn't credit you. Quite simply it may have been a case that they did not want to take the needed chagnes to the old endpoint for cost reasons or some other reason. so in conclusion, I don't think there is a techincally valid reason why it needs an app update unless their original service was so badly designed it wasn't worth updating (therefore a financial issue), or didn't have th needed information to credit your acount (possibly, but this is MSFT, they are smarter than this). in any case, it is a mess. glad it is over. I need to get to 10K and this gives me a few more credits each day.
  • This is not 8.1 specific. I am using a lumia icon running 8.0 and receiving mobile search rewards.
  • I think they have a "windows user troll division" which figures out ways in which to piss off their loyal users. It is one of the most successful groups at MSFT too :) personally I can't wait for their next hit. I'm expecting cortana to be on the ipad and android before windows 8 personally. go guys!
  • Your scared to install
  • should work with the region hack no?
  • nope
  • I have tried so hard. I even set up an opaque proxy in the US and tried to register through there. Something they are doing still detects that you're not in the US.
  • Uhm, i'm actually using it on my PC if you want i can tell you how
    however still didn't try it on my WP, because the VPN option in 8.1 only support ikev2.
  • Oh i can't edit the last comment but i did it ! i'm getting credit from WP :)
  • Use a proxy maybe?
  • You'd need to have a us phone number and address to get your first reward (even for gift cards). I tried fake ones (the region/city codes were real and correct though), but they detected it was fake and closed my rewards account :( some people did get it to work with a better set of address, phone number. You can try.
  • Proxies haven't worked for me, i don't know why but they've done a great job of detecting where you are.
  • For some reason, I get Bing Credit in my laptop, but both my phone & tablet say "Unavailable In Your Country" ... Funny thing is Bing rewards is unavailable in Saudi Arabia, yet i have it in my laptop lol.
  • This is the reason why Microsoft lags behind google, Google is more like a global company whereas MS is seen as US only. If they want to challenge google or android then its time to spread all the US features to others too.
  • Yet Google doesn't even have a rewards program. I mean, let's be honest, how many people are really using this promotion (it's not a feature)? It's a freebie program tied in with sponsors, not a core feature of Bing search...
  • But many of bing services are like that. But i hope that when cortana is expanded, say to India, she'll have to know about local stuff, and that means bing would finally know more about the world.
    For example, i can just google "csk vs rr" and get the live scores of "Chennai super kings vs Rajasthan royals" ipl cricket match, right on top, just like bing shows stuff like "height of George Clooney" for example. Cricket on bing ? No. I hope such things are incorporated when cortana comes to India.
  • Google search is way better than Bing search and everyone will admit that..
  • I don't. So your statement is automatically false ;)
  • Common Daniel google is bad I admit but their search is better..I don't know about US but in my country it is more accurate than Bing.So Microsoft needs to prove this wrong by making Bing better..
  • For your region, I don't question your opinion. But here in the US, Bing Search is pretty good from my experience. I say that as someone who has 3k rewards points and who uses it everyday on multiple devices. I just prefer it to Google, but that's me.
  • Completely agree, in US Bing is equal or very close to Google, but anywhere else it sucks compared to Google. Just try it when you are not in the US and you will see for yourself.  
  • Only 3000? I guess I've been relying on it too much. I'm at 5265 lifetime so far. I guess I've been a sucker for the MS points ($3 now?) for a long while now. I think my brother has almost 8000? It's pretty good to be a MS fan.
  • I've done the Bing It On challenge about 70 times now and I find Bing results to be better than Googles. Admittedly, I'm in the U.S. and I hear Bing is not as strong in other markets, but for me in the U.S., Bing is more accurate.
  • See, that's just it, you "hear it". But how do we know that's even true?
    There is a lot of unproven internet based BS floating around about any and all things MS. So if it's not proven why accept it as fact?
  • The Bing It On challenge is not available outside the US also, that should tell you something. Outside the US Microsoft would loose every single time. This is at the core of Microsoft's problems, if Microsoft does not come from it's US shell their services will continue to be second class in every other country. If it was not for Nokia's Global brand presence Windows Phone would be a complete and utter failure, even if it is better than Android and iPhone. The only reason why it's reaching and is at double digit market share outside the US is because of Nokia and Nokia's services, not because of Microsoft or their services.  
  • Thanks for speaking for me, I really appreciate it /s
  • I disagree
  • Who is everyone?
    I'm not governed nor moved by internet chat room hive minded BS... so I disagree.
  • I just searched "csk vs rr" and got a bunch of IPL Crickett info. So... yeah. And for the "Chennai super kings vs Rajasthan royals" ipl cricket match I decided to show off a bit and use Bing vision to search it. Guess what? It worked. Just sayin'.
  • I dont want that bunch of info. They're mostly outdated hour old news. What google gives in that case is that it displays the live scores on top. That's bad, as bing doesn't do anything like that.
    Anyway, on windows phone bing is great for technical stuff. I can just type NF3 and get its melting point and structure inline with the search. Great !
  • Google doesn't need one as they have a clear lead about 90% over others like yahoo and bing. And Daniel truth is that I and I am sure many others around the world will use Bing just to earn credits and enjoy those those premium apps and games like halo:sa. Also MS is not only lagging in bings case only be it surface or Xbox they haven't even started selling those here.
  • Google doesn't need it, Bing does apparently. And it's not just that, the search isn't as good here (in Austria) as the American Bing. I love MS and everything but it's true that google seems more like a global company and MS doesn't.
  • That's because google wants to know everything about you so they can profit from you by advertising.
  • That does not change the fact that Google search is better outside the US than Bing search.  
  • It's not about the damn rewards, many other Bing features are US only, not to mention that Bing seach is terrible outside of US. Plus many other Microsoft Services are US only, and many others are restricted to limited number of countries like Xbox Live. Nokia is a global company, Google is a global company, Microsoft is a US company that spreads a few crappy crums to people outside the US. No wonder Microsoft is in decline, they will never compete efectively with global players when they are fencing off themselves in the US with most of their best stuff.    
  • I think his point is that if google did it, it would be beta, but world wide beta. maybe you can't get all the prices but clearly they have store credit for apps as one of the rewards. And if the store is supported in the region, then clearly, a transaction that credits your store account via a code is somethign they created with their cards already. So why not just have the program, let people accumulate credit and at least spend it in the win store. this lack of vision is what OP refers to as MSFT not acting like a global company at times.
  • Because taxes. Incomes and cash cards like these are taxable in most countries. It may incur a huge amount of tax but I guess people will still be happy.
    As an example, adjusting the 3$ ms store gift card for taxes in India will only get me about 1.25$ gift card. It means we/ms ( depends on who is paying the taxes) loses out about 75% of the money.
  • you're not losing money because it is free to you. MFST is the one losing money and the idea is that the usage of bing will return ad revenue which pays for it.
  • Honestly, as a resident of the UK, I wish Microsoft would stop messing about with these country specific promotions....and instead work on localising their offering in other countries.
    I don't want to use Google, but Bing is half baked and shoddy over here. Add to that all of the US specific perks (huge hardware promos and Bing Rewards etc) and you just build consumer discontent.
    Microsoft's growth is outside of the US, so what are they playing at?
  • Bing works fine in any part of the country, just like google. But google doesn't have rewards, not even in US. So in that aspect, Google is the one lagging.
  • The words "Google" and "Lags" in the same sentence, first time I've seen that :/s
  • Region - US for Cortana, still no use, knows I'm not in the US - so no rewards. Come on Microsoft, reward those who do your work around the world.
  • I have 8.0 and I've been earning points just fine using the built-in bing search
  • Pretty sure that's false, but okay.
  • No, it works. Even I was surprised. I thought I needed 8.1 for it too
  • Yeah it works just fine on 8.0. I just now double checked and earned my 10 points for the day.
  • I've been earning Bing points for searches on my phone for quite awhile. At least a year. My laptop crashed on me the day Windows 8.1 update was released, and i search for very little on my tablets. But the points just keep accruing. I even do the daily rewards bonus point tasks, and such, on my phone.
  • Daniel, it is NOT false. I've been earning points as well. I'm on WP v. 8. I can prove it if you like.
  • Yeah, false. I don't know what these guys are talking about.
  • Ironic given your name is witness!!! :D
  • The Bing rewards doesn't work on Windows Phone 8.0, at least with Internet explorer (never tried any other browser), maybe you are talking about Windows 8.0 :D
  • I said with the built-in bing search. Try that
  • Nope, doesn't work. But if it works for you somehow, you're lucky!
  • I can't be the only one. Someone else has to confirm this
  • I can 100% confirm that this works on my 8.0 WP. I noticed that I was earning points a few days ago when I went to redeem points and saw that there's an extra rewards points for searching on WP and had completed 5 out of 10 searches.
  • See! I knew I couldn't be the only one! I realized when I was doing PC searches for the 30 points, there was 2 of 10 on the mobile search. This was a few days ago as well
  • I had to go to Bing rewards mobile to get it set up to see my searches I think, bit it sees the searches I do with the built in Bing search now and has for a month or so.
  • I also know it's not my Surface cause the Surface counts as PC search and stops at 30. It's only when I use my phone I get the 10
  • Doesn't work on my Lumia 1020 either, at least not for mobile searches.  When my settings on IE are at 'desktop', I can earn the Bing rewards, when I change the IE settings to mobile, it doesn't let me search in IE, and takes me right to Bing search where I get no points.    
  • I can confirm that Windows Phone 8.0 earns Bing points IF you use Bing search with the magnifying glass button on your phone. Browsing through IE will not work.
  • anyone else's Cortana interests not working?
  • Never for me,I don't know if it is due to the slow 2g network or some other problem.btw does it require US to work?
  • Can somebody tell me what's one credit worth and how many are required to buy a $1 game? Sad that we can't use it in India..
  • I think 340 credits get you a $3 gift card. I don't remember correctly though. There was a smaller 1.25$ option too.
  • 160 credits for $1.25 (only for Windows Phone Store), 360 for $3.00 (both Windows Phone as well as Windows Store), and now they introduced 500 for $5 too :-) Edit: for Gold members, it's less by around 10%
  • Love me some Bing rewards. Glad they finally got it working.
  • About time!
  • It should be all over the world this suck's
  • Nothing in UK though :-/
  • This only available in U.S. is starting to piss me off... Aaarrrrggghhhh... Everything cool... Its Annoying
  • It's just Microsoft's way of encouraging immigration to the U.S. Come join us here and get some Bing Rewards!
  • lol, that's exactly the reason.
  • I'm on WP8 with my Lumia 928 and though I can't get this to work natively, I've been able to use UC Browser to collect mobile search points. I've only tried it this week, not sure it'll last but happy there's a way to get the 10 points extra points in the meantime if I want them.
  • I like bing over google. Infact i like the search integration too. But, bing reward is something a previlage promotion. I know last year or so, the user would redeem points to get 100GB of OneDrive storage!!! No benefits for Indians...
  • Should we jump ship now?!! When is the rest of the world going to get some attention?
  • Jump and STFU!
  • Bing is awful in Norway. Very bad search results and all fancy features are us-only. I switched to google and Android until MS solves its issues. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I've been to Norway. It was awesome. I skinny dipped in a fjord. It was freezing! I got a nose bleed. I used Google to find that fjord. I wish I had used Bing. They would've found me a warmer fjord, for sure. Bing rules.
  • No, no it doesn't. But good story ;)
  • Not available on Andromeda or in Lemuria: the sunken city
  • Not available in the Lost City of Atlantis either ;p
  • Kinda surprised it isn't available in Canada...
  • That's because Canada is not in the US. Doooiiiiiii
  • Well, since what the article actually says is "it’s not available in a lot of non-US regions", your response is unnecessarily douchey.
  • Ah, so you did read the article, sp then your comment is invalid and thus has no reason for posting.
  • Because you are 'oootside' US!!! Don't mind that pronunciation joke please (I love Canadians, Robin Scherbatsky in particular)
  • Only in US
  • I'm still on v.8.0 on WP and still receiving the reward points, it's not just for 8.1. Just saying.
  • Cool stuff uk plz
  • Rewards seem faster now.
  • How I wish I could remove Bing from the search button of the phone and replace it with Google. I'm in Europe so Cortana is MIA and Bing is as useful as a sand wheel. That button I'd basically being wasted.
  • useful as a sand wheel. Good analogy!
  • I'm not sure if it will work on every device running 8.0, but I can also confirm that using the Bing search button has qualified as mobile searches through Bing rewards on my Lumia 1020.
  • It works on my Icon running 8.0 too. I won't upgrade to 8.1 until Xbox music stops being an abomination.
  • As usual in México is not available !
  • Still not working with my 1020 w/ 8.1 DP.
  • Not available in India
  • I don't know what it is, but Bing in the US itself is 10 times better than Bing in Canada. The latter is just utter shit by comparison.
  • US only? Oh well, You should disable that rewards to other country, its like you tosing a bone to dog.
  • Awesome, I love Bing Rewards. Although I still haven't won any of the raffles for an Xbox One haha.
  • I loves my Bing :-D and my Icon...and my WP 8.1-filled awesomeness with Cortana leading the way to give me Bing Rewards. I'm pretty stoked ;)
  • Even with a VPN misdirection I couldn't trick them into registering.
  • The issue with Bing Search is that is doesn't give as good as results as Google search. Mobile apps are also given the advantage from the Google Play Store.  Sincerely, Misty Airhead
  • Any information about availability in Czech republic?
  • this will finally help me clear 10K reward points soon. and then I'll be a bing master.
  • Haha, good for you...
  • Wait, I gotta use Cortana? Come on MS. Slow ass cortana vs. Quick serach. hmmmm
  • only us region then why marketing windows phones in india? y ms stupid "us "based release anything
  • Daniel mentioned above that it's due to the low amounts of WP users in the US and so it's more of a promotional product to help increase awareness to non WP users. I agree on the fact that Bing and its point should be improved for those outside the US. I just think that there shouldn't be any MS bashing, just educate and understand the reason behind the move.
  • Yeah...right..
  • What a ridiculous defence!
    If Microsoft wants Bing to be relevant, it cannot keep rewarding people based on geographical location.
    I certainly don't want to be subsidising these US specific promotions.
    Google kick MS's butt in being a global player. Microsoft is ridiculously US centric. It isn't even the world's biggest economy anymore, so I just don't see what they are messing about at.
  • Do you have to use Cortana? Couldn't you just use the search button?
  • I want to upgrade to 8.1 . Please give me developer account login. :P
    I don't have a credit card to create own account :|
  • What do you need a credit card for, it's free...
  • I can't trust a person who uses Bing... Ask ftw
  • :'(
  • So, I hope see this November happens in Brazil too hehe
  • Keep hoping
  • They left us out in the UK .. :(
  • No shit?!?!
  • You say that as if you think it is acceptable?
    A little reminder - the UK market is one of the few with double digit WP market share.
    Microsoft should be rewarding us for having faith in their platform.
    Instead, they charge ridiculous prices for the SP3, have no Bing Rewards, have not opened Cortana to us, do not offer us big hardware discounts....
    I'm kind of fed up of supporting Microsoft when they do not support us.
  • YAY. that's all, really :)
  • Still using WP8/GDR3 on my Lumia 920 and the Bing rewards are working for me. My 520 with 8.1 is turned off and not used today and I still have points adding up for my Bing searches on my phone. Article should be updated.
  • It works on my 920 running WP8. I just got the reward point for scanning the onscreen code. :)
  • Why oh why does MS not think globally in everything it does, no wonder it's always gonna be number 3.... It's 2014.... Wake up...
    World does not mean within the shores of the USA...
  • +1020
  • I take advantage of this all the time. I use my search credit to get WindowsPhone Store credit, so I never pay for anything that I want. Thanks Microsoft!
  • Yeah...right.... And that iphone6 is looking more and more appealing by the day.
  • my nokia lumia 720 can'reading amharic type plz updeat windows 8.1 from ETHIOPIA
  • It works, but while collecting rewards it wont up date how many you have left. I go back to the dashboard and it don't have show you had do anything. I also don't like the sign in page on either Android or WP. Old members should be able to sign with going through intro page, more like the desktop experience. With that said WP should never been last to get Bing rewards, and should have the best experience of all the OS's. Microsoft needs to Bing under it's house more and stop making WP an second thought.
  • Wouldn't it be better to just create a search engine that people would actually want to use?
  • Help me understand... Do I have to sign up for this or just start searching?
  • Guessing from your avatar that you are in Canada, so unfortunately you aren't eligible.